Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 555

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 555 Welcome

"This is definitely tiring." Tony Stark now back in his penthouse slumped on his couch... with his Iron Man suit on. With the metallic clanks of his legs slowly stretching forward while he leaned back, the man heaved a deep sigh before a call running straight into the interface of his costume manned by an A.I. rang with the called I.d. showing a man with a serious expression, short brown hair with his hairline receding. A little surprised, Tony still connected with the call, a grumpy voice ringing through his headset.

"There's been a breach in the security." The thick voice informed, making Tony snicker, "Happy, come on, you know that I would already notice this. Anyway, how's it hanging? Didn't see you for... 7 hours? Right?"

"That's the time when you flew away, Mr. Stark," Happy Hogan, Tony Stark's personal bodyguard didn't try to hide his indignation. "I know right," Tony smiled, standing from his sofa and making his way to the inner workshop where his 'magic' happened. "You didn't call me to inform the breach by the companions of my partner, did you?" Tony inquired as the retinal scanner of the door leading to his workshop down from the secret entrance of his penthouse scanned his eyes. "No, sir. It's about Carl Lucas, sir. He..." Happy thought for a more considerate word before keeping his report clean. "He ripped the bars of his cell, broke through the walls, and quite literally broke out of the Seagate Prison."

"Hmm?" Tony slowly walked down the stairs, minding his steps. The unfortunate scraps on the edges of the stairs already testified to his earlier falls. "You still have an eye on him?" Tony inquired as he pushed open the door built at the end of the stairs and entered his workshop full of mechanical appendages programmed to continue to build the weaponry needed for his suit. "No. He jumped... away." Happy replied, "I'm on my way to the company headquarters. Just figured that my shift could finally come to an end."

"It's for the better, I guess. If we really poke that super-enhanced teen while my 'chat' with counselors are due in a week... let's just say that everything won't be rainbows and giggles for me anymore." Tony steps on a circular platform with concentric marks slowly raising in different pillars that started to unscrew Tony's suit. Cutting off the call, Tony sighed, "The first time I removed the suit was a nightmare. Jarvis, how long until we track Obanai's remnants?" Tony spoke to nothingness as a calm and peaceful voice uttered through one of the may surround space speakers. "Sir, the breach was a probe. The criminals have gone offline."

"Damn... another thing, Jarvis," Tony muttered, "The city's slowly turning strange. The headquarters won't suffice for much of a base. Have the security team ready. We are moving to the family mansion tomorrow."

Tony's self-invented A.I. named Jarvis replied in agreement. "Very well, Sir."

"Did we get anywhere near the search of... Nick Fury?"

"No, sir. That person is not present in any records of the world. At least, digital. I did not try to hack into the servers of the central intelligence so as to keep the circ.u.mstance of devolving further than they already have."

"Thanks. Keep an eye out for Mark. He has the local PD's transmitter."

"Of course, sir."

By now, Tony's suit was completely dismantled and he sat on the nearest chair before beginning to plan new, rare modifications to his armor. "Say, Jarvis, I heard that Mr. Reed and his company have finally left for space successfully."

"Yes, sir. That was a week ago."

"Hmm, the results of his research should show soon, eh. That guy's a genius... and lucky. Did you see her girlfriend? Sue?"

"No, sir. Not 'see' exactly." Jarvis replied making Tony chuckle, "We'll have to work on your comedy. Maybe a few tweaks to your interface. Anyway, bring up the heart model." Tony winced in pain as he felt the nerves of his body tense all over again. He touched the surface of a glowing blue metallic cylinder shafted in his chest before coughing, "On second thought, clear all my... priorities. Send Ms. Wendy out."


Nik fell on the bed with a soft 'oomph' as he saw two women dressed in provocative lingerie. One wore a short, translucent, green maxi, revealing her curving and round b.r.e.a.s.ts extending to a fashionable green thong covering the flat of her crotch. Her orange-red hair barely passing down her ears as her dark eyes looked at Nik's n.a.k.e.d form hungrily. Another girl, a brunette, didn't have her mother's charms but with only a single white panty covering her healthy body and revealing her lovely b.r.e.a.s.ts already aroused Nik plenty enough. Biting her lips seductively, Anna crawled into the bed on her fours, her butt hanging towards her mother as she whispered, "So, Big Boy, feeling lucky?" Leaning down to tenderly kiss Nik's chest, she softly kneed the erect shaft hanging up and becoming the center of attention for Anna and Mary. "I don't know," Nik muttered, "Just me being n.a.k.e.d seemed hardly fair, right? And if Mary gets to stare at me, I get to do that, too, right?"

His words pulling Mary out of her stupor. She did sleep with Nik yesterday, and honestly, she wasn't nearly as horny as she was now. "I- I... what? I didn't hear you." Her words making Anna pout as she raised her lips and kissed Nik's jaws and whimpered pleasantly the moment she felt Nik's hands slithering to her waist. "Mum! It would feel weird if you just stand around. Weren't you the one asking for this?" Anna said without looking back, her legs already clamping Nik's waist as she moved and sat upon Nik, effectively hiding the upper portion of Nik from Mary's vision as her daughter's flushed back revealed itself in all its trained glory.

"Yeah, I did," Mary took a breath and slowly walked up to Anna's back, 'But he wasn't this... delicious.' Gulping, Mary tried to focus on her needs. She was amazingly wet. There was something in the air but knowing that there weren't any aphrodisiac candles in the room lit for the 'groove' and pushed the matter back in the corner of her mind. Hugging her daughter from behind, Mary hotly blew against Anna's ear and whispered, "Sorry, honey. Your boyfriend is just that amazing~" she trailed her hands over her daughter's b.r.e.a.s.ts while Nik gripped Anna's waist as his little brother was given the amazing sandwich treatment from Anna's butt crack and Mary's crotch. "That he is!" Anna grinned, "Good thing that you don't have to feel lonely anymore!" Chuckling at her daughter's words, Mary kissed her daughter's plump red lips while humping against Nik, letting his tool press and move in between her daughter's buns as Nik enjoyed the sight of mother and daughter making out in a tantalizing manner.

'Hah, what do you know, this world knows how to welcome travelers after all,' Nik smiled in excitement. Within a moment's notice, Nik sat up, too, not shying away from the fun, and with his girlfriend's mouth tended by her mother's lips, Nik leaned down to suck on Anna's n.i.p.p.l.es. Amazingly, Mary helped in the act as she squeezed her daughter's moderate b.r.e.a.s.ts from the base, presenting two beautiful and erect nubbins waiting to be sucked and licked. Kissing her left n.i.p.p.l.e, Nik lapped up Anna's b.r.e.a.s.t in eager glee while he moved his other hands to fonder the top of her other b.r.e.a.s.t, making the brunette m.o.a.n into her mother's mouth while her waist would tremble every now and then. Never had Anna felt so stimulated by Nik to the point that the simple and intimate actions would bring such... well... with a soft grunt, Anna found her panties wetting at an even greater pace while she felt orgasmic from getting her b.r.e.a.s.ts used by Nik. Her h.i.p.s shook and her thighs clamped around Nik tighter.

"Ohh~! Oh god! I'm" Anna squeaked, her gaze turning hazy as her desires reflected in Mary's gaze, too. Seeing her daughter's beautiful form, Mary continued to kiss her. Clearly, whatever was strange with Nik wasn't merely a hallucination but actual reality. He had changed somehow and this change would only bring pleasure to the duo. As Anna squirted in her panties as sweat covered her beautiful body, allowing her heat and warmth to be felt by her mother and boyfriend as her breathing grew rougher. "Mom, tish felt tha best!" Anna whispered before slowly breaking the kiss and then looking towards Nik, her eyes full of nefarious intentions as she pulled Nik's head up, making her n.i.p.p.l.e flick into a tantalizing swirl before she sealed her lips with Nik's. She grunted as she roughly took Nik, her b.r.e.a.s.ts pressing against Nik as the contact didn't leave any space for Mary to continue to fondle her daughter and the experienced mother soon turned her direction towards the delicious c.o.c.k pressed into her daughter's butt. Her palms already a little dampened by her daughter's sweat, Mary licked her lips and covered the visible tip with her palms, making Nik grunt.

"Mmmgh~!" Nik and Anna sighed hotly as their tongues played with each other. For the first time, Anna didn't kiss Nik for the s.e.x.u.a.l rise but she continued to kiss for his taste. It had changed. She noticed the slightest of the difference this morning but right now, it was too different and... sweet. In the entire year of their relationship, Anna didn't feel this excited by the actions that could only be considered first base and the second but now here she was, wetting herself at the taste of her man's saliva. "You are different!" Anna whispered with certainty, their noses brushing against each other before they kissed again with Nik refraining to provide any form of answer. "Yeah. Your taste... it's different. Hey, I don't wanna wait anymore," she whispered while pushing Nik down and he let her.

Turning towards her mother who had barely started to pump Nik with her hands, Anna grinned wildly, "Sorry, mom. I'll leave Nik to you... I want the smol Nik right now!" She said while pushing Mary away and kissing her chin softly. "Can you try and balance yourself in front of me? I want to kiss you while having Nik," Anna continued shamelessly as Mary hugged her daughter. "Of course," she smiled, "We didn't get to do much oral yesterday," she snickered. At this point, Anna had been wanting to warn her mother that Nik simply wasn't that experienced but recalling the sudden changes, she held her tongue and let her mother move towards Nik where she lowered her head to peck his lips, her whisper ringing in the dark room with the only source of light being the moonlight from the uncovered glass panel to the verandah. "Darling," Mary smiled as she raised her head, "You wouldn't mind me on top of you, right? I'll control the pressure, you can trust me on that."

"Don't worry," Nik grinned, "I am in both of your care, remember?" Hearing him, Mary smiled and kissed him again before carefully placing herself above Nik, her knees pressing against Nik's shoulders and her p.u.s.s.y right above Nik's face. Showing his experience, Nik raised his hands and offered, "You can hold my hands, Mary," Nik breathed against her thong, the thin fabric long lodged against her juicy and dripping p.u.s.s.y. Instead of Mary, Anna presented a surprised expression but the throb of Nik's shaft against her butt was all it took to take away her attention once again as Mary raised her eyebrows with a pleased smile. "That's considerate, thanks," Mary held Nik's left hand and used her other hand to slowly pull down her panties to her thighs and then held his other hand, slowly descending until only a little space remained between Nik's mouth and Mary's lower lips. Her scent assaulting his senses as she took a deep but silent whiff before heaving against her wet p.u.s.s.y. "Mmmgh, nice start," Mary sighed as she looked directly into her daughter's eyes and then smirked, "Go on, honey, I want my turn, too~!" She leaned forward towards Anna and tilted her head suggestively, getting even closer to her daughter. "Y-yeah!" Anna breathed as she raised her butt, one hand already behind her as she took Nik from the lower portion of his shaft and slowly guided the tip against her wet snatch.

Rubbing her wet lips against Nik's slightly moist tip, Anna slowly lowered her body as she hugged Mary. "Honey, you've had your pill, right?" The concerned mother inquired as Anna grinned the moment she felt Nik's member spreading her hot insides. "Yep! Heck, before I allowed Nik to stop using the rubber, we even decided to have ourselves examined, you know, just in case~!" She kissed her mother as Mary was genuinely surprised that her daughter would go to such lengths. Well, she still enjoyed the kiss and let her concerns melt the moment she felt Nik's tongue licking against her entrance, his fleshy treasure spreading her entrance and playing with her clit while changing the target to her insides every now and then. It was just the right technique for the beginning, not too hot or 'aggressive' but strangely, Mary found her body lit in a strange fire. Each drag of the boy's tongue pulling a pleased and surprised gasp from the mother. Even Anna saw the change but her thoughts were preoccupied when she found herself in yet another climaxing state the moment Nik's shaft her deepest spots, the curve of his cruel tool pressing the most sensitive points and the continuous throbs testified that this was barely the beginning, he was growing even larger, after all.

"Nik!" Anna gasped, breathless and wide-eyed while she hugged her mom even tighter. Meanwhile, Nik gently squeezed Mary's hands when she accidentally pressed her entire butt against Nik, effectively sealing his air supply. "Mmmgh!" With both of their b.r.e.a.s.ts pressed against each other, her daughter's hands against her h.i.p.s, massaging her butt sensually, and Nik rocking her mind better using his tongue than the shaft, Mary blanked for a moment and came into Nik's mouth.

"Oooh! Gosh~!" Mary shrieked as Anna, glazed, came again, far more sensitive due to her previous loss of control the moment she raised her butt to move while twisting her h.i.p.s to add a little spice to her humps which ended up backfiring the moment her insides squeezed Nik tightly, finally pulling another gush of pure happiness that drenched Nik's crotch and bedsheet below them.