Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 556

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 556 Trip

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"Mmghh! What time it is?" Mary grunted and sat up slowly, her maxi still over her body, one string slipping down and her hair disheveled. Beside her snored Anna, her body covered in a bedsheet as her hair spread behind. Blinking for a few minutes, Mary groaned as she recalled the embarrassing fact that happened last night. Slumping down on the bed once again, she whispered with a slightly foul mood, "I passed away? Really? We couldn't even do it..." Taking a deep breath, she picked her smartphone from the night table and checked the lock screen. It was barely a little over 7 in the morning. "Honey, Anna, wake up. You've got to get ready." Mary poked her daughter's shoulder, making the brunette grunt as she turned the other side.

"Hnn, just a min..."

"Where's Nik anyway?" Mary sat up once again, this time stretching her arms up and yawning loudly. Her fingers then rubbing her eyes, cleaning her eyelids before crawling out of the bed. "I'll come back in five minutes, sweetheart. Wake up by then..." Mary said while sniffing the moment she opened the door of her bedroom, instantly amazed at the cheerful tune being hummed and a sweet scent filling the rest of the apartment. "Mom? Did you cook strawberry pancakes?" Anna finally woke up on a rather chipper note as Mary walked towards the kitchen with silent steps only to see a Nik in his boxers and an apron spreading the strawberry batter on the pan with a headphone on his head and his body waving with whatever tune going through his ears.

'Wait? Isn't that...' Mary thought for a moment when Nik looked back. Presenting a surprised expression, Nik pulled down the headphones and hung them around his neck while greeting the woman of the house. "Morning! Eh, hungry? Sorry for using your headphones without your permission, didn't want to wake you up." Nik looked back to the pan and flipped the smooth treat to the other, uncooked side before looking at Mary once again as she slowly walked closer to Nik and stretched her toes to look over Nik's shoulder. "I thought you left already?" Mary inquired since Nik wasn't even present in the bed yesterday morning. "Uh, haha," chuckling at his past self's unstable ways, Nik shrugged, "What can I say? You two were pretty convincing yesterday. Too bad that we couldn't... you know..." Nik trailed his voice as Mary smirked and hugged Nik from behind quite tightly, allowing him to enjoy the softness of her body.

"I don't. I guess I was pretty tired yesterday. How about tonight? I think... that this time would different than the night before yesterday," Mary whispered as Nik held her palms with one hand and nodded, "Sure." Before flicking the pan, making the pancake flip onto a plat already prepared, this time finally surprising Mary. "Woah," she exclaimed, "Did you just do a trick?"

"Guess, so," Nik continued to prepare more pancakes as Mary let go of him, "You should freshen up. I didn't know your preference in coffee so..."

"Don't worry, I'll prepare it," Mary smiled and stood beside him and began preparing the drink while Nik looked sideways, enjoying her figure and exposed bosom, her n.i.p.p.l.es poking once again and her panties, well, fortunately, weren't there. This begged another question. "You aren't going to change?" Nik inquired as Mary bent against the counter slightly, winking towards him, "You want me to?"

"Oh, definitely no." Nik continued to flip pancakes with one hand while smoothly grabbing Mary's butt cheek with other, gripping her butt firmly until Anna arrived and sat on the table with all her demanding manner and thumped against the table, "Myyyy pancakes!" She squeaked, making Mary chuckle and lean forward towards Nik and sweetly kiss Nik's cheek, "Go, accompany her. Let me take care of the rest."

With Nik having already prepared the batter and even cook 4 layers, Mary didn't mind diverting her attention to the breakfast. Usually, she would have simply gone for a cup of coffee alongside a piece of bread or two.

Nodding and giving Mary's butt a reluctant pat, Nik left with light steps but not before taking off his apron and pulling down the strings of Mary's maxi, making her yelp as Nik covered her front with the apron and mischievous smirk on his lips. "Go, really, you both need to get ready for the school, remember?" Mary said once again, feeling Nik's face getting close to her and making her heart thump time and again.

"Fine, fine!" Nik grinned and made his way towards Anna and the moment he sat across her, she instantly pulled a long list of questions.

"Hey! What's with your mouth? Really, were you saying the truth about being a superhero?" She hastily asked, all the semblance if laziness disappearing from her gaze as Nik shrugged, "Yeah, and my superpower is having an extremely strange mouth?"

"Hey," Anna looked at Nik seriously, "No matter how lame your superpower is, I won't make fun of you. Promise!" Pursing his lips, Nik sighed as Mary walked in with two plates in her hands, "Courtesy of chef Nik. Be sure to enjoy," she winked and placed the breakfast in front of Nik and Anna. Anna had known that Nik was the one who would cook in his old apartment occasionally so she wasn't surprised by this side of Nik while the man in question smiled, "Nah, I am no superhero. If I do get a superpower, you'll be the first one to know."

"Really?" Anna looked at Nik expectantly and seeing Nik nod, her expression turned satisfied. "Yeah. I mean, aside from you, Brandon had been my best bud but that went great," Nik snickered while rolling the pancake and taking a relishing bite, "So, aside from you and a few... well, friends from the school, I have no one to talk to."

"Ah, don't forget about me this easily," Mary walked in with her own plate, "We may be just sleeping buddies but I can lend you my ears... if you do a good job."

"What good is a job done well if you fall unconscious?" Nik sighed remorsefully, making Mary flinch but the moment she looked at the short smirk on Nik's face, her lips twitched and she smiled widely, her eyes narrowing, "I was just tired."

"Yes, ma'am," Nik winked at Anna, "The clothes came, by the way, thanks for choosing my outfit."

"No worries," Anna closed her eyes, enjoying the pancake, meanwhile, her foot, alongside her mother's foot, found itself slithering over Nik's thighs and the fact that brought a smile to Nik's face was that both of the foot was pressing against his crotch, completely aware of the other's presence. 'Ah, I love my life...'

"Lucky bastard," Asmodeus snorted in Nik's mind.


"Ah... no matter how many times I see this, it's still flashy!" Anna muttered as she walked through the entrance of the school and gazed at the stone face carved with Tony Stark's features. She wore a grey crop top with her black sports bra being a little visible and tight denim capri. Her hair tied into a ponytail, not leaving a strand of hair on her forehead, giving her a clean and pleasant look. She walked alongside Nik, hand-in-hand. If Nik had to compare, then he would definitely choose the western culture in the matter of relationsh.i.p.s since the girls back in his homeworld were definitely reserved in many matters. Not that Nik truly minded. He wore the clothes ordered by Anna, a brown hoody, black t-shirt with a punk band print, and blue denims. It was a good thing that Nik could now finally retain his original control since he now had a little confidence in staying alive during unforeseen circ.u.mstances. In reality, he had been wanting to leave the apartment for the night and try to find the mobsters but a single yet deep consideration made him realize that it is better to wait.

He wasn't strong, he did not have the means to detect things, mysterious kind, since the planet was full of strange energies and despite Nik's mastery, there were some that even Nik couldn't fully understand. So, his means of detecting possible supernatural existences had become extremely limited. Finally, he didn't want to leave the bed just after causing Mary to go unconscious with his tongue and Anna from the s.e.x itself. He at least owed them his body to be hugged for the night and that they did, much to Nik's pleasance.

"Oh, hey Mj~!" Anna called out to a particular group amongst the tracking students going through their lockers. To Anna's loud greeting, a redhead poked her head out of the locker with a blonde hunk leaning beside her and waving at the duo. 'Mary Jane Watson,' Nik looked at her, 'An ambitious actress of the drama club, a beautiful girl, great friend, and... a fling... damn, I really didn't try to have both ways? Well, considering my past self bound by the restrictions of culture... it isn't that hard to understand.' Nik thought, of course, more than willing to try and patch things up and pull another darling to his bed. In fact, the reason the current and past version of Nik were fond of Mj was that her family's circ.u.mstances didn't really push her into the dark alleys of the city but made her focus on the future even more. Yep, Nik, the past one, admired Mj which was the root of initial attraction.

Instantly hugging Mj, Anna sighed before taking a step back while Flash, a blonde youth and the basketball star of the school, gave a much less enthusiastic greeting to Nik. He wasn't aware of Mj's past relationship but Nik was a handsome man that could cause envy to others. "Hey," Nik smiled, letting his hand trail Anna's waist as the action instantly attracted Mj's attention for a single moment. "What is up, guys!" Another guy walked towards the four at this time. Dark-haired and covered in items with glaring brands.

"Osborn," Flash grunted while looking behind the newcomer's back, revealing a bespectacled youth. Frail and sickly looking. "Why do you bring the nerd? Hmm?" Flash sneered towards the sick looking boy. Nik thought for a moment before realizing that the two newcomers were Harry Osborn, the son of the current CEO of Osborn Corporation, and Peter Parker, the youth with a low-key sense of humor and the brains to put even the teacher to shame at quite a few moments.

"Parker," Nik looked at him, adopting the usual, neutral tone, "You don't look so good. Cold?" He inquired, making Flash go silent as he looked at him in surprise. "Ah, umm," Peter, though surprised, managed to get an answer out finally. "Yeah, a little. But today's the trip, so I couldn't take the day off."

For a moment, the shy youth stole a glimpse of the redhead and even Anna for that matter. Before Nik could say anything, a firm grip reached out for his shoulder, the action made Anna frown and the moment she looked back, she exclaimed in surprise. "Junior? I thought you weren't coming today? Mom called, she wanted to pick you up."

"Well, I don't care," With his blonde head uncovered this time, Brandon pulled Nik and slammed him against the locker.


The metallic sound instantly attracted all the students and the girls shivered. "Junior!" Anna called out, "Don't make me call you the F word!"

Looking towards his sister, Brandon frowned, "Stay out of it, Ann. You got your fun, right? Now let me have mine!" He snarled before looking at the remaining youths from the group, "So? Do you have something to say? Flash, Pete, and Harry, f.u.c.k off! Take Ann and Mj with you. None of you want to see what happens with this pretty boy."

Gulping, Mj took a step forward, "Uh, can't you... you know, let him off?" She chuckled awkwardly as she looked at the group of students surrounding them. Meanwhile, Nik felt a little itchy in his nostrils and considered whether he should pick it and feel the satisfaction or endure it until no one is present. "Mj, the only reason I tolerate you is your name. You know that, right? If you want to help out your ex, shouldn't you consider my sister standing right next to you?"

At his revelation, Flash and the others showed surprised expression while Mj shivered and instantly looked towards Anna. However, the brunette didn't look the least bit shocked and growled at Brandon.

"Junior! I said, LET HIM GO!"

She shouted, loudly at that. For a moment, Brandon fell stunned before Nik looked around and decided that the best course of action was to...

"Hey," Nik whispered, instantly attracting Brandon's attention, "Let's not cause a scene here. For old time's sake. After the trip, I'll meet you back in Harlem. Beat me there... I keep my word, remember?"

Brandon stared at Nik for a whole minute. They both were best buds, so of course, Nik would happily declare his fling with Mj to the boy in the past meanwhile, Anna grew excited for Nik after accidentally peeking up on Nik and Mj getting busy in the first place.

"Fine!" Brandon grunted, "If you don't come, it'll be worse, you know that, right?"

"Of course," Nik smiled, "I am your besty, remember? We painted rainbows and pillow-talked the shit out of each other back in the golden days."

Annoyed by the relentless jokes, Brandon left the group, "Whatever. Of course, you know to keep quiet about certain things."

He stated while leaving, causing the group to sigh collectively.

"One of these days," Nik muttered loud enough to let others hear, "I'll have to hook him up with someone."

Despite their current differences, which Nik would resolve after a soul aching kick to his balls, Brandon was a guy great and flawed enough to be Nik's friend and the apostle didn't feel the need to deny that particular relationship. Nik loved having friends around and Brandon was worth keeping.

"Phew," turning to the group, Nik winked at Anna, "See? Everything under control. You're the boss. Now, let's get going to the bus. We have a trip to attend."

Nik grinned, making Anna groan and take him by the hands, once again flinching Mj for a moment.


A/N: I know, I know, I did a sneaky by making Nik have a fling with Mj which gives him an undue advantage. But if I am not wrong, the kids, the handsome ones, get their experience early in the states. I don't mean to be racist or anything... but what I want to say is that I wanted to establish a solid character of Nik and knowing him, there's no way that he wouldn't try to hook up with Mj. Yeah, she gets powers, too. Even Anna does.