Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 558

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 558 Mutations

With streaks of blonde strands upon a headful of brown shaggy hair, a pale youth smirked smugly and pushed a small pouch into the hands of a tattered-looking beggar. "Get your head together, Old man. The prices are going up!" The youth snickered and snatched whatever the old beggar had to offer before kicking him down. "Just go ahead and use it already, the alley's filled with your kind anyway," the boy chuckled until a soft whisper rang behind him. "Hello, Matty. Or would you prefer Matthew 'Cuck' William? You were the guy engaged with Paula until angelic Kent swoop her into his bed and made that savory video, weren't you?" Needless to say, the voice shook the boy and he instantly turned, gazing at a youth almost of his height and the top part of his face covered with a dark cloth. Even his eyes were closed off and in the darkness of night, the face staring back at Matt gave him the impression that the party opposite to him could still 'look' at him.

"W-who are you?" Matt stammered, taking a step back with fear flickering in his eyes. The information given out by the newcomer, although extremely private, wasn't a secret. After all, Kent did make a video and the bitch didn't even see it coming that she would get famous with the locals. But to know his real name... that caused Matt to grow cautious. "Oh, come on? You know me?" Nik took a step forward, his clear voice in fact, quite mature for his age by a little shift of his vocal cords. Heck, he didn't even need to use his [Body Manipulation] to achieve this due to the absolute passive control of his body. "Now, I just need you to answer me a few simple things," Nik continued, his hands spread without any violent intentions. "You see, as a hopeless romantic I am, I... grew a little curious about your classmate. An asian, I believe." Nik took another step forward and crossed the unconscious beggar. "In exchange for a bit of information, I will... let you conduct your business in peace. After all, a new shark is in the town, wouldn't want to lose his impression by not selling the quota, right?"

Matt sniffed, his heartbeat accelerated as he grunted, "I don't want any trouble man. Just leave me be!" His words instantly pulled an amused grin for Nik, making him chuckle, "You're selling drugs, illegally. I mean, you don't have a doctor's face but the least you can do is get a new haircut. That's already enough trouble so why not pile it. Come on, I am really interested in this girl and with my means restricted... I find it less enjoyable, you know. Getting answers. So help me out and I'll help you, too." Nik's grin didn't bring any form of comfort to the boy as he shuffled a short knife out of his pocket, thrusting it towards Nik. "Leave me alone!" he shouted only for Nik to sidestep, grip his forearm and then use his other hand to shove the knife towards Matt's face himself, stopping right in front of his lips.

"And here I thought you wanted a way to get back at Kent. Am I wrong? Or did you really enjoy the video that much?" His words worsened Matt's expression but with the tip of the knife right in front of his face worked wonders and the boy whispered in a shudder. "How?" He inquired, making Nik's smile wider, "How about you tell me about the girl? Asian, black hair, a little out of shape. I believe someone does ring a bell, does it not?" Nik inquired to which Matt replied hurriedly. "I know!" He exclaimed, "Cindy Moon! She she lives in Forest Hills! I don't know her whole address, that's all I know!"

"Cindy... Moon? She wouldn't be the smoking hot babe with a devil's horn tattooed to her waist, right?" Nik continued. His inquiry made Matt frown for a moment. "I-I don't think so..."

"Wow, then you are of no use to me." Nik shrugged and let go of Matt with a mischievous smile. The action instantly caused the boy to stop Nik in a hurry. "What about Kent? How can I destroy him?" Matt inquired with a crazy look in his eyes, making Nik snicker, "Hurt the one's close to him. You do remember he has a father, right? Go get him!"

"H-he" Matthews stammered, "He's the guy from the gang for god's sake! Don't screw with me!" he roared as Nik suddenly vanished from Matt's vision. He just disappeared as if he had never existed in the first place but that's when Matt realized that there was another person behind him. Hurriedly looking back, he found a man, once again, with the upper portion of his face covered with his body clothed in a black full-sleeved shirt and dark trousers. Even without waiting for Matt to speak anything, a punch struck him squarely on his jaws, propelling him back and crashing him into the large bins. "Stay put, the cops are on their way." The man whispered gruffly. Then, he sniffed and tilted his head. Someone was here just a few seconds ago. He had heard it. A man with a strangely gorgeous scent, a natural one at that, followed by his short interrogation against this youth. He hadn't heard all of it but...

"Where did he go?" The man whispered, confused. The stranger did vanish into thin air without any troubles. A little annoyed, the masked man focused on his senses. His hearing and sense of smell. He could hear the cheers, the shouts, the sirens of police cars, the nearby mugging

The moment he identified his next target, the man moved to put down the group of youngsters mugging an old couple. The mysterious man did hear the broken shouts signifying the great distance of the acclaimed Captain America. The man in blue is busy with a group of gunmen that meant business and it would become the next focus for him.


"Saved by the footsteps," Nik whispered to himself. He now stood a block away on the terrace of the community building. Taking off the cloth covering the top of his face, Nik looked at the time and picked his ringing phone. "Hello?" He greeted, instantly hearing Anna's voice. "Where are you? Didn't you say that you will live with us for a few days?"

"Went to get my clothes back," Nik snickered as he took a step forward. The space around him wrapped for the briefest of a moment as he now found himself stepping onto another building. "I am on my way back."

"Junior didn't hurt you, right?"

"Hurt me? Why would he? He was busy with Ms. Honey, so I guess, lucky me." His words instantly washed Anna with a wave of relief as Nik shifted through space itself once again. He didn't have enough energy to perform such shifts so he didn't mind looking for the girl named Cindy tomorrow. In fact, he could just check up on her during the school hours, if she is alive by then, of course.

"Oh, that's great then. Say hi to Ms. Honey from me the next time you meet her."

"Alright, I'll see you back at your place. Just give me a few minutes."

As Anna hanged up, Nik pocketed his phone once again and made shifted down into an alleyway before walking towards the apartment. It merely took him a little over ten minutes before he knocked on the door and was greeted by a grinning Anna. Of course, this time, Nik did hold the handle to his suitcase and leaned down to peck her lips as she snickered. "Aw~ we look like a married couple!" she hugged him, feeling a little too sweet as Mary's voice called out, "Get in you two, the food's getting cold!" Smilingly, Nik whispered, "A couple that also enjoys the comfort of their mother." His words made Anna snicker as she bit his lips while kissing him, "Well, with how excited you were yesterday, I have a feeling that the two of us can't do enough any longer. Really, do you have some kind of s.e.x manual?"

"Nah, that's my superpower. Call me... I don't know, S.e.xman?"

"Pfft, really? That's so lame~! We'll think of a better name later. Right now, darling works just fine."

Pulling Nik from his collars, Anna instantly bypassed dinner. Needless to say, Mary took the charge this time and fainted once again. She had been a little too repressed for quite a few times now.


Once again finding himself in the white room provided by his profession Incomplete Chimera, Nik found himself staring at the n.a.k.e.d Lola for a moment. Her body now a little curvaceous with plumper b.r.e.a.s.ts and dark blue a.r.e.o.l.as alongside a short but savory garden above her crotch. Her silver hair had been shortened slightly while she continued to observe the three projects simultaneously. The first being simulation of Nik absorbing the spirit bones that still hadn't provided any notable results. Then, the next project being the changes brought by the mutation induced by the recently obtained spider's venom and finally, the third project being the project Valkyrie. Nik still hadn't given up on that and knowing that Valkyrie art showed a great resemblance to the fusion of bloodlines, Nik scanned all of his girls and let Lola simulate the actual process of combination and slowly figure out a way to turn the technique for the better.

A small spider continued to crawl in the empty space. Red and blue covered its surface as is slowly made its way towards Nik. This time, the spider wasn't agitated and in fact, with Nik providing a healthy essence of Life Energy, the apostle also induced a little bit of spirit energy and his pheromones to actually make the spider more comfortable towards him. "How's it going, Lola?" Nik gazed at the perky butt. Despite her current origin as an A.I., Nik could still physically touch her credits to his [Exotic Escort].

[I have run a few simulations. Aside from having the most basic of physical enhancement, there are other mutations to the cellular structure that would make you more of a spider than a human. But your bloodline would remain the same. Of course, if you do extract the spider for her bloodline, you can get further physical mutations and benefits.]

"Nah, I am happy being like this. Just... run the simulations. I'll look into the changes." Nik smiled and bypassed the spider, who stopped and then started crawling towards Nik in the opposite direction. Meanwhile, Nik spanked Lola's butt, causing her to look towards Nik with barely any expression on her face. [I was quite pleased to understand that I am not 'untouchable' despite my status. But I would like you to refrain from committing such acts as long as I am your A.I. in this space. Me showing myself n.a.k.e.d should be enough.]

Nik had already grown used to her modest distancing and spanked her again with glee. "I know. You've read me completely and desire to act only if you are free from this space and can become my mate. But a little love doesn't hurt anybody," he snickered while Lola rolled her eyes. [No wonder Asmodeus is like that. Their host is simply hopeless.]

"What can I say, Lola," Nik smiled while looking towards the simulations and picking up the spider, "You've got a perfect butt. You know that. Wait" Nik hurriedly stopped the simulations as he instructed, "Uh... control the venom to not move towards my skeletal structure but focus the mutation in other parts." Nik continued to look at the changes before smiling and asked Lola to run the basic simulation again and finally grinned. "That's it, eh? The venom is nothing more than a drug to act as a body enhancer. The mutation just brings the changes that I have already gone through in my past life. High bodily stats with great receptive abilities. Hmm, just need to keep the venom from coming into contact with the heart and marrows and we'll just be fine."

Looking towards the spider, Nik whispered and brought his palm closer to the mouth of the cute little insect. Communicating with the spider using his pheromones, Nik caused himself to get bitten and instantly focused on his body and used his ability to commit the same act as the simulations and controlled the flow of juicy venom. "Lola, just keep on testing the spider's body. I'll place her in the Dream Core. You have access to it, so just take her out whenever you need her."

Lola nodded as Nik's physical body walked out of the space. He appeared in the bedroom once again with everyone asleep and lay down in between the two women. His physique was quite thin even now but he could feel his body's structure changing. It wasn't simply a matter of mutation but the current body's base level was changing too. Not to mention the fact that focusing the mutation to enhancement itself and not diverging it with the spider-like abilities, Nik already expected a greater increase in power. Purifying himself for a short moment, Nik fell asleep.


"Haaaaaaah!" She stumbled out of her bed. Her mind was in disarray and her body even more so. She was sweaty, her clothes stuck to her body and it wasn't comfortable at all. Her hair stuck to her forehead and her head continued to ring. "W-what happened?" She whispered to herself. Recalling the sense of fatigue after returning home and sleeping straight away, Cindy stood up and hurriedly rushed into the bathroom. She felt like vomiting!

"Gruaaaghhh!" She retched into the poor pot before rubbing her lips. A little afraid that she now may be pregnant and recalling her mother's cold anger towards her boyfriend, Cindy shivered. She has had her s.e.x-ed. So of course, they did it with the rubber but the sense of fear couldn't be calmed down that easily. Hurriedly standing up and flushing, she turned on the sink and gargled her mouth until she couldn't smell the vomit from herself and then looked at herself. Dumbstruck.

She still had the most common asian facial structure just like her father. Dark eyes and dark hair with a healthy brown skin color just like her mother. But... why is she looking so hot? Her eyes looked better, her nose looked better, her lips looked better, her jaws and cheekbones looked better. She could only observe slight tweaks but she just... looked better. Of course, Cindy didn't know how. Or why, for that matter. Breathing roughly, she looked around and she felt something strange about herself. Instantly rushing back to her room, Cindy pulled herself out of her clothes, standing in front of her dresser without any clothes.

'Damn...' she thought. Her bust, waist, h.i.p.s, and with a twirl, she also found her ass tweaked a little. She had become gorgeous! Cindy almost squeaked in happiness. Her slightly flabby stomach was gone and even her thighs had grown plumper and softer. A little massage of her butt revealed that yes, she now had a model's ass. In fact, Cindy was also a little enticed with using her fingers to explore things down there. There must be other changes, too, right? But she stopped everything and started to wipe the sweat off of her body the moment she heard her parents' car pull into the garage. Putting on the loosest hoody with a less fashionable pajama, Cindy pulled her hair into a short ponytail and hurried down. At this moment, she found herself hearing something strange.

"Aah... mmm..." It was soft but Cindy could hear it. It was from her brother's bedroom. Curious, Cindy hurried to his bedroom and slowly opened the door only to find his face pushed towards the computer's screen as a p.o.r.n video continued to play in the lowest voice possible. The fact that Cindy could actually focus on the strands of her brother's hair instead of his newfound respect of p.o.r.n made the girl feel the jeepers and she instantly closed the door. Putting everything behind her head, Cindy finally focused on the fact that her brother finally found p.o.r.n and it was time to ask her parents to pull a lock on websites.

After all, that's what she was here for. Turning his life into a hell.