Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 559

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 559 Brain Goes Buzz

With a pink hairband keeping Anna's long hair in check, she jumped into the backseat, a small bag slung across her left shoulder which she placed in the empty seat and leaned forward from the middle portion, looking at Nik's crotch hungrily as Mary ignited the engine of her car with one hand and held Nik's 'gear' with the other. Letting her palm run down and up, pumping Nik's c.o.c.k hotly. "In 38 years of my life, you are the one who made me unconscious twice. And that's saying something considering 24 years of experience..." she whispered as her hand reluctantly left Nik's shaft and focused on driving. "14?" Both, Anna and Nik looked at her in surprise as Nik shifted his butt to buckle his trousers once again as Mary chuckled, "Those were wonderful times. I mean, I am now feeling that your claims of being... s.e.x.u.a.lly enhanced might be true but well, that's the kind of superpower I am willing to get over. Who wants a lover to be a crime-fighting philanthropist? There are cops for that..."

"Ooh," Anna exclaimed, "I did think a name for you. How does Incubus sound? Our history teacher taught us a little about biblical and other demons. Incubus was the hottest out of them," she grinned as Nik turned his head with a wide smile. "Sounds... fitting, I guess. Although... I don't have any superpowers," he shrugged, "And, why fight crimes? You've already seen that both, the crime fighters and criminals aren't easy. In fact, getting out myself wasn't that easy..." He sighed, making Mary's gaze flicker as she thought of her son only for Nik to share the good news. "Oh, yea. Brandon agreed for lunch on Sunday." His words instantly made the two girls shriek in surprise and happiness. "Really? He agreed?"

Even with the seatbelt interfering with Nik's movement, he still turned back and kissed Anna. "Of course, he did. He can't stay angry at you guys. You're all family," He pecked Anna again. Maybe it was his attachment or something else but he truly couldn't get enough of Anna. She was sweet, cheerful, and downright innocent despite her s.e.x.u.a.l escapades and that's why Nik was even interested in the two women. To them, s.e.x.u.a.l relief wasn't a 'sin.' Finally, someone that could actually understand Nik at a deeper level.

"Thanks," Mary smiled, "I know it must have been hard..." She sighed, unable to form words as her eyes turned a little misty, making Nik cut in with a chuckle, "Nonsense, Mary. You are letting me stay at your place and... well, how can I not help you get back with Brandon? He's angry due to me in the first place... although, I have to say... you make things far harder than Brandon." He leaned forward and blew into Mary's ear, making her coo softly while a smile bloomed on her face. Well, even if the three didn't have the talk... only two sessions with Nik had already made the adorable milf addicted to him, seriously making her consider if she should teach her daughter about a concept called... harem.

"I just thought of something..." Anna muttered, gazing into the distance as Mary drove with a wide smile. Sue was happy. She could meet her son again and get along with Nik. "I never considered this before but if Nik does put a full-body outfit covering him tightly, won't his p.e.n.i.s just attraction all the time? It looks damn good in comic... but do they even have... you know... and how do they hide erections if they do get one... or feel cold down there?" Nik's and Mary's expression froze as they continued to ponder for the rest of the drive.


[Name: Nik Minion

Age: 17

Limits: (Phantom Physique)

Bloodline: L.u.s.t Apostle/ ???

Talent: Exotic Escort, Balance, Perfect Eyesight, Skill Palace, Physical Genius, Limit Buster, Legacy Eyes, Wild Intuition

Profession: Imperfect Chimera

Physique G+

Mental G+

Energy G-

Luck B+]

Nik's physique and overall mental faculties had reached the peak of rank 2. At least, quite near the estimate and he even gained another talent [Wild Intuition]. Perception, instincts, counter-action, and further battle-situational responses were top-notch even amongst the usual rank 2 hosts despite him not reaching rank 2. It was due to his evolving martial concepts and early training in the world of demon that Lucifer graciously interrupted. But now, Nik realized a grave error in his previous calculations. [Imperfect Chimera] is a metaphysical profession and it considers both, tangible and intangible, factors when it comes to the mutations and other benefits. But Nik didn't. Had he considered the overall changes aside from the physical aspects, Lola would have acted accordingly and she could have simulated the fact that the venom not only strengthened his spiritual world but also bolstered his unidentified ravager bloodline. And it brought a strange talent alongside.

[Wild Intuition Intuition in its purest sense uninhibited by any factors. If a danger encroaches the host, they shall be warned timely.]

'That's sweet,' Nik thought to himself and then looked at Anna walking a little ahead of him, waving towards Mj with the tight hotpants covering her perky, round, and cute butt. 'Ooh~ That's sweet, too...' Nik controlled his boner reluctantly as he found a set of gaze on him. In fact, there were many. Not him, his face was already recognized as the cause of female masturbation, no. His t-shirt. The print of his black t-shirt proclaimed Fake Student in bright yellow and while he was lanky before, now, he was still lanky. The spider venom didn't change things for him much so, Nik had to begin his workouts once again. No way would he live with thin arms when he had achieved a little in his road of muscular development.

"Is that a new channel?" Flash inquired with a snicker, "I've never even heard of Fake Teachers yet." His words caused a meaningful smirk to reach most of the guys and girls, including Anna. This was one of her favorite t-shirts and she would definitely don this on tonight. "Hmm? Why need a channel?" Nik shrugged, winking at the passerby freshman, causing the girl to avert her gaze, "When you can reenact in real life? Hmm? What do you say, Ann?" He opened his locker and took out the only register he had been utilizing for the last two years.

"Hah, if Miss. 'Manner' doesn't get to you!" Harry chuckled with Peter nowhere in sight.

"Anyway," Nik gave a short but fulfilling kiss to Anna before waving at the group, "I need to meet up with my old... associate. Heh, he needs a little 'advice', you know. So, I'll meet you later."

"Today's our performance, remember?" Anna hurriedly stated as Nik winked, "I know. 2:30 pm. Wouldn't miss it for the world, babe. Practice well." Nik waved and walked towards the canteen before sneaking out of the highschool. On the other hand, Mj furrowed her brows and thought for a moment before deciding to get close to Anna and whisper in consideration. "Hey, Ann. Don't take this the wrong way but... Nik didn't start selling again, did he?"

"No," Anna shook her head as she took her books out, "He promised to me and mom. So he won't. I guess. Anyway, he even got Junior to visit by the apartment on sunday, so I think Nik deserves my trust... or something along that line," she smiled and playfully slapped Mj's butt, "See you after the classes, Mj. I've got all of your seats booked, so don't you dare ditch on my show!"

Mj's lips twitched. She still didn't know why she befriended her ex's current girlfriend but... well, Anna is charming and didn't actually make Mj feel left out so she is pretty likable. "Of course, not. See you at the hall."


"I am Mark," A man with mud-blonde hair and graying sideburns grunted. He sat opposite to a round and fleshy man with his forehead already filled with sweat in the absence of air-conditioning. Mark's face was littered with wrinkles, his flesh a little loose but he was robust. A man whose eyes gave sparkles of life and health. His smile charming and attractive not to mention the fact that he could give most of the 60-year-old geezers a run for their money.

Opposite to him, Foggy smiled. Mark was his first client in his professional career and he wanted to, of course, win for his client. That's why he became a lawyer. To earn big bucks and... help along the way. "I've seen your file, Mr. Hudson"

"Mark is fine, son." The old man smiled.

"Mark, ehm, I've seen your file." Foggy smiled nervously. "You want to file a case against this Wong Lang because he destroyed your store. Is that right?"

"As you said, Mr..." Mark focused a little to 'signify' his apparently limited eyesight, "Ah, yes, Foggy Nelson. Kid, I just want justice. I don't have the pay to go for the finer options and your place looks competent enough."

Foggy looked at the old man blankly before looking at the rest of the empty office followed by his partner Matt Murdock reading something in braille. "Yes, of course. I'll file the suit. Please, let me help you out."

"Stay," Mark smiled, his tone strangely firm, "I want you to focus on my case, son. Not me. I've barely got a few years left." Chuckling, Mark slowly stood up and left equally slowly, making Foggy let out a frustrated groan the moment Mark closed the door. Meanwhile, Matt's fingers ran through the raised text but his mind was barely focused. Even with his blind gaze covered in shades, he heard everything. Heck, Matt could even hear the stream of p.o.r.n videos back in the dorms when all the boys were simply too frustrated and it wasn't a... memory lane he liked to walk down to. 'Mark Hudson... he's the cap? Why did he come here? Did he find out about me? But how can he? Yesterday, I left instantly after taking out the last shooter. My back was to the Cap the entire time... my back... my back...'

Matt touched the back of his left shoulder that was grazed by the lucky bullet. 'Blood sample?' Matt speculated. He didn't need a proof that Mark Hudson was the man running around with an SMG and a shield while taking the drug dealers and local criminality down without killing them, showing his precision even during heated gun battles. 'A world war 2 hero won't live this long, no. He is someone posing as Captain America, right?' Matt questioned himself, his expression looking stressful by the second.

'His case!' He suddenly remembered. 'Why would he want the law to fight for him when he is already a dreadful enemy of the drug rings so much so that they are now hiding from him...

Oh...' Matt realized, or at least, he felt that he realized Mark's intentions.


Manhattan Highschool.

Nik walked into the school with casual steps. The unconscious school guard by the gates barely attracted any attention as Nik smiled at a blonde girl looking at him. She stood along with another youth, bulkier than Nik and bald. 'Well, isn't that the criminal description,' Nik looked at the tattoed arm that the man flaunted over his admirable bicep. "Hello, I'm"

"Beat it, newbie." the man grunted with a twitch of his eyes, "Don't poke in the funny business."

"Whatever that means," Nik smiled, "I am looking for a smoking hot chick," he emphasized, winking at the blonde, "And now, I realized how hard my search would be. I am"

"F.u.c.ker!" The man growled, pushing the girl away slightly before readying himself to punch Nik, making him sidestep with an apologetic smile.

"Come on, pal. I don't want any trouble. Just here to introduce myself. Take it easy, I'll leave," Nik raised his hand in surrender and snickered as the man looked visibly placated. "My name is Grumbling Baldy by the way." Nik jogged away with a snicker as the blonde hurriedly stopped her boyfriend from hurting the humorous stranger. She had to. He was hot!

As Nik entered the building, he walked around. The students barely filled with the corridors with the classes already started but Nik could sniff something. 'Hmm?' he furrowed and whispered in certainty, "Pheromones..." Turning his head, Nik began making his way to the first floor, and suddenly, his head buzzed. Oh, it buzzed hard! There wasn't any strange scent aside from the pheromones and of course, Nik couldn't hear or see anything aside from the murmuring students and the stern voices of the teachers lecturing the student on the topic and even then, he 'shifted' forward.


The ceilings crashed, revealing a man falling down but he didn't stop and fell further to the ground floor. It didn't stop here. With an eerie buzz, a yellow humanoid figure covered in exoskeleton slowly flew down. A human-wasp with an arm-sized stinger sticking out of its enlarged butt.

"Wut..." Nik muttered and considered should he laugh or not. The following scene decided for Nik since the wasp actually let out a human-like cough and with it, caused a few acid-spit to spread on the floor, corroding it a pace visible to the n.a.k.e.d eyes. "That's... kind of hot..." Nik heard a whisper behind him. The scent of pheromones was stronger than ever as a pair of tender hands gripped his t-shirt tightly from behind. Looking behind, Nik found a rather youthful and beautiful asian girl with slightly darker skin, just like Nik, gazing into him. Her eyes were... glazed. She was confused, not as much as Nik who instantly began analyzing Cindy Moon. Of course, he recognized her the moment he saw her. What kind of Incubus he is if he can't look past the little changes?

"Hey, don't grip my t-shirt this tightly. My girlfriend loves this one," Nik hastily whispered while enjoying Cindy's scent. She survived the day and that meant that she had successfully mutated and now, both of their brains buzzed but Nik already knew that the wasp had directed its attention towards Nik's direction, or to be precise, Cindy's direction.

Instantly shifting alongside Cindy, that took a massive hit to Nik's recently gained reserves, Nik let go of the girl and whispered loud enough to let himself get heard by the girl while the wasp crushed the locker that had given its warm shade the duo quite recently.

"You should be able to jump from this high. Follow me!"

Not willing to waste his energy on spatial shifts, Nik opened the window and jumped down followed by the girl, who instantly faltered after seeing the height but the moment she saw Nik landing and felt her head buzz again, her body leaped on its own and while she closed her eyes, instead of her legs impacting against the ground with an expectant crunch, she found herself landing roughly into a pair of arms and the moment she opened her eyes, Cindy gazed at the amused and mischievous smirk of the youth that held her attraction once again.

"Out of your heated stupor?" Nik chuckled as he looked at the Wasp's front and did Nik wish he hadn't seen it. The previous metallic surface of the figure had allowed Nik to preconceive the image of the mutated monster but as Nik looked at the yellow, hairy face with two sets of eyes and long, nasty, horizontal mandibles followed by equally disgusting limbs and torso and the repulsive genitals reddened and hanging out of the fur by the short margin, Nik felt that he had found his polar opposite. The evil twin brother of anything that's holy and hot. Like him.

"Cindy, right?" Nik whispered as he continued to keep eye contact with the monster. In fact, that worked. The monster didn't lose Nik's gaze and looked back. "How did you know my name?" Cindy inquired in surprise. She could barely contain herself from tearing the t-shirt now. Of course, the fact that a monster is right above her and the boy's earlier warning of this t-shirt being his favorite... 'No, his girlfriend...' Cindy bit her lips.

"How? I threatened a street thug over a knife and asked if you are a smoking hot babe, or not. Turns out, he lied but I knew better," Nik continued, "Besides, how about doing me a favor?"

"What?" She whispered, of course, not believing the truth Nik had divulged. "Try and focus on yourself. A spider bit you yesterday, did it not? You also feel strange but sweetheart, you are letting out such a sweet scent that anyone half-the-man as myself could barely control himself and that monster isn't a human. So... I suggest, if you are not into bestiality, it is best that you figure out a way to stop smelling so... delicious."

Cindy's lips twitched as she muttered, "For a guy who saved my life... you sure say some things nasty."

"Oh my," Nik looked down in surprise, "Not into bestiality? I mean, not even in comics?"

The monster roared the moment Nik broke the eye contact and the shout instantly petrified Cindy with her scent now overflowing.

'Ah... guilty I am...' Nik's lips twitched as he still didn't have the heart cold enough to throw such a lovely girl into the mouth of a monster when


A sharp sound echoed and Nik merely took a step back when a white blur instantly stopped in front of Nik. 'Oh, how hot are the skintight suits...' Gazing at the wide ass proudly presented in front of Nik covered in a silver-white bodysuit, a thick one with further enhancement to the limb section with arm guards, leg guards and claw-shoes, and a silver belt tied across the thin waist leading up to a thick ponytail of the brunette hidden by the costume, Nik didn't even give the cursory glance to the monster who now shrieked in pain and anger. A long, shallow cut not etched over its entire body from the center which allowed greenish blood to leak.

"P-please!" Finally, the monster stopped shouting and whispered. He slowly landed and knelt in pain while a gigantic brute slowly opened the window and jumped out. His body still covered in the dust of the rubble he left within the school. The figure wore a yellow tank-top, exposing his... well, Nik admired everyone's biceps. A respect to the fellow bodybuilders in his sense. With only a pair of shades on his dark skin, the man smiled and gazed at the white heroine.

"White Tiger," the man spoke in a deep voice, making Nik gaze at the black strips that even reached the woman's butt, "I'll take him..." he said with a sheepish smile. For a moment, the man looked towards Nik and showed a hint of surprise.

"Nik, is that you?" He exclaimed while Nik slowly let off Cindy, making him take another look at the man.

"No, I don't know any Nik. I am sorry." The apostle shook his head as the black hunk tilted his gaze before shrugging. "Can you? You already let him escape once!" White Tiger lashed at Carl Lucas. Of course, Nik knew the disgustingly strong man who resigned over Harlem until he was backstabbed by the fallen Stryker. This man is a local legend who employed Nik back then.

"Sorry about that. You know his venom can be itchy..." Carl pointed out as White Tiger snorted and turned around with Carl putting a restrainer on the Wasp's mouth and holding its limbs and wings at the same time. "No, the venom practically melts steel, but you wouldn't care." Hissing, she looked at Nik and Cindy while taking a soft sniff. "You two alright?" She inquired while walking forward as Cindy looked towards Nik with a panicked expression.

"You tell me!" Nik groaned and acted, "We were just going to have fun when that... whatever! Let's go, babe." Nik held Cindy's hands with pursed lips as she accepted the gesture and walked alongside, making the man behind White Tiger chuckle. "Ah, he's always like this."

"You know him?" White Tiger pressed the button over her belt as Carl nodded, "I guess so. A natural-born salesman with the greatest female share of the market back in the days... but now, I guess, it wasn't his selling ability that hooked those girls up."

"We've caused enough damage. Keep a tight leash on the guy. It's good for all of us. Hill's sent out support from the local."

White Tiger didn't reply. The fact that another human's scent could attract highly mutated or beast-based supernaturals was something worth sharing only to the parents and the HQ to keep such individuals safe and turn them into assets.