Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 561

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 561 Vortex

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"Can't believe that jerk would say something so stupid!" Flinging her bag into the distance with a furious shout, Jessica slumped onto her bed. "Huff!" She blew up, letting the strand of hair over her face blow back while crossing her arms and grunting unintelligible words for a few moments, probably curses of the most dazzling means to rain hell upon Flash and his atrocious mouth. Yeah! Probably she hadn't been too subtle about her crush but Anna didn't mind it! So did Mj! So, what's Flash's notion of ruining everything! With a glaring pout and murder in her eyes, Jessica gazed at the plenty of posters covering the walls of her room. There's Skink Band comprised of hot men in skimpy clothes, a large poster of Tony Stark flashing his wondrous smile. A picture of Carl Lucas, the hero produced by Harlem, Captain America, and his tight body exposed through the... tights finally, her eyes landed on Nik's picture.

In the walls covered with men of outstanding talents, riches, and bodies, Nik took her pants away from the moment she transferred to the Midtown High. Charming and bad to the core with a certain charisma that forced her to look past his earlier drug problems. "Ohhh," she whimpered, "I wish Nik had been there..." Jones continued as she fantasized what would have been Nik's reaction if he heard of her feelings. Would he look her way more often? Would he be the slightest bit interested?

She wasn't stalking him, of course. Every girl wants a reason to... Taking a deep breath and now feeling the need to change her target of attraction more than ever to spice her secluded sessions, Jones looked at Tony's picture and smiled in embarrassment. 'Oh, God!' she thought to herself as her hands slowly unbuttoned her skinny jeans. She was already hot, always has been. The fact that she is touching herself while thinking of her dad's boss gave her a little rush. She is a naughty girl, in need, she breathed roughly. Her last boyfriend didn't feel the need to remain in the relationship once she opened up to her and from then on, she had been pleasing herself. Taking the responsibility upon her own shoulders... and hands.

The little pull of her jeans revealed the dark blue panties. Her palm overlapped the flat of her crotch as she hurriedly pulled a blanket over her with the other hand and then finally removed all the clothes down there. Unconsciously, her eyes roamed through every poster and picture until she settled on Nik's reluctantly. Before she could continue, however, the major distraction in her life barged in the room, making the poor girl yelp again.

"Philip!" Jessica barked at the young boy who, unfortunately, was her brother. "Would you ever learn to knock?" She inquired with a shout as the boy paid her no heed and spoke in his own glee. "We are going to the Disneyland! Dad got us the tickets!" She screamed as Jessica sat up while closing her legs, "Really?" she was just as surprised but the next nod from the boy turned her anger into happiness. Of course, she refrained from jumping until she was decent again. No need to scar her own brother for life. 'Wait... maybe I could?' Jessica thought. Philip has already irritated her a little too much, sadly.


"Why do I feel I am in an interrogation all over again?" Nik sat on the chair opposite to Mary as she continued to look at Nik silently, her gaze narrowed. "For real," Nik swore, "I didn't kick the puppy."

"What?" Anna gasped.

"What?" Nik looked around as if he hadn't said anything.

"But yeah, Mum. What's going on?" The girl inquired while taking a bite of her potato chip. Every evening of her performance is her cheat day where she let loose her hunger upon the snacks of the house and establishes and docile relationship with calories until another performance. She mewled softly while leaning back on her chair. She had nothing better to do besides staying next to Nik... the sadness of having a damn good boyfriend that didn't leave much time for anything else. 'Maybe I should try one of Junior's games? He loved the Xbox...'

"Mum, I'll go play with the Xbox... em, try to play..." Anna muttered while sounding unsure as she left while thinking that she had forgotten something.

"Wow... she forgot to hear your answer," Nik whispered as Mary smiled, "Calling my child stupid?"

"No, ma'am." Nik coughed.

"Why were you at Manhattan High?" Mary finally inquired, "Make no mistake. I am still thanking God that you were out of harm's way but... why did you ditch your classes? Isn't Manhattan High the place where you and Junior would go and meet that... Matt kid? Did you go to meet him?"

"I..." Nik looked on the surface of the table as she could smell the delicious scent of chinese food brought by Mary from Zang Chow. "Didn't go there to meet him," Nik adopted honesty since it was so farfetched already, "In fact, I sneaked there to meet a girl that was bitten by a spider yesterday. Just to make sure if she is alive or not... out of curiosity. And I already knew the topics covered in the classes so didn't lose out from studies."

"Really?" Mary raised her eyebrows, "Look, Nik..." she thought for a moment, "You are an amazing kid. You know what I mean and that is why... if there is anything troubling you, don't feel shy and talk to me. Think of me as your... friend-slash-girlfriend's mom-slash-s.e.x friend. You can be sure that I won't judge you." Mary looked at him in the eye as Nik thought for a moment. "There is one thing..." he whispered and leaned forward with a serious expression. "Anna and I... we decided to try out her belle dress today so do you have anything from your school or college days that could be fun?" Nik inquired seriously.

"I have a carnival wait!" Mary leaned back with a confused smile. "That's it?"

"Yeah!" Nik shrugged, "I am clean, Mary. I didn't meet Matt and here," Nik shuffled his smartphone out and played the video of Ann's performance, "Got the first-row footage," he smiled as Mary sighed with a smile while taking the phone from him. "Still, you can count on me in times, kid," she said without looking up. "I know!" Nik stood up, "Now, can we please eat? I am starving!"

"We can," Mary smiled and stood with a chuckle, his phone still in her hands as she hummed the tune on which Anna performed.

The dinner went as fulfilling as ever with Nik being able to contain his appetite to the realms of low metabolism only to realize that he would soon need to bring the extraordinary source of nutrients. His body had just been enhanced and if Nik continued to passively increase his strength by simply eating food with higher nutritional value, there would barely be any limits that could stop his physical growth and he may even find the limits and potential of his bloodline. And, not eating the proper amount that his body requires would only end up weakening him slowly.

"I think we always end up sleeping in my bedroom these days," Mary whispered as she broke the kiss. Her expression hot and desiring as she wore a skimpy yellow bikini with an anal plug pushed into her butt that extended out to feathery peac.o.c.k's fan with bright feathers. This was Mary's carnival dress. One of the most debauched nights of her life if she may so claim. "Is that bad?" Nik smiled while pressing his hand and tugging Mary's butt cheeks, allowing the prim and proper Anna to suck on her mother's warm p.u.s.s.y while massaging the rim of her anus before pushing a finger alongside the already inserted plug, making Mary tremble for a moment and her eyes roll up before Nik took the chance to kiss and nibble on her neck. It was her weak spot and after roughly leaving a hickey, Nik nodded in satisfaction. "Anngh!" Mary grunted before glaring at Nik with her glazed eyes, "I said no hickies, right? How am I going to cover that?"

"Why cover it?" Nik winked and continued to rub his hard member against her surprisingly flat abdomen, "Isn't it time that your colleagues know that Ms. Fuker is finally leaving her mark on someone else? Hmm?" Nik snickered while Mary puckered her lips and let her hands hold Nik's face from his jaws firmly, squishing his cheeks and pouting his lips. "Naughty boy," she mumbled before overlapping her lips only, "You need to be punished badly!"

"I am always waiting to be punished," Nik whispered hotly, "The longer the better." He waggled his brows before taking the party onto the bed. This time, with Mary laying down and Anna over her, sensually kissing her mother while massaging her b.r.e.a.s.ts as Mary hugged her daughter's waist. Seeing the scene, Nik licked his lips and gazed at Anna's cute and perky butt still covered with her white leggings with the pink fabric of the spandex tracing the flesh entrance of her tight hole. Wet and soft with an inviting scent to Nik's senses as he gently rubbed the entrance before ripping out a short hole, making Anna m.o.a.n hotly, "I've wanted that you know," She whispered while kissing Mary, "To do it in my dress. Back then Teacher Smith always gazed at your uniform's outline." She exposed as Nik kissed her wet hole before spreading the entrance and revealing her pink innards threaded with thick liquid and her walls pulsating, his tip already nearing the devouring hole before thrusting gently, slowly spreading her warm insides as Anna locked gazes with her mother with a foolish smile on her face, cooing, "Mum~ I love it!"

"Sure you do, sweetheart!" Mary pecked the tip of her daughter's nose before returning the favor and slowly and tenderly thumbing her anus. Both the thumbs, to be precise as Anna lapped her lips over Mary's tongue and squeezed hard. She now felt barely capable of enjoying Nik for a longer period of time without c.u.m.m.i.n.g straight even when she didn't like cervical pressing in the beginning. Previously, she had made sure to not go 'that' deep but now... with the actual feel of her insides being pressed against and forcefully struck time and again brought her l.u.s.tful joy that she had refrained herself from feeling since the beginning. Her walls tightened around Nik as she felt his throbbing c.o.c.k striking all the sweet spots at the same time and his...

'This scent again!' Anna almost squeaked. Despite Nik's humor and her ignoring the topic, there is definitely a change in Nik and even if Mary didn't notice it due to it being her third season itself, Anna did notice it now and definitely enjoyed it.


While most of the citizens slept in the late hours, aside from those that earned in this time of the day, a group of rich industrialists found themselves sharing a pretentious laugh over a fundraiser hosted by the first acknowledged superhero of the states. Tony Stark walked in with a pretty blonde by his side. Tucked in a suit and a warm smile, he greeted a middle-aged woman, "Ms. Glades, an honor to have you here," he chimed as the woman shook her head while enjoying the soft tune of the musicians hired by the host. "Not at all, Tony. It's good that you decided to move to your family home. The city is barely worth living," said one of the most popular developers as Tony snickered, "Right, planning to map all of it under your empire?"

"Who is this poor soul?" The woman inquired while looking at the blonde who had already managed herself to get a drink. A woman with great knockers and a thing for attracting judgment from those less fortunate. "Believe it or not, her name id Candy and she loves..." Tony emphasized, "Candy. And me." He winked at the woman before gazing at one particular individual. A middle-aged man with short trimmed hair and a striped suit. "If you excuse me, Ms. Glades, I have to meet with a kindred spirit." Without waiting, Tony left Candy and Samantha Glades together. For a moment, Candy looked at her with an innocent glee.

"Did you know? Iron Man has the greatest"

"Please don't share his size, dear," Samantha sighed in frustration.

" collection of sports cars?"

"I suppose he does. So tell me... Candy... how did you meet Tony?" Samantha smiled as Candy chugged another tasteful glass of wine. "Oh, it was at this night club! He just flew in and asked if anybody wanted to be his plus-one for tonight and I got the chance! Yay!" She smiled.

"I suppose he would do just that... picking up hooters with his superhero identity. How very lovely."

On the other side, Tony called loudly, breaking the formal decorum with narrowed eyes. "Norman!" He greeted, "Who knew that the actual hero would come? Your idea for supersoldier serum has been a game-changer! I mean, passing the undeveloped serum through another biological host to fill the blanks and then develop it! Who knew it could be done like that!" Tony chuckled.

"I did." Norman Osborn shrugged, "But, the project's scr.a.p.ed off. That's why the tech is public. Whoever can become a superhero before the government up that poor bastard's butt, well... lucky for him." Norman then tilted his head, "What's going on, Stark? Why the sudden... need of showing friendship?" Norman inquired without losing his composure and the glass of wine in his hand as Tony leaned over ever so slightly and whispered.

"Because... I suppose that this is a good time as any to inform you that a certain facility is keeping track of you alongside any other businessmen like us who are trying to figure out the method of developing the serum again. A freebie from my side. Now, did you hear about today's development in Manhattan Highschool? It's a lovely place with quite the potential. Too bad that you are finding it and... got targetted for some sort of giant insect monster that was taken care of by our very own Carl Lucas and some chick in tights."

Osborn's expression didn't change but he did take a sip of his wine to disguise his gulp while Tony continued in hushed whispers, "Now, I don't know why a 'contracted' superhero would not harshly rain demise on a monster who has lost its mine. Maybe the monster was sentient and part of whatever Lucas managed to get in bed with. My point is, if you want something out of your life, hide in a dessert, and conduct your experiments there."

"Why tell me this, Stark?"

"Oh, come on!" Tony smiled widely, "I have been attacked by my own partner and almost got killed in a hellhole. One thing I have learned is that never trust anybody with your darkest secret, Osborn. I am sure, an industry leading in Bio-Tech must have some... gory details, too."

Patting Osborn's back, Tony made his way somewhere else and continued to discuss a few minor details.

As the event came to an end and Candy slept soundly with a n.a.k.e.d and slightly exhausted Tony beside her, the man slowly sat up and wore a comfortable bathrobe before walking down to his new workshop.

"Jarvis, get me an access to Osborn's directories. Try to remain hidden from... you know, whatever the hell is trying to figure us out." Tony grunted while pulling a steel stool and slumping down. "Norman is a madman when it comes to trying crazy theories. Let's see if we can find something to help with our own situation."

"If I may suggest, Sir," Jarvis' voice echoed, "Why not take Mr. Fury's offer. He has already provided us with one dose of the antidote."

"An antidote with a bio-lock to the sequence? Yeah, no. That man isn't kind and no need to give him face for obstructing the inevitable. We need Osborn's data to kickstart our Project Extremis.

"Very well, Sir." The voice agreed as Tony looked into the distance. "One more thing. Tell Pepper that... I may be busy with Candy tomorrow, too. The woman is good."


As Mary, Nik, and Anna slept peacefully, changes began to occur in the city. A man with half of his head covered from the top beat up a thug who almost forced himself on a young girl returning from her practices when a man in blue tights interrupted him by shooting the assaulter through both of his thighs and the p.e.n.i.s, providing a quick castration and calling the Ambulance alongside. On the other hand, a savage blast occurred in the labs of New York Hall of Science, ruining most of the public experiments going on. Meanwhile, a blonde youth in tattered clothes finally arrived on the outskirts of the city only to be stopped by a handful of muggers and inducing the youth's fist to glow raging gold. An asian girl accidentally covered her family in webbings and ran away in panic. A dark-skinned girl stood in front of the man with an eye patch as she inquired.

"Do you really want this?"

"You said that you'll allow me to help and lead a life as any girl my age should. I am holding onto your promise." She said without any changes in her eyes. Both of them looked down at the form on the table revealing itself to be the admission form of Manhattan Highschool. At this moment, the man's cell rang and he looked at it curiously only for his to expression drop and him sighing.

"Fine. But we've got a task. I am contacting Luke. You should get ready."

The girl nodded and left with measured steps. As she left, the man slumped down.

"S.I.N was a mistake..."

"Director Fury," his communicator rang, "We've got a situation. Our facility was breached for 13 seconds."

"Hmph," Nick Fure grunted, "And? What's stolen?"

"Nothing, Sir. There's... a gif of a stick figure with giant b.r.e.a.s.ts... milking ink."

"Great. Trolls can now detect our systems. Call Widow in. We need to tighten the security and find the location of the perpetrator."

"On it," the woman's voice faded.

"Not that it would lead to an arrogant playboy who happens to be a millionaire..." Fury whispered to himself. He suddenly thought of something and called in once again. "Are the files of S.I.N"

"They have been exposed, Sir. Not to the public. The breach originated from Osborn Corporation's headquarters. We are sending a team in."

Nick Fury's expression turned for the worse. One of his best men had to be stationed in a task more important than this. Those matters originated from World War 2.

Unknown to everyone, a bulky blonde laying in what seemed to be a hospital room suddenly opened his eyes. He turned his head away to find a radio working slowly, describing a game of the past, and beside it was a picture of a beautiful blonde framed in a stern-looking uniform.