Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 562

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 562 Black's Fine

"Wow, I thought we would be fighting. It would have been an honor, in fact. After all, I am designed after you." Carl Lucas who had adopted a new name Luke Cage, chuckled as she sat on a chair in front of a blonde man probably in his late-twenties. They were still in the hospital ward with men now stationed outside the room... well, the set created to show a hospital ward. "You were designed after me?" The man sitting opposite to Luke Cage tilted his head in confusion before looking at his own skin color and then Luke's darkened one. Chuckling, Luke explained. "Steve May I call you Steve?" Seeing the nod, Luke smiled, "You've been sleeping for a long time and the first thing you need to keep in your mind is that to never," Luke's expression turned severe and his tone grim, making the man named Steve straighten his back, "ever, compare your skin with someone of color. I can assure you that despite your enhancements... public outrage will get better of you."

"Oh," Steve exclaimed, "I hadn't realized that. You see, when I was enlisted in the army, a man of color was brutally thrown out." Steve sounded amazed, "I guess traditions do change after all. Wonderful... now, about us fighting. It would happen if your explanation of me sleeping here turned out to be some sort of crusade against countries."

"Nothing of the sort," Luke sighed, "Steve, this is the year 2020. You've been sleeping for a long time... long, long time." Luke muttered, "As for why you're here, it will be a long explanation."

"Let me take it from here, Luke," Nick Fury walked in and nodded at him while Steve chuckled in gleeful naivete. "You may be designed from him," Steve pointed out as he looked at two men of color after a long time, making both of them sigh in frustration as they realized that even if Steve Rogers accepts his reality, he might end up inciting a neighborhood accidentally. As Luke left, he came across a short-haired woman with dark hair color and her body covered in Shield's uniform. That meant, a bodysuit developed by high resistant material and thick enough to not actually expose the curves of the wearer, allowing the agents to keep their decency intact. "Special Agent Hill," Luke nodded at her as the woman failed to respond with even half the warmth required. "Luke, good work. A support towards the blast region is necessary."

"On it," Luke replied and went away without paying heed to others. Maria gazed at Luke's back for a few moments before recomposing herself. "Alright, secure the perimeter. I want you to consider Steve Rogers a neutral target until Director's orders. Stay sharp." She commanded with a hawk-like gaze. Under her glance, every agent on the scene straightened themselves, not daring to fawn over their newly awoken war-hero. For a moment, she took her cell phone out. A small one with black protectors and gazed at a message. A look of defeat flashed across her face for the tiniest moment before she pocketed it back and stood outside the door with her weapon ready Stick-Taser.


The night continued but the light from the city itself served to lit up the night sky except for a few alleyways that became the source of many horrors. In one of such alleyways, a disheveled girl ran with her face twisted in horror.

'Oh! God! What have I done? What have I done? What have I DONE!?' She stressed internally without even being able to pay attention to the speed in which she 'flew'. Her hair whipping back and her slippers already ruined. A few tears in her pajamas due to her reckless marathon as she found the road coming to an end due to a metallic grill almost 2 meters high. She slammed her palms against the grill and much to her astonishment, it bent! Realizing the severity of her change, Cindy slammed her palms again, pulling the bolts keeping the place together, and ran she again. Of course, with a destination in her mind. It took her a few minutes to cross the distance that would take dozens in a motor vehicle and finally, she rang the bell to a particular apartment from the gates. One time, two times, third time's the charm!

"Ugh... who the"

"Hector!" Cindy exclaimed, "It's me! Let me in!" She spoke in a hurry. Her expression tired and so was the picture she painted out of herself. "Cindy?" The voice from the speaker inquired as the girl groaned, "Yeah! It's me. Now let me in!" She demanded. She had nowhere else to go besides the place she lost her v-card. "Ugh... this isn't the best time... I have... em," Hector stammered through the connection, "Look, Cindy. Go back. You shouldn't be here," the boyfriend explained only for Cindy to shiver and beg. "Please, Hector... my family I... I have nowhere else to go! Just let me in for the night. I want to sleep! I am tired!" She explained.

"Alright, I-I'm buzzing you in." Now Hector sounded hurried as the door to the apartments opened and Cindy quickly walked in before closing the door, anxiously eyeing the old man from across the street still gazing towards her with a... well, servicing his fleshy pistol. Shuddering in disgust, Cindy jogged up the stairs and slowly knocked on the door to her boyfriend's apartment, of course, slowly, minding the presence of others. The moment the door squeaked slightly, Cindy burst into the room, finding a slightly unnerved Hector but she was simply too out of her own emotions to realize it and hugged the redhead youth with a goofy expression tight.

Like, really tight.

"Gah, Girl! That's some hug, alright! Ow!" Hector grunted as Cindy leaned back and heaved a deep sigh. Her eyes misty and her expression terrible. "I am so sorry! So" Cindy suddenly sniffed. Had it not been for the slight disturbance, in the air, Cindy would have never sniffed the perfume, she would have never heard the slightest creaking of the door behind her and she would have never turned back to see a blonde girl, one of the cheering squad of her school, sneaking out of the door behind her.

For Cindy, everything turned still at that moment.


Her phone rang for the umpteenth time. Annoyed, Mary groaned and sat up with her eyes still filled with the desire to sleep. N.a.k.e.d, as usual, she stretched her arms with a fulfilling grunt. Her body still warm as she blissfully recalled the feel of Nik's warm and astonishingly gushing spurt painting her interiors white. Of course, she was on her meds still unknown to the fact that Nik had the ability to control the process of insemination. Her daughter's back looked appealing enough to Mary to go for a morning quicky but as she went through the contents of her phone, she lost her mood. Leaning towards Anna and kissing her cheeks, Mary whispered, "Sweetheart, you're getting late. Mum can't drop you off today, something came up at work."

"Mmgh," Anna nodded listlessly, mewling alongside as she turned and gave her mother a tight hug while whispering, "Gotcha. Stay safe." Chuckling, Mary donned a bathrobe and hurriedly freshened up before walking out, finding Nik preparing the meal once again. "You know," Mary smiled, "You are the one spoiling us by cooking every morning. How do you expect us to cope up when you find another place?" She jested as Nik turned and winked, "Spend the nights in my apartment? That sounds feasible."

"And did you mention dirty?" Mary wore her suit's jacket, looking hot in her tight skirt as usual and attracting Nik's attention with her curves. Before the bacon, Nik had already eaten his fill of spiritual meat that he had stored in an extremely large amount. "Come on! If we do change the destination of our arrangement, who knows, Brandon might feel comfortable enough to return permanently?" Nik suggested while taking her handbag from her and helping her on the seat, "And don't try to bail on your breakfast, I've heard that it's supposed to be healthy."

"Fine! Not that there are disasters happening everywhere in the city that needs to be covered!" Mary sat and started eating. She had been hungry after a night of happy exercise, too. "Disasters? Another shootout?" Nik inquired while sitting beside her. This time, he wasn't n.a.k.e.d but already clothed to go to school. "Not the mobsters, I mean, I don't know what happened. Remember the New York Hall of Science? A bomb blast tore the whole place down. And..." Mary took the paper and flipped to the front page, grunting in annoyance, "See? Another death. A schoolgirl this time." Mary shook her head in distress as Nik furrowed his brows and gazed at the paper depicting the image of a young girl found dead on the streets after a possibility of someone forcing herself on her. As the article wrote that there had been signs of a struggle and quite a few wardrobe malfunctions.

"So, you two need to take care of yourself. No more running around until the cops clear the city with another city-wide task force." Mary sighed and took Nik's hands, squeezing them tightly with a clearly worried look. Anna was innocent by every means despite knowing the flaws of the world but Mary felt that Nik had it in him to stay doubtful and cautious, a kind of persona needed to stay beside her daughter. Not to mention that Mary had already checked Nik's background and gotten the green sign.

Thump! Thump!

Suddenly, hurried pounding to the door broke the duo's moment as Nik smiled and stood up. "I'll check it. You better eat up quickly." Mary nodded and deflated while biting her lips in annoyance. "Who is it?" Nik inquired. Just like every apartment system, if any outsider wished to enter the building, they would need to be buzzed in and if Nik hadn't let anyone in, there is a chance that this might be a robbery or one of the neighbors. The sound of palms smacking the door stopped as a choked voice echoed. "I-it's me! Cindy! Do you remember me?" She inquired as Nik looked through the peeper and found the disheveled woman and finally opened the door with a confused look.

"Cindy... Moon? How'd you find me" His breath was physically squeezed out his lungs by a crushing hug fuelled by primal desires and vast fear. "Ooof!" Nik sounded amazed by her strength as she sniffed in his chest, sobbing softly while Nik observed a twig in her hair. Gazing down at the slightly shorter girl, he saw cuts in her clothes. Limbs, h.i.p.s, and even shoulders but she didn't bleed at all. "Nik?" Mary's voice called out from the living room as Nik huffed out, "Uh... yeah, I think you're going to be late." Nik spoke while slowly moving his hands out of the hug despite the sheer intensity and whispered, "Calm down. Everything's fine." He patted her back softly, "Take a deep breath. Did you smell it? Breakfast is ready, calm down and come inside," Nik whispered while closing the door behind her when Mary walked over with a confused expression.

"Who's she? An ex?" Mary inquired while picking the keys to her car as Nik smiled wryly and turned back, revealing the sobbing Cindy, "More like... day-acquaintance. You saw the video yesterday, right? Mary, this is Cindy Moon. Cindy, she is my girlfriend's mom, Mary Fuker." Nik introduced as the afraid being eyes Mary carefully and then nodded, giving Mary an image of a lost and scared puppy, making her frown as she looked at Nik.

"You said that you kicked a puppy yesterday. She wouldn't be the one, right?"

Nik rolled his eyes and shook his head. Still, Mary thought for a moment before looking at the time again, clearly annoyed by the interruption as Nik moved forward and smiled, "How about you let me take care of this? I want to show that I have changed for the good and this... seems like a good task to prove as such. Feel free and go do your job. We'll get to school on time."

Mary, of course, was torn by the decision as she looked Nik carefully, "You'll call me if something happens, right?"


"Good," Mary pecked Nik's lips, surprising herself and Cindy before she hurried away with a confused flush on her face. As Mary closed the door behind, Cindy looked at Nik with her mouth gaping and much of her fear already dissipated. "She kissed you?" She inquired with wide eyes as Nik observed her from top to bottom and replied her plainly. "Come on, eat something. Food will do you good and you should tell me how you found me here."

On the other hand, as Mary ignited the engine of her vehicle, she looked at the message blinking in her other communicator.

Hill-chill: Just this once, I took care of the coverage of that kid. White Tiger just admitted herself to Manhattan High. Things are changing at a major scale, take care of your family.

Reading the message, Mary's blossoming mood dived deep as she sighed and put the phone back into her handbag before driving away.