Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 565

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 565 Beginning

In stark contrast to the bright day, in a dark room, the sounds of sobbing and gagging echoed clearly until the sharp sound of a switch turned on zapped the place into green light, revealing a young man contained in a large tube surrounded by various equipments. The young man himself was tied against a seat installed within the glassy tube and the moment the light caused the man to close his eyes in pain, a hunched figure made an appearance. "Hector, Hector, Hector," a raspy voice crackled, shuddering the youth named Hector, "I've never wanted you. It was the scent I followed, you see. Strangely delicious but what I find? A woman soaked in your scent screaming at me!" The voice roared as Hector's vision slowly adapted to the change in light and slowly looked towards the figure. A green face with its hunched body covered by a lab coat. Long nose, spots on the green, wrinkly face of his and yellow eyes full of malice with a bald head, and a crooked smile showing a jagged set of dirty teeth.

"NOW!" The mythical figure commanded, "You will tell me about the scent I followed, yes?"

"I- I don't know anything man!" Hector shouted. "Just let me go. I swear I won't tell anyone!"

"Shhh, shhh!" The green monster standing in front of Hector hissed, "I come for a family, boy," the monster whispered, his voice sending shivers down Hector's spine, "Do you? If yes, then what are you willing to do for your family? The thing is, I need healthy young blokes like you for my... research. Now, I have you. If you don't want to accompany me, then I would definitely consider your family a good substitute? What do you say? Dad? Sweet Mom? A sister maybe?!"

"Stop! Don't you dare lay a finger on my parents! I'll kill you!" Hector shouted, still restricted to his seat as the monster's grin widened. "It's decided then," he laughed, "Call me Goblin! I am your new... mate in the glamorous future I have planned for you!" Goblin cackled as he left under distressed roars of Hector and switched off the circuit once again.


"You said that Norman Osborn was here last night? What did he say?" Mary interviewed the guard captain of the Hall of Science. A mustached man past his prime with a boxy frame and a handgun holstered to his belt. The captain's eyes lingered on Mary's pretty face for a moment before he coughed, "I already told the same stuff to cops," The guard captain huffed, "Mr. Osborn ordered everyone to evacuate the building. You know, he low-key owns this place and everybody did what he said, some sort of protocol, the man said. And after a few minutes, the place exploded! The building caved in!" The captain gestured with spread hands. "So... not a single footage available?" Mary inquired while growing closer to the man and whispering with a soft smile. Gulping, the man shook his head as Mary turned to the camera and concluded the scene until the cameraman gave the okay sign, letting Mary sigh in relief.

"Um, Ms. Reporter," the captain suddenly stammered, "You wouldn't mind a cup of coffee, would you?" He invited with an expectant expression as Mary smiled apologetically, "Sorry, but... I am occupied otherwise... something like that," Mary excused herself and heaved a deep sigh before looking at the building which was caved in and the perimeter covered by cops and contractors employed by the state. After all, even with all the funds and donations, this building was a state property and whatever the cause of the explosion really is, it just became the highest priority case for the PD. 'There's still not any sign of Osborn's body. Last I remember, the man was still trying to overcome his own weakness by reverse-engineering his own blood. Did he change it to bombs?' Mary wondered to herself when suddenly, she felt the slightest bit of tug from her handbag and she instantly latched on the young man's hand, her expression surprised as the boy who tried to pick her purse instantly ran and stumbled when a foot crossed his legs, causing him to fall on his face.

Mary, meanwhile, looked at a long-haired redhead wearing tight denims and a brown jacket despite the warm weather. Her figure top class, in fact, meant to seduce anyone who laid their eyes upon her and a bewitching smile on her face with her mischievous gaze covered by stylish shades. "Nat!" Mary gasped, her mouth gaped in surprise as she adjusted her handbag once again and didn't even look towards the thieving boy who took off the moment he regained his composure.

"What's up, Honey? Journalism treating you right?" The woman standing in front of Mary inquired with a smirk, "And here I thought you had gone dull. Nice catch, by the way." The woman referred to the purse snatcher and crossed her arms, "Care to chat? I heard that Latte Day has some great stuff."

Still shocked, Mary nodded unconsciously as the woman called 'Nat' led the way.

"You... are back..." Mary commented after they both found a place to sit within the cafe. Hearing her words, Nat took off her shade and winked, "So? Missed me? Consider my surprise when the Director said that you left the force for good. Normal life suits you." She smiled and ordered a cup of beverage with Mary refusing to buy anything and only ordering water. "I'll take that as a compliment," Mary muttered, "But why are you here, Natasha? Investigation on the explosion?"

"Something like that. Can't explain, you know, rules. But the explosion isn't what I came to see you for, Mary," Natasha smiled, "I don't care how other agents viewed you. You were one of the best! Hills looked up to you and that's saying something. So? Why did you leave? After all, Rodger's situation didn't make you quit"

"Junior got into drugs... so I figured that it might be the moment that I... make up for my past absence." Hearing Mary's words, Natasha clicked her tongue, "Kids, am I right?" Natasha snickered, still unable to hide her envy as Mary restrained from commenting until Natasha calmed herself down. "I just wanted to meet you. Really missed you, after all, I am here because of you."

"Yeah, I beat you real good that time," Mary smirked, making Natasha cough as Mary took a deep breath and whispered, "Listen, if you don't have any leads on the explosion... maybe I can help you." Hearing Mary, Natasha waited for an explanation as the reporter continued, "We both know that Osborn is behind this. His body isn't recovered and I don't believe he died in that wreck. So," Mary started writing down an address, "This is my contact for... unpleasant news. He must definitely know something. Or have a clue."

"And you are telling me this because..." Natasha trailed her voice as Mary pursed her lips for a moment. "I want things to go right in this city but... I've lost my nerve to do it myself. I have grown dull," Mary admitted, "And I don't want my children at risk. Anyway, now that you are here, I will be having a nice sunday meal with my family and you should drop by. Anna and Junior would be thrilled to meet their 'adventure' aunt again." Mary winked, making Natasha chuckle as she picked the paper and nodded. "I'll look into this. And, I'll try to drop by and if not sunday then sometime else. I am here for... a long period this time," Natasha leaned forward and softly pecked Mary's lips before standing up and bidding her farewell, "Oh, and you are paying," Natasha snickered before leaving.


Stark Mansion.

"Mr. Stark~" A soft voice cooed Tony into awakening as she grunted softly and sniffed while sitting up, a soft palm over his chest, on his arc reactor to be exact as the blonde chick named Candy bit on Tony's neck and whispered, "Someone's been very naughty, look what I found," Tony opened his eyes, finding Candy in a 's.l.u.tty' teacher's outfit with a bikini covering her massive front and a pencil skirt outlining her curvaceous butt, clear spectacles on her face as she smiled lewdly, sitting up on Tony's thighs and kissing him passionately.

"Ohhh, I have been very... very naughty." Smiling, Tony slipped his hand past the fabric covering her bosom when an annoyed grunt resounded with a redhead boasting an average face and figure walked into the room, "That's it! You, out! And Anthony Stark, you need to get your head together!" Tony's secretary hissed, making Candy yelp and hide herself with the blanket while Tony slumped back on the bed. "Pepper, didn't we talk about personal boundaries?"

"And didn't you assure everyone that you will take your job seriously?"

"I am," Tony complained, "Teacher Candy here was giving me the best grading reward ever!" He chuckled, making Pepper smile in annoyance and vein popping over her temple, "Oh, is that right? Get your bossy butt out of butt or else, let me explain in a professional manner, I'll have the teacher's grade up places where you'd rather never want a tiny compass lodged. Group of your lawyers and consultants are already waiting for you. Get dressed, we leave in 15 minutes."

"Can I"

"No quickies!" Pepper shouted before leaving with sound and heavy steps as Tony smiled at Candy, "I... forgot that my thing was today. I'll have someone drop to your house now."

"Thanks!" Candy winked and stretched, "I already miss home!"

As Tony got Candy to leave, he called Jarvis who was integrated into the system of the mansion itself. "Jarvis, talk to me. What's going on with Osborn? Did you get the files?"

"Sir, there's been a change," a holographic image of the news about the hall of science played. Hearing all of it, Tony's mood worsened a little before he inquired, "Get us the footage. This case is high profile and I want to be ahead of everyone. Oh, and what about the files."

"They have been optimized and stored within project Extremis."

"Did we get the materials for the Mark 2 project?"

"Yes, sir."

Tony nodded to himself and got ready. The group of consultants and lawyers was necessary and he admitted it. After all, in a spur of emotions and impulsiveness, he had exposed himself as the Iron Man, also revealing the fact that he had the tech coveted by the military and other countries itself. Now, he needed to make sure that he could keep his properties safe with all of his might since the discussion with the state council is only the warm probing for what's to come. As a weaponry tech genius and the victim to his own inventions, Tony now understood that there were many players outside the law and written bindings.

"Alright... let's plan the insults I must throw at those old coots," Tony mumbled to himself and gave the picture of his parents framed a casual glance before leaving the room.


"Alright, how are you controlling yourself?" The classes had begun and with Anna a year younger than Nik, she didn't know that Nik ditched his classes once again with his back against the wall and a Cindy in heat pressing against him while inquiring in hot whispers. "When Anna was around you... I could barely keep myself in check," Although feeling terrible internally, Cindy continued to explore Nik's body with passion, "You feel it too, don't you? There's something that makes you super hot for me." Cindy leaned over to kiss only for Nik to grunt roughly and push her away. "Alright, there!" Nik took a deep breath, "Yeah, you smell nice and I can barely keep it in my pants but you don't want this." Nik winced at his own words. Well, he did feel a fleeting sense of obligation that he should fist explain everything to Anna before actually engaging with someone else.

"But" Cindy whimpered, her eyes widened as Nik sighed and took her hand, pulling her while jogging up the stairs and finally leading her to the roof of the school to get their heads cleared up and her scent, too. "You need to focus, Cindy. If you wanna have at me, go ahead. But remember, you'll feel bad after you realize that you just witnessed a murder and kidnapping." Cindy visibly calmed down after hearing that, sitting on the floor while holding her head and groaning. "Ugh... I am the worst." She whispered as Nik snickered, "Well, your boyfriend did cheat on you. So... just focus on the murder part. No need to feel guilty about other things."

"That's true," Cindy muttered and smiled at Nik, "Thanks. You know, my mother didn't actually agree with my relationship with Hector. That's why she made me go to the science hall the moment she found out. And well, rest is history." Cindy looked up, whispering with soft breathing as she still continued to steal glances at Nik as he sat beside her, "Well, you got superpowers for all your troubles. So, no point in complaining much. What have you thought actually? About your... powers." Nik inquired as Cindy shrugged, "Never thought about it. After all, it's barely been two days. Maybe intern for Tony Stark? I think the paygrade of superheroes must be high."

"Considering that the only two publicly renowned heroes are a vigilante in a blue costume and a billionaire. Did you know about the woman in white who saved us yesterday?" Nik continued as Cindy shook her head. "Don't know. Saw her for the first time. Both of them, in fact."

"Oh, the other guy is Carl Lucas. Quite the famous one actually. Used to be a popular mobster in Harlem," Nik introduced as Cindy looked at Nik, "And you know how?"

"Well, I was quite the popular thug myself. But got out of it." Nik smiled, "When I met Anna, in fact. She persuaded me and Mary, too."

"Did you ever kill anybody?" Cindy snapped and looked at him intently, making Nik look towards the direction of the hall. "Why? Would you feel that I am your kindred spirit if I did? A girl is dead and it isn't your fault or if you think that every killer can be sympathized with, let's take a walk by the corners of the city. What do you say?" Nik inquired, making Cindy narrow her gaze and snort, "You know, I find it hard that you are sleeping with both, Anna and her mother," Cindy said while diverting from the heavy topic.

"It isn't hard to understand, really. I mean, even if we... didn't have the usual connection, I am sure that you would still corner me out after a single night."

"Yeah, right!" Cindy chuckled, a little relieved. "Oh, and... what I was doing..."

"Yeah, we can continue it later!" Nik winked and stood up. "I didn't mean that!" Cindy shouted as Nik pointed out, "Now, can you show me how you can even web your parents?"

"Only if you show me how you cleaned me. That's some freaky stuff... after all, I checked there, too..." Cindy whispered with slight crimson to her cheeks.

"Fair enough," Nik smiled.