Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 569

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 569 Mash It Up

"The unknown creature has been stored within a panic container leased out by Stark Industries as the Commissioner promises to find out"

"Rraaghhhh!" The news report displayed on the television came to an abrupt end when a green fist plunged itself within the screen, destroying the structure of the television accompanied by a sick roar that overcame the sound of the shattering glass quite easily. The dark room was lit up, displaying a variety of research tools to concoct various chemicals needed to continue his research but Goblin couldn't do any of it. He was feeling anxious and discovered a new side of his body. His body acted up on its own. He continued to scratch his forearms after throwing the punch. His thumbs tapping against the floor into a continuous 'tuc tuc' sound that itself drove Goblin to the edge of insanity but he couldn't stop it. His body failed to listen to reason as his chattering teeth barely aloud him to squeak now.

That beastly roar earlier? Pure luck. "*tactactactac* Hah! This body... *tactac* needs adjustment. My earlier estimates were off..." The Goblin muttered and looked at the piece of paper that depicted the backstabbing of his colleagues to dethrone him from the empire named Osborn Corporation. "Just... added more name." He grinned, his jagged, yellow teeth clattering again. 'But the Troll's response had been lower than expectations. Aside from the absolute obedience, the entire nervous system of Troll was botched. I need to modify my own body and use it as a neutral base for further formulas. Once I find a better route of mutation, I can use the target as the base and amplify my own power! Kikikiki! The possibilities are endless!'

The green goblin then continued to scratch his elongated ears bloody while displaying aa maniacal grin and letting his thoughts fuelled by his knowledge and aspirations run wild. Amok, in fact. He wanted power. Life. Such a body, such a weakness would only serve to turn him into an outcast and he needed to cure that. At all cost!


"The unknown creature has been stored within a panic container leased out by Stark Industries as the Commissioner promises to put an end to the monstrous attacks plaguing the city," Nik and Anna sat on a couch together, their bodies stuck together as Anna gazed at her mother reporting the situation near Cindy's home. "And there have been reports suggesting that the 'heroes' that saved the Manhattan Highschool were also sighted in the area only after the monster fell unconscious." Nik looked a little surprised by the information but he whispered to Anna. It was already evening and seeing the live footage, they both knew that Mary would take longer time than necessary. "Are you ready to understand everything about me?" He inquired as Anna nodded, "You should have told me in the first place though... you are lucky that I am not angry or anything."

"Yeah, you're the best," Nik snickered and covered Anna's eyes with his hand and then used his pheromones to present with Everything Nik 101. Of course, the information's capacity in detail caused Nik to manipulate Anna's subconscious into believing she had slept as her entire focus was put to understand the information she was now exposed to. "Sleep tight... it'll probably take you a little over thirty minutes, just enough to cause some ruckus and pull the ones who blew a bomb into equal footing..." Nik smiled and kissed Anna's forehead before vanishing from the apartment, instantly appearing three streets away. "50 meters... that's my current limit." Nik whispered as he began walking towards the nearby alleyway. "And," Sky began, instantly making Nik smile, "Shush, my sweet bat. Remember? I want to learn all about the 'space' my way. From the beginning."

"It would do good to have a template to understand your spatial rules," Sky muttered again, still unwilling to give up on teaching Nik first hand and allow him to gaze upon the amazing world of spatial manipulation. "Nah. I am an Elemental Quasi-Grandmaster, Energy Master, L.u.s.t Master. I know my ways around gravity and I am also this close in understanding the truth behind genderbending and breaking its limitations. I have enough templates and just need to focus on a single concept," Nik smiled as he turned towards the alleyway and his vision zoomed instantly. The greatest trouble in using 'shift' was that his vision needed to be sufficiently reinforced to accept all the data at an extremely high-speed or else his nervous system would meltdown. After all, no matter how he 'shifted' through space, it's his own senses that are used to navigate the journey and destination.

"But..." Sky mumbled, "I could even teach you teleportation!"

"I'll learn it myself!" Nik rolled his eyes and stood in front of a large storage unit. "Ah, almost forgot," Nik chuckled and took out a piece of clothing from Dream Core before covering the top half of his face and then he proceeded to knock on the only door present. *Knock* *Knock* The metallic knock echoed without anyone replying as Nik waited for a few seconds. "Hmm, I won't feel 'full' of myself if I use supernatural stuff to deal with them..." muttering, Nik got a good grip of the bolts covering the door and he grinned. "My body it is!" Clenching his hands, almost digging his fingers into the cheap metal gate, Nik pulled his hand back with a loud shout, "Konichiwa you sons of bitches!"

Instantly ripping the gate out with a jarring crash, Nik revealed himself to a tiny asian old woman looking at Nik with a pale expression, her hands holding sharp daggers as she shivered with her legs almost giving out in panic. "Ah, wonderful," Nik continued in Japanese, "Just what I needed. A sweet-looking woman for good luck," he smiled while leaning down and plucking the two daggers from the hands of the stunned woman, "And you look damn fine, Honey. Still going young in your sixties, eh?" grinning at the old gal, Nik passed by her. "Oh," his sudden exclamation shook the woman's heart as she turned to look at Nik. With light source behind him, his entire face looked malevolent, especially with half of his face covered without any holes to show his eyes as if he did not need them to judge a situation or person for that matter. "I almost let my hots for you let you get away," he chuckled, making the old woman take a step back as she spoke in a hushed whisper.

"I am just an old woman, really! A few punks brought me here. Said that they need me to"

"Boo, liar!" Nik laughed, the flat of her own dagger smacking against her forehead so harshly that her skeletal structure shivered with the pain already pulling the old woman into the realm of unconsciousness. "There," Nik muttered, looking towards the dark pathway. This storage unit was already identified as the 'Rogue' Yakuzas base of operation. They didn't deal in drugs, no. It was the work of the Chinese Triad under White Greed and the new drug ring under a nameless powerhouse. What these cultured men dealt in were organs. Sometimes people, too.

Stepping forward, Nik made his way into the darkness, completely unimpeded by the lack of sight as he used this chance to relish the method of weaponizing his other senses. In fact, he already heard the soft smacks of the boots of a few men hiding in the corner. Smiling, Nik threw the two daggers consecutively, one smacking into the other and diverting its direction as both the daggers lodged themselves with sick Sschk! "Aaaghhh!" Two men roared in pain simultaneously, making Nik pick his pace. "Attack him!" The last of the three men went into action with torch lights in their hand and SMGs on other, instantly shooting at the shadow and covering the thin pathway with the echoing gunshots that alerted every other member in the building.


"Captain!" A youth entered Captain George Stacy's office as he broke the decorum and reported, "We got a 911 call from the Rogues. They've been attacked and the entire storage is razed down. The leader 'Eye' called himself!" The man sitting opposite the cop, still talking to someone, looked on with his lips opening with a distinct lack of words. "Gwen, sweetheart, something came up. I'll still try to return by the dinner," without hearing his daughter's complaints, George hung up and instantly picked his communicator, "I need every motor in the patrol around the Kart Storage near the Honey port to get ready for an invasion." He then looked up and got his men ready with their arms and vests before leading a long line of police vehicles driving at a quick speed with their collective sirens buzzing a better half of the city.

Getting out of his car and taking the lead, George took his partner out of the holster and slowly walked towards the storage entrance with police cars surrounding the place. They only needed a reason to invade this place and the 911 call was the best chance ever since they couldn't even get a warrant without any evidence. A little surprised by the steel door lying around, George found an unconscious old witch that had created a reputation for one of the most poisonous assassins. "Cuffs! Get them ready!" George shouted to his men as a female police officer hurriedly cuffed the old woman before pulling her back with her partner. "Minda, call the ambulance, too. I can smell blood."

But George would have never expected to see the most well-known members of the yakuza to lay in their own pool of blood, surprisingly alive. As they walked forward, hearing the soft groans of fallen men with one cop taking the responsibility of them at a time, George finally reached the interior of the storage unit only to find a crying bearded man, his body full of bruises and cut as he slowly crawled backward, his hands behind his back and a small group of women looking at him viciously. All of them wore tattered clothing and all of them were beautiful in their own aspects but with bloodied rods in their hands, it was a surprise that the targetted man hadn't died by now.

"NYPD! Drop your weapons!"

George shouted as he gestured his men to break the situation while he slowly made his way towards the leader of the group. And to George's horror, the crying man didn't keep his hands behind because he was cuffed, no. His palms were smashed and twisted together ina grotesque fashion with his bones carving out of his wrists. "Call for backup! I want this place cleaned!" George commanded and looked at the only possible suspects, "Get them clothes. I want all of them for interrogation."


54th Precinct.

"Jessamine, right?" In a small room with a large mirror behind the George, he placed a file in front of the brunette with a few bruises on her face. "You've interrogated other victims, right?" The woman spat, "Do you want first-class storytelling as to how the man assaulted all of us s.e.x.u.a.lly and abused her before"

"I am sorry," George cut in with a deep sigh, "And I do not wish to interrogate you with the sole purpose of rubbing salt in your wounds. I am doing my job."

"Your job was to protect all of us before... this happened," The woman glared, "Those bastards deserved this. I was in that hell for a month! A MONTH! I think my parents might have told you how the yakuza threatened us. Why didn't you follow through?" Jessamine shouted, "Why didn't you have the guts of the same man who helped us? He didn't take those rods away from us. Equal grounds, he said. If that man hurt me then I should hurt him back, so tell me, does that make me a criminal now? An assaulter?" She looked into George's eyes as he eventually looked down and averted his gaze, "Didn't think so. I won't talk to anyone before my parents arrive." She crossed her arms as George nodded and stood up with shaky breathing, taking his file alongside.

"Captain?" A bespectacled man from the forensics came with a wry expression as George sighed, "More bad news?"

"I am afraid, so. Yes." The man nodded, "We couldn't find any fingerprints from the steel door. Not even from the bent area with distinct imprints of fingers. It's like someone wiped it... with a vacuum. And, the way the leader's hands were mashed together, there should be a chance to find something. Anything. But it was strangely wiped clean and I don't know how because... you can't wipe mangled flesh, right?"

Hearing him, George took a deep breath as he opened the file, showing a portrait of a masked man, "Only one described the man himself. But none of them actually stated what he did. None of them... what this man did isn't as simple as tear down an entire slavery operation but he won the victims. With monsters now threatening the city... is there a chance that equally monstrous vigilantes are also appearing?"

"I don't know boss, but truth be told, that leader was actually a surgeon so with his hands... finally lobbed off, I think that I am not wrong to feel too 'relieved'. And you shouldn't, too." The man patted George's arm before walking away as he continued to look at the smiling portrait. Jessamine's heartbroken expression flashed before a cute blonde girl streaked past his thoughts as she giggled happily. "I guess so..." George sighed and walked back to his office. He wouldn't be able to reach in time for dinner, after all. The reports are going to be a bitch.


"You have a... kid? Wait, you f.u.c.k.i.e.d a dragon?!"

"Glad that someone's priorities are to the point," Nik smiled and stood opposite to Anna. He already knew the results but still decided to satiate her curiosity as he continued to answer every one of her questions. He did 'suggest' and tweak her thoughts a little in regards to the acceptance of the situation but she remained the same and finally, when she had her fill with interrogation, she looked at Nik's crotch and muttered, "Woah... two c.o.c.ks... that's freaky. But that way you can f.u.c.k both, me and mum..." She whispered with a glazed expression as Nik shrugged, "After I tell Mary, of course. Now, what should we order? Mary just messaged that she's got another event to cover. You know, I just broke apart a Yakuza ring and the whole city's going to be awake tonight," He grinned as Anna slumped back on the couch.

"Then a no to sushi."

"We didn't have money for that either way. Thai?" Nik inquired as Anna's ears perked up, "Shrimp soup! Extra spicy!" She squeaked as Nik dialed to the nearest Thai establishment.