Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 572

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 572 Calm Before The Storm

"Wait!" Mary gasped, "We're really doing it?" She inquired, half-n.a.k.e.d with her clothes disheveled and her naughty bits exposed to Nik, whose own shirt was pushed up quite high, his slowly developing body under Mary's passionate care. "Of course," Nik snickered and kissed Mary, his body on couch and Mary above him with his hands squeezing her butt cheeks firmly, stretching them outwards and making the rim of her anus squeeze a little. Breathing hotly, her hair completely framing her face, an embarrassed blush touched Mary's face as Nik inquired with a slightly surprised expression, "Don't tell me... you didn't ever?" Mary shook her head and kissed Nik again, unwilling to let her expression get exposed as Nik whispered in between the breathtaking care, "Aren't you a spy? I mean... using s.e.x.u.a.l techniques should be your forte"

"Hush, now!" Mary bit Nik's lower lip playfully, "I was a married spy, remember? I do know a few playful souls who do this stuff for stress relief, though," she muttered as her nails scratched on Nik's abdomen, "And, I want it gentle," she demanded with a soft coo, her eyes glimmering as Nik took a deep breath. His eyes lit with desires as he waved his hands, tweaking his own rules and using his compressed pheromones to switch off the lights, Nik made Mary take his erect member for a change with her b.r.e.a.s.ts pulled into good use by holding his d.i.c.k in a fleshy sandwich while her butt presented itself in front of Nik, the length of her panties pulled aside, digging into her right cheek while Nik blew a hot and shallow breath against Mary's sweet pot already wet with expectant desires. Letting his purification only work on the anus for a few seconds, Nik finally grasped Mary's hot ass and pulled her closer, making the woman yelp softly as she almost kissed the tip of Nik's tool while positioning her arms to keep her b.r.e.a.s.ts wrap tightly around Nik's shaft.

"Mmgh, it feels strange every time," Mary giggled, finally pecking the tip as she pulled the remaining portion of skin down, revealing soft pink tip with the top already glimmering from the slightest trace of pre-c.u.m. "You'll get used to it, in fact, it's kinda addictive," Nik remarked as his fingers secreted the natural aphrodisiac brewing within his body at all times which he used to trace the dark pink rim of her anus, "And did I mention, your butt hole looks damn cute," Nik teased, making the woman inflict Nik with the flick of her index over the tip of his c.o.c.k, "Hey," she groaned, "That's not what I want to hear Eeep!" Squeaking, Mary felt Nik taking a long and dragging lick from the base of her clit to the edges of her asshole, his fluids, every single drop of it, acting as the different concentration of sweet aphrodisiac and making Mary shudder for a moment, begging for her breath.

Not giving her the chance, Nik continued to slowly stretch her backdoor slightly, all too aware that he wouldn't be graced with anal s.e.x but that didn't mean he didn't enjoy the process of preparation. In this case, Nik loved both, the journey and the destination, as his tongue slipped into her slightly dry and squishy interiors. After all, her backdoor had just been cleaned completely, so, it needed quite a bit of lubricant which his tongue provided unceasingly as Nik pushed his face closer to her butt, his nose poking into the valley of her ass and his soft breathing quaked her lower lips. "Ohh, the hell!" Mary grunted in surprise, a little tingly as she hurriedly gobbled the remaining uncovered portion of Nik's c.o.c.k, enjoying the unusual taste which didn't require getting used to at all.

*Slurp* *Slurp* *Gaahg*

The sound of Mary intentionally letting her saliva leak through the corner of her lips and lace the inner side of her b.r.e.a.s.ts and the hidden shaft as she continued to run her tongue around Nik's tool in her mouth. Her b.r.e.a.s.ts finally squeezing even tightly around Nik's d.i.c.k as the woman hugged her b.r.e.a.s.ts. Her mind going a little blank with her anus getting wet by Nik's tongue and her whole body trembling with each flick of the fleshy monster inside her. Her urges to let loose a fulfilling squirt didn't let up the moment Nik decided to stop using his fingers to keep the entrance stretched out a little and lowered his grasps to pull her flesh entrance apart with his thumbs, her quivering insides displayed as the wet walls squeezed in tightly, not letting the view of even inner portion getting revealing that easily.

"Ooh," Nik took a short breather, his pleased coo ringing in the dark living room alongside the wet sound of Mary sucking onto Nik's c.o.c.k. Feeling Mary on the edge, Nik lowered his mouth, easily covering Mary's lower lips and pushing his hands upto her anus, this time, not going gently and pushing his index finger straight, letting his delighted finger get squeezed tightly by Mary's wall as she grunted in surprise and pleasure as testified by her p.u.s.s.y which instantly squirted a tasty stream of juice, making Nik lap up the delightful treat with practiced ease. A thin stream branching and overflowing out of the corner of Nik's lips as it flowed down his chin, dripping onto the base of his neck as Mary stopped in her movements, helplessly dropping onto Nik's body while allowing her sloppy mouth to keep his tip still warmed up within her, her gaze losing its focus and her ass stimulated quite a bit.

While Mary reached her limits, Nik grew more excited by the second. His gaze once again stopping on the penetrated back hole as he grinned and pushed his middle finger alongside, making Mary m.o.a.n sweetly for the first time after her training began but instead of getting what she needed the most, Nik simply denied all her advances with a ruthless movement of his fingers within her anus, slowly preparing her for Nik's tool as he used his other hand to spank hee perky butt.


"Come on, Mary, even Ann loves anal with me. You're not saying that you are any worse than your own daughter, right?" He inquired, not even expecting an answer as Mary brought her lips down and roughly vacuum sucked on Nik's c.o.c.k, making sure that the imprint of her lips remain around Nik's shaft as Nik chuckled and enjoyed the experience to its fullest despite the apparent pain and when he slowly took his fingers out, Nik stuck his tongue into the slightly gaping hole. It would take a little time, but the experience would definitely be worth the wait.


Nik had grown to a simple routine which he started to enjoy knowing that he was in this world for a long time. After all, his karma didn't identity to what extent he must provide equality to which, Nik did his best. He would smack the back of bullies' head in his school, help disabled elderly on his way back and fight a little crime as a side hobby, not even trying to pull another stunt like destroying a whole established gang while continuing to investigate the Chinese triad through hushed whispers here and there. The answers, of course, weren't up to his satisfaction. Though a little surprised that Mj and Flash had broken up, and with Peter missing alongside Harry on a long leave, the group had clearly broken up with Nik finding a surprising company of Gwen Stacy. Mary continued with her job, Anna kept on groaning at how her role in the next stage performance had been pushed back by a bit, until a familiar face decided to visit Nik with an unfamiliar guest outside the school.

"Yo, see ya later, Nik. Be sure to bring that guidebook you were talking about," The boy smiled as Nik scoffed, "Hell no. You'll dirty my magazine." With an obscene smile, the boy nudged Nik's shoulder, "Come on, we're bros!" Rolling his eyes, Nik gave Jack a hard stare, "Go to hell, Jack. Not letting you rub one out with my magazine. Buy it yourself."

"My parents won't let me!" Jack groaned as Nik snickered, "Then do your mom. Why should I care? Anyway, I won the match today, so you should bring me some," Nik walked away as Jack flipped him off, "You're the worst!"

"Been there, heard that," Nik waved his hands and then smiled at Anna, "Hey there, how's the practice," Nik inquired with a teasing smirk, making Anna pout as she crossed her arm and huffed out only for Gwen to poke at the inflated cheek and snicker uncharacteristically, "Oh, she loved it. Pulling a prank on Granger directed her to the chairs straight."

"But I'm better!" Anna hissed, clearly upset as Gwen shrugged, "Mrs. Hudson knows that, but Granger requested a chance, this is her last show, after all."

"Whatever!" Anna rolled her eyes, hugging Nik to get recharged with a satisfied hum of approval as she lost all the tension of her body while Nik winked at Gwen, "How about it, Gwen. Let's forget the past and make peace, eh? Come on, hop in," Nik waggled his brows shamelessly as Gwen smiled sweetly, "Dad was asking about you last night. Maybe I should let him know your offers?" She inquired with viciousness hidden within her voice as Nik shrugged, "Just make sure that Captain George doesn't get enticed to take my offer."

"Like he would," Gwen scoffed as she eyed Nik suspiciously, "How did you even get an A in the quiz? Wasn't mathematics your weakness."

"Not anymore," Nik walked out with Anna as Gwen made sure to stay towards Ann instead of the shameless guy next to her. "You still visit Jessica?" He inquired as Gwen shrugged, "When we don't have any homework. I mean, she should open her eyes to a familiar face, not to mention that none of her family members even showed after the accident. That's kind of sad."

"Hey! Cindy!" Anna suddenly shouted while waving her hands and breaking out of Nik's embrace, jumping into the super-enhanced woman's hug as the brunette hugged Anna tightly, while the other girl beside Cindy looked a little surprised by the show of affection. "What's she doing here?" Gwen inquired with a whisper, getting a little close to Nik while eyeing the dark-skinned beauty beside Cindy, "And who's she?" The blonde drummer c.u.m bella continued. "Let's see..." Nik mumbled seriously, making Gwen wait for a few seconds before whispering equally seriously, "Why don't we ask them?" His jesting tone earning him a glare which didn't affect him at all as Nik walked forward and greeted Cindy, "Been a while. Are you doing fine?"

"Better, actually," Cindy smiled and let Anna go, who went back and pulled Gwen forward by holding her hands. "And she is?" Nik gazed at Ava, prompting Cindy's eyelids to jump in surprise, "Ah, yes! Ava, this is Nik, Anna, and Gwen," Cindy introduced the group, "And guys, she is Ava. A transfer student from my class. She came to the city a few days ago."

"Hey, guys," Ava nodded at the three with a slightly damp expression, even her tone not really welcoming.

"Am I interrupting something?" A slightly rough voice cut in, revealing a man in formals with grey sideburns and dull blonde hair. His expression a little tired and his gaze stopping onto Nik with unfriendly intentions when he saw Gwen near the boy. "Dad!" Gwen quickly walked towards George, giving him a soft and light hug before separating and introducing her father to Cindy and Ava as George looked at Nik. "And you must be Nik, eh? I remember you from your record," he mumbled, making Gwen punch him softly in the back with a forced smile on her face. The punch, of course, couldn't be hidden from Nik, Cindy, and Ava.

"Captain," Nik smiled, "I saw you on television. Great work," he replied without minding the overprotective nature of the man. He is a cop, after all. "Hmm," George snorted softly before looking at Gwen, "Ready to go, dear?" He inquired as Gwen waved at the group, "Bye, guys." She left with George as Nik could still hear her whispers as she complained, "Dad! You don't have to embarrass my friends by bringing up police records."

"But sweetheart, he has a record of"

"I don't wanna hear it!" Gwen huffed closing the door of the car harshly as Nik pulled his attention back to Cindy.

"How's your family? Junior?" Anna inquired as Cindy looked around, "Um, they are fine. But can we talk in a slightly... less crowded location?" Cindy inquired, making Anna and Nik look at each other.


"Gwahahahahaha!" Goblin cackled, his form completely different from his hunched version a few days back as he stood straight at almost 2.5 meters of height and bulging muscles, a peak form of the physique with his light green skin no longer as wrinkled as before and his face, although belonging to a monster, not straight-up grotesque. Clenching his fist, he looked at a slightly shorter, bespectacled, bat-eared youth with dark green skin and pure red eyes with tusks elongated from his mouth. "You did become smarter after enhancing yourself! Amazing," the Goblin nodded, looking at the physically weak but insanely intelligent young man he accidentally created.

Quite different from his human version, Peter looked at Goblin with a hint of fanaticism, "The serum expands one's properties to inhumane level, quite literally. I just devised a formula to mellow down your own rotten cells," his words earning an angry growl followed by a rough hold of his bald head as Goblin easily picked Parker up, "Stop barking and prepare the best version for Harry. He needs to remain human, no matter what!" Goblin snarled as Peter, no, as the boy now called himself Red Goblin, struggled against the cruel hold. With an annoyed grunt, Goblin threw Red back and smashed him into the wall. "Don't make me kill you, Parker," Goblin mumbled, still angry after exposed how rotten his body was physically as he scratched his bald head.

"We need to take care of Troll somehow. Wait... isn't tomorrow..." Grinning and revealing a set of jagged teeth, he shouted at Red, "Boy, go and take care of the board tomorrow. I'll get you enough distraction. Remember, I don't want failures!"

"Y-yes!" Red replied meekly.