Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 573

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 573 Perks

Finding a slightly cleaner alleyway, Nik leaned back against the wall. Finding such a corner was a luxury on its own as he gazed at Cindy, who sported a slightly nervous expression. Anna looked around and whistled in surprise, "Hey, Nik, isn't this..." she trailed her words, recalling one of their escapades right behind the large trash bin as Nik chuckled in response, turning his face to peck Ann's cheek, "Yep. Cleaner than we left it, right?" Snorting a laugh, both of them refrained from their antics as Ava coughed uncomfortably. The woman with long dark hair looked barely any older than the group present but she smelled extremely... strange. Feral, in fact. 'Like that chick in the white bodysuit. What did Carl call her? White Tiger?' Nik thought for a moment, his mind simply couldn't help but connect the dots since Cindy should have definitely exposed herself that day.

"Nik, Ava is like us!" Cindy opened with an excited exclamation, "She has powers! And she is more trained than us." Nik begged to differ but he let the girl continue, "Ava demonstrated and she can do a lot of super stuff and even started to teach me!" Cindy smiled, a little happy to have control of her own powers since she now had the confidence to saunter around like Nik. "Did she?" Nik snickered, "That's very kind of you, Ava." Nik glanced at the woman wearing a single long dress with a belt mapping her waist and giving the loose dress the slightest bit of definition, "But why are we here?" Nik inquired as Ava stepped forward. "I just wanted to know that if there are more people like us," her eyes clear, at least, the way she acted, "And, I hoped that I could see you using your powers."

"Oh, that's reasonable," Nik muttered, his glance towards Cindy already lighting her desire as they both simply failed to keep their physical attraction at bay, "But, what is it that you can do, Ava? I mean, I just want to live a normal, happy life. Get a job, maybe a lawyer," Nik mumbled to himself, "Or a cop maybe, but I am not like Cindy. No fantasies, you know," Nik shrugged, softly holding Anna's hands, "I know your type, at least, I hope I do. You think that physical power can help people. Putting yourself at risk and using your powers is the best course of action."

"It is." Ava frowned, "I have superhuman physical abilities. That's all I have and the people I helped can fill a village. That's why I want to push you guys to do good"

"Okay," Nik looked at Ava with a wide smile, stunning the two girls standing in front of him. "Okay? Just like that?" Ava muttered with a slightly surprised expression as Cindy gulped softly. "Why not?" Nik replied, "I have no reason to decline such an invitation." Nik took Anna by her hand, slowly making his way out of the alleyway as Ava suddenly shouted, "Then what about you living a normal life? Cop? Lawyer?"

"I was just messing with you, Ava. Cheer up a little. I want to open a club!" Nik snickered as he left, leaving the two girls dumbstruck while Anna inquired with a curious expression. "A club? Really?" She muttered as the two began walking on the busy street as Nik shrugged, "Why not? What do you think about a book club?"

"Pfft! For real?" Anna giggled as Nik grinned, "Yeah, that can be a theme. S.e.xy strippers in s.l.u.tty teacher outfit, eh?" Nik nudged Anna's shoulder as she hurriedly shook her head, "No, no! S.l.u.tty librarians!"

"That's even better," Nik laughed alongside Anna as he spoke up, "Hey, I know you are still trying to find Pooch... but would it be okay if I introduce you to my pet salamander? I mean, Ignit is pretty cute and since she is as large as a human, you'll find her... amazing," Nik whispered. After all, the finding for his own place wasn't going well. The PGs were full at this time of year and the rate of the property was inflating due to 'unknown' reasons. And Nik had been itching to bring Ignit around for quite a time now. 43 days since her summoning, to be exact. "Sure, why even ask? I mean, you could bring your pet with yourself while you also act like Vanish, you know. A mascot~" Anna proposed quite the idea as Nik started considering the thought for the rest of their way towards the apartment.

After all, riding Ignit while fighting to glory in all his space manipulation sounded too tempting to be left out without a week of consideration.

'Oh, hell with it. Ignit would love to chew on gangster bones!' Nik made his mind with a pleased expression.

Once they reached home, Nik found the notification light of his smartphone blinking, revealing a message from Cindy that she and Ava would be waiting for him outside the same alleyway the day after tomorrow. This made Nik realize that he simply shouldn't reveal too much information to Cindy until it is absolutely necessary for she instantly led an 'official' superhero of the sort right to him without any base thought and even if she didn't have any ill intentions, that didn't mean that she could be trusted with secrets any longer.



"Tell me again, why you wanted to tag along?" Mary inquired as Nik sat alongside her with Anna already in school. "Today's Tony Stark's debate with the state council, right? I have a suspicion that whoever is after the creation of monsters would also try to target that debate. So... I may come in handy. You know, if you get bored from the meeting, too," Nik smiled, making Mary smirk as she shook her head, "I mean, why do you have such a suspicion? Do you have something on the real criminal behind that accident near Avenue Residential?"

"Nope, but it wouldn't hurt to be cautious, right? Tony Stark is a public superhero... who knows he has some super enemies that target him there? Maybe he can protect himself, but what about you?"

"You are overthinking it," Mary suggested while patting Nik's thigh firmly as Nik took a deep breath, "Well, who cares. I am already here." Nik leaned forward and adjusted himself for a moment, "Oh, and did you know, some girl named Ava tagged alongside Cindy, the one who can create webs from her fingertips," Nik spoke up, "Ava has powers like Cindy. How, that I don't know." Nik mumbled with a chuckle, "Heck, they invited me to some sort of training."

"And you look excited," Mary muttered with a bland expression. "A little," Nik admitted with a grin, "I mean, can you believe it? I can pull strange stunts and they wouldn't even think it was me. Maybe I should start some sort of blog where superheroes are pranked." His smile giving the chills to Mary. "Well, good luck," she shrugged. "Oh, Mary, I forgot," Nik cooed, taking out a small remote control from his pocket and pressing the second button on the surface which instantly pulled a short and frustrated grunt from Mary, who instantly glared at Nik. "That's unfair," she hissed, "I wouldn't be able to work like that!" She spoke as the short anal plug worked wonders on her with the raised heart-shaped end pressing against her butt cheeks.

"Really?" Nik leaned towards Mary, blowing in her ear hotly, "because I can smell you even now. So dirty and hot. Say, how about I drive and you sit on me?" He suggested in such a sweet voice that caused Mary to whimper before shaking her head and focusing on the road with a hard stare, "Nope!" She gritted her teeth, "You don't have a license!"

"And you are sleeping with a minor," Nik chuckled, "Come on, it'll be fun~" Nik kissed her earlobe, slowly making his way down her jawline and then her neck as one of his hand slipped beneath her, cupping her tight and perky butt softly. "Ohhmm~!" Mary m.o.a.ned softly, still unwilling to give in while driving and letting her adventurous side take control of her. "Nooo!" She complained, all too excited and wet but mumbling to herself in whispers. "Nope, nope, nope!"

"Ho?" Nik raised his eyebrows in pleasant surprise. "Mary," he grinned with an excited expression, "I apologize. I promised that we'll do it after our little training week, right? There's still a day left." Nik continued, "Tomorrow, after your homemade lunch, I'll also present you with a sweet gift," Nik whispered with a wink, making Mary's cheek flush with embarrassment. "You're not a sweet boy anymore!" She coughed as Nik chuckled, "That wasn't your type, to begin with."

As they reached the Green Pearl Hotel hosting the debate of Tony Stark against the state council regarding his personal asset, specifically, his technology that comprised of the Iron Man suit entirely and the fate of the superhero himself. Of course, most of the citizens knew what the outcome might be, and yet, the meeting was the focus of the nation at the moment with national television channels covering the footage, one of them being Mary's employer. Coordinating with the other crew members, Mary handed Nik a pass while wearing her own and whispering softly while expertly controlling her expression. "Nik, we need to stop it. Many people are present here... powerful people."

"I know," Nik smiled, walking forward while wearing his own pass, attracting the suspicious gaze of the guard until Mary hurriedly walked forward and tagged along only for her to hear, "That's why it's so hot. Your training on a live feed." Rolling her eyes as they walked in, the room already filled with people in military attire, she whispered, "You are being an ass."

"That's what we are training." Nik shut her down before finding their seats with the rest of the reporters. In fact, Mary had taken her partner's pass for introducing one of her female friends to the guy. The council still hadn't gathered and the room was slowly being filled by many men of a great political and military career. This meeting was far too important to be left for these people and they rushed into the city for the same. As Mary continued to introduce Nik to a few major personas in between their playful banters, the room came to a murmuring silence when a bespectacled man in a grey suit walked in holding a briefcase in his hands.

"That's Justin Hammer. The CEO of the Stark Industries rival company Hammer Industries. He'll be taking up the opposing stand."

"Cool..." Nik mumbled, his eyes drifting to a few female personalities present. Of course, age had been harsh on them but that didn't stop them from glancing towards many men they could be sugar mommies to and Nik definitely fell into their range which made him smile at every one of them quite humbly, earning a grunt from Mary as she whispered without leaning suggestively. "Stop trying to entangle yourself with those hags. Most of their crushes don't live to see the light of the next day and all of them are vicious to silence the sources of rumors. Including families."

"A reporter wouldn't know all that, sweetheart. Wait, how good were you as a spy? Like did you infiltrate countries? Or organizations like Corporate Espionage?"

"Can't tell you all those stuff. NDA and all that," Mary shrugged as Nik nodded while slumping back on the extremely comfortable chair. "You aren't bored, are you?" Mary gave Nik a sidelong stare as the youth sighed, "It's not exactly entertaining. Would be nice if my hunch did get a shot," Nik smiled as the hall started to fill in the number. The senator took his seat on the raised platform alongside other men when finally Anthony Stark walked into the hall in a blue-gray suit, a pair of shades covering his gaze as he let his eyes wander around. From old and horny cougars to Mary before accidentally stumbling upon Nik with a slight surprise. Finally, he sat on the right counter alone. To the left, Justin Hammer cleared his throat softly and looked at Tony only to find him smiling.

"Didn't know that overrated mechanics had a place here, am I right, Justin?" He winked while taking his glasses off as Mary raised her eyebrow with a sigh and took out a notepad. Since she couldn't report at the moment, she did need to write down all the punches to reiterate them later. "The session will start now!" The announcement silenced any trash talk as the discussion for Iron Man's intellectual properties began.


"You know, I actually like it this way," Peter idly mumbled to no one in particular. He looked at himself sitting in the mirror. His forest green skin, normal stature, elongated ears, s.e.xy tusks, and bald head. Heck, he looked cool. "Goblin's kinda trashy. Who loves an abusive relationship, eh? Well, masochists, for one," he grunted and stood up with a jump, "You know, my uncle is your age." He turned on his heels, a grin on his face as he looked at the tied man sitting on the chair, his mouth clamped with panties and an unconscious woman lying on the bed. They were in a hotel room from the looks of it with dim lights revealing Peter's eerily glowing red eyes, "Mr. Potter, Osborn wants you dead but we both know better." Peter eyed the woman, particularly, her perky butt with a snort, "You're just a happy-go-lucky old man," he leaned forward, gazing at the old man struggling against the restraints in fear as Peter smiled warmly. "I am not your enemy. I am a victim but... you see, I need to help Goblin so that Harry lives. He's the only friend I have. How I will return to my life, you say?" Peter chuckled, standing up, his skin shifting as a velvet carpet covered his entirety before the green skin turned into a human color with wrinkles and his face turned out to be the same as the man sitting in front of him.

Sitting in front of him, Peter removed the gag but before he could struggle, Peter snarled, "Now, I'll give you one chance to live. Sorry, but that's my limit or Goblin would know and we all will be in danger. Pack up and leave the city until you read the news of Osborn getting caught. Don't warn your family, we don't want them and they will cause unnecessary troubles. Placing the wet panties on his bald head, Peter shrugged, "Now, since I am taking your place, you wouldn't mind me getting laid for the first time, eh? Perks from my current jobs," Peter snickered before mumbling to himself, "Huh, what do you know. The serum did affect my state of mind."

Meanwhile, on the other side of the city, people could see a certain object flying across the sky and while everyone respected the cosplayers, a few citizens did hold quite a bit of concern.