Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 575

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 575 Ripple

"Pick up!" Natasha groaned as she threw her black communicator on the bed while getting ready hurriedly. The news on the television showing a glimpse of a large shadow above the crumbled ceiling before the footage came to an end with the reporter on the television speculating the events following. The man laying on the bed with a sheet over him snoozed away without a care, his snores serving as a source of frustration for the red-haired spy as she spat while pulling her pants up, "God, I hate snoring bastards! Speaking of which, why isn't Mary taking my communication? She was supposed to be in that meeting!" She did think of the worst possible outcome which wasn't Mary's death itself. Sometimes, death is mercy, and in their business, a luxury. Now ready, Natasha picked her communicator and pocketed it, the screen blinking with the notification of Director'smessage flashing as she made her way out of the apartment.

"Ughh... sweetheart, you have to leave. My wife's about to come..." The man's voice echoed within the bedroom, clearly sleepy and quite possibly hungover as Natasha rolled her eyes and slipped out. Meanwhile, the blonde man opened his eyes when he couldn't feel anybody else on the bed. "Huh? She left already? Thank god..." He closed his eyes and turned around, hugging his blanket before snoozing away with a yawn. Meanwhile, Natasha dialed a number with a receiver already on her right ear. "Hey? Hill? It's me. Can you locate Mary? You did? Where? Oh... right. Then... fine. What about the data I sent from the Oscorp's HQ? Hmm? Recent disappearances? Ugh, fine! Tell that White Tiger that next time, she can kiss my ass for another favor!" Natasha hung up muttering to herself, "Maybe kissing my ass is a great favor in itself... damn, that girl got lucky," She jogged down the stairs as the dark-haired woman on the other side attached the communicator to her belt with a sigh.

"Sir," Maria Hill gazed at Nick Fury, "Widow is on the task. She will cross-reference the police reports with our findings and find out the possible locations for Osborn's hiding place. His son is under the continuous surveillance of the team led by Agent Long."

"Hmm," gazing at his monitor, Nick thought for a moment, "Get me connected with Luke. Send him after the Russian mob connected to 'Kingpin'." He commanded which instantly made Hill question, "But sir, that's not where S.H.I.E.L.D operates. Shouldn't we leave it to locals"

"You mean corrupted FBI and CIA? I have a bad feeling about this one, Agent Hill. First Norman turning into a loose cannon and now a Kingpin on whom we have no information and the worse fact is that enhanced beings have started to move. Mark acting as Captain America is one thing but him cooperating with Matthew Murdock is another concept. This is the first step in the organization of what we call 'superheroes' and we need to get ahead of it. Let Luke take charge of this initiative."

Knocking on the screen on the monitor, "What's the status on Captain Steve Rogers?"

"Sir, he took care of armed gangsters for the family he is staying with."

"Keep the records untraceable. He needs time adjusting to the changes before we begin our campaign to recruit him alongside Stark. Thay guy is still a problem but a manageable one."


"Mmmgh!" They had time. Nik and Mary. Still within the car, sitting on the back seat, both kissed each other passionately as Nik whispered, "Hey, your phone's vibrating." He squeezed her b.r.e.a.s.ts firmly, making her grunt with a pleased expression as she continued to dryly hump on Nik's crotch while unbuttoning his shirt, "Let it!" she snarled, the anal plug already out of her butt with she skirt upskirted and her panties pulled aside. "The hero needs to be rewarded without interruptions!" She stated fiercely, her flushed face revealing that she wanted as much fun if not greater than Nik for the week-long abstinence from Nik's tool. It was normal previously, without being in a relationship but now that she had a man like Nik whose c.o.c.k literally tasted delicious and pleasure-inducing, even a week felt quite long.

The car was barely parked at the darker area of the city and the windows blocked by black panels as they continued. "A hero, eh?" Nik snickered, letting one of his hand press Mary's butt while using the other hand to unbutton Mary's blouse, revealing her large bosom held by a red bra, her cleavage barely contained with the sweat already forming on both of their bodies. "Hnngh! Yeah!" She squeaked, "And I need to show you the fruits of... our training," with Nik's body finally uncovered, revealing his slightly thin physique, Mary held Nik's jaws and kissed him roughly, almost bruisingly while enjoying Nik pushing her b.r.e.a.s.ts out of the undergarments with the other hand massaging her horny and wet p.u.s.s.y. She longed for it and her current situation testified to her eagerness.

The best part was, whenever Nik's fingers brushed past her sweetly cleaned pink asshole, it would gape unconsciously, more than willing to devour at least two of Nik's thick fingers while the hard erection pressed against the flat of her crotch wasn't helping ease her situation, too. As the city fell into a panic with the death of the powerful men in the chamber causing quite a commotion, Nik stopped for a moment and slipped his pants down, revealing his half-erect c.o.c.k which still pressed and twisted about until Mary's hands slipped down, holding the warm shaft and giving it a few firm pumps, pulling the skin down to reveal the tasteful tip that would feed her insides. Nik's scent, his touch, his hushed and playful grunts next to her ears only worked Mary greater. Her b.r.e.a.s.ts heaved up and down, rubbing against Nik's chest as she smiled. Her wet entrance already rubbed against the base of Nik's shaft, right above his full balls that he would empty in her daughter right in front of her every night, leaving her tied and toyed with.

"You want your reward early, is that it?" Nik cooed his inquiry, making Mary nod eagerly as she bent forward and raised her butt, letting Nik's c.o.c.k finally stretch forward as the redhead woman aligned her twitching butthole against the slightly dry and exposed tip of Nik's tool. Her butt was already lubricated just enough this morning with the buttplug making sure to retain the moisture as Mary descended slowly, not willing to even tease as she usually would and let out a stifled grunt when her perky butt lowered. Meanwhile, Nik let out a soft m.o.a.n, his scent increasing with another notch while he held Mary's ass with both of his hands and pinched her perfect butt a little harshly, making Mary's insides clench suddenly in the sting as she let out a sultry m.o.a.n, more than trained to finally enjoy the anal experience and she did. The feeling of her asshole spread wide with a thick shaft plunging in deep slowly while relieving her insides in a manner that no lifeless, plastic toy could, the walls of her p.u.s.s.y clenched in debauched desires.

'Ah, a little rule-breaking won't matter, right?' Nik thought to himself, 'I am not using it for other situations, after all...' easing himself, Nik instantly began manipulating his body. His already lean body lost the slightest bit of fat which was transformed into another engorging shaft right above the one smashing into Mary's asshole with a gaining pace and the moment the dry shaft pressed against Mary's comely hole, she squeaked in surprise and satisfaction. "Just the thing I need," She whispered with a wild grin while pecking Nik's lips as the man guided his shaft along the entrance of Mary's cunt the moment she raised her butt in a natural rhythm and this time, enjoyed the pounding of her life with the car shifting about suggestively and attracting quite a few curious souls. The loud, echoing m.o.a.ns didn't help but with the situation at hand, the scandalous couple didn't attract the eye of the local PD.


Peter played with the thin test tube filled by almost 10%. The dark blue liquid swished about as Peter could only relieve his boredom by playing with the research equipments placed together by Goblin. "Who knew... s.e.x can be this tiring." Taking out the girl's card since she had been impressed and did want follow-up employment, Peter scanned the number and memorized the number without any issues. "My mind, body, and behavior have been altered to an extreme level. I can lift 13 tonnes, memorize the value of pie up to 1236th decimal, and I have violent tendencies. It's a good thing that she enjoyed getting choked a little..." Peter mumbled, his expression growing a little complicated as he looked at the screen of the computer displaying an old couple. "I'll be coming back home soon, Aunt... Uncle..."

His self wallows came to a sudden disruption when the door of the hidden facility was banged open, revealing an angry Goblin as he roared, "Damn, Tony! Damn that masked bastard!" Stifling a chuckle to avoid Goblin's abusive tendencies, Peter stood up from the metal stool and placed the test tube back on the railing. "What about today's targets?" Goblin inquired Peter, truly expecting the boy to report failure so that he could get a punching bag alas, "Those three won't be a problem anymore," Red replied with a meek expression, making Goblin punch Peter in his face, still. Falling back with blue blood leaking through his nose, Peter finally couldn't suppress his smile as he flicked his long tongue to clean the nostrils leaking with blood. "Boss, you need to get a hooker. A nasty one. The one who would love to get punched and paid. I don't get boners from pain"


With Goblin's foot smashing Peter's face in, the large monster growled with a bridge of spit connecting his rough lips, "Stop TALKING!" He shouted, making Peter smile again despite the pain. Boners, nay but humor he did gain from Goblin's actions. A renowned scientist now reduced to a monstrous brute with only anger filling its mind alongside the minute concern for his son and if Peter did inject the Goblin with... 'That's a great idea, actually...' Red held his grin and waited until Goblin had his fill of violence before clearing his throat and 'running' off to a different room fearfully. He needed to go out to make some purchases.


"With the sudden attack from" Outside the building, Mary dutifully reported the situation. The cops and ambulance flooded the scene alongside reporters as the coordinator of the crew sat alongside Nik, keeping an eye on the situation to make the transition back at the channel's main staff at the right moment. On the other hand, treated like a definitive kid by the bunch of thirty-year-olders and the occasional 20 ones, Nik sipped on the juice box with the thick straw, enjoying the taste of the gr.a.p.e while checking Mary's mates out.

"Linda!" Nik called out, earning a glare from the coordinator, "Another juice box, please!" He shook the empty box as Linda rolled her eyes, "I'm out of them."

"Aw..." Nik mumbled and slumped on the seat of the van while the coordinator leaned down and inquired softly, "Hey, kid. You 'Junior'? Mary's son?"

"Do I look like that?" Nik inquired back with a smile.

"By the age difference, yeah." The coordinator nodded as he thought for a moment before whispering, "Hey, could I get... um... you know? Some private info? I really like your mum and I would"

"Woah, woah!" Nik hurriedly stopped the man, "I am not selling nudes!" He hissed, making the grey-haired man cringe before he shook his head lest the misunderstanding reached Mary. "Not nudes, damn kid. Her favorite food and stuff!" The man named Grant hushed Nik with a hurried whisper as he didn't dare look at Linda gazing back at him with a slightly contemptuous look. "Uh... sure. She likes the color black and loves chinese," Nik shrugged, "Food, I mean." As Grant's expression worsened, Nik mumbled loudly enough, "Although, I don't see Mary discriminating against Chinese men, you know."

"What? You call your mum with her name?"

"My mum died, boss. An infection, really. Mary's a caretaker."

"Then you aren't Junior?"

"That'll be my best friend." Nik smiled, making Grant cough as Linda knocked on Nik's head with an annoyed grumble, "Then stop leading this doofus on! And you," she glared at Grant, "What the heck's wrong with ya?! Stop asking kids weird stuff!"

As Linda left the van, Grant sighed while Nik poked Grant's arm, making him sigh, "Yeah? What's up now?"

"Linda," Nik muttered, "She's into you."

"I know... we got together at the Christmas party..." Grant mumbled, making Nik snicker, "God bless Santa!" His words inducing Grant to give Nik the stink eye before pursing his lips shortly and then inquiring reluctantly.

"Does Mary really like Chinese?"

"Men, totally." Avoiding the soft jab, Nik raised his hands in surrender, "Yeah, yeah. Alright. You're too uptight for a man... old enough to be a father."

"And you are too annoying to be a kid!"

As the van descended into silence, Mary's report finally came to an end as she sighed and unbuttoned her jacket before taking it off and waving her hand near her chin. "Huff, Nik, sorry about the delay. Let's go and pick Ann now," Mary called after whispering a few things to Linda and winking. She then wrote something in the cameraman's diary and then nodded at him while Nik waved at Grant. "See you later, boss. Oh, wanted to ask one thing." Nik stopped and turned back, making Grant look at the frivolous youth with the most handsome face with an annoyed expression. "What?" He tapped a few buttons in the communication system installed on the back of the van as Nik inquired, "Where do you stand on Chinese?... men."

Avoiding the throw of the empty juice box, Nik snickered and made his way to Mary while waving at Linda, "See you, Linda. Grant says hi!" His words instantly stopping Linda in her tracks before she furiously gazed at Grant and shouted, "Hey, dumbass! What did you tell the kid?!"

On the other hand, with the day's report completed, Mary ignited the engine as Nik pulled his seatbelt and slumped back on the seat. Tuning on the radio to hear the local news, Mary drove off to the Midtown Highschool.

Picking up Ann, the trio took a short stop at an Italian restaurant for the lunch, to celebrate Nik's first act as a 'hero' and then returned to their place only for Nik to leave the place reluctantly. He still hadn't concluded the investigation for the blast that almost hit him hard and the next lead on the list was actually the Chinese Triad.

'Hah, Grant would have loved them...' Nik thought to himself, making Sky snicker.