Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 576

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 576 Team Spandex

Entering the empty gymnasium constructed near the outskirts of the city, Cindy whistled in amazement. It was barely a little over dawn but three kids entered the well-furnished facility with sturdy equipments under a teenage girl's permission. "Ava, you parents own this place?!" Cindy inquired as she tiptoed from the entrance, playfully jumping on the ceiling and running about without bothering to hide her powers while Ava corrected, "My caretaker, yes. I lost my parents early." Her words made Cindy slip through the ceiling as she barely flipped in time to land on her feet. "Sorry..." she mumbled with a slightly awkward expression as Nik thought for a moment and spoke up, "I actually need to leave by 11, so... why are we here, Ava?" He inquired even though he had a rough understanding.

"This is a gymnasium," The woman wearing tasteful sweatpants rolled her eyes, "We are here to train, of course." Leading the two through the empty hallway, Ava brought Nik and Cindy to the locker rooms and pointed at the one to the left, "That's the men's. There's a uniform already prepared to train with," Ava instructed as Nik tugged on his sweatpants with a groan, "What's wrong with them?" He inquired.

"They're not spandex."

Ava stated before entering the other room while pulling Cindy as Nik chilled a little. 'Spandex?' Nik shuddered. "Yeah, get that butt some curves, boi!" Asmodeus cheered. Gazing at the folded outfit on the first bench within the room, Nik's expression darkened before a smirk appeared on his face, "Well, don't mind if I do." Instantly taking off his clothes, Nik wore the spandex outfit that was akin to a combination of shorts and a half-sleeved t-shirt. Of course, a few tasteful bits aside from his slightly thinner body were revealed which instantly made the already s.e.x.u.a.lly charged Cindy blush heavily the moment she stepped out alongside Ava. While Nik wore generically black spandex, just like the duo, he had enough experience and shamelessness to avoid staring at the two girls openly. At least, not straight from the beginning.

Fortunately, the same couldn't be said for the two as Cindy gulped while taking a step forward. Her body not under her directions as she lowered her gaze, not shyly but hungrily, gazing at the outline of a flaccid tool pushed against the inner side of Nik's left thighs as Ava furrowed her brows. She had seen men in spandex but usually... all the 'things' are collected and looked like a pouch. "What do you know," Nik snickered while snapping his fingers in front of Cindy's face, "Spandex was a great idea, Ava. You know your stuff definitely." Nik posed a little before tiptoeing around Cindy, eager to see her curves when Ava put a hand on Nik's shoulder, stopping him prematurely. "Maybe not," she said awkwardly, "Could you change back to your sweatpants?" She inquired with a pleading look, making Nik feel even more joyous. "Nah, I don't think so."


"This was a really bad idea..." Ava reproached herself as she looked at Nik jumping on the trampoline without any care, flipping about mid-air as Cindy seemed all too distracted. Her gaze continuously shifting towards Nik when suddenly, Ava caught a slightly... e.r.o.t.i.c scent the moment Cindy squatted while lifting the barbell. "Ugh, Cindy? You alright?" Ava inquired with her gaze narrowing as Cindy realized something and instantly nodded, her scent, specifically, her pheromones retreating back into her body but she had already let out a whiff and she slowly placed the barbell over to the stand, showcasing enough strength to put an Olympic bodybuilder to shame.

"Ava, can you show me to a restroom?" Cindy smiled with a heavy flush on her face accompanied by a few droplets of sweat matting her forehead. Nodding with a sigh, Ava brought Cindy out while Nik looked at them with a disheartened gaze, "Ava should have invited us somewhere else. A dojo, a swimming pool, anywhere but a gigantic gymnasium, empty to the boot," Nik mumbled as he committed a backflip with Pure shouting out, "Once more!" And more he did. "Lola, how's the simulation on spiritual bones going on?" Nik inquired, instantly getting an answer.

[The fusion of the spirit bones is still unattainable. However, with enough spiritual energy, your own skeletal structure can be enhanced.]

"I know that... but it would take thousands of years with on my own self. Finding a way to absorb the spirit bones and breaking the effects for the whole body to enjoy is still far better and hopefully, time-efficient," Mumbling, Nik groaned, "Now I wished that Nie Li had more knowledge." Finally jumping off the trampoline, Nik made his way out of the hall and into the locker room with his clothes in. As much as he would enjoy the company of the two dark-skinned bombshells, one highly attractive towards him, in fact, Nik felt completely bored. He had expectations which were ruined far too cruelly. "Lola, be sure to test on the little spider and find out if its venom can be effective on my body once again. Who knows... maybe I can farm superheroes alongside increasing the mutation while restricting it to a physical level."

[Already did that. The venom seems effective only the first time. In fact, should you share a liter of your blood with any other blood type, they would gain far more optimized mutations.]

"Got it," Nik nodded, of course, not thinking of sharing his aphrodisiac laced blood in liters. What if he accidentally caused a mass s.e.x.u.a.l assault indirectly? His karma and objective in the world would fail instantly. Shifting out of the facility while sending a text to Cindy about his departure, Nik made his way towards his old apartment.

Meanwhile, before Cindy entered the bathroom, Ava finally confronted her. "Cindy, Um... I told you everything about my strengths, and even current weaknesses but why are you hiding some things from me?" Ava whispered, "If it isn't a problem, then please tell me. Maybe, we can fight your distractions. You said you wanted to help all those you can so start by helping yourself." Ava seemed all too mature when it came to powers and knew the right things to speak at the right moments as if she had learned this ability. Her words made Cindy flinch for a moment before she turned towards Ava while biting her lips.

"Promise you won't laugh?" She inquired. Ava was the slightest bit taller than Cindy so the girl's tilted gaze looked quite alluring even to Ava.

"Promise," Ava spoke without batting her eyelids.

"Alright... I think that because the same spider bit us, me and Nik, we have this connection"

"Telepathy?" Ava inquired with excitement in her voice. If that is true and the two could communicate telepathically, Nik and Cindy could make a banging team with the lowest chance of casualty. "No," Cindy gulped, "Whenever Nik is near me... or I near him, at least, I feel extremely hot... you know. Sometimes I lose control of my scent and on the other times it's even worse... today is one of the worse moments," Cindy whispering while rubbing her thighs suggestively, stunning Ava for a moment before causing quite a hectic expression on the usually calm lady. "O-oh, ok. I understand." Ava took a step back with a strange expression, "If you have these feelings, why not relieve them?"

"Nik has a girlfriend! And her mom!" Cindy blurted in a gasp before closing her mouth and instantly entering the bathroom before locking the door. "You didn't hear this from me!" She shouted as Ava still remained in the process of... well, understanding the part where the 'mom' came in. At this moment, Cindy's cellphone buzzed which was still within the gymnasium hall.


"Sir, our training facility is being utilized but our 'eyes' are locked," Maria reported after going through all the written directories in front of her. Sitting across her, Nick Fury waved his hand with an easygoing expression. "White Tiger is using the surface level and needs her privacy."

Maria furrowed before looking at the two other names brought alongside the girl id'd as Ava and decided to keep the event in the back of her mind. They still had a lot of stuff to do with Goblin still at large. "Sir, we got the interrogation report on the attack of the triad last night. A superhuman, apparently with the ability of vanishing and appearing out of thin air, as if teleporting, and a giant... lizard targetted them. The man called himself Vanish and let go of the pauper beneath White Greed just because of sending a message."

This report did garner serious attention from Nick as he looked up from his desktop and thought carefully. "Luke is still busy with the Russians. Send a 'gift' package to Matthew Murdock. Tell Natasha to not get overboard and follow protocol A9. Is that understood?"

"Yes, sir."

"And Agent Hill," sighing, Nick whispered, "I need you to keep a lookout for Steve Rogers. He has opposed that organization and, in fact, caused the formation of S.H.I.E.L.D. I am almost assured that the next mobsters banging on his doors would belong to that place. At least, one of them or the mastermind of the attack. I need you to get ahead of it and try to... gain information."



"Wassup, my man," a dark-skinned youth in dreadlocks bumped his fist with Brandon's before high-fiving each other and slipping a stack of big bucks in the blonde's hand near the corner of the street. "This is for the party last night, bro. You rock!" The guy praised with a foolish grin as Brandon nodded and turned, "You know my number. Any other event, ring me up." He stated plainly, unwilling to actually know his clients as the youth shouted, "I feel ya, bro! My cousin's homecoming is next Sunday"

"Next sunday, he would be quite busy, I'm afraid," with a warm voice and firm pat, Nik pushed the clearly 'peaked' youth away as Brandon flinched and turned back to find a healthy Nik. "You've got some nerve coming back after what you did to me last time!" Brandon hissed, taking out a butterfly knife before flipping it, "You betrayed me, bro!" Brandon shouted, "You shouldn't have done that!" Gazing at Brandon with a slightly encouraging look and his arms raised slightly in surrender, Nik took a step forward. He now had no reason to beat Brandon up and of course, he had enough ch.i.p.s to resolve the issue in a manner where both, Mary and Brandon are satisfied. Mary more than Brandon, in reality.

"Hey, man. Calm down. You can either stab me... or have a 'stab' at Kiara, if you know what I mean." Nik continued moving forward, "You think that I broke our code"

"You did!" Brandon shouted, still a little surprised about Kiara, "I could still agree with you and Ann dating but why my mother?!"

"Because she asked for it, Brandon. It was either me or some snob from her work and I'm glad that it was me." Nik smiled, "Get angry all you want but right now, your mother is cooking the best lasagna and is waiting for you to eat it up. Don't let it go to waste, bro," Nik took out a piece of paper from his pocket, "This is Kiara's number. I got you a chance, don't blow it. I still remember how much you pissed the group back when Kiara got hooked with a senior."

Slowly, as Nik reached forward, he placed the other hand on the tip of the knife and slowly pushing it down while Brandon continued to stare at Nik with a cruel expression while thinking for a moment, "You don't have to come with me," Nik whispered, "But be sure to get to the apartment by 12, alright?" Nik placed the slip of paper on the tip of the knife, making it hang with the help of the folds before as Brandon hooked his arm, going for Nik's face with a brutal punch which Nik avoided and instantly locked Brandon's arm by twisting it and moving towards his back. "And I'll be open to all the punches later on. Just let your Mum be selfish even if she might not understand how you feel seeing her with me. After all, she still puts up with you."

Nik patted Brandon's back before whispering, "And I am not lying about Kiara. One phonecall by the end of the night. It's been a month since she woke up and her best friend told me that she even put in favorable words for you. Get her, tiger. Not me." Pushing Brandon to a safe distance as the boy instantly turned back, Nik smiled, "And if you don't come... sure, we'll still enjoy Mary's special Lasagna but you'll enjoy another kick to the balls the next day while an image of me and Kiara enjoying the night," Nik winked, "And believe me, if I do hook up with Kiara, all your chances are lost."

"Kiara is nobody's to be given," Brandon hissed brandishing his knife like a trained thug he was turning into, "Who said I am giving her? I am giving a chance, you dramatic dumbass. Take that chance after eating lasagna. S.e.x with a full stomach brings the best sleep ever!" Nik proclaimed, making Brandon spit in disgust as Nik turned around and walked away, living Brandon in silence.

Thinking for a moment, Brandon took the slip that fell on the ground and called the number, and the moment he heard the sound on the other side of the call, he was surprised, extremely so.

"Kiara?" He exclaimed.

"Wait, oh my god! You are Brandon, right? Gwen told me so much about you!" The voice squeaked.