Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 578

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 578 Even

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*Tap* *Tap*

Playfully tapping Gwen's desk, Nik walked past her and sat behind her while whispering, "Thanks for putting in a good word for Brandon," He breathed lightly while placing his literature textbook on the side-handed desk as Gwen yawned for a second before nodding listlessly. "So, your father's a hero for two days now. Sucks for a weekend, I suppose," Nik continued, making Gwen grunt a sigh, "Not in the mood, really..." leaning her head down and covering her head with her hands, Gwen continued to groan while Nik shrugged and looked sidewards, "Hey, Amy, how's it going?" Nik smiled while gazing at the local belle of the class with her dark brown hair dyed with the slightest hint of orange from the tip as she raised her eyebrows before smiling.

"Nothing much, really," She tapped her book with her pen's nib before speaking while taking the strand of her bang into her fingers, "Say, you've got good scores in literature. Can you help me learn stuff?" She inquired as Nik shrugged, "We can start now." Nik leaned towards her direction as she took a deep breath. The blonde guy sitting behind Nik, Lopez, rolled his eyes and tapped Nik's back, "Bro, can you not do that?" Tilting sidewards to look back, Nik inquired with a smirk, "What shouldn't I do?"

"Talk to my girl like you both are a thing."

"Of course, not." Nik shrugged, "Amy just wanted to learn literature... nothing wrong with that but I suggest you get your insecurities checked up. Would go a long way," Nik whispered with a frivolous expression, making a tick mark appear on Lopez as Gwen groaned and turned back, hissing, "Lopez, beat it! You, too, Amy. You can't study Shakespeare with that grammar correction guidance," Gwen gave the brunette a stink eye as Nik sniffed softly.

"Oh, you did have an adventurous weekend. Finally opened your dad's treasure, huh?" Nik inquired while leaning forward. "It's still illegal for you to drink, you know that, right?"

"Shut up! And what are you? A dog? Stop sniffing people."

"Says the one with stinky breath."

"Grrr! How did you even hook with Anna? No talent in the speaking department, I now observe."

"Well, daddy's girl, I ain't trying to pick you up," Nik chuckled as Gwen lost her mood to continue the topic. "I don't know the rage for alcohol. Tastes... bitter," Gwen mumbled as Nik poked Gwen on the back of her neck, "Hey, come with me. I'll make up for that wedgie today."

Instantly turning back with a deathly glare, Gwen hissed in a hushed voice, "We are never talking about that. And I am not ditching the class with you!"

The teacher had officially become late for some reason which Nik decided to use and stand up from his seat. "Come on, I promise it'll be better than your weekend... both days combined."

Seeing Nik's face, which seemed to have actually grown more charming, if that was possible, Gwen bit her lips and stood up, pulling a few surprised looks from the class as she followed Nik out of the class. It wasn't long before Nik brought her near the baseball team's locker room. "Hey," Gwen held Nik's hand before taking her arm back instantly, "What are we doing here?"

"It's monday, right?" Nik inquired rhetorically, "I am going to show you... or at least, let you hear the reason why Ms. Harthworth is late every monday," Nik grinned before softly opening the door of the locker room by the slightest bit, revealing a slightly pudgy woman in green-rimmed glasses pressed against one of the lockers with one of the baseball players named Griffin romping behind passionately. Gwen's gasp was interrupted with Nik pushing his hand over her mouth from behind as he whispered into Gwen's ear a little too sweetly, making her forget about all her past indignations. "When I say go, we run instantly, got it?" To make sure, Nik held Gwen's palm gingerly before loudly thumping the side of the door with a playful shout.

"FBI! Open up!"

Gwen instantly saw Griffin slipping and falling with his head sticking against Ms. Harthworth's butt while the woman herself lost the support of her arms and smacked her head against the locker in panic. Hearing a stifled chuckle, Gwen was pulled away instantly as she followed aimlessly with her palms still clutched by Nik. Taking a few turns, Nik finally stopped, turning back to find a heavily blushing and speechless Gwen as he waggled his brows, "So? This is the first time you witnessed a s.e.x.u.a.l malfunction, right?" He inquired with a wide smile as Gwen looked around, finding two girls eyeing the duo suspiciously as she clutched Nik's arm and brought her away before grunting.

"Did you really show me Ms. Harthworth screwing Griffin?" She glared at him, still unable to contain her embarrassment as Nik leaned forward, getting close to Gwen as his soft, natural scent played wonders on her mind. "Screwing is a distasteful word, you know. Ms. Harthworth, as she would poetically describe, was engaging in an act of pure, selfless, desires."

"Selfless, how?"

"Have you seen Griffin? He couldn't get laid even if he tried," Nik snickered, "It's Ms. Harthworth's frivolity"

"You mean our literature teacher is a s.l.u.t." Gwen concluded for Nik as he shrugged with a smile.

"Big time. But she is the kind to chew and throw away. Every monday is someone else."

Gwen's mouth opened before she shook her head and finally smiled. "You know, you really are a dumbass. FBI? Really?" She smirked, headbutting Nik's arm as he snickered, "I consider this as us finally getting even?"

"No, not until I give you a wedgie." Gwen instantly glared as Nik looked at the blonde lady strangely before looking around. He did sniff a few students on their way through the stairs before he looked back at Gwen.

"I didn't know you would want this just be seeing it once with me. Sure," Nik pulled his hands towards the button of his denims as Gwen hurriedly held his hands, "And what the hell are you thinking?" She simply couldn't keep a straight face when it came to Nik and realized that her hands accidentally brushed past something astonishing, making her feel dizzy. Hearing a few whispers by the corner of the hall, Gwen hurriedly took her arms back as three girls appeared. With Nik's back to the staircase, Gwen's expression flashed in panic as she recognized one of them. A beautiful redhead with a slim figure and beautiful, freckled cheeks.

"Uh," Just like Gwen, Mary Jane's expression froze as she looked at the blonde tank who would explode at any given time. With a familiar back belonging to a... well, past relationship, no less. "Hey... guys," Mj greeted, sounding a little unsure herself. Aside from Anna, Mj had actually broken off her contact with everyone else and Anna was the exception because she made herself so. Harry never returned to the school while Peter's missing person case was getting no result whatsoever. And Nik was a past fling, well, so was Flash but seeing Nik with Anna... and Gwen, these recent days, admittedly left a bitter taste in her mouth.

"H-Hi," Gwen stuttered, "We were totally discussing genetical Bio-Tech and how we can"

"And how we can turn lizards into dragons. I mean, that's the only way fiction can be a reality, am I right? Anyway, hello to you guys, too." Nik eyed Mj's current company. Two young girls who Nik seemed to recall from a casual glance but nothing worthy of a catchphrase regarding the two came to his mind.

"Oh, hi~!" One of them giggled, unwilling to contain her affection while the other one nodded in a little more reserved manner. Hearing Nik's and Gwen's words, however, Mj felt a little worse. Maybe it was simply her selfishness to see her past relationship with nobody else but seeing Nik completing Gwen's sentence wasn't how Mj thought she would experience her ditching her class.

"Can you tell me about the dragon stuff, too? It sounds awesome," True to her outfit, the passionate one out of the three in her miniskirt leaned forward a little more assertively as Mj sighed and grabbed her by the elbow, "Martha, enough!" she hissed before looking at Nik, "We should really go... ugh, I borrowed these two for my rehearsals." Without waiting for Martha to ditch them and decide to stay with Nik, Mj took off as the third, quite possibly the lebanese girl nodded once again before following the duo.

"So you two still feel awkward around each other, huh..." Gwen observed, her intentions a little unnerving as Nik gave her a sidelong glance. "Says the one who stuttered out biotechnology..."

"Hey!" Embarrassed, Gwen softly knocked Nik's arm.