Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 584

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 584 Vacation

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"I am pregnant!" Anna exclaimed, shocking Mary while Nik took a rare break and munched on cereals. A little immature in the way he looked but after a meal of the thousand-year-old eel before the girls woke up so he didn't mind the dessert. Mary stopped in her tracks, almost opening the door and looked back, her eyes now tracing Nik with an extremely conflicted gaze as the man sighed and looked at her, "I can control pregnancy, remember?" Nik pointed with his spoon, "She's just excited for Summer break," He snickered making Mary snort and glare at Anna, "Ann, that's not funny. You can get pregnant after having a job for yourself!" With that, Mary left, a little hurried. "Aww... I wanted to pull it off for the entire day," Wearing pink mini hot pants that were more like slightly loose panties with the hems tracing the upper portion of Anna's butt cheeks, she sat on Nik's lap with a comfortable expression.

"Are you ready?" She smiled eagerly. It's been a little over two months since Nik's arrival in this world and many things had changed. Well, for one, Summer break just began and it would remain till the last week of August. Second thing

[Name: Nik Minion

Age: 17

Limits: (Phantom Physique)

Bloodline: L.u.s.t Apostle/ ???

Talent: Exotic Escort, Balance, Perfect Eyesight, Skill Palace, Physical Genius, Limit Buster, Legacy Eyes, Wild Intuition

Profession: Imperfect Chimera

Physique F-

Mental G+

Energy F-

Luck B+]

His body had grown visibly bulky. For two months, it wasn't an extreme change but with muscles now more defined, Nik regained the hope of pulling his current physique to its former glory in terms of looks. His physical strength broke through the ranks of Rank 3 but after that, any progress based on the nutrients provided by 1000-year-old beasts was quite restrained and his reserves of higher tier nutrients were quite limited. Even the million-year-old dragon's meat would run out eventually and he needed to actually find high-tier food in this world. "Mmmgh~" Anna m.o.a.ned in need as she kissed Nik. "We got nothing to do," she giggled as she pushed the bowl of cereals away, sitting on the table and spreading her knees with a mischievous glint in her eyes, "Wanna start your first ever summer vacation with a bang?" She whispered with an enchanting smirk, making Nik grin, "Most definitely." Standing from his chair and leaning forward with his hands placed against the flat of the table, the duo continued to kiss once again.

The beginning was a slow one. Anna had grown a bit resistive to Nik's taste and now instead of just mindlessly trying to devour his lips and everything else until she was tired, the brunette could actually set a bit of her own pace. Nik's kisses warmed her lips slowly and then began to engage with her tongue. Not to roughly and impatiently. He had never shown himself as an inpatient one, an inexperienced one back then, but not impatient. Closing her eyes, Anna mewled softly, her hands loosely tracing Nik's chest and scratching on the fabric of his tank top. They both wore matching blue tank-tops, something that Anna insisted yesterday. She wanted to wake up seeing the shirt on Nik and now enjoying the feeling of being agreed to, Anna brought her hands to the edges of the tank-top and started to push the clothing up.

"Mmm~ You taste the best," Nik whispered with a soft sigh, clearly enjoying the first day of the vacation. His crotch testified to Nik's feelings and stood erect, pushing against the loose constraints of his shorts and pitching a mighty tent, the tip of which teased Anna's wet hole drenching the fabric over her sweet pot and making the area a shade darker as Anna let out a shuddering breath, "We'll do foreplay later!" She spoke with an excited expression. Her legs already straddling against Nik's waist and pulling him in as she finally felt the tip of Nik's c.o.c.k getting damp slightly. Of course, they won't do the foreplay later. They won't be in any position to do so. With Nik's hands on her butt, giving it a firm squeeze and his h.i.p.s pushing up slightly, pressing the tip of his sheathed c.o.c.k against Ann's soft entrance, they both increased the quality of their kisses, now breathing through their noses softly and letting their tongues take on the battle.

As Nik lifted Anna in his arms with her body still straddled against him, both of their hands explored their bodies as Nik made his way to the couch and dropped Anna on the seat with a grin before taking off his clothes, inducing Anna to do the same as she slipped out of her hot pants and pulled her top off before jumping on Nik again, showing her flexibility by positioning herself onto Nik's tip and grounding her crotch against his, dragging m.o.a.ns from both of them as Nik stood in his place and pumped his h.i.p.s up. With the tip pressed against her entrance and slowly opening it up, allowing Nik's natural scent to bring a perfectly prepared state of her innards, Nik finally pushed in and slowly brought Anna down.

"Oohhh~ shiiit!" squeaking out loud, obviously more than willing to shout if she felt like, Anna enjoyed her insides getting spread apart as her eyes lost focus for the slightest moment. Her p.u.s.s.y had been trained by Nik. Rough pounding, gentle scooching, almost unbearable pistons, she loved them all! The fact that the position allowed her insides to be filled quite quickly and continued to push against her cervix, her expression lit up in joy as she kissed Nik with vigor, her mouth now leaning down to peck his chin as he held her intimately and passionately. His hand not on her ass but on her back as he pushed her against the wall, allowing themselves to gain some form of the surface before moving his body and pulling himself out, threads of thick p.u.s.s.y juice dramatically bridging the shaft of his wet c.o.c.k and her moist entrance before he pushed back, instantly pounding against her second wall as her juices spurted our and her anus gaped unconsciously. Alas, it wasn't a second c.o.c.k that filled her bum and rocked her world but Nik's fingers still preparing her second entrance.

"What's this, afraid that sharing your senses would make you c.u.m in seconds?" Anna licked her lips and whispered provocatively, making Nim smirk as his physique thinned out by the slightest and beneath the base of one c.o.c.k fulfilling the desires of Anna's v.a.g.i.n.a, another shaft popped out and this one far thicker than Nik's currently boasted size. The tip being the most impressive as the moment he pressed yet another juicy tool against Anna's ass, her eyes widened when she found out that the already massive tool didn't slide in easily, the way she had already trained her hole to be. After all, she had gotten into a sort of butt craze with a need to be rammed down there almost every time. As she felt the thickest shaft she had ever felt slowly squeezing into her butt and spreading apart her already used up hole, she whimpered with her p.u.s.s.y contracting against Nik's movements quite harshly, making him grin.

"You asked for the first day to be a bang, right?" Inquiring in a hushed whisper, Nik bit his lip and let a drop of blood peek through his mouth before kissing Anna passionately, bringing one of the most potent forms of his aphrodisiac into her system as her body violently shuddered and a thick squirt impacting against his crotch surrounded by a trimmed thicket. "Ooogh! Harder then!" She shrieked, her eyes rolling up perfectly and her h.i.p.s jerking against Nik and the wall. Her modest and lovely b.r.e.a.s.ts now blushing harsh pink and her body temperature rising quite a lot. Without any need for a further demand, Nik rammed his second shaft, his own body shivering in pleasure as both of his c.o.c.ks got squeezed tight, the one in the ass more so than the one in the upper honey pot.

With their sweaty bodies continuing to engage against each other for almost an hour in different parts of the apartment, Nik finally grunted alongside Anna's umpteenth orgasm, ejaculating thick ropes of off-white c.u.m and filling her up to the brim without stopping the pound, causing it to easily slide down to Anna's butt and drool on the floor. Knowing that it was just the beginning and already wanting to try and let loose a little bit, Nik licked his lips and slowly let Anna down, making her rest against the wall with a blissful expression.

"Eh?" she wondered in a daze as Nik turned her around, revealing her soiled insides against him but before she could contemplate the situation, Nik pressed both of his dirtied shafts against Anna, one considerably thicker than other. This time, the thicker one spreading Anna's p.u.s.s.y wider and the other one sliding into her s.l.u.tty butthole, pushing out quite a bit of s.e.m.e.n. "Aagh!" Both of them grunted as Nik slowly pressed his h.i.p.s against Anna, her head slowly tilting back and gazing at Nik breathlessly but her eyes fueled with debauched and dirty desires once again.

'Fill me up!' her voice echoed within his head, 'More!' She licked her lips, as Nik slowly drew himself back and pounded instantly, shocking Anna by the sheer size rammed into her p.u.s.s.y. She can now never try someone else aside from Nik after all.


Dressing himself in... well, Since he planned to finally invade the Hydra base he had thought of a month back, he wore a pair of shorts and a sea-green t-shirt before combing his hair. Kissing the top of Anna's head as she slept soundly, Nik walked out and locked the doors. There was a reason why Nik didn't just go to school in the day, enjoy his time with Mary and Anna shortly before screwing with Hydra later in the night He had a life. There's no way Nik wanted to thin himself out in such a manner and he recognized that his peace-loving self was actually beginning to enjoy school. He had trainers before but not teachers. The difference was, the female trainers would f.u.c.k and inflict pain on him while the teacher... well, aside from Harthworth, there was no one else of the sort.

With a short nod towards the keeper of the apartment whom Nik ran into while going out, Nik found no other obstacle worth noting as he walked out of the building and entered the busy street of Manhattan. Taking the left turn, he continued to walk idly as a couple of girls in a group instantly stopped in front of him. "Hey, handsome," the tanned woman with a slightly exotic charm spoke up. Nik could still smell the chemical of her tans though. With the other one behind the group of three filming everything, Nik decided to entertain the group and smiled, "Hi." He gazed towards the lady holding the camera. Unlike the three in the front, she wasn't extremely pretty but Nik still found her cute and waved towards her, bringing a wide smile to her face as she nodded silently.

"So, we are actually filming a video for our Pewtube Channel and were wondering if you could..." the curvaceous one wearing sunglasses and bikini-shorts trailed her words with the blonde one of the right picking up, "complete a few challenges. If you actually do all of them, then we'll pay you a hundred bucks!" The tanned one grinned and waited. Thinking for a while, Nik saw no other equipment on the recorder but still asked out, "Is this live?"

"Nope! We'll edit the embarrassing bits later so you don't have to worry."

"Then fine, I am actually on my way to an important work. So, sorry." Not waiting to hear the whines of the girls, Nik instantly moved and walked away. Hearing a few clicks of the tongue behind him, Nik then ventured towards the storage unit named Grand Kev, the operation house that handled Leo Magun as the spy within S.H.I.E.L.D.


"First Agent Magun shoots himself in the head and now this?! Am I ever going Midtown High?" Natasha inquired as Maria looked at the redhead and replied with a cold stare. "Get angry all you want. Magun's devices showed his connection with the big H. Try to hook up with someone you find less enticing next time since this place is more about objective than pleasure," Natasha snorted, making Maria return her focus on the hall. After Leo's death, Maria's mood only grew for the worse. Natasha's actions of trying to get her 'out' and have 'fun' weren't the least bit appreciated and even the Director had to leave for a major meeting and this was something for the Director of such a world-class organization doesn't just go away at anybody's summons.

As the metallic door swoop open, revealing an unmasked Ava alongside a slightly nervous Cindy who only wore a pair of greyish spandex, Maria stated impassively, "Agent Widow will take your orientation lesson and training for the remaining period of the given vacation. Ava, you must leave and join Luke in the other training room. We will test your team efficiency as a duo before deciding if Cindy can be placed in your group." Nodding her head, Ava looked back and held Cindy's arms comfortingly, "You'll do great, Cindy. Just don't feel stiff." As Ava left, Natasha finally smiled at Cindy, "So... you are 'Silk', huh? I never imagined getting bit by a spider could actually make you weave webs," walking towards the side of the room stacked with non-lethal imitations of weaponry, Natasha picked a long staff and played with the dark-grey item expertly.

"Silk, let me ask you something," Natasha looked towards the slightly unnerved Asian with her senses blaring under the redhead's stare. "You know Nik Minion, right?" Her gaze instantly changing Cindy's expression. Why wouldn't the newbie feel strange? She had barely contacted Nik after the last meeting in the burger station and much of it had been out of her own concerns. She did not want anything to bring harm to her family and if her powers and the interaction with similar wielders could bring trouble to her family then she didn't want to have them in the first place. Not to mention the fact that she had actually been rejected by Nik later in the night, quite a cold awakening, if she might add. Still, she didn't attribute any blame to Nik. She wasn't raised in that manner and staying single for a whole month now, she finally accepted Ava's persuasion.

Even if she didn't want to use her powers to attract trouble, she should at least learn how to control them. "Y-yes," Cindy replied with a nod. "Then, Nik must have gained additional powers, too, right? He was bitten by the same spider, after all," The redhead smiled, making Cindy shake her head instantly. "No," Cindy denied, "I don't know anything about it."

"That's alright, honey," Widow continued, "Your lack of knowledge never implied his lack of strangeness. Let's train. And for the first objective, you are allowed to parry with any weapon of your choice, even your arms are fine. But the weapon in my hand shouldn't break. We'll work on your control today."

With that, the training began.


Cindy Moon


Maria Hill


Natasha Romanova