Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 585

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 585 Watchyourgf

With a pair of earphones plugged into his ears as one of the most famous themes in the history of cinematics echoed within Nik, annoying other metaphysical existences huddled within him. "Can you stop this please?!" Sky pleaded, quite the rare moment. Feeling that this may be the best day in the vacation, Nik increased the volume, making everyone else groan and blame Sky for the increased intensity of the torture. Now with his auditory senses filled with pleasant music instead of the groans of a few lively men laying on the floor, quite unconscious. Most were men with a few female agents. Showing an open mind, Hydra employed talents from almost all the ethnicities. Sighing at the sight, Nik then decided to explore the hidden bas.e.m.e.nt.

'Who would have thought I can use Spacial element to map out my surroundings...' Nik thought internally. In fact, now that he discovered this direction of using his spatial prowess, Nik could let his energy seep into the surroundings temporarily and understand the structure of space. In essence, existence. Is there a person next to the wall or a dog. Is there even a wall in the first place. Did anyone construct a hidden compartment, stuff like that. The operation base of the Hydra was constructed deep underground with no inclination towards the structure aside from a well-hidden elevator within the storage unit. After gaining information about the structures, Nik proceeded to invade the space with his face hidden.

Right now, Nik stood in what seemed like a control room with a large square desk reinforced by steel and an interactive screen placed on the surface showing the insignia of a tentacle-like creature in a circular stamp. The surface was most possibly responsive to touch but instead of risking any form of technological counterattack, Nik placed his hands on the edge of the table. Slowly, he revealed his monstrous strength by carefully peeling off the plates of steel as if he was peeling an orange without risking the chance of the citrus juice spurting on his face.

*Aaahaaghaahaha* Meanwhile, the chorus of a somber tune continued to ring within his head. Sighing to himself, Nik stopped in his actions once he revealed the inner circuits of the control table. Nik had been to other rooms and aside from the weaponry, the rest was barely interesting. Before he began, Nik took his mobile phone and changed the song. It was truly torturous despite its popularity. With one of the most important tasks completed, Nik then touched the edges of one of the thin wires insulated well enough. Even if it wasn't, the current wouldn't have posed any problem to Nik. Closing his eyes with a relaxed expression, Nik delved into the complete structure of the control table. His absolutely broken ability [Psychic Aptitude: S-] showing its worth as Nik not only began to understand how this piece of tech was created but also learned about the knowledge stored within the drivers in the form of a combination of metadata which only turned out to be an encryption at a mind-boggling manner. Finally, once Nik understood everything, he pulled back the steel plate and covered the inner region of the system before standing and placing his hands on the insignia of the Hydra organization.

"Let's see," Muttering to himself as Pure and Asmodeus sang the chorus alongside the song, Nik typed in the password in german letters. He didn't know it yet, but he did memorize the password and once he got into the system, he connected with the worldwide network created for the sole purpose of operating out of the range of the enemy organizations. How the organization even has the funds to create a whole different world wide web was a puzzle Nik will ponder upon some other day. Instead, he downloaded the contact points of other bases within the country and memorized them one by one. By now, Nik understood that almost all the technological devices built under the law could actually be used by the S.H.I.E.L.D operatives as spyware. Good thing that Nik's smartphone wasn't from this world despite the similarities in the current tech level of the states.

Finally, for the most crucial information that Nik decided to target the Hydra base in the first place, he gave a look at the information of known criminals, politicians, and even regular civilians extending to the tabs on other superhumans they kept an eye on. Cindy and him being there, too. With his objective being a bit ambiguous Equality Nik felt that he had figured his karma to be equal retaliation. And it did work. When he busted Brandon's balls and space bombed the crazy bitch who ordered the bombing, he felt the slightest bit of restriction on his Transmigration Heart fading. But the amount relieved was minuscule so Nik wished to earn a reaction if the deaths of some of the corrupt officials could serve as an objective...

Alas, it didn't. There had been a greater chance it wouldn't work, after all, the karma of bringing equality didn't belong to his past self but the current him at the moment. The past self might hold some form of respect towards the law despite his actions but the current him... didn't. Sighing to himself, he memorized all the superhumans present in the city and left while purifying his surroundings and removing any form of trace that he was here including the footages by overwriting them through the control panel. The only trace he left was the unconscious agents. Shifting out of the base and walking out of the alley in a smooth transition, Nik began tracing his steps back when yet another man approached him.

"Hey, buddy," the caller was a bald man with plain black shades. His head shimmered under daylight as he wore khaki trousers and a white shirt. Taking his shades off, he looked at Nik, from his face, the man's gaze traveled all around the apostle's body before he clicked his tongue in what seemed like envy, "You've got a pretty face kid. Want to earn some cash? I've got a video to shoot." He stated while taking out his phone and stretching his arm towards Nik for him to see the contents. "You want me to be... a beautiful cuck who gets his girlfriend f.u.c.k.i.e.d by a 'bbc' in front of him?" Nik inquired in confirmation. "I am 17, you know," Nik continued, making the man frown for a minute before he shrugged, "Oh well, if you want work next year, you can try your luck in p.o.r.n. I'm sure you'll fill the cuck market easily."

Yes, Nik felt the need to go on a crusade in his thirst for vengeance and bring equality by making the man a cuck himself. And... a rising need to get his buff glory back. "Yeah, no," Nik walked away with a sigh. "Although, I'll make quite good of a p.o.r.nstar," he muttered to himself while gazing towards the sky, "Brian sade that he is traveling in outer space... I wonder if there is an extraterrestrial p.o.r.n market..." Nik's thoughts were truly beyond comprehension. Out of all hopes and threats of the discovery of aliens, p.o.r.n mattered the most.



With Natasha's knee sounding a dull thud against Cindy's stomach, making the young girl cough globule of spit in an unsightly manner before falling on her knees. The training room was littered with white strings as Natasha towered over her with a calm expression, the broken staff a little bit away from the duo. Cindy's gagging cough echoed in the empty hall as she gazed at Natasha with fright filling her expression. "*Kehk* W-what are"

"I have been taught that my appearance is one of the most major appeal in my job," the redhead turned around and walked back to the stands stacked with blunt weapons before gazing at Cindy, "Your physical strength is greater even if we both are superhumans," she took a moment, "And I have not even begun using any fighting technique. This brings me to the next greatest appeal necessary for the business I am knee-deep in Control. It will take you a long time until you get control of your body to the most basic instinct." Natasha played with a knife.

"You are like me then," Cindy took a deep breath and emphasized as Natasha returned and looked towards Cindy with an amused expression. "You are the one looking haggard and almost boorish," Gazing at the slight tears in Cindy's spandex, Natasha threw the knife, the tip of which struck Cindy on her forehead squarely. "So, we are nothing alike. Ava almost gave a limb to get you the necessary training, so stop wasting time and make the best use of everything I teach you."

Cindy nodded hurriedly and stood up, showing her enhanced durability.



Like every weekday, a blast echoed within the streets of NYC. Nik didn't know if this was the same for his hometown but this Earth was unruly on a whole different level. With the thick glass gates of the bank shattering and spreading through the street, pulling surprised and horrified cries from the civilians, three men dressed in black and their faces covered walked out with guns blazing in their arms. On the cue, a van hurried forward and stopped in front of the three as one of them walked and opened the door, not paying any heed to the spectator. The remaining two who held large bags beside them threw their baggage into the back seat, causing a pained whimper to echo.

"Wow, really?" With the shouts flood over that particular cry, Nik let his energy reserves loose and created a large blade hanging above the van. Of course, the blade was quite invisible as Nik gestured the blade to fell down, cutting the space holding the materiel of the van in a perfect slice. "Hurry up" Before the supposed leader could scurry away with his prize, the van was cut in perfect half and slanted down on the ground. "Huh?" One of them panicked and looked around, waving his gun around and shouting at the crowd, "Who did that?!"

The other one had completely different priorities, "Shit! The girl!"

"Forget everything! Run!" The leader took one of the bags and instantly took off as the one still gazing at the back of the van seemed reluctant before he, too, followed the leader. "F.u.c.k!" The one still on the driver's seat cursed and hurriedly got out.

"Woah! Who did that?!" One of the men in a classy suit whispered to himself as everyone looked around in amazement. At this moment, the back of the van echoed with a loud thud, pulling the attention from one of the closer civilians. "Hey, did they leave someone? Could it be their helper?"

"Call the police!"

"A bank is robbed... of course they are on their way," One of them replied as a courageous blonde lady walked forward and opened the back door of the van, revealing a dark-skinned girl tied and gagged. Her clothes slightly disheveled and her face bruised. The moment the blonde lady looked at the dark-skinned girl, the victim broke into tears as one of them called an ambulance right away.

'And just like that, I saved the day once again. Without any credits... of course,' Nik turned and made his way back towards the apartment. Now he was more eager to play videogame than actually exploring this reality where a bomb blast would occur every other day.


A surprised voice called out as Nik looked towards the other side of the street. Of course, the voice wasn't loud but Nik could hear it nonetheless, and there she stood, wearing a white t-shirt and blue denims, an LA face with an appreciative sprinkle of freckles on her cheeks. Being pestered by the same bald man, Mary instantly looked away the moment Nik gazed towards her. Thinking for a moment, Nik shrugged and crossed the street in a moment's time as the man headhunting for 'talents' didn't even pay attention to anyone else. Mj had his entire focus.

"Hey," Nik smiled, "Great vacation, right? Meeting a p.o.r.n director and all," he pointed at the man as he finally turned back and looked at Nik with a surprised expression. "You? You both know each other? Perfect. I can probably create the best watchyourgf"

"You are... divorced, right?" Nik scoffed rhetorically, "I don't care either way but I think she's 17, too."

"18," Mj corrected instantly, making both and Nik and the director look at her as Nik thought for a moment before shoving the bald man away, pulling a surprised shout as Nik coughed. "Happy Birthday."

"Thanks," Mj finally smiled.

"She's legal!" The third wheel spoke out as Nik gave the man a look. "Are you interested in making p.o.r.n videos with fetishes?" Nik inquired, making Mj look at him weirdly, "No, I told you that time"

"It isn't that," Nik spoke up before leaning towards the director and gesturing towards a pair of slightly mature women walking while giggling. "Boss, instead of young ones for such a video, those kinds of criteria are what truly speaks to us, students. Go get 'em," saying this, Nik gestured Mj to walk with him as the Director didn't even have the time to question.

"Phhuuuu!" Sighing deeply, Mj finally gazed at Nik and inquired, "Running errand?"

"Oh? Nothing like that. Just wanted to have a walk, you know, trying to find what should I do this vacation."

As the duo left, Nik finally failed to observe the tiniest bit of crack in the space right in between the van which was instantly fixed under the ministration of a fiery golden blaze.