Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 589

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 589 Economy Class

"Hello, my name is Nik," opening the door to the front seat, the apostle sat down and extended his hand towards a brown-haired, well-built man with slightly somber brown eyes but a jovial and an easygoing smile on his face. Taking his hand, the man in the plain black suit replied, "Phillip Coulson but please call me Phil. And you really don't have to sit with me. I won't feel embarrassed if you take the back seat." He advised only for Nik to strap on the seatbelt. "Have you seen her glare? She would rip me apart, and not in a good way," Nik stated while pointing at the slightly growling Ava. Why she was so angry, Nik didn't know. Maybe she had to keep her name up as White Tiger but... thinking of Moon, who was also white and a feline delight, Nik felt the anger misplaced. Tigers might just be peaceful, too, when they aren't hungry.

Gearing the car and pulling out, Phil remarked, "Is there a good way to be torn apart?" His curiosity now piqued. He had heard about the quirky nature and an unnerving lack of fear when it came to Nik Minion. According to the reports, he crushed the orientation chip and even walked out on a gathered group of heroes while staying with an Ex-Agent of the organization whose ex-husband was disgraced as a traitor. So in the department, a certain bias was already set against the possible member of the team. "Think about it for a moment. You meet this amazing girl who can change you completely. Or a strict parent that found out you're doing drugs and beat you into giving them up. You could say that they tore you anew." There was a sincere lack of response to this particular statement as Nik thought for a moment. 'This kind of humor would break apart people from the traditional era...' His point being proven by the giggling Pure.

"I was assigned to 'you' after you accepted the mission," Ava snorted, "Agent Coulson is our handler for the duration and I am your 'bodyguard' since you clearly have no form of self-awareness to even accept such a dangerous mission. I would have asked someone else to take care of this but..."

"Ava was the only one free. She usually patrols the north of the city but the incident with the local PD has finally tensed the situation. Any person who looks suspicious is facing trouble as we speak." Phil continued to drive with careful attention as Nik leaned back and took his smartphone out. "You guys seem to know who massacred the precincts. Do I have to purchase a membership to learn about the situation?" Nik inquired further while opening his social media. It was fun, seeing so many people liking the pictures of cute pets. This had been his original motivation in the first place.

"Ava, can you show it to Nik?" Before Ava could refuse and reveal her fangs once again for some reason, Phil continued, "I'm driving and it would be good to have both of you guys occupied till we reach the airport. Then, you guys can be on your separate seats"


"I hate this," Ava muttered with her arms crossed, her seatbelt strapped and the slider of the window open, revealing the bright sky and a layer of greyish cloud underneath their level of view. A little ahead of them, Nik could see Phil sleeping with a peaceful expression and this brought the most important question in Nik's mind. "Why economy?" He whispered as he sat beside Ava, who turned to him and answered out of reflex. She had been doing so regarding the monster that attacked the precincts. "This is government expenditure. Did you really think we'll have ourselves a personal jet?"

"To be honest," Nik looked at her with a downcast expression, "Yeah." He didn't want to own a personal jet but ride it at least once. Just for the novelty. Jets were costly, easily destructible, and not really a great medium of transportation. Shifting through space was far better an option. "Anyway, it's good what you did for Cindy. I never actually got around to thank you."

"Why would you thank me?" Ava inquired, suppressing her irritation slightly. "Why would anyone thank someone else?" Nik inquired. "I just think that Cindy needed that sort of training. Didn't you look at her singing the most ridiculous tune yesterday? With a smile?!" He shook his head as the passenger sitting in front of him tilted his seat back, making Nik's expression bleak. 'Don't ruin my first experience in an airplane...' for a moment, Nik was tempted to control the guy's mind but he refrained while Ava turned her head towards the window silently. "Yeah, she looked ridiculous yesterday," Ava finally mumbled.

'Hmm? Did she control her emotions finally? Well... can't use my other abilities aside from daily life and s.e.x so... Sorry, Ava, for getting you a mission on 'that' day,' Mentally leaving a note of apology, Nik closed his eyes and spread his awareness alongside the tiny bit of Spatial energy. Finally, his mind had already processed how to build an airplane through the use of [Psychic Aptitude: S-]... a nifty skill if Nik might add. He could now build cars, houses, furniture, guns, and so many things. He did know all about their structure after all. 'Eh, who cares. It's not like I am just going to leave everything and build things now... well, not until I actually receive such a Karma in any of my travels.' Thinking for a moment, Nik decided to call for the air hostess. Ava, clearly, wasn't in the mood for a chat and her silence was already precious enough.

Sky, Lilith, Asmodeus, Pure, and Lola clearly had run out of things to discuss and would appear every now and then. Lola had completed her research on the spider and Nik's body. Currently, there was no way Nik could absorb the spirit bones without a large amount of spirit energy and even if Nik does gain that much of reserves in this life, all of it would be cut off by a large margin once Nik gets his real body back. This was merely a phantom physique with the only purpose to achieve the completion of Karma. During this time, Nik had begun another project. The fusion of a great number of items and weapons. Aside from a few items that held sentimental value to Nik such as the War Gauntlet that Shigure forged for him, Nik had started to fuse a lot of weaponry again and again.

[Nightmare Demon Pot (Incomplete): S-

Use: A pot infused with the insight of 'evolution' and 'fusion.' Two, or more items of similar origin can be fused with enough energy as a catalyst. Failure or success depends on the peculiarities of the items themselves.]

Now, Nik had a total of three products of the greatest value

[Soul Ruler: A

An Item that is nurtured by the user's soul and its peculiarities. The size and weight of the ruler can be changed at will and only the user with their soul bonded with the Ruler can wield it.]

Instead of guns, despite Nik's affection, the apostle decided to beat enemies with an overpowered stick. The second item

[Nine Blocks Potion: B+

A vial of potion divided into nine layers with each layer boasting the volume of 30 cubic meters. Each layer can be filled with a sample and the potion itself would start to absorb natural energy from the surrounding and convert the energy into the supplied sample.]

was based on the Death Vial as its main component and the last layer of the potion was filled with a vast amount of dripping poison that could bring death to most of the beings. After a bit of tests, Nik found that the death poison didn't actually poison any part of the body but corrupt it. In essence, if a person survives a large dose of death potion, chances are that he or she might turn into an undead or if Nik fills an undead's jug with the potion, the being would gulp it down like beer. This item was slightly useless to Nik since he still had to think of the remaining layers and the death potion itself hadn't been in use lately. For a few days, Nik entertained the possibility of filling the second last layer with the strange spider's venom, which Nik used to boost his body but then realized that if he shared it with anybody else, he would have to be present until the mutation is completed. After all, Cindy can grow webs from her fingertips but it cost her the physical strength she could have gained instead.

Finally, the last item was

"Yes, how may I help you?" A beautiful blonde lady in red uniform walked up. Her hair was tied into a bun with a hat covering the top of her head while her face was dolled up with the slightest bit of makeup, exploiting her natural tanned skin and light-peach colored lips. "Hi," Nik smiled after breaking out of his thoughts, stunning the lady for a moment as Nik gazed at her brown eyes and spoke, "Hey, you did a great demonstration," Nik recalled the enlightening guide of what to do if the plane malfunction. No breaking the ceiling and jumping out of shifting everyone away from the plane. Nik needed to pull a mask on himself and where a floating jacket and blow into it.

"Thank you," the hostess smiled. Nik looked a little young and quite 'petite' when compared to his original self. The muscles were still developing as he slowly gained the mass. But naturally, he attracted the woman. "And, what would you need?" By now, Ava looked towards the duo for a moment and returned her gaze towards the window as Nik thought and asked for water. Nodding, the woman left and did suggest Nik to push the button depicting the need for water in the first place. "Hey, Ava, what is the duration of our flight?" Nik inquired for the sake of confirmation, as Ava grunted, "Over four hours."

"Sweet," Nik unfastened his seatbelt and walked out of the seat, making his way back towards the seating area of the stewardess, he reached the moment the stewardess named Harmony stood up with a packed cup of water in her hand. "Hey," Nik grinned, startling the lady for a moment before she handed him the packet of water before waiting for Nik's words. "I've got to be honest," he looked back and returned his face towards the lady, "Harmony, right?" he pointed at her name tag, "This is the first time I am flying in a plane," Nik commented with a whisper, "And I think that this moment would be a hard one to regain so I was hoping that if you could... tell me a few things and keep me company? I won't stop you from doing your job," He inquired genuinely. He was on an airplane for the first time and it would be quite a shame for not marking the experience with airplane s.e.x. He would have tried Ava but something suggested that she wouldn't have kept quiet, even if he did manage to hook-up with her.

About 'that'? When would purification come in use if not now?

"Oh," Harmony exclaimed before looking back at her partner. A pale-skinned lady with added blushers to her cheeks to make her face slightly prominent. "Don't worry, I'll take care of the shift this time," she smirked and made her way towards the other side leading to the business class. "Well, I guess then it's settled," Harmony replied by grinning broadly as Nik peeled the top of the cup and drank water before taking a seat where Harmony's partner just left him as the lady herself sat on the other seat.


Phil snorted softly and opened his eyes while sniffing audibly. "Hmm?" He rubbed his eyes and shook his head slightly. "You alright, Son?" A grey-haired black lady inquired while looking at Phil with a strange expression. "Yes, ma'am," Phil nodded while standing up, "Nature's call." Smiling at the woman, Phil made his way towards the washroom when he found Ava sitting alone. Taking a look at his wristwatch and understanding that almost two hours had passed, he tilted towards Ava and inquired softly, "Where's Nik?" Looking up, Ava gazed at Phil before sniffing lightly and stating without any emotion, "He's with the attendant behind... mind your step," she whispered before leaning back on her seat. With a strange expression, Coulson walked towards the restroom and when he looked around, he found nothing. The back area was as empty as it could be with the exception of eateries.

'Strange... Ava has the greatest sense of smell that I know of... did she get it wrong. Anyway, where is Nik in the first place?' His thoughts came to a stop due to the need of relieving himself as quickly as possible and he hurriedly occupied one of the two restrooms.


"He really can't see us?" Harmony pressed Nik against the partition, her sensual body wrapped in the arousing uniform stuck against Nik's body as she drooped down from Nik's lips and shared her passionate kisses with Nik's neck and collarbone. "I told you, he has some strange condition," Nik lied through his teeth with their voices and their visuals hidden by a space lock. His hands enjoyed Harmony's pert butt while she mewled softly, almost in a whisper. After all, she didn't know that her voice was contained. Still, Harmony pulled her skirt up, finally easing the restraints on her thighs and legs before crouching down, hunger filling her eyes as she licked her lips and cupped Nik's crotch, "Anyway, my head game is amazing so let's do it this way~ Oh, and my head is a no-touch zone or else, the hairdo will be a nightmare," she laid the ground rules quite clearly before unzipping Nik's pants and pushing her hand in to guide Nik's shaft out without hurting.

Sighing softly, Nik enjoyed the soft yelp of surprise, chuckling, "Sure thing," He smiled. Meanwhile, Harmony gazed at the size of the thing Nik packed and thought for a moment. Her head game wasn't 'that' amazing. She had the experience for sure but this size... her gag reflex wasn't great enough to accommodate it. Still, she loosely traced the thick veins popping over the shaft leading to a slightly covered tip. After getting a good hang of the size, she blew against the tip, trying to get Nik's body more excited before kissing the tip softly and slowly pumping her hands that now gripped over the middle of Nik's shaft, peeling back his foreskin slowly, unwilling to provide pain when she promised pleasure.

Finally, once the tip revealed itself, with an eager grin towards Nik as he replied with the same fervor in his eyes, Harmony parted her lips in a circular perimeter and took Nik's warm shaft into her mouth, the entire size that she could fit.


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