Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 590

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 590 Delight

Surprise peeked through Harmony's gaze as she pulled back rather quickly with her lips still pursed around a minor portion of Nik's shaft, "Huh? You're sweet?" She now looked curious. With one hand still holding Nik's shaft and the other tracing her chin, "Wait, is that some new body soap? Wait, soap tastes sweet?" Harmony muttered before leaning forward and gingerly licking Nik's tip, more specifically his pre-c.u.m. Now, Nik thought of many things. Should he feel surprised that Harmony was taking things really well? Should he feel weird that Harmony was using his bodily juice as something to be tasted and commented upon? Or should he expect Harmony to start losing her inhibitions since she took a drop of highly potent aphrodisiac? With Harmony's cheeks turning red at a pace visible to the n.a.k.e.d eyes, she silently grew engrossed in the act, the scent of her lower lips turning damp spreading at a breakneck pace.

"Mmmgh~ *Slurp* *Slurp* *Kuk*" she choked a little the moment she passed her usual limits of deep throating. The back of her throat felt amazing and as Harmony proclaimed, her head game was seriously amazing. Till now, only the girls from his homeworld had shown such enthusiasm and determination in a blowjob. Maybe it was due to cultural difference but Nik always felt the girls from the world of demons and the ones with spirit beasts lacking in that department. Except for Klas. That crystal-woman is seriously a beast. "Mm, that's good," Nik smiled with a soft sigh leaking through his lips. He never left Harmony's eye contact whenever she would bob her head forward or specifically scrub the back of his shaft with her tongue. His scent and taste were taking a greater effect on Harmony's body as her gaze grew hazy. With her drool slobbering further up Nik's length, Harmony finally let go of the base of Nik's c.o.c.k and traced her own body.

From her moderate and perky b.r.e.a.s.ts stuffed within slightly tighter shirt just to look more presentable followed by the fabric of coat against her abdomen and the pulled up creases of her skirt. Finally, her right index traced the lacy green panties covering her lower lips. Somehow, they begged. Sure, a blowjob got her going for what's to come later but her reactions had never been this exaggerated. Her head felt slightly dizzy, her tastebuds were overjoyed with the sweetness that Nik's pole was. Her n.i.p.p.l.es slightly hurt after being suppressed by the thick fabric of her bra but that was to be expected, and finally, her labia was wet and her inner lips twitched continuously. She could feel her swollen clit from the fabric and surely, she would leave a mark on the area around her crotch just due to the sheer volume of her juice.

Whenever she felt Nik's c.o.c.k against the back of her throat passing through her mouth, her shoulders would shudder. It was getting harder, Nik's thick tool. He did what she asked from him. Not to touch her head and she didn't lie when she stated that the hairdo would be a nightmare. Even though they hadn't been caught, it was merely a single complaint that would lead to her losing the job and maybe even losing all the rep in the industry. You don't just f.u.c.k your clients! But well... there were only a few stewardesses who could keep it in their skirts after traveling frequently and unable to have a quality time with their significant other, if they even had one in the first place. Harmony belonged to the latter category. But presently, with a debauched heat warming all of her right places, Harmony couldn't help but feel the need for her partner to be a bit rougher.

Should she know that the c.o.c.k she choked upon belonged to a 17-year-older teen, then she would really fear her decisions at the moment. "Gah!" Harmony swooped back with her cheeks sunken and her lips wrapped tightly around the wet portion of the shaft before leaving Nik's erect tool and coughing softly, "I know we shouldn't be doing that... but it would be fine if I control my volume, right?" She inquired just to justify herself as she stood up and leaned against the other partition, presenting her butt towards Nik with her panties visible, and her skirt slid up. "It wouldn't matter if you raise your voice, too," Nik shrugged and moved forward, pressing his tool against the crack of her butt while she wiggled her waist, "Ugh, yeah, it would. I'd lose my job... and too bad... I don't have the condom of that size so be sure to pull it out, alright?"

"Wouldn't your clothes get dirty?" Nik inquired as she gave a toothy grin while pushing her ass against Nik's shaft, "I'll just crouch down~ I like your taste so I wouldn't mind, you know," She winked while rolling her tongue out and licking her lips in an exaggerated manner as Nik nodded with a smile and then pulled down Harmony's panties gently till they reached the lower region of her thighs and crouched down to give her sloppy cunt a good lick, making sure that his saliva does it job directly against her lower lips while squeezing her butt firmly. "Ohhh~ That's good," Harmony panted, "but we're on the clock here, Nik. Let's skip the 'formalities'," she cooed eagerly, her slightly darker lips twitching in expectations as Nik licked his lips and stood up, guiding the tip of the tool against the warm v.a.g.i.n.a.l opening as the tender lips swallowed his tip whole, allowing Nik to feel a greater friction of her walls as she clamped and squeaked rather loudly. "Ah!" She felt her legs weakening as Nik slowly pushed his tool in. As much as her experienced hole could provide and honestly, Harmony genuinely appreciated her past practices of getting the 'experience' whenever she could because she couldn't have accommodated Nik completely without feeling pain.

And that's a big no-no for her. Instead of the slightest sting she had been expecting due to the sudden stretch of her walls despite her best efforts, Harmony's body was washed with a pleasant warmth. Her body began to grow more sensitive while her the scraping of Nik's c.o.c.k against her relatively tight hole, pushing her walls and easily poking against her deeper entrance. "Ah! It's- it's a bad idea!" Harmony gasped, truly unable to keep her voice in as she leaned back towards Nik, presenting her mouth to Nik and kissing him deeply, unwilling to take chances as Nik's hand sn.a.k.e.d forward and groped her left b.r.e.a.s.t, making the blonde stewardess shudder. Her butt shook against Nik as she suddenly climaxed violently. Her squirt impacting against the clean partition while her p.u.s.s.y clamping against Nik, stopping him before he could even begin.

"Hhhnghhh!" Grunting alongside Harmony, Nik pulled back shortly before humping deeply, spreading Harmony's insides while she held Nik's hand over her b.r.e.a.s.t and butt, taking the support of Nik's balance and dancing on his shaft as their juices continued to drip on the floor already marked with a tasteful puddle. "Hah! How the hell did you that?!" Harmony groaned before kissing Nik again, not even inclined to hear an answer as to the reason for her climax. It was unnatural and she knew it but right now, her thoughts were fueled by her desires, and her desires were filled with nefarious needs. She just wanted to smack her ass against Nik's c.o.c.k and that she did. With her body oozing in excitement and her pupils kissing the roof of her eyes, her tongue matching Nik's with a great skill, she enjoyed the breeding of her life.

Her body watered with great need, the spreading puddle under the both of them testifying to that very fact as she felt her body responding to every throbs and pulsation of Nik's c.o.c.k in an extremely subservient approach. Now that she felt Nik's c.o.c.k throbbing continuously, a phenomenon she was extremely familiar with, Harmony changed her words and gasped softly, "Just do it inside, I'll take the pill!" Her eyes instantly lost their focus the moment she felt a gush of warm shower painting her insides white, filling her hole to its deepest corner and also her need of having her itches scratched.


"What? You didn't hear anything?" Harmony gasped. She was practically screaming and the sounds they made while crashing against each other... now that she recalled, where were the shreds of evidence of their experience. She literally came eight times within a matter of an hour. This wasn't something that could be faked and her hole inflated when the boy came. Where was the lingering stench? Heck! How did nobody see them for that matter? It wasn't a quicky by any means. Her partner gazed at her weirdly while Nik, who heard Harmony's surprise while stepping out of the plane smirked playfully.

"Nik, where did you even go?" Coulson asked for the umpteenth time. He couldn't take it lying low that Nik practically disappeared and then reappeared out of nowhere. Ava marked him towards the stewardess area but the both of them couldn't find him. Or the girl he was supposed to be with for that matter.

"Does it matter? I'm here now, aren't I?" Nik stated as Coulson looked at Nik with a greater detail. Nik didn't have any baggage, unlike Ava and him and he looked rather carefree. While Phil could attribute such actions to Nik's lack of experience, he simply couldn't avoid the fact that Nik had been hiding critical information about himself that could be used to complete the mission. "Nik," Phil spoke as they made their way out of the airport, "I would appreciate your honesty regarding your... enhancements. If any part of it can be used to reduce the risk of containing the threats, it would be the best."

"Hmm?" Nik looked at Phil with a surprised expression. "You are asking my secrets just like that?"

"You did agree to take the mission, right?" Phil emphasized as Nik nodded. It wasn't an unreasonable request, wanting to know your allies' strengths and weaknesses. All Phil knows it that somehow, Nik can achieve the effects of telekinesis but that had been unverified. As an avid comic reader, Phil knew that telekinesis was the effect born from a greater mind, so, if he attributes Nik's enhancement to his brain, and if it turns out to be the incorrect cause of Nik's powers then there may be great ramifications. But honestly, Phil can never remain assured. After all, comic books weren't life. It wasn't like Professor Xavier could truly read other people's minds even with a super brain.

"Unlike the reports," Nik spoke after a considerable duration of silence, "It isn't telekinesis. I am like Cindy. She has the ability to shoot webs from the tip of her fingers but I gained a different mutation of sorts. What I control aren't the objects directly. Its space around them." Nik explained his space manipulation in a single statement, inciting confused expression from both of them as Ava spoke up, "I don't understand."

"Just give it time. And... what would you guys even do if I explain everything?" Nik's meaningful inquiry finally shut both of them up as they made their way towards the stay appointed by the oh so secretive organization.

A motel.

"Could they be cheaper!" Nik groaned, only now getting unsatisfied by the treatment.


As Harmony exclaimed in a relieved surprise while Nik left his date with a satisfied heart, a woman with a rather unusual hair color white for someone of her age and curves left from the business class. She sauntered over to the pre-booked hotel near the bridge and started to dismantle her baggage. First thing, her hat. With luscious white locks framing her face, the woman with an outstanding figure looked towards the mirror, leaned forward, and took off her contact lenses, turning her pearly blue eyes to their natural green ones.

Sighing in relief, the woman slumped on the bed with a comfortable 'oomph' and took out her smartphone, opening the tabs and gazing at the details of the man named Carlton Drake, the unanimous owner of Life Foundation corporation. "Hmm? Alien lifeforms? That's definitely new for me," The woman smile in excitement. She had seen the clips of the deaths of any who approached the slimes and that made her payment and task all the more worthwhile.


"Phil, yeah, it's me," Nik spoke into his smartphone. "Please tell Ava that it's alright to visit tourist attraction. It's not like I'll visit San Francisco every other day," he glared at Ava. Now both of them were dressed in different clothes. Nik in a printed black shirt and white shorts with a pair of sandals, attracting attention while Ava wore a single-piece casual dress with a belt latched onto her waist and calf-lengthed boots. "Thank you," Nik groaned and cut the call while Ava looked at Nik impassively, still sitting on her seat with a cup of coffee in front of her. "So?" She inquired.

"I hate missions," Nik replied, making the woman smirk. They both sat in the restaurant in front of the Life Foundation's HQ. A towering skyscr.a.p.er. The streets in this area were wide and filled with people but both of them weren't dressed to go into the building and extract critical informally neither was that their task. They were just monitoring the place for the sake of keeping an eye on Carlton Drake while other agents in the mission would bring in the information to work upon.

"Ava," Nik spoke somberly, "Are you really unwilling to enjoy? It's a pretty sunset, you could shop. For once, we can try to know each other." He persuaded. It wasn't fun just hanging in the city alone, right? Ignoring the annoyed grumbles of his spirits, he heard Ava's snort.

"I know all about you!" She snapped, "And I don't think we'll get along."

"Then you don't know me," Nik stated in certainty. Narcissistic he might be but he was still a pleasure to have around. Many girls could attest to that.

"What were you doing with that flight attendant?" Ava then inquired.

"I don't believe it's any of your concern," Nik sipped on his juice. Coffee was the equivalent of a greyscale television while juice and alcohol were colorful. He couldn't drink alcohol with his public age so juice it was. "See?" Ava crossed her arms. "No, really. Why would you want to know who I am with?" Nik inquired, "You don't see me spamming you with questions if you have a boyfriend. I just want to hang out. This place is a buzzkill," Nik earned a glare from the manager, "And who knows, we might just enjoy each other's company. It's a matter of chance." Nik explained patiently while Ava's expression turned strange and embarrassed by hidden implications.

"I don't care who you are with," she emphasized, "but I do know what kind of person you are."

"Confident, are you? Then let's play your game. We met through Cindy, right? So whatever you know must be from Cindy and Fury's intel on me. So, you either think I am a drug addict or..." He smiled knowingly as Ava looked away. Not minding her embarrassment, Nik continued, "See? Your only source of information is too biased. Did you try to learn anything about me from Mary or Anna? Do you think I'd be able to pull 'that' off without any admirable qualities," Nik smirked smugly. "Well then, what if I base my opinion on you just based on our current encounters? You have lied to me and Cindy. You indirectly manipulated us into meeting with Nik. You have been rude and unpleasant while I am trying my level best to find a common ground."

Ava fell silent for almost half-an-hour while Nik focused on the building. His reserves could easily cover the entire tower of a building and that he did while keeping a direct eye on the man named Carlton Drake and spying on whomever he talked with. It was mostly regarding his new pharma industry.


"Excuse me?" Nik looked towards Ava as she looked towards Nik with her head down and gaze tilted up, "I said I am sorry," though extremely cute at the moment, she still managed to hiss in annoyance.

"Oh, don't worry," Nik smiled, "You might be right about some of your beliefs but... well, let me be frank, I am delight to hang around with."

"We'll see," Ava sipped her coffee.


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