Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 591

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 591 Single Kitty

"This is... kind of exciting," Nik muttered. He had infiltrated gangs before and even let Ignit cause a mayhem. She would delightfully crunch on thugs and enjoy the taste of their flesh and blood, much to Nik's pride. But following 'protocols' proved to be much more amusing. It is never about strength but the state of mind a wise pervert once said these words and Nik accidentally read it. 'Is this what that person meant?' Nik thought carefully and recalled that much of his decisions were based on this saying coincidently. He had been some form of a soldier in the first world, a debauched warrior in the second, and much to a lawless world, a nefarious teacher in the third one who might have just seduced his own students. What could he do? They were pretty, cute, understanding, and did he mentioned that they could summon dragons and phoenixes?

Right now, somehow, Nik had shown characteristics of a spy, no matter how minor they were. He just had s.e.x with a pretty lady in a completely random location, he had great taste in clothing, and he loved weapons even if he would end fights in a manner other than weapons themselves. Just like a rather prolific holder of 007. "What do you mean?" Ava inquired while leaning behind a bush. Nik looked at her for a moment, scanning her body for the umpteenth time. Her costume had been upgraded. From what Ava explained, the white bodysuit that covered her body was actually woven from the silk created by mutated silkworms from some of their strange projects. Unlike before, this time, her costume was completely skintight, sticking to her body while enabling a rather protective attribute from bullets and blades. The fabric was resistant to changes in temperature, capturing Ava's body's temperature instead. A silver belt held the jade token forming the silhouette of a tiger's face and two claws. She didn't explain that amulet yet.

With the costume sporting extensions on top of the head, suggesting a set of feline-like ears and Ava's hair tied into a ponytail and coming out from the hole on the back of her head

"I can see you looking at me weirdly. And believe me, I am trying to be open-minded as we speak!" Ava's hiss brought Nik to attention as she drily smiled. "Sorry, didn't mean any disrespect. But..." Nik stopped and looked forward towards the facility built on the clearing surrounded by a dense thicket. "But, what?" Ava didn't like letting things go, allowing Nik to gain further insight into the lady. "Allow me to be blunt," Nik pointed at himself, now wearing a rather tasteful black mask covering the top of his head, including his eyes alongside his casual clothes. He rejected their bodysuit of course. "How are your undergarments still not visible?" Nik could understand if this was the previous outfit that gave her a buff look.

"Oh, that was it?" Ava shrugged and looked towards the facility, "I am wearing sports bra and panties made from the same material." She pointed at the slightest bulge on her waist and if Nik didn't wish to risk a misunderstanding, he would have seen it earlier. "Oh, that's rather appealing," Nik nodded as Ava inquired once again, "What did you mean by the situation being an excited one?"

"No, it's just my first time actually acting like a spy."

"Not with those clothes you're not," She shook her head as Nik furrowed his brows. 'She does have a point but... those body suites would just show off my junk and create a rather large weak point in the aim of any opponent I might face. Say, Asmodeus, you are actually a body armor, right?'

'A sucky one if you want,' Instead of Asmodeus, Lilith chimed in.

'Ha!' Asmodeus scoffed, 'We all have our personal attributes and the abilities that Nik can use. You've already got nine pretty dresses but you can only wear your tenth one with Nik... that's depressing, isn't it?' Her words instantly ignited a quarrel in the spiritual world. Lola came over to spectate alongside Sky and Pure. What Asmodeus said was correct. Sky's personal attribute was dream and blood but what Nik could gain from her was space manipulation. But in the case of Lilith and Asmodeus, both of their personal attributes that they wielded and the ones Nik got to wield was Absolute Sharpness and Body Manipulation.

With the trio gaining their spiritual bodies and now processing their physical forms by converting spiritual energy, Nik had assured the fact that they all got their nine spirit rings for their personal use and healing. This is what Asmodeus meant when Lilith had nine dresses. She already had nine spirit rings but those can be used by Lilith independently. Every moment Nik wielded the infernal blade, he could only use the spirit ring of the silver sword dragon.

'But finding yet another nine spirit rings is a pain... I might just need to find other forms of energy system compatible with them and myself...' Nik gave up the thought of collecting spirit rings for the trio once again. If they want, they can collect it themselves. It wasn't like he used them too much in the first place. He was overflowing with stupid abilities! 'Asmodeus... I might just have you with me during this adventure...' Nik sent his thoughts, instantly disrupting the fight as the eyes of the remaining spirits sharpened. 'Why her?' Pure whined. 'Because she can utilize her own spiritual energy to exist alongside me in the real world and well... I need a cool costume. Asmodeus will be my costume.' Nik concluded.

'We can be of help, too!' Sky suggested instantly as Asmodeus was already... why did she even have a spiritual backpack? She did know that she'll return there once Nik stopped using her services, right? 'Sure, you guys can come if you want.' Nik shrugged. It wasn't like that he would be sharing his tiny reserves with his spirits to sustain them. Compared to him, those three had already reached the energy reservoirs of a rank 6 monstrous existent in the previous world! That was equivalent to the fabled godhood of the spiritual world or so Samya explained.

'Eh? So you won't be using us? Then coming out is simply stupid. Don't you know? Getting out of the house is extremely risky.' Sky mumbled, making Lilith dig into the spiritual land in a depressed manner.

"Anyway..." Nik pulled back his thoughts and continued walking behind Ava as silently as her. "We only need to extract those cuties, right?" He inquired for confirmation as Ava recalled the slimy balls that would enter a human's body and cause their deaths, "Cuties? They killed a human!"

"Then Carlton shouldn't have begun human experiments a week after bringing alien lifeforms. I mean... they are imprisoned, right? The least I can do is compliment them," Nik stated clearly when both of them suddenly stopped and looked to their right. "One man, short breaths. Umm... 31 years old and a camera in his hands. Damn, he's a reporter." Nik informed as Ava spoke once again, "Are you sure?" It was already late evening and the informants had deduced this moment to be the weakest of the research facility, relatively. "Yep. He's not a natural blonde though," Nik continued and then looked towards the gates of the facility. Ava couldn't see it but Nik could gaze at the man being targeted. The most perfunctory guard that hid an arsenal of weapons in his body.

"Let's try the second entrance. This man has an empty bottle and plans to stay for a long time."

"Then we've got to knock him out," Ava began making her way towards the hidden reporter who still hadn't found the duo spies. "And leave him here out cold?" Nik whispered, "Just leave him alone. He didn't come and bite us, did he? So there's no reason to harm the man." Nik could see the furrow of her brows and the yellow films covering her eyes glimmering eerily. "Fine. Other entrance it is."

"For real though," Nik followed her while continuing to whisper, "You have an extreme approach for situations when you are dubbed as a superhero in the city."

"It would have been efficient to temporarily remove that man from the picture," White Tiger argued as Nik shrugged, "I can't really care about that. What if you attacked him and found that he's a superhuman, too? Just think of it as minimizing extreme risks, which in some situation, is considered as being efficient... probably," Nik traced his chin as Ava thought carefully. He was simply avoiding other person because he had nothing to do with him. Is there a need to poke one's nose in a stranger's business unless it is assured that it will affect oneself? Not in Nik's life, no. So, the two jumped the guard on the other side of the entrance towards the back of the riverside. Jumping was a harsh word. Ava just punched on the back of the guard's thigh with extreme precision while Nik knocked out the guy and save him from the suffering that almost befell him.

"Damn, you were thinking of scratching his face!" Nik whistled in astonishment before leaping lightly and picking out the camera while White Tiger, with sharp, mechanical nails, attached to her costume retracted the cruel weapons and nodded, "That's how I usually take out enemies."

"Seems enjoyable," smiling, Nik crushed the camera and looked at the thick gate that had no opening towards the top. "Can you open the doors?" Nik inquired as he touched the surface and getting a good feel of the facility. "It's... military-grade 1-meter variant steel with lightning conductors attached to the hooks. Not only that, but the mechanism can also only disabled from inside."

"So... this is troublesome. And how do you even know this? The informant didn't know this."

"Is he a superhero? Anyway, there's a tiny gap between in between the door so I can most possibly" Before Ava could comprehend what Nik was saying, Nik disappeared from her eyes and he wasn't simply invisible... he was 'too' invisible in the sense that she could only smell his lingering scent. Meanwhile, Nik appeared on the other side of the door, " shift quite easily. Hey," sidestepping and avoiding a startling strike of the butt of a gun, Nik held the weapon and grinned at the terrified guard, "Sorry, but you guys are on temporary vacation!" Easily dismantling the guy from his gun and twisting his waist to lightly kick the man and knocking him out, Nik turned towards the large red button. "Hey! Where are you?!" Ava's voice rang into the intercom as Nik pushed the button, opening the gate and surprising Ava who instantly struck into the inner side of the building with a well-prepared kick the moment she saw adequate space.

"What the hell?" Nik pointed gun right against the back of Ava's head, "Don't scare me like that."

"It's not funny," Instantly twisting her ankle and rotating her body to kick back, Ava snarled in annoyance as Nik dodged her attack. "Sure," he shrugged, taking out a handkerchief from his pocket, layering it with purification and then rubbing the handle of the gun before throwing it away.

"How did you do that?" Ava inquired.

"You know, I might have told you if I still didn't feel a little cautious against you," Nik shrugged, "That's why I emphasized we should hang out more. It's not about me clearing my name in your mind, but you clearing your name in my eyes." With her lips twitching, finally knowing that Nik could be rather frivolous and stubborn at the same time, Ava held her tongue and followed Nik silently. After all, he kept touching the walls and led right towards the target while avoiding cameras most of the time. And when he couldn't, he would walk past them as if confident that he wasn't being recorded and surely, he wasn't being recorded, just Ava was.


"There's a breach in the facility!" The command from the control panel instantly alerted everyone as Carlton still in the headquarters got the news and instantly raced out if the building towards his research facility, unable to understand how the news of his experiment even got out. "It was last week's incident!" He hissed to himself. Meanwhile, the guard who alerted the guard found and metal pole striking the back of his head, making his vision swim while behind him stood a ravishing figure in black, shimmering leotard and white fur marking the edge of the deep neck and the ends of her sleeves. With a black mask only covering the eye region and revealing her blue pupils with silver hair tied into a ponytail, the figure looked at Ava with a deep scowl.

"How is that 'superheroes' are flocking in here?" She mumbled to herself before grinning and pressing the emergency command of the facility. "Ah, my hand slipped, sweetheart. Every facility can only hold one kitty and that's me," she snickered before sauntering out of the control panel. Outside the control room, she walked over the unconscious guard with a grin as she gazed at the hall full of such men still living their dreams while she would... well, earn her living.


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