Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 592

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 592 All Black

Sirens blared as red light glimmered from the otherwise white source of light within the hall, turning the entire hall a shade of red as Ava looked at Nik incredulously. "We can be seen?" She sounded rather betrayed as Nik looked at her, his eyes hidden but his parted lips showing his own surprise, "Did you think you are invisible? Of course, you can be seen."

"Then why did you just swagger in front of the surveillance camera?!" Ava shouted, pulling Nik with his hand and erupting into a rather quick sprint through the hall, waiting for his reply, too. "You did, too!" Nik snickered. He was really enjoying himself. "Ah, turn left from here and we'll reach our destination." To his instructions, Ava turned left, a little dubious now but left with no choice and the slowly descending door, cutting off the room in front of them. "Aaagh!" Shouting in frustration, she felt her pace quickening as Nik took off in a sprint, instantly passing Ava and now tugging onto her arm. With Ava's shock only growing to the fact that Nik had easily surpassed both Cindy and Natasha in speed, her senses picked up the scent of gunpowder on the other side.

"We have another party in front of us!" She shouted as they entered the room, the hall cutoff with a thud of the metal gate, and multiple guns now pointed at the duo. "Hands where I can see them!" The muscular man with reinforced protective suit over his body shouted, unable to cope up with the speed of a punch striking him right in between his eyes with a sickening crunch, shooting him back and smacking his body against a thin glass screen, shattering it. "Anybody else wanna see my hand?" Nik raised his hand, his left finger untouched by blood due to sheer speed with which the men flew past the encirclement of guards. "Aim!" Another shouted hurriedly as Ava's body stiffened. Meanwhile, Nik narrowed his eyes with a grin, "I feel terrified, you know. I really don't want to hurt. It's vacation, after all."


And the bullet stopped right in front of Nik's lips. Leaning forward, Nik sniffed the bullet slightly, making everyone stop in their tracks. The bullet stopping in the air was already strange but sniffing it was even stranger. Why would he do that? As Ava thought of taking advantage of the stupor, the floating bullet fell on the ground while Nik commented. "That's imported gun powder, right? Quite strange, considering we're in the democratic states." He hummed before inquiring with a polite tone, "We're here to save you, really. If you fight, we'll beat you and that's going to be a pain. Emotional for us and physical for you so how about we avoid it? A win-win?" Nik inquired as they looked at each other with a confused expression.

"Not you," Nik pointed at the grey-haired man who shot the first bullet. The man instantly fell on his knees and collapsed under the surprised gasps of his comrades as everyone pointed their guns towards him. Since the man tried to do his job but also kill him, Nik decided to return the favor and precisely cut off the man's necessary nerves connected to his brain. His heart pumps, his brain is active and all his function remains aside from his consciousness. Since a bullet to the face is supposed to be painless, Nik just did that in return. "I have warned you," Nik shrugged as they all stood still until one them twitched slightly, finally inciting a white shadow to rain hell on the guards.

"Why was I even asked to 'help' you?" White Tiger grumbled, finally finished with the last of them as Nik turned around and yawned, "It's fun at first, no doubt, but when they don't learn even after a demonstration, it gets boring. I mean both, the mobs and Nick Fury." His words pulled a frown from Ava as she took a quicker pace and walked alongside Nik, "What do you mean?"

"Look at the situation objectively," Nik explained patiently. He truly had the patience for the opposite gender in any kind of situation unless too extreme even in his standards. "Any sane leader would not even propose a complete newbie to undertake the extraction of what can be quite possibly considered alien lifeforms. Yes, we have the extraction team behind us and we are just the muscles but my point still stands. Now, there is no way that Nick Fury is insane, well... I don't know him personally. Say, Fury isn't clinically mad, right?" Nik inquired while turning to Ava. "What? No," She shook her head, unable to muster anything else. "Well, then the most possible thought process is that he wishes to have me under observation. Cindy is already exposed to S.H.I.E.L.D with Natasha teaching her. There's nothing wrong with that. The society needs a greater hand for the flow of order but many still wish against it. Now, I am being spied upon at every given possibility so... you can understand how Nick Fury has presented himself as a tasteless aspect of my life."

"What's that got to do with those goons?" Ava glared at Nik unhappily. Straight answers were what she liked but Nik hadn't presented her anything straight till now. "I warned that guy once and he still shot. And now, he'll never wake up," Nik smiled. "Of course, I am not implying anything, you know. Your boss seems to be the flight risk kind of guy..." Nik stopped and looked forward towards the glassy chamber with a corpse laying on the floor with a black sludge-like being crawling about aimlessly. "Let's clear the other places and bring in the cleaning team" Before Ava could put the previous discussion to a rest and move forward with the mission, a terribly loud crashing sound echoed through their right. With the glass chambers marking the end of the room, both, Nik and Ava gazed towards their right with the exit sealed off by yet another thick set of gates.


The gate opened quite quickly, the lower gap, now enlarging, revealed a set of pitch-black feet rushing towards the gate, and instantly, the gap began to lower once again with a dark figure sliding into the room with an exaggeration skid. *Thud* A dull sound marked the shutting of the gate when White Tiger hissed, clawing forward with a leap of her body, "You!" She shrieked, maddened to her core as the woman with her white ponytail now slightly disheveled, and her charming facial figures graced with a smug grin replied, "Yep, it's me, oversized Kitty." She rolled sideways before getting up hastily and entering into a position to fight off White Tiger.

"Sweet," Nik muttered, gazing the comely figure not-so-hidden by the bodysuit. Really. Her cleavage evoked greater emotions than necessary. "Hey, stud, I'm Black Cat, wanna introduce yourself?" She winked towards Nik. After all, he was in a highly secured facility with a pair of sandals on his feet. She was definitely interested. "Call me anything you want but 'that' requires immediate attention, despite my love for catfights," Nik stated while pointing at the exit that was closed once again as an imprint of a punch pushed through the thick gates right after Nik's voice fell, resounding with a boom! "Yea, that is a monster," Black Cat emphasized before gazing at the sludge roiling in the glass chambers. "That, too!" She glared towards the sludge as another punch etched itself into the gate. "Ugh... you!" She called out Nik. "Vanish," Nik sighed, "Just call me Vanish already. And what?" He inquired while spying on the black monstrosity on the other side of the wall.

"Vanish, yeah. We need to contain whatever that is," She pointed towards the bulges on the gate while Black Cat snickered, her eyes exploring the area and finding a better exit. "I have the kill switch for the gates, Tiger. For old time's sake, I'll help you but there's no way I'll wait until you clean this mess up."

"Then leave!" Ava grunted, her mechanical nails elongating in preparation for the battle while Nik inquired Black Cat, "Are you some kind of supervillain? Don't mind me, I'm just... well, this might be the first time I might meet anything close to it," His question pulled a strange look from the white-haired bombshell as she pointed at the gate with a suspiciously long gap in the attack now. "That is a supervillain. I'm just a thief."

"A rogue," Ava added.

Rolling her eyes, Black Cat walked towards the other exit when her body came to a surprised, and unplanned stop. "Thieves go to jail, right?" Nik inquired as he sliced the gate with another construct of a space blade, this time, he personally observed the existence of the fiery red energy flashing for the briefest moment. As the gate collapsed towards the interior, a large figure clad in a black substance, alive and moving, its eyes covering a better half of the face and the other covered by a large set of jagged teeth and an elongated tongue. Rippling muscles and a good 2-meters height making the figure an absolute behemoth.

"What are you doing?!" Ava and Black Cat screeched together as Nik showed them instead of replying. Raising his hand, without the need to, but just to present him as the cause of the action, Nik covered the sludge in the glass chamber with his spatial element and pulled it into his Dream Core while keeping the other monstrosity in check. "I'm keeping things in place." Nik finally spoke up and looked at Ava, "Want to call backup now? I can't hold this forever."

"Let me go!" Black Cat shouted.

"Oh... about that. No." Nik shrugged while walking towards the figure whose saliva floated in front of him as if held by some strange wall. "And what do we have here..." Nik muttered in interest. "What happened to the other one?" Ava asked before Nik could investigate as he turned towards her and smiled, "I removed it out of the existence. Of course, I can do the same for you if you don't quieten down," Nik gestured towards Black Cat, of course, lying. Why would he kill an innocent alien lifeform or a woman? He was just doing what he felt normal. Sending a thief to jail and rescuing a living being from captivity.

"Can you speak?" Nik looked back the figure and touched the block-sized abdominal muscle. Well, the figure was towering so that's what Nik felt normal while touching. "Stop touching us!" The figure hissed as the face suddenly wriggle and actually redacted, giving away a human within the black mass as the man begged, "Please, help me" the biomass instantly covered over the man and screeched, "We don't need help! We are better! We help ourselves!"

"Yeah, that's a parasite, alright," Nik muttered, now fully aware of the working of this particular alien lifeform and did the same thing as before, pulling the black biomass into the Dream Core, making the n.a.k.e.d man fall on the floor due to a difference of 60 centimeters as White Tiger, who was poking at Black Cat's cheeks, much to the latter's annoyance, instantly shouted, "Hey! We needed to take it back!"

"Too late," Nik shouted in return. "Whatever that thing was, it was killing off this man. His liver almost failed him." Nik then turned back and shrugged, "Well, we know that there's a third one, right? We'll take that."

"Yeah... about that," Black Cat muttered, "I might have let it go. Now, for the love of god, can you please let me go?"

She smiled seductively, even winking towards Nik as White Tiger fumed, of course knowing how she just might persuade Nik into doing her biddings when Nik touched his mask and spoke innocently. "Ah? Did she do anything? I can't see."

He pleaded innocence while holding Black Cat with a space lock that did not stop gaseous state of matter from flowing. He really was getting good with his space manipulation just after a month of personalized training.


"The shit I do for my job!" A blonde man, muscular, peed against the tree while muttering in annoyance. "Jameson needs to understand that I need a clearing to enter the facility. Only that way I can find shit out for him but no, he wants to learn about his kid's death without helping me out." Gripping against the trunk, the man grunted and wiggled his h.i.p.s to get the last of the drops out.


The man. hurriedly looked behind and found a black film of flesh-like substance covering him from head-to-toe. "Oh, hell! What now"

His cries instantly stifled down as the black substance squirmed over his body.


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