Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 594

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 594 In A Pickle

Summer Vacations are known to be a recurrent fantasy of every student but once they enter the phase od vacation, all the students, most of the time, realize that vacations are overrated. In fact, not only Nik but others felt the same once again. Lying on the bed with a pink mass lazily stretching on his body, Nik connected himself to the newly created L.u.s.t Apostle once again. Being the origin in a manner, Nik held a greater control over the strange entity not to mention the fact that it was completely pure in thoughts being reborn just a while ago and the parasite's internal structure itself turned it quite subservient to Nik. In fact, Nik didn't have the ability to invoke control over anyone who had his bloodline. Surely, further down the line, he might just get such an ability but right now, the parasite itself submitted to Nik.

"It's no use. The entire mission was a ruse. Aside from Harmony and this guy, the trip was a waste of my time." Nik mumbled, "What do you say?" He touched the ball of aphrodisiac slobbering over him. "Should we get you a name?" Nik inquired softly. The previous parts of this parasite might have been independent but not this guy itself. "Ah... it would kind of help if you had some sort of stored genetic memories. Most of the species do..." Nik mumbled when he felt the slime squirming strangely. The bright pink blob let out a soft sloppy sound as it began fusing with Nik. Finding no problem with the act itself, already knowing that the mutated parasite didn't need fresh organs but simply a healthy host to survive now, Nik let the parasite connect with his body.

The pink mass dissolved into Nik's body as he continued to lay still. "Lola, scan my body for any dangers," Nik said out of slight consideration despite his confidence and closed his eyes, "I am going to rest. The noon is f.u.c.k.i.n.g harsh, I'll go out to shop for Anna and Mary in the evening." Meanwhile, his body entered into another state of enhancement brought by the strange companionship with the alien parasite. It was then Nik realized that he was supposed to kickstart the parasite. It did not have any form of coherent thoughts aside to bond with the being closest to it because it had submitted itself to Nik and expected him to begin the operation of sorts.

[The memories of the gene pool are attempting to connect with your mind,] Lola prompted as Nik led his consciousness towards the warmth that only wished to communicate. Feeling joyous at Nik's own initiative, 'it' began to move within him. The feeling was subtle and surreal and Nik felt like the movement originated from his own body. As if a strange organ unconstrained by flesh and blood. The moment Nik finally connected with the shreds of memories, his vision surrounded by glowing pink light darkened. "Secrets of... a god?" Nik mumbled, slowly sitting up as his body was instantly covered by a pink suit which turned into casual clothes quite instantly. "Permanent suit... nice," Nik muttered, "So, you want to be called Pickle?"

"Yes!" An effeminate voice whispered in Nik's ears as he continued to sit for a minute, rearranging his thoughts. "Gods... exist. Well, damn. But Sky, why aren't they rank 6? They seem powerful enough. The gods, that is." To his inquiry, Sky yawned, "It's more like a quantity-quality situation... wait, that's an incorrect similarity. I've always told you that the difference between Rank 5 and Rank 6 is based on soul. Of course, I won't ever tell you how to become one," she snickered, "but know this, usually, Rank 6 hosts are strong but to reach rank 6, strength is never the major factor. So, the strongest of rank 5 can destroy rank 6 and theoretically, even rank 9."

"Yeah, theories often crumble when met with supernatural elements so let's not go in that direction. And you are willing to tutor me on space manipulation but not how to reach rank 6?"


"Leave her master," Pickle spoke up softly, "She does not have the eyes to recognize your brilliance. Let us go on a crusade for power!"

"What the hell?" The remaining spirits exclaimed as Sky's expression turned bleak. Meanwhile, Nik smiled pleasantly.

"Alright, Pickle. You just got yourself a spot in my life," he snickered, "And can you keep your body cool if I go outside now? You can be my personal cooler."

"My weaknesses do not include high temperature and unbearable sound frequencies, Master. I can follow your command."

"Good! Goodnight Sky, Asmodeus, Lilith, and Lola, I'm going to go shop!"

Sky held herself with a snort and entered deep into the spiritual world, her mind now plotting revenge on the few minutes old Pickle instead of her father that caused her to lose all her powers in the first place. Well, Supreme Seraphim could blow Nik away with a breath so Pickle is all she could curse against.

As Nik stepped out, a pair of shoes formed over his body while he checked his information out. There wasn't any form of change in his energy reserves but he felt physically stronger.

[Name: Nik Minion

Age: 17

Limits: (Phantom Physique)

Bloodline: L.u.s.t Apostle/ ???

Talent: Exotic Escort, Balance, Perfect Eyesight, Skill Palace, Physical Genius, Limit Buster, Legacy Eyes, Wild Intuition

Profession: Imperfect Chimera

Physique F

Mental F-

Energy F-

Luck B+]

Presently, any strengthening to his consciousness wasn't marked with a rise in intellect. There is a limit to what one can think but how much? That could be raised. And since Nik's own experience and wisdom couldn't be categorized, the mental attribute of his could only provide with him enhanced reflexes, strengthened brain, and greater memory. Now, within less than two months of arriving in this world, Nik had actually surpassed his original body's strength by another rank, reaching the realms of rank 3 in terms of status. But as Sky just said, he could measure himself all he wants or get as strong as he wants, unless he breaks off his body's limiters while getting stronger simultaneously, only then can he actually... well, survive. That's what all his adventures gave him a chance for.

"Master!" Pickle suddenly exclaimed happily, "I can sense another one like me! It just entered my range!"

Pickle's range being 20 kilometers.

"Eh, who cares," Nik, instead, provided a considerable lack of excitement. "Let's just go shopping. Oh, and Pickle," Nik spoke up, "Refer to me as Nik. Master sounds rather corny."

"As you wish, Nik," Pickle's voice continued, "Are we going to shop? There is a chance that I can eat another symbiote! My biomass can increase and I can create more things from my body and even imitate harder substances!" Nik stopped in his tracks. Partly because of Pickle since it knew about its own abilities better than Nik and partly because of Ava walking out with Phil. "Oh, we were just going to call you," Phil spoke up with a tired smile, "We're going out for lunch, want to join?" He invited as Nik nodded. He did want to hang out with others, after all, so having lunch easily achieved that objective.

'Now that I think of it... the record of Nie Li I entered was quite different than what I read. The power system was completely different so...' Suddenly recalling one of the web novels he had taken upon in his homeworld, Nik gazed towards Phil and Ava walking a step forward from him, 'There is a chance that a version of Phil and Ava might be strongest, vile, or completely idiotic. It's amazing, now that I think of it. Hehe, maybe I can find my version and just discuss... well, women. S.e.x adventures... if he would actually be a chill guy.'

"I am sure that only you are the best version of yourself." Pickle stated confidently, making the others snorts as Nik smiled, "You all need to learn from Pickle! Just a few minutes in this world and it... know, I'll refer you as a lively gal. Where was I? Ah, yes. A few minutes and Pickle knows how to butter me up~!" His pleased voice rang within his spiritual world and the space of the Incomplete Chimera that held Lola.

"Where are we going?" Nik inquired with a grin as Phil welcomed the conversation quite eagerly. Clearly, he had been grilled by the apparent failure of the mission. "Junk Pizzas!" Phil smiled, "The best pizza we'll get around this place." He explained as they reached their rented car with Phil taking the driver's seat for himself and Ava sitting on the front seat this time. As Phil pulled out from the parking lot, Nik inquired, "Say, Phil, you never told us anything about your works. I am sure secret agents don't get articles for themselves. So? Did you save the world? Rescue a model and got all '007' on her? Have an archnemesis for yourself?" Nik inquired. His eyes lit with curiosity as he observed Phil's expression changing subtly. "It's nothing like that," Phil explained. "I know many agents with the wildest of stories but... I am desked with you guys. Superheroes. For all I care, I should be hearing your exploits? What was it? Ah, yeah, did you save a woman falling from a skyscr.a.p.er? Fooled out with your girl in the air?" He inquired back with a chuckle, making Nik slump back with a rather attractive pout for Ava.

"I can't fly!" Nik explained, "I can stand in the air but it's not the same as flying," Nik spoke with experience. "Yeah, flying definitely is cool," Phil smiled as Ava grunted, "It's an inconvenience."

"Every walker says that," Nik slumped his body down, letting his upper body lay on the entire seat as he looked forward, "Doesn't S.H.I.E.L.D have a set of jetpacks? I mean... I'd rather join you guys for jetpacks rather than some worldwide agenda." Nik snickered as Phil considered the possibility. "Anyway," changing the topic, Ava looked forward and inquired, "You never told us why you helped whoever you did back in the city."

"Oh, I had nothing else to do," Nik replied.

"Is that it?" Ava seemed rather offended by the answer as Nik nodded, "Yes. But for personal reasons, I try to stop s.e.x.u.a.l predators as much as I can. Especially those who do not have the courtesy of even getting a nice room for themselves."

"Is that your group of targets? Then why would you even attack Triads?" Phil inquired, raising Nik's eyebrow slightly.

"Investigating bombings in the city. Once again, out of personal reasons," Nik muttered as Phil nodded. He already knew the fact that Nik had been one of the affected citizens in the recent bombings.

"Anyway, did you guys know that there's a mind controller in the city?" Nik inquired with a smile, "That guy made everyone fight each other n.a.k.e.d. Quite the guy, huh," Nik inquired as Phil's and Ava's brows creased in annoyance. "Hmm? You both know about the manipulator, right? Come on, tell me," Nik sat up straight once again, leaning forward as he whispered into Ava's ear in a tantalizing blow of breath, "We are trying to be friends, right?" He inquired with a snicker as Phil almost lost his concentration while Ava's cheeks finally flushed crimson and she hissed while leaning towards the door. "Stop that!" Glaringly at Nik's grinning face, she spat, "Purple Man! That's what he goes by. We haven't made any decision to approach that person."

"Not until you guys find out an efficient method to resist his powers, I presume." Nik guessed correctly as he sat back. It was quite easy to resist mind manipulation for Nik. Only his mind and nervous system were strengthened to an inhumane level, he himself had the experience to deal with such powers.

"Ehm," coughing softly, Phil pulled over and stopped the car. "We're here." He pointed towards the establishment as Ava stepped out of the car.


"Eddie, I have never sensed anything like this before!" Venom whispered, "This sibling is too strong. But strangely polite, unlike Riot. We must meet it."

"Just shut up," Eddie snarled, his body filled with sweat when suddenly, he found his body being covered in the black substance as a truck ran over him with a blaring horn. At least, that's what the surprised surroundings felt when Eddie's body was blasted off from the ground, propelled into the sky as he crashed into the fourth floor of a building. The black membrane still hadn't covered Eddie's body so his skin was covered with cuts and his body broken before the black substance diluted and mended Eddie completely.

"Now I am really hungry!" Venom screeched, his voice making Eddie shiver before Venom whispered, "I did not mean to scare you, Eddie. But it is your liver or someone else's. Anything fresh!" Venom emphasized, making Eddie run away from the employees on the floor hurrying towards Eddie to help him up. "I get it! I get it! I am going to the butcher!" Eddie shouted, leaving a group of confused people on his trail.

"Sir," meanwhile, in the Carlton's Penthouse, a black-suited bald man spoke up, "We have found the remaining test subject. It is held by someone named Eddie Brock."

"Then what are you waiting for?" Carlton glared, "Bring me my property!"