Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 598

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 598 Loose Ends

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"Taskmaster?" Phil furrowed his brows before easing once again and smiling. "It doesn't matter at the moment. The mission is complete and Captain Steve Rogers is on his way to New York City with Martinez. He might suspect our involvement but Nik here has made his first 'official' dub as Vanish... Taskmaster is one of the best human mercenaries out there and the word will spread," smiling towards Nik, Phil stretched his hand towards Nik, "Let me welcome you into this 'community'." His words making Nik grin as he shook Phil's hand. 'Taskmaster isn't ordinary by any means, though,' Nik thought internally. That person had the prime physique with his nervous system meant to adapt to every form of movement and pattern, something, Nik also had but surprisingly at a slightly shorter frame. That situation was now patched when Nik made Pickle modify his current physique.

"Well, I did expect a greater reception," Nik looked at the dull motel room and then sighed, "Beggars can't be choosers, I guess."

"About your payment, it will be home delivered to you," Phil smirked and then stood up, "Now, let's return. We got our tickets for today afternoon. We are going back," Phil turned and began packing as Nik and Ava left. "Hey," Before Ava entered her room, she called out for Nik, "My powers come from the tiger amulet that I keep close," she stated, "I now understand a little bit about your powers so it made sense that I tell you about mine," Ava spoke, "Not to mention, the ride yesterday night was amazing."

"Once again," Nik flashed her a grateful smile, "I'm glad that we are on the same page. And don't worry, even without your amulet, I can tell you're plenty awesome. Just don't growl like a tiger... try purring," His words met with a rather guttural growl as Ava entered her room without looking back. Meanwhile, Nik stopped from opening his room and looked towards the direction of the Life Foundation headquarters. His expression grew pleased as he observed a black monstrosity wrecking the entire building with extreme prejudice. Those movements, those roars, and the primal savageness made Nik grin. "That's how it works, huh?" Nik inquired as he finally entered his room. Instantly, a pink tendril with the white color scheme laced out of his shoulder before the color shifted towards white itself. The slimy membrane covering Nik turned into a form of external musculature as Nik's face was instantly covered with white tendrils. His height grew a little above two meters, the wooden floor beneath Nik's enormous set of feet creaked in agony.

Looking down, Nik gazed at his own form with a violent looking patch of black instead of pink which Pickle had wanted originally. "This feels amazing," Nik's voice grew to a change and now sounded genderless. Not too gruff and not too sweet either. "I know!" Pickle chimed alongside Nik. It definitely felt weird but just the intimate connection with Pickle felt way too addictive. It was as if Nik had another body over himself. Senses connected instead of separated like in his consciousness realm. "So this is my super-hero suit?" Nik inquired rhetorically, grinning wildly and revealing a set of pure white jagged teeth. "Pickle, did I call you awesome yesterday?" Nik queried.

"Yes, four times!" Pickle snapped out a reply.

"Make it five. You're awesome!" Nik chuckled before Pickle receded on Nik's commands and turned into a set of a casual outfit with a cooling effect. "Ah, the summer's heat is my bitch," Nik muttered before walking out. There was nothing to pack in his room and he had even put his result of the shopping in Dream Core.


It was a mayhem! Carlton looked with an expression full of horror. What he thought was the future of humanity, a being of beauty, a ray of hope, now ran through his building. The employees for the most part were unharmed. Why? Because they ran instead of fighting the monster off. A humanoid bald-like pitch-black figure full of malice, longe red tongue waving through the speed of its sprint and its spit flowing out in rivers, its large claws smashing every and any guard down without a single moment of a breather. The bloody scene itself paralyzing as Carlton held his armrest tightly. Beads of sweat flowing down his forehead when his expression changed once again.


With a horrifying crunch, the figure bit off one of the man's head, leaving a fountain of blood and the sight of the pure white spine a as the dead figure fell on his knees, pulling loud screams from the throats of every witness as the figure actually jumped, tearing through the floor from the sheer density of its body and that's when Carlton lost his visual from the display and found the monster jumping into his room from the lower room with a maniacal grin, large white eyes boring into him and slightly bloodied set of teeth. "Speak, human! Why do you chase us?" Venom growled, his massive body taking a step forward, "We've come." He smiled. The monster smiled as Carlton's gaze widened in pure terror. If he felt horrified by the existence through the screen, now seeing it in front of his eyes, peed his pants.

"Please, I didn't want to hurt you," Carlton explained hurriedly, "I brought you and the other symbiotes to"

"You smell," Venom cut Carlton's explanation short before punching the man in the head dismissively, sending him flying through the window if the top floor. "And do not mention my siblings. They are nothing but a bully!" He roared. As the citywide police force was tasked again with a mission to contain a giant monstrosity, this time, black in color, Nik, Ava, and Phil boarded the flight. The trip had been barely eventful and that's after considering the monetary rewards. He got a cute symbiote, his strength took a major boost, his reflexes were now almost photographic in nature, his relationship with Ava took a boost, he had a one 'plane' stand with Harmony, he got to put Captain America in unconsciousness by making a rock fall on his head. Oh, he also got thirty thousand bucks in straight bills. At least, he expected so. And all of this in three days, the bare minimum time appointed to the mission.

As the plane took off, Nik gave the direction of Venom's outrageous attacks one last look as he wondered, 'However will he ever get past the airplane security? Pickle doesn't have the aversion to high-pitched frequencies. I wonder if this trait can be trained to resists.' His thought process was broken as he found one of the stewardess gazing at him rather seductively. Of course, it was one of the many glances she wished to steal without any hope of reciprocation but between Ava snoring by his side, Phil watching Die Hard for the umpteenth time, Nik decided to engage with the ravishing company even if it would only last for a few hours. Samantha, this time.

With the flight overcome, the trio finally went on their own way after Phil dropped Nik off, and waiting for him in the apartment was a briefcase beside Mary, the mature redhead holding her head in annoyance while Anna jumping around. Literally. "I am back!" Nik announced, grinning with his arms spread open, expecting both of the women to jump into his embrace with squeaks of delight but only Ann did such an act with commitment, her hands wrapping around Nik's back as she exclaimed, "Mom! Money is back!" Her words pulling dark looks from Nik and Mary simultaneously. 'Ah, so that's what this is about...' Nik thought to himself as Anna kept exclaiming 'money' in a cute hum while helping Nik settle down. "All that talk about not fighting crimes and you just joined Shield the first opportunity you got?" She clearly wasn't in the best mood. It was understandable and Nik could empathize with what she was feeling. It wasn't about fighting crime but joining a dangerous occupation. At first, when Nick Fury decided to expose himself to Nik, it gave Mary the perfect chance to finally gain an equal ground to share her life and experiences with Nik. But joining it was completely different.

Shield was dangerous. Every aspect of it was. The organization was an object of continuous political harassment, the agents weren't given the Christmas bonus, the other secret organization would always try to dwindle down the forces of Shield and now with the organization stepping up to superheroes, the entire game had changed completely.

"It wasn't the first chance," Nik coughed, "And this is on the basis of mission. I haven't joined them," Nik surprised Mary with the information while leaning forward and kissing her forehead, "I just thought that I should contribute in any manner I can. I still am going to try and become a lawyer in this world, at an appropriate age, of course. Well, I can always dub as a phenomenal genius and clear the Bar early on," he grinned, "And, I know you didn't want any pets so I want you to meet Pickle. She isn't a pet, mind you," Nik smiled, his collars turning into pink gooey substance before what seemed like Pickle's facial features formed and she greeted, "I am Pickle, Nik's pickle!"

With a burdening silence now flooding the living room with Ann's hands still on the briefcase with the intention of smacking its surface, the two women looked at each other before gazing back at the floating Pickle.


"You are back!" Ava found herself falling on back out on the hall with a slightly heavy woman on her body, hugging Ava tightly. "I shouldn't have given you the keys to my apartment," Ava grunted in annoyance, pushing Cindy's face away as Silk's lips were puckered into a disgusting smooching face. "Get away! You are crushing me!" Ava emphasized, making Cindy put a look of annoyance as she stood back up and huffed with a disgruntled expression. "I was really worried about you," Cindy crossed her arms as Ava slowly stood up with an impassive expression. "If you are here does that mean..."

"No, Widow isn't here, Cindy grinned as she walked back to the apartment while Ava muttered, "Sure, you won't help me with the luggage."

"Shouldn't have called me fat!" Cindy shouted from the inside as Ava continued, "I never called you fat. I said you were crushing me. Bulldozers crush, think what you will."


Instantly, a small ball of web splatted and covered Ava's mouth. Yes, she was surprised but not too excited due to the single fact that the webbing also closed off her nostrils, and while she scratched the web surface in a panic, Ava found that she simply couldn't pry it off. With widened eyes, she threw her luggage at Cindy, which she avoided by jumping on the ceiling. "Hey!" Cindy turned back to complain only to find out Ava glaring at her and hurriedly pointing at her nose. "Oh, shit! The webbing wasn't solid enough!" Jumping down, Cindy showed her ability to control her webbing extensively as she easily peeled the layer cleanly. "Damn, bitch!" Ava cursed and that she did rarely, even with her friends, "You almost killed me!"

"And you called me a bulldozer, what's your point?" Without finding any need to back down, Cindy narrowed her gaze. Accidents happen when it comes to superpowers, right? She accidentally closed off her friend's nostrils, so what? No biggie!

"My point is," Ava took Cindy's hand and pulled her close, her flaring gaze making Cindy a little embarrassed, "Playing with your superpowers isn't funny. Today you blocked my nostrils and tomorrow, you'll clog an innocent's throat. You need to be the one in control of your powers, not the other way around. Interact with them, not use them!" Ava finally let go of Cindy's hand as the woman named Silk took a step back, now feeling guilty. Maybe she had gotten on high horses after a few days of training with Natasha. "As things are right now, you are far away from Nik and you told me that both of you were bitten together, right? I saw him, Cindy," Ava picked her bag up and finally slumped on the couch, "Nik... he's the master of his own power, so much so that being a superhero is a sport for him. He has what it takes to have an actual life and I just want... us to have the same things, too."

"I understand," Cindy mumbled as she sat beside Ava, lowering her head, "Besides that point, did I tell you that I got Junior's connection protected?" Cindy recalled her adventurous tales of how she fought against Albert Junior's right to free internet. The little guy hadn't even reached his seventh birthday and he had begun watching p.o.r.n! Cindy was fourteen when she began her endeavors so as the older sibling, it was her responsibility for Albert to feel frustrated. "Is that it? I met Captain America, the real one, not the other guy running with guns blazing in Harlem and Hell's Kitchen. I got to break into a super research facility. And, I enjoyed Nik's ride."

"You did what?" Cindy gaped, her scent leaking unconsciously and making Ava realize the possible misinterpretation of her sentence. "I meant his ability to move quickly."

"Oh yeah?" Now Cindy seemed even more suspicious.

"Gah! He made me feel weak when he almost"

"Aaaaaghhhh! I don't wanna listen anymore!" in hurry, Cindy webbed Ava's face once again, this time, perfect enough for Ava to glare while breathing through her nostrils. "Don't you give me lecture again," Cindy glared back this time, "Nobody told me that you guys would hook-up. Where was the mission in? Hookersvile? Downtown to Pile Station? Town of D.i.c.ksons?" She spat coldly and stood up, making her way to Ava's bedroom and closing it unceremoniously.