Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 599

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 599 Spider Gwen Pool

"Alright, let's do it again," Gwen stood in front of her mirror. She gazed at her hair, still containing cute pink streaks and her outfit now wildly different. "I returned from London early because I easily passed the requirements for the diploma." She gazed herself into the mirror, a smile forming on her lips as she nodded. "Is that it? That's what you want to tell those guys? Come on! You were in London! Knock Knock! Hello? Any souvenirs?" A voice belonging to someone that nobody except Gwen could see, spoke up. Gwen looked down to her left shoulder, since the person wasn't reflected on the mirror, Gwen had to turn her head every now and then to gaze 'them'. There she sat, her palm-sized, perfectly proportionate body covered in a pink leotard with a white color scheme, pink boots, and the dress extending to a mask that had a bit of clothing left hanging on the backside of her head. "Shut up!" Gwen grunted, "And you aren't going to say anything stupid in front of them, Pool!"

"Well, you shouldn't have let your friend do that magic. I mean, our consciousness is now in this universe so we are kind of a ghost," Another voice just as similar as Gwen and Gwenpool reminded. Dressed in a bodysuit with a white hoody over her spider-like mask, Spider-Gwen continued, "Maybe you should explain to our dad, at least, how Kiara just made some hocus pocus and brought more of his daughters.

"Thank you for catching the readers up," Gwenpool grinned, "Now, Gwen, what I am going to say is extremely important," Pool stood up and walked closer to Gwen's enormous ear, "You have to pay this Nik back. He pulled your panties and now it's time for you to pull his!"

"Don't listen to her," Spider rolled her eyes, jumping and skillfully making her way towards the shoulder occupied by Pool. "Hey, this is my flesh base!" Before her complaints could register, she was shoved back by Spider, "You came to hang out, right? Just do that."

"Away, you bug!" Pool pushed spider away, making her tumble down Gwen's shoulder before peacefully falling on Gwen's bosom and barely holding herself up. Pool on the other hand whispered, "When you meet him, pull his underpants so hard that his balls are pushed in!" Chuckling nefariously, Pool continued, "Maybe give him a super massage after that and make him fall for you, too."

'Let's do this again,' Gwen rolled her eyes, 'I am Gwen Stacy. My friend actually performed real magic and now, I am stuck with two consciousness of myself from another universe where they proclaim to be superheroes but considering that only I can see them, I think... I'm going clinically insane.'

Unwilling to hear the Gwenpool and Spider-Gwen arguing again on how to approach a situation, Gwen plugged her earphones to the jack of her smartphone and began listening to her favorite beat drops. 'Kalicity? I love her!' Gwenpool's cackling echoed in Gwen's head as she sighed. She did forget that her mind wasn't a personal space anymore. Not minding it though and still believing the fact that she might have just gone mad, Gwen accepted her situation and pulled her Capri pants up, pulling a whistle from Gwenpool.

"Sometimes I forget why some guys would want to pull your panties away! Spider! She got an ass better than both of us combined! I'm definitely going to become a ballet dancer!"

'They aren't real! You're just complimenting your own butt subconsciously!' Gwen mumbled internally before combing her hair slightly to look good enough as Spider-Gwen glared at Gwenpool. "Shut up already! We might just break her!"

"But that's what the readers want! And the ass!" Gwenpool complained for the umpteenth time, "I can't go through all the explanation, but... even I want the same thing for once!" She grinned, her mask only covering the top of her face with a pink layer of goggles covering her eyes and her lips widening with the greatest grin.

"Ah, I'm late!" Gwen exclaimed as she looked at the time and quickly walked out of the room, grabbing her backpack alongside and locking her door. It was already evening and with nothing else to do, she had already called Anna and made plans with 'her' only. The voices in her head had made it extremely awkward for Gwen to even look at Nik since she wasn't sure if she might do something inappropriate under Ann's presence. Why today? Because Nik was actually out with Mary to learn more about her work.

"So... Mary is the hot mother. And a hunk is out with her? Gah, my mind is a gutter!" Gwenpool hissed, making Spider-Gwen snort but the woman herself kept her silence while Gwen blushed hard at the words of her subconscious. "I really need to get some medicine," the blonde muttered as she locked the door to her apartment and walked down the stairs. The elevator was out of order due to annual servicing and the walk down the stairs was long! Emphasis on long! Gwenpool just won't sit quietly. She would jump on Gwen's head, try and force Spider-Gwen to play tag with her on Gwen's body and she would actually slip into Gwen's clothes. The worst part was, while she actually felt the sensation of touch, there was not a single bulge in her clothes, aside from her moderate bust. "Cut it out!" Gwen finally hissed loudly, attracting attention from others on the street as both of them stopped, obediently sitting on their respective shoulders as Gwen nodded. "They really stopped at my words. As expected, it wasn't magic but my own mind. I'll... ask dad..." Gwen mumbled while hearing Gwenpool's voice.

"It's too late. She's already broken! That's why everyone should learn the theory of multiverse to avoid mental collapse."

"Or talk to Reed Richards," Spider-Gwen added, "Oh, but he isn't Mr. Fantastic yet. Give it a year, probably. Was it after Galactus tried to eat earth?"

"Stop!" Gwenpool groaned, "Don't spoil it for others! There are so many spectators! I really want Wilson to explain everything! Wait, his female version! Yes, I want Wanda Wilson to explain everything!" she chimed.

Shaking her head, Gwen simply called for a cab while bobbing her head to the beats of the song playing in her head as she firmly held the strap of her backpack. Now her mind was blabbering about people she didn't know and of course, she didn't feel comfortable. A cab finally rolled in and picked Gwen up as she sent the details of the cab to her dad, one of the many things George had drilled into her daughter as a measure for safety. Within fifteen-minute, Gwen reached Anna's building and pressed the ringer for Anna to buzz her in and when Ann replied to her door, Gwenpool gaped, "The hunk is 'deep' into her? This girl is divine!"

'Gah, don't go calling other girls divine!' Spider-Gwen sighed, already on the verge of giving up on her other Multiversal self. Gwenpool's words instantly made Gwen stammer as she now felt confused about her orientation when Nik walked up, surprising the trio blondes, "Leave that girl! Now 'that' is divine!" The overzealous self of Gwen and Spider-Gwen exclaimed something that the two could finally agree upon unanimously.

"W-what are you doing here?" Gwen inquired as she staggered into the apartment as Nik tilted his head with an embarrassed expression, "Mary kicked me out of her team and booked me a cab. Said that I was, too distracting," Nik recalled how his presence was actually bothering Mary's interviews with other people, especially females and a few 'bold' men on the site. Well, it could also be the fact that Nik wasn't letting her rest after every interview and would always look for a chance to get his hands on her assets in a rather plain view. All things considered, Mary only sent Nik away after she herself was satisfied with the particular escapade.

"Oh, baby, you can distract me with those"

"Do not complete that sentence!" Spider-Gwen shouted in a hurry while a crimson streak touched Gwen's cheeks and Nik looked at the two tiny figures that Anna didn't seem to have noticed. It was only a glance and boy did the girl with a leotard and tiny but tasteful thighs had stuff to say. 'Wait... what are 'these' in the first place? The personification of a devil and angel on one's shoulders that allow someone to make a decision... if yes, then why the hell am I seeing them and hearing them... could they be...'

Nik came to the conclusion that he didn't like at all, 'Ghosts?' His first and only encounter with a ghost had been strange, eerie, and slightly traumatic. Nobody should ever name their pet the color of their fur! No-one! And yet, that ghostly bitch kept calling 'Kuro, kuro,' as if the ghost of the cat would actually want to do anything with her.

"Oh," Gwen nodded as Ann pulled her in, "We were just starting our assignments. Come, we have strawberry power pop!" The brunette with high twintails grinned, "Nik even brought a family pack of nachos so we have snacks already prepared."

"Right," Gwen entered through the hallway and found a few notebooks spread across the table with the gaming console plugged into the television, and the game itself paused. Seeing the focus of her gaze, Ann coughed seriously, "We couldn't save. This is a boss fight."

"The boss fight we are clearing for the third time," Nik commented, earning him a glare as Ann hissed, "Then why don't you create the seventh part of Sagely Scrolls?"

"Right, right," Nik nodded with a shrug, "Let's complete the battle and get to work, yeah?" He inquired while pressing the bowl of snacks towards Gwen as she sat on the single-seater couch adjacent to the middle one where Nik and Anna sat together, "Here you go. Just give us a few minutes and we'll get back to you."

"Oh, boy! Did you two hear it?" Gwenpool smirked, "Am I the only one with 'that' kind of mind or the readers 'felt' that, too?" She exclaimed, making the remaining Gwens and Nik flinch for a moment. 'Who the hell is she talking to? Ghosts are damn confusing,' Nik muttered. He would try to held Gwen but the voices of those 'ghosts' sounded just like Gwen so maybe... they were her ancestors or something who came for an annual inspection? After all, Nik had just come to this world for a little over two months and he didn't have all the supernatural information on the people he knew of. With the boss slain quite skillfully due to already committing to the task three times within an hour, Nik, Anna, Gwen, and ghost gwens began to prepare for the assignment. "Say, Gwen, what was that diploma about? You cleared it within days, must have been easy," Ann mumbled, "Was it art?"

"Wow... that just offended every artist," Gwenpool commented while looking at the numbers on the paper while Spider-Gwen laid lazily over the edger of the bowl of nachos. "It was new theories about genetic engineering, just beginners stuff, so it was easy to understand within two days." The blonde explained while Nik avoided even getting close to Gwenpool and picked another sheet and began scribbling on the sheet. "What are you doing?" Ann looked over curiously as Nik shrugged, "Just scribbling down what we need. I'll just 'outsource' my assignments," he grinned. "That's low," Spider-Gwen grunted and flinching once again, Nik coughed, "On the other note, it's just typing a few assignments on word, wouldn't take more than a few days so I'll save some money."

The other girls looked at him weirdly but Nik didn't feel like explaining. He would be damned if he did something against the wishes of a ghost. In fact, he will definitely ask someone else to complete his assignment but only once he's sure that no Gwen ghosts are following him.

"Ahahaha," Gwenpool laughed nervously and looked at Spider-Gwen, "He couldn't possibly hear us, right?"

Even Spider-Gwen sat up from the edge of the bowl and looked at Nik with a burning gaze. Taking her mask off, alongside Gwenpool, they both jumped in front of Nik, focusing on his pupils and seeing them unmoved, they looked at each other awkwardly. Then they looked back at Gwen, who seemed almost on the edge of bursting as she continued to try and 'control' her two subconscious images. "Maybe he can't see us after all," Spider-Gwen sighed while Gwenpool thought for a moment and grinned, "Well then, we can sit on his shoulder and become his devils, right?" She snapped her head towards Nik, matching his gaze as Nik's lips parted.

"You can see us!" They both exclaimed.

"You can see them?" Gwen herself was astounded by the realization while Ann looked down at herself. "You can see what? I am wearing a top," she inquired with a confused expression as Nik coughed, "I... am going to the bathroom. Don't follow... my stomach is acting weirdly. In fact, I need to go get some medicines."

He stood up in a hurry with Gwenpool jumping and propelling herself, "Whhhheeeeeee! You aren't going anywhere!"

Needless to say, his spatial barries was useless as the figure latched itself on Nik's t-shirt and crawled up quickly. "Hunky boi!" She grinned.


It was unlike Mary to avoid Nik but she was on the edge. Literally. Her clothing already earned her plenty of attention but with Nik, Mary received attention from both the genders if she simply considered things normally. People these days wanted every orientation to be a gender, one of the more elaborate complications of the right to speech and freedom of choices. "Mary, you remember that orgy mania?" Linda hurriedly inquired as Mary nodded, "Yeah, the boss was n.a.k.e.d right there. Everybody remembers it!" The alluring redhead smirked and emphasize, pulling a chuckle from Linda before she shook her head. "It's happening again," stated Linda. "81st street! We need to get there quickly! And cover as much as we can in a live footage or else censored it is later in the feed," without waiting for Mary to consider her options, Linda pulled Mary into her car, and took Mary's keys from her.

"Hey, Grant, get the station to the 81st! We're going ahead!" Linda pointed at the mobile station and ignited the engine. 'Nik did say yesterday that it is due to some pervert with superpowers...' Thinking till here, Mary hurriedly called for Nik, of course, knowing fully well that she might not be affected by the strange situation after Nik's assurance but what about others? And it really was an unconsenting orgy which only lasted for a minute but it shook a better half of the city so unwilling to let her crewmates actually go through such a trauma, Mary called for Nik's assistance.

"Got it!" Nik's reply came instantly and he, too, sounded a little hurried. "I'll reach there within a few moments and don't get too close to the crowd. I might use my pheromones in case of any mishappening but wouldn't want you in the harm's way altogether." Assuring Nik for the same, Mary fastened her seatbelt.


Back in Mary's apartment, as Gwenpool crawled up to Nik's shoulder, his mobile phone suddenly rang, showing the caller's name to be saved as Tigress. Picking the call, Nik spoke up with a slightly unnerved tone, "Yeah? Ava. Hmm, I just heard that so don't worry. Of course. It's the last time, do you want me to gift wrap him for you? Oh, ok, simple delivery it is."

Ending the call, Nik looked at Gwen with a wry expression and now knowing that Gwen knew the fact he could see ghosts, Nik picked Gwenpool, making the trio yelp while Anna c.o.c.ked her eyebrows in annoyance. "Sorry, I really need to leave. In fact, I just received Mary's text, too," Nik pretended to gaze into the phone while casually flinging Gwenpool towards Gwen and waving at Anna. "I'll be back in a few minutes, promise. Want me to bring something else?"

"Oh! Pastries!" Anna smiled.

"Cola!" Gwenpool squeaked in a distressed voice as Gwen just sat in her seat, still trying to process the situation. Those weren't his subconscious? Nik could see them? No, he could TOUCH them?! And Cola? Really? You find out that someone else can see you and that's your reaction?

"But... nothing is ever too strange in fiction, right?" Gwenpool shrugged, dipping herself in the Strawberry pop with a satisfied sigh leaking from her lips, "Haha! Always wanted to do this!"