Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 600

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 600 Purple No More

"Oh, yeah, this is definitely a perverted mastermind," Nik gazed at the crowd who had broken out of the control of Purple Man. Most were n.a.k.e.d and four of the couples even fornicated... well, it wasn't a proper experience since all the pheromones were used up and diluted with the addition of an even greater crowd. "You did it every time you had orgies back then," Lilith pointed out. Although they had been awoken later, the trio had witnessed Nik from his birth. They knew everything about him. Well, the things Nik actually experienced. "It is different," Nik grunted, his body overlapped with a set of external musculature pure white in color as Pickle turned Nik into their symbiote form. Sniffing, Nik gazed at the building across the street. It was a hotel while Nik rolled his eyes, "I was the one doing that and I made sure everyone actually enjoyed it. Corruption and non-consensual s.e.x are completely different."

"Some might argue that the latter is better in long term," Sky spike up, making Nik scoff, "Nonsense. S.e.xual corruption is the best. Although, I won't try to actually assert it on others. I guess I have been lucky to attract like-minded individuals," Nik mused as he easily shifted into the seventh floor of the other building. The windows were open around the hotel rooms after all, which allowed Nik to easily pass through many floors. 'Reappearing' next to a heavily fortified room with men in black suits blazing in modern weaponry, Nik waved his slightly bigger hand and grinned, painting a terrifying picture that caused every single one of the guards to flinch. "Next time, if you want to bomb the streets with s.e.x dust, make sure to get away so you still don't reek with it."

"Fire!" One of the blondes shouted, his face twisted into knots of anger and surprise as all the men aimed their guns at Nik and rained a hell of bullets, this time, Nik not even being inclined to cover himself with a spatial lock as Pickle simply snickered within Nik's mind in a maddened manner. With bullets creating a layer on Nik's body, the man himself stood when suddenly, thick patches of the white goo shot out and held the seven men who thought guns still solved everything. Well, they weren't wrong, they just needed bigger, and more powerful guns. "Gah!" One of them shouted. He was the lucky one with his face uncovered unlike the remaining six. "Just get on with it," Nik shrugged and walked towards the door, rotating the knob as the thick tendrils holding the men swung each of them against the wall, breaking their bones and rending their bodies useless.

"Well, hello there," Nik smiled while peeking his head in, gazing at a row of women standing in defensive stance silently while a man sat behind them with a slightly relieved expression. His skin completely purple, quite literally and his scent abhorrent. "I shouldn't kill someone just because their sweat smells bad," Nik mumbled to himself as the man continued to keep to his seat. The bed itself was ruffled and three of the women were n.a.k.e.d and slightly exhausted. It didn't matter since the remaining five were dressed in a manner that they were actually better off n.a.k.e.d. "Hey, if your skin is light purple, your d.i.c.k must be even darker," Nik commented as he walked in fully, his head slightly away from the ceiling as Purple Man narrowed his gaze.

While his pheromones leaked, Nik scrunched his brows, "Don't, man. Just don't. It smells like a really dirty and silent fart to me so it won't work," Nik shook his head and covered his face, "You're really giving off a disgusting impression even when it's our first time," waving his other hand extremely quickly, creating a gust so sharp that it pushed the women in the middle of the row back while causing the windowpane behind Purple Man leading to the balcony crack, Nik grinned, "Of course, I won't kill you, but I can't have a disgusting waste like this run amok... I'll just purify you," his smile sending chills down the man's spine as he shouted, "Attack him! Let's see if he hurts innocent women!" While Purple Man wore an elegant robe, his expression was anything but regal that went with the luxury surrounding him while the women in the greatest pieces of victorian secret jumped on Nik.

"Just hold them down," Nik's 'clothing' stretched into a patch of thick tendrils once again, smacking the girls against the wall and holding the growling team of chicks in place as Nik made his way towards Purple Man.

"Even if you hand me to the police, I'll be getting out soon. There's no way I can't escape with my powers intact." While fearing for his life, the man proclaimed.

"Did you never consider how you even create your pheromones? You don't have a female's private organ so you can't release it like usual," holding Purple Man's head and pulling him up, making the man gag against Nik's palm as the white-suited monster clutched Purple Man's head even harsher, Nik continued, "As expected. A cl.u.s.ter of patches creating an independent organ. Pickle, I am teaching you how to remove them, just... don't be gentle when you tear his body apart."

"Yes," with Pickle's flesh entering Purple Man's body and moving about in the direction instructed by Nik, tearing apart the ducts under Purple Man's skin, the offender shouted loudly. His scream barely reaching down from the seventh floor as Purple Man felt the worst pain of his life and that's considering how he got his heart broken. He officially found his horizons broadened before falling on the ground as the girls around Nik lost their consciousness. With Purple Man's skin turning normal, his body now in a puddle of purple liquid, and Nik dissatisfied by the sheer ease in completion of the mission, Nik pulled his phone out from the Dream Core and contacted Ava.

"Hey, Ava? Hmm, yeah. The seventh floor of Rander's Keep. 706. There are unconscious armed thugs, and there are also women in compromising position so bring in support appropriately." Looking at Pickle slowly letting the girls down on the bed, Nik pulled the sheets over them and continued wryly, "Purple Man won't be a problem to anyone anymore but keep him in a different lockout. He seemed rather confident in his ability to be a free man again. Yep, and this is where we consider you actually owing me," he grinned and ended the call before gazing at the girls, his gaze ponderous.

"Nik?" Pickle inquired as Nik shook his head, "I was just thinking if I should erase whatever they went through, or numb their reaction you know... but... that's not necessary," taking a deep breath, Nik turned on his heels and shifted out of the room when he felt a team of elites bringing a group of female nurses and doctors to the scene. The backup had already arrived. Now reappearing on the roof, Nik thought about his option of leaving the women to their own devices. Obviously, the trauma would take a toll on their mind deeply but... even his ability to go out of a limb for females for obvious reasons, Nik really didn't feel like changing their situation.

"I guess... it really is hard trying to act like you actually care about strangers," Nik kept Pickle 'on' until he got closer to his apartment after looking towards Mary from a considerable distance.

Stopping near the store, Pickle turned into his previous outfit once again as Nik went off to purchase a bottle of Cola and then made his way towards the nearest bakery to buy four german chocolate pastries.


After the recent capture of Goblin, Tony had helped the City inadvertently when a man using high-tech wings and going by the name of Vulture decided to target one of his shipments required for the completion of Project Extremis. The city was crawling with people wanting to ensue chaos using enhanced people and strange techs but Tony couldn't keep track of everything. With the help of extremis, however, he just might. Still within his mansion outside the city, Tony played with his holographic genetic code while having Jarvis spy on Shield. At least, try to. Word is that the organization had taken successful steps in the retraction of Osborn's gene enhancement but the people he sent his formula to aside from Tony were still a mystery. No genetically enhanced monsters had made any appearance, after all.

"Sir, the Star Ship launched illegally is making a return. It just sped through our Silver League's Satellite," Jarvis' report came in quite suddenly, making Tony stop in his tracks. With a haggard look plastered on his face, his back slightly hunched and a black vest covering his torso, Tony looked up from the formula that had extended to the length of almost a meter and that's considering that Tony's handwriting wasn't enlarged. "Star Ship? You mean Richards and his entourage? Hah! They launched to discover alien lifeforms. There's no way that they could return this quickly." Though Tony said that, he also remained aware of the fact that Jarvis couldn't lie despite his current exhaustion.

"Alright, clear my schedule for the day. Contact Minister... no, put me through One-Eyed Master of International Ship, Nick Fury." Tony stretched his arm and stood up from his seat, waving his hand and stowing away the equation he had been working on. Even if the current practice of bringing change to his genetics weren't Tony's greatest powers, he still had enough knowledge and support from Jarvis was more than enough... however, Reed is the one known publicly to have made greatest achievements in such aspect alongside the fact that any other bio-tech geniuses might be hidden away by organizations that could compete against Stark Industries.

"Director Fury?" Tony looked at Nick's large face through the holographic screen prompting in front of him, "I just wanted to check if you actually called on the services I suggested. You do know that I get points if you call other gals, right?" He smiled, not even bothering to hide the side project he had been working on while providing some maintenance to his repulsor blaster. "While I would like to enjoy your sick sense of humor, Mr. Stark, why don't you begin with the favor you wish to ask of me?" Nick inquired, unfazed by Tony's actions.

"Oh, come on," Tony rolled his eyes, "You don't think I am that materialistic, right?"

"What I do know is," Nick sighed, "That you called me to see if I can get you in contact with Reed Richards who just entered the atmosphere and take care of the Federal Government for you. Does that seem right?"

"Really, you would do that for me?" Tony held his hands together with a wide expression, "How sweet, Director. I really took you for a wrong person the first time. You can ask anything from me, as long as it isn't illegal, of course."

"As if that ever stopped you," Nick scoffed before thinking and shaking his head. "I have no need of your services, Mr. Stark. Consider me a helpful friend. Of course, the moment you engage in another fistfight with the man, I'll get you arrested and not in your regular prison."

"Relax," Tony smiled, "We were both drunk that day, no, include Sue, too. I still plead that she was the one who made the first pass!"

Nick turned silent for a few moments before cutting off the call, deeply regretting providing Tony Stark with a direct communication channel but he felt the action necessary. As Tony returned to his task of finishing the maintenance of his suit and developing a new form of armor, Fury thought for a moment and decided to contact a slightly 'familiar' individual. Locking the doors of his office that he barely used and activating the anti-spyware he had received from his father designed by a genius named Howard Stark, Fury simply touched his head as the dark skin on this forehead receded, giving way to a mechanical jack port to which the man connected his phone.

"Yes, it's me. Reed Richards has returned so you need to check if he is clean. We don't want another symbiote incident." Hearing the answer, Fury nodded softly, "I understand that symbiotes by themselves haven't shown any threat. Yes. Don't worry, I am keeping the Shield Operatives under control and their bias against the enhanced individuals, too. When will you return? It is already hard enough to mask the scent of my fuel in front of Ava. Thank you," Nick finally sighed and disconnected the wire from his body before dismantling his extra security mechanisms.

With one front taken care of, Nick blended into his tasks as usual. Moderating the political situation of the world by actively being subservient to it. While most 'heroes' might have reached the misinterpretation that their powers were the fists of law, Fury had seen better. Quite a few times, now, actually. Vigilantism always gives rise to chaos and to control both sides so as to keep society from self-destructing, Nick took part in both the sides. He would try and keep 'heroes' close to him whilst affecting the bias of his agents. Hydra had infiltrated many sections of society and it wouldn't be strange if the 'heroes' themselves were Hydra agents and that's why Fury held the entire control of the Shield Facility.