Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 603

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 603 Crusader

Now dressed in her old uniform, Twirling on her toes to give Nik and Ann a good look, Mary smiled, "I can't believe I still fit!" she exclaimed, "Not after the recent days, at least." Her body now packed by a navy blue bodysuit with a zipper from the neck of the dress till the ribs now pulled down, exposing a ravishing cleavage of gravity-defying bosom. The suit stretched a little around Mary's h.i.p.s, testifying to her earlier doubts that she indeed had grown by a tiny margin. "You really soundproofed the walls, right?" Mary inquired for the umpteenth time as Anna already sat on Nik's lap as he leaned back on the pillows, his hands holding the energetic brunette comfortingly as Anna laid a long streak of kisses down Nik's neck, "Yes, I did!" Nik grinned. Of course, Mary meant the soundproofing of all the walls in the room so that Nat doesn't hear them. But Nik only layered the walls connecting the apartment next to them. After all, after one month of agonizing nights, the neighbors finally filed a complaint against the Fuker Family. Quite lenient, Nik would say. After all, they tolerated the m.o.a.ns for a whole month!

"Good, then," Mary licked her lips and crawled up on the bed as she whispered, "Let's see if my skills still hold any worth," reaching behind Anna and holding her daughter from behind, pulling Ann back and separating her lips from Nik's chest, Mary bit her daughter's lips a little harshly while blowing, "You have even started keeping things secret from me?" referring to Gwen's dilemma, Mary continued while pushing up Anna's modest and cute b.r.e.a.s.ts from her bra and groping them tightly, "We'll see how you hold up to my interrogation~!" Nik was beginning to see why the mother-daughter pair didn't have any secrets in the first place. "Mum!" Ann uttered in frustration as she mewled under her mother's rough attention, "Snitches get stitches! That's all I have to say!" She pouted as Mary chuckled and kissed her cheek affectionately. With Nik still massaging her thighs and Mary continuing to play rough on her bosom, Ann soon let out a short squeak.

"What about you Nik?" Mary looked towards Nik who laid on the bed with the two of them dancing on his laps and smushing their butts on his crotch and thighs respectively. "Would you rat my daughter out?" She inquired as Nik shook his head, "oh, no way!" he grinned, "If I did, both of you will tear me in half."

"Well, how sweet," Mary smiled, "but you just made to the interrogation list." Stating such, she shoved Ann onto Nik, making the girl yelp in surprise as Nik raised his hands, more than happy to have his time with Ann's cute assets as he held the warmed-up b.r.e.a.s.ts, filling his hands with the supple sensation and squeezing them softly, his sensual touch and his tantalizing kiss against Anna's chin leading to her neck and collarbone, a payback, made the girl shudder. "Where were you this evening?" Patting her daughter's pert and well-trained bottoms, letting her index slip through the edges of her panties and digging against her skin, she inquired in a whisper, "What are you hiding?" Though her tone remained frivolous, the wide arc in which her other arm traveled towards her butt when Mary found Anna ignoring her and continue to make out with Nik, made Nik shiver a little.


"Ouch!" Anna exclaimed as the warm, stinging, red print of Mary's hand now made its debut, marring the surface of the cute little butt as Mary inquired while blowing against her palm once again, "Ann~ where were you?" Mary inquired with an eager grin, clearly enjoying the act of disciplining her daughter. "Never!" Anna hissed defiantly.


"Ooh~!" Accompanied with the sound of her wet p.u.s.s.y fingered into a sloshing delight, her rapidly healing body hidden by a thin sheet and her teeth biting the edges of her pillow, Natasha now pleased herself in the room next to Mary's. She couldn't stop moving her hands, one copping a feel of her voluptuous b.r.e.a.s.ts while the other already dripping with her juices, dirtying the bedsheet alongside. She could hear everything perfectly. The three weren't really discreet and from the moment they came downstairs, Mary had been giving Nik 'the' look. Nat had seen that look directed towards Mary's many interests in the past. "Damn... they make sleeping hard!" she hissed while her h.i.p.s jerked softly as she felt herself getting close to her sweet spot.

Meanwhile, in the room beside the nefarious aunt, the mother and daughter laid their cards on Nik. With Anna's butt shaking softly, her eyes closed in pain but her lips and b.r.e.a.s.ts having the time of their lives, Ann simply couldn't decide should she feel frustrated or enjoy it. Her mother really didn't let up and now, as she felt her panties slowly pulled down, revealing her, quite probably, wet hole and twitching butt hole, oh so stretched by Nik in the school, she whimpered. "Ready to talk?" She was, but Ann held onto her thoughts tightly, unwilling to betray Gwen. She still remembered how Nik didn't appreciate the fact that Cindy would so easily tell others about Nik. "Hey, don't worry," Nik kissed her again, whispering softly, happily taking the spot of the angel in the scenario as his comforting words allowed Ann to pull through, "We all are proud of you. Don't let that evil spy get to you," he stroked her cheek while she lowered her waist harshly, pulling her butt down and away from Mary's grasp, making the redhead exclaim while letting her exposed p.u.s.s.y ground against the base of Nik's erect shaft.

"Yes," Ann whispered sultrily, "If you help me with that, it would be even better," she snarled softly while scratching on Nik's chest as Mary giggled from behind, slipping her index into Ann's barely moist asshole, "Oh? Let's bet on it." With her finger pushed in and now moving as Mary raised her other arm to deliver yet another blow to her butt, making Ann clench onto Mary's index, the woman winked at Nik. While Mary was still dressed, she had most definitely soiled the interiors already as she was too darn wet. The fact that such plays were making it even more enjoyable for her seemed to push Mary over the edge, letting her take the act of being a merciless spy even more seriously. Well, Nik begged to differ that she might not just be acting at the moment. She seemed genuinely experienced, her expression stated that.

As Ann hurriedly broke the kiss in a hissing gasp, her hands slithered down and slipped into Nik's underpants, the width of her palms pulling the fabric down and freeing his hurting pole. Feeling Nik's eager member springing and smacking against her abdomen, Ann let out a giggle and with practiced ease, she adjusted her body and slowly let her h.i.p.s descend despite Mary's sadistic tendency of now double-teaming her butt hole with an index and a middle finger. "Ohhh~!" With Nik completely inside her, pressing her w.o.m.b pack, and Mary now moving both of the fingers together, Ann let out a seductive grunt before hurriedly covering Nik's lips, their tongues now engaged in another battle. Meanwhile, Nik easily controlled his body and sprung a new shaft, just as eager as the one inside Anna and his voice echoed within Mary's head, "Why don't we level the playing field?" His intentions clear as Mary grinned, eagerly unzipping her bodysuit from behind as much as she could before taking her fingers out from Anna's hole and stretching herself out of her uniform and pulling it down until it reached her thighs.

N.a.k.e.d and hungry, Mary held Ann's bobbing butt that continued to hump Nik hotly and without any control for just a moment to slip three of her fingers this time, to get a good grip since Ann was moving ferociously. Finally, rubbing her wet cunt against the back of the shaft and then raising her h.i.p.s to kiss the tip of Nik's c.o.c.k to lubricate is just enough, Mary slid down, for a moment, gasping for breath as she looked at Nik having his way with her daughter. "How sweet," she m.o.a.ned, full of desire as her comely body began moving on Nik's shaft as he grunted against Anna's lips in pleasure.

"Shit!" Natasha huffed softly, her body shuddering wildly and her h.i.p.s spooning her own fingers as her thighs clasped even more tightly against her palm while her sweaty body now came down with the first orgasm of the night. Just in the manner which Anna and Mary shouted made the entire night more sleepless since all Natasha had ever spied upon are the voices of the trio. 'I can definitely check them out... my foot is feeling better..." She mumbled to herself, slowly sitting up while pulling down the sheet, exposing her n.a.k.e.d body. Her n.i.p.p.l.es poking and ready to be teased while her breathing still in shudders as her lower lips would twitch every now and then. "Yeah, let's. For all we know, Mary might just be trying to make that damn guy happy. And Anna might have just learned it from Mary."

Tiptoeing out of the room, Mary carefully touched the doorknob of Mary's room and finding it open, Natasha slowly twisted the knob and pushed the door by the slightest. Peeking through the crack, she saw Mary jumping on Nik. Her lower body surprisingly covered in the old uniform of the Shield while the...

"Damn, there's no need for overcompensation after all," Natasha mumbled as she easily made out Mary's hole getting stretched. By too much, she was afraid. The fact that Mary covered Anna's visuals of getting railed caused Natasha to assume that Anna might just be shaking too much by Nik's touches and would actually be more sensitive than others physically. "Ohh! It's coming!" Anna squeaked as Mary bit her lips and pressed down. They both could feel from the throbs of Nik's c.o.c.k that he was close and that's why the loved riding on Nik simultaneously. He was easy to bully that way. Not only Nik would feel double the pleasure by a single jerk of h.i.p.s, but he would also adamantly refuse to divide the pleasure sensors which actually turned out to his well-known and 'hidden' feature discussed by Nik's women many times. When they were alone, of course. Meanwhile, knowing that he was being peeped upon, Nik grunted in refusal, keeping a hold of his urges as he could smell out Natasha rubbing one out, just outside the room, too.

"Hooo?~" amused by the uncharacteristic denial, Mary licked her lips, now changing her target of interrogation to Nik as she pulled her fingers out of Anna, making her asshole gape and twitch in expectations but that the insertion never came as Mary held her daughter's waist and pushed her down roughly, making both, Nik and Anna grunt together. He really was on the edge and as Mary took Nik ball's deep, her walls contracting in pleasure and the rising tension of her body, she felt Nik's c.o.c.k twitching and expanding by the tiniest bit before he finally let a stirring load into both of the gals with a pleased sigh as he kissed Anna gently, "Yeah, sweetheart," he whispered as he looked at Mary only getting more excited with the hot gush drenching her p.u.s.s.y, "we might not win this time after all... but stay strong, alright~!"

Anna's expression fell instantly as she shivered the moment Mary let out en extremely seductive but unusual m.o.a.n.


"I am going!" May called out as Nik waved at her with a smile, still on the phone as Anna continued on with her crusade against the Vampire Lord of Hell in the console and waved back at Mary, "Break a leg!" she shouted as Mary smiled and walked out of the house. After a few minutes, Nik ended the call and spoke to Anna, "It was Gwen. She said that her, Gwenpool, and Spider-Gwen decided to meet Strange in three days."

"Oh, ok! Nik, will you get my juice? I'm busy!" Anna spoke hurriedly with her expression that of a pure focus. Bringing the glass to Anna, Nik sat beside her and took out the book that Strange had provided him with Space and its Know-How!

"Wow... a beginner's guide?" Nik mumbled to himself as he began going through the contents with pictorial depictions, much to his surprise.

"Aw, I just remembered," Anna suddenly spoke up, "I wanted to have another ride on Aunt Nat's bike," she grumbled, making Nik snicker. Natasha actually left quite early in the morning and while Nik wasn't awake, well, since he enjoyed sleeping, Mary told him that she got a call for some task.

"It might be this one," Nik muttered to himself, looking at the phone and seeing Phil's message calling him tomorrow evening.