Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 604

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 604 The Guys

"Seriously? A caf?" Nik inquired with a strange expression as Coulson smiled and shook Nik's outstretched hand before taking his seat. The shop the two met at was itself quite silent with elegant furniture that matched the atmosphere within. "I just enjoy the service here," Phil replied, "We can always find an expensive restaurant with overrated food and chat there from now on," he suggested. "Exactly," smiling, Nik waved the waiter off, not wishing to have any coffee or cakes for that matter, he enjoyed spicy dishes more than anything, "That's how you burn away the government's dirty money, on dirty food." Chuckling, Phil placed his cup down and took on a more serious expression.

"I needed for you to know that I have been officially appointed to a new task force that utilizes the extraordinary men for similar situations. I only answer to Director Fury and I kinda took a leap 'out' of the previously built hierarchy. Hearing him, Nik raised his eyebrows in surprise, "Hey, that's good news... so you get to deal with highly dangerous men and women to tackle even more threatening jobs than your counterparts. I hope the insurance's worth it."

"Ha ha," faking a laugh in a mocking manner, Phil shook his head, "I actually volunteered and Shield never sours up on insurance. I've actually got the best package. Better than the Director."

"I am sure he wouldn't need one anyway," Nik commented, pulling a strange expression from Coulson as Nik shrugged, "I mean, he's 'the' Director. With an eye-patch. He's already living the dream," he smiled, 'and the matrix. He's a freaking android for all we know,' Nik added internally.

"Anyway. Alongside the job came a budget to deal with various situations. Now, I can hire you for the previously set amount out of my personal pockets and you won't have to deal with all that agent protocols you had to in your first mission since I am accountable anyway."

"And you have a job," Nik saw the hesitant look in Coulson's eyes and added to the man's words.

"That, too," he coughed.

"I know that you are not a fan of memory sticks," saying so, Phil placed the file laying on his seat above on the table and slid it across the table. "This will go through the cause and need of your presence. Know this, 'the' Captain is involved once again and things are not looking good."

"What did he do now? Fight another group of mobsters?" Nik scoffed and held the file and went through its content quickly, "My word," he muttered, "Captain went above and beyond this time," Nik mumbled as Phil nodded, "The Captain poked the hornet's nest. He is aware of the fact and he actually asked for you personally. Since you sent Taskmaster on his merry way last time. Word is that Taskmaster is forming a team to specifically tackle 'Vanish'."

"I feel like a rockstar," Nik mumbled while placing the file on the table, "A crazy dude is obsessing over me while handsome guys are dying to meet me"

"Well, the Captain isn't dying to meet"

"Let's just say he is, alright. Take a chill pill, Agent." Shaking his head with a sigh, Nik nodded, "Sure thing, I'll tag along. Never got a superhero team of myself to fight off a bunch of really super villains. I mean... Rhino? Seriously. Please tell me Luke is also tagging along."

"Better," Phil smiled, "While Luke is sent away, Agent Widow managed to recruit another one of you guys. The boy goes by the title Iron Fist. I think, you'll like the guy. He always has something good to say."

{A/N: Like Luke Cage, this version of Iron Fist is the Ultimate Spiderman television counterpart version. The only difference is, Luke is actually the same age as his other counterparts while Iron Fist is still a teen.}

"Well, I hope so," Nik nodded, "So from now on I am a known mercenary in your group, right?" Nik inquired to confirm, making Coulson agree. "You are always welcome to join us. I know that you are living with an ex-agent, so it must have some merit."

"It does," Nik sighed, "but no thanks. Joining you guys completely would be a pain... I mean, there is no 'true' retirement in such work. Past always catches up," Nik stated as he recalled how Ann's father wanted her dead just to spite Mary. A cruel world ruled by whimsical desires indeed and Nik felt that spy agencies such as Shield and Hydra were two of the most important points in such a world closer to the center of said cruelty and chaos. Nik was happy not getting pulled into it. "Anyway, is that the only information you have on what we are up against? Can't you guys find out where the 'bad' guys are right now and pay them a surprise visit?"

"I am out of the operation of the organization, remember?" Coulson shook his head, "I can only depend on you guys to complete the missions and we don't have enough manpower. Aside from You, Iron Fist, White Tiger, and Silk"

"Cindy's coming, too?" Nik inquired as Phil nodded.

"Is she ready?" he inquired. After all, there wasn't enough data to pin the threat level of the opponents' Steve found himself standing against. Except for the man claiming to be the Rhino. He was pretty straightforward.

"Honestly, she is stubborn. That's all. I am benching on her the communication van with you leading the team," Phil stated while Nik furrowed his brows for a second. "Forget that I asked about her," Nik opened up, "The last thing I want is to my concern come in the way of her growth. If she has joined you guys then she's under your command. Do as you see fit," shrugging, Nik stood up, "When do I get to meet the team... and well, practice? This is going to be a team mission with the feeling of every member considered, right?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well," Nik leaned forward, "would your team of superhumans enjoy that I show them up during the times when it counts? At least, by meeting them now, all of them could understand that I am better than them."

"I don't know about that," Phil smiled, "Cindy made some good progress. But... we should have a team meeting. Do you have anything to do now?" Phil inquired.

Smiling smugly, Nik sat back, "Nope, all the assignments are complete and while I thought I'll make someone else do them... they were quite enjoyable."

"We'll have the meeting in a few minutes then, come, I'll drive you," Phil suggested.


Coulson pulled over beside a safe house situated near the Braxton Building, detailing Nik about the location itself on their way over as they both stepped out with Phil proceeding to unlock the door of the moderate-sized, single-storied house with a rather well-maintained backyard. A populated backyard. "Never mind," Nik called Coulson out and held his shoulder before shifting right to the backyard.

"Cindy, don't you dare ju" before Ava could complete her sentence, Cindy dived into the pool, causing an astounding splash of water to bomb out towards the spectators. Coulson's mind shook for a moment before his dizziness was splashed away by the water as Nik lowered his body behind Coulson. Besides the two "Yaah!" Ava yelped in surprise, her body moving into a lethal arm strike instinctually which Nik dismantled by tackling her legs slightly, tumbling her forward and smashing into Coulson.


Cindy's dive was successful. Coulson was wet, Ava's head struck against his back, making him stumble forward, too, and falling into the pool with the skid of his boots. Really, a person is better off barefooted on the edges of a pool. Not that it mattered to Nik. He was dry. Now he regretted his actions. He could have launched a wet t-shirt contest by being the first participant.

Aside from the two blonde men, one of which was Captain, obviously, Nik would remember the superheroes he turned unconscious by making a piece of small rock fall over them, Nik found only another thing worthwhile A grill stand. It was placed near the entrance of the backyard while the pool wasn't populated with floating devices, no. Only one Cindy and one Coulson looked at each other strangely. Ava turned back with a sharp glare while the two men on the other side of the pool finally realized the entry of a dark-haired youth with a slightly buff build. Nik's regular workout aside from his actual strength was definitely showing its effect. In reality, Nik could get any shape for his body he wished but daily workouts didn't make Nik feel weird.

"Agent Coulson!" Cindy gasped and swam back up, her posture barely elegant and her underpants now... another worthwhile aspect in the backyard as she, too, finally sensed Nik and pulled herself out of the pool. Her shoulder-length hair now stuck on her body as the young blonde passed on a towel to her, giving Cindy the chance to wrap her top and get into a considerable distance from her main source of attraction. If she could avoid any source of embarrassment, then she would. At least, in front of the crowd. "Reall?" Phil grunted as he, too, paddled back, barely reaching the edge when Ava crouched down and helped Phil up. "Well, I have already seen the interior of the house, and everyone was here so I thought why bothering you to make me look around when we can get to the main party."

Looking seriously at Nik, Phil uttered, "My back hurts."

"Ava, keep your head in the right places," Nik shook his head and continued, "You've hurt Agent Coulson."

"Because you" Ava hissed.

"Because you attacked out of nowhere," Nik shrugged as he waved at Cindy, "That was one cool cannonball, next time, try using your webbing, too?" he grinned while enjoying the sight of... well, her. She was blushing, her scent was already picked up by Nik and Ava, testifying that Cindy still needed a desirable level of control over her mutations. "Oh, and," Nik exclaimed, hurriedly shifting a towel right in front of Phil, "Dry yourself, Agent. Wouldn't want the leader to fall ill."

"You must be 'Vanish'?" Steve spoke up, sitting up from his chair and making his way towards Nik while giving Phil an appreciative nod, "I've been wanting to meet you for quite some time now. To thank you for saving my skin in San Francisco. That Task Master was no joke." Gazing at Captain's outstretched hand for a moment, Nik promptly shook and replied with a smile, "Well, I guess I am a better mercenary. Both, in strength and choosing sides."

While Nik hadn't chosen the profession out of consideration, it just came to him in the form of a briefcase full of bills. "A mercenary?" With a disapproving look flashing on Steve's face for just a second, he continued, "With your power, you could do much more. I just saw you appearing in the backyard... and move. Quickly. I've had a spar with Ava there and she could do nothing. Are you really going to use your powers just for money?" Captain inquired, instantly breaking into the heavy topic of money and morals. "It was nice meeting you," Nik smiled, disappearing from Captain's sight and then reappearing in front of the other blonde youth. His looks almost as youthful as any teenager but his blue eyes would give off a golden wisp every now and then. "You must be Daniel, right?" Nik stretched his hand as the youth shook it with a nod, "That is indeed my name. I would not have imagined that someone as young as me had such a control over space itself."

"Was that what the glow was? A scanner?" Nik inquired, surprising Daniel for a moment as Ava grunted, "Don't listen to him, Danny. He likes getting into other's heads."

Rolling his eyes, Nik smiled, "That's a nice one. Danny. I'll call you that myself. And don't listen to Ava," Nik leaned forward, putting his hands to cover his face and spoke to Danny, "Ava just likes to annoy the person she admires. Like a... typical cat, I'd say."

"I heard that!" Ava growled, for a moment, forgetting that the others heard it quite clearly, too. Of course, Steve's furrow never let off as she sighed deeply. "You were meant to," shrugging, Nik looked at Danny from top to bottom, "Woah... you didn't take any kind of venom or serum to get to your stage. Nice flow of energy," complimenting the man, Nik tilted his head and gazed at his fists, one of his hands still connected with Nik's through a handshake, "Your palms must be a form of outlet, right?"

"Did you glean such insight through your energy?" Danny took his hand back as Nik smiled, "You could say that."

With that said, Nik gazed at the group and looked at Captain, "Let's discuss our plan, then? After you guys are dried up, or..." jumping into the water and causing a huge splash to hide Pickle hiding into his body while turning into a swimsuit, he floated in the middle of the pool, "we can discuss this over a nice swim."

While Cindy almost stepped into the pool again, after all, if she didn't like the concept of the pool, she wouldn't have bolted into the water in the first place. But Steve stopped everyone and asked Nik to step... swim out so that they could have an actual conversation and arrange a plan.


Now taking their place within the living room, dried, the group sat with folders in their hands as Nik inquired for confirmation, "So all of these villains actually almost cornered you out of nowhere? I thought that you incited the whole incident."

"I was there, yes, but it was me who the target was in the first place," Steve commented while Danny continued with furrowed brows, "I decided to join Shield to help people out. I get that chance during the night but these guys... Rhino, Vulture, these two we can take care of. But not Electro. That man is too dangerous for any of us. While White Tiger and I are both experienced fighters, our experience is limited to the fist duels and weaponry. You on the other hand," looking at Nik, Danny continued, "You could, as Cindy and Ava put it, 'Shift' Electro away. If you can do that against a being of lightning itself."

"I probably cannot," Nik smiled, "Not if he 'is' actually a bolt of lightning. We simply don't know everything about them. And we just have each other for the support for the time being. I could point you to another person who is way better than me in spying on other, and finding them, for that matter, but he'll probably wave you off with a Know How to Track dummy book. I'll see what I can do. Meanwhile, we really need to talk about..." looking at Captain, itching to speak something, Nik sighed, "You know what, I've said my part. I am here to help put down a few bad guys and boast it in front of my girl."

" 's plural, right?" Ava jabbed with Cindy elbowing the girl. "I did not say anything." Cindy hurriedly spoke out.

"Yeah..." Nik smirked while Steve coughed, "I never got to ask how you took care of Taskmaster."

"I forgot," Nik replied, "He isn't 'that' good of an opponent to remember. Nor is he a girl, so he didn't have the desired assets to be remembered for." Taking a serious expression, Nik continued, "And if I recall correctly, he had a bone mask. So he's effectively a bone head. Not the kind of person I would ever keep in mind.

"Can we actually discuss a plan?" Phil cut into the conversation and placed a few doc.u.ments regarding the declaration that the villains stated, including the address that they'll strike again.