Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 605

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 605 A Colorful World

"What you are doing is dangerous. For real," Sky advised as Nik sat on the ledges of the roof meant to protect someone from accidentally falling off, unless pushed off out of an agenda, of course. "Relax," Nik smiled, "We have a spatial genius right here," Nik comforted as Sky disapproved quite vocally. "What happened to me not helping you out? Praising me won't yield results desirable enough, you should know that about me."

"Who's talking about you?" Nik scoffed, "You just had a lot of time playing with Space and Dreams, my sweetheart. I am the genius here," smiling to himself, Nik took a deep breath. His gasping sound echoing in the silence of the night as he released all of his compressed energy quite instantly. "Pickle, I want you to stay inside of me. Got it?"

"Yes," Pickle nodded, a bit reluctant.

"What is he" Blocks away, Strange's voice was caught in his throat when Nik vanished from the plane itself. For a moment, sensing the astounding amount of energy signature the youth left made Strange take a deep breath. Humans, the ones belonging to the current generation, were not capable of storing eldritch sources of energy and yet Nik proved himself inhumane once again by revealing his energy reserves. "He isn't in the Mirror Dimension... did he travel in one of the uncharted planes?" Questioning himself if he should even get out of his way to help Nik out, Strange calmed down, and decided against it finally. In the first place, assuming that Nik would be in some form of trouble was already quite preposterous at a deeper level, and realizing that his... most recent 'human' conversation might have affected him for the slightest bit disturbed him.

Meanwhile, Nik stepped back on the rooftop. Now, instead of a darkened sky illuminated sparsely by the waning moon, Nik found himself surrounded by a stream of colors. Blue, green, violet, grey, white. Many streams densely contained within a shape, marking various solid objects around Nik as he himself was filled with colors of unimaginable number. Golden, purple, red, grey, blue, white, and many more. "We... did it," Nik exclaimed in surprise as he scratched the edges of his brows. Hearing no response, in fact, not even feeling the connection, Nik furrowed his brows. "Guys? Hmm..." feeling the situation around himself, Nik mumbled, "I am alone... so the plane of energy will only allow me to sense energy. No touch, no scent, no voices. As I speak... they can't hear me, too. I can feel the touch of my outfit, strange." Stretching his arm and looking at the representation of his clothes laced with almost the same colors as his body, Nik took a moment before realizing that the sense of touch to his clothes may be due to the outfit itself being contaminated by his energies in the previous burst of power. To complete the supposition into a fact, Nik took his clothes off and pulled them into his Dream Core as Nik actually saw the stream of grey stream covering his clothes and then pulling them into yet another space.

"Well, this little observation was insightful," stripping never came hard to Nik, and finding his own d.i.c.k laced in various colors really raised the level of rave for Nik to a whole new platform. However, it was true. He couldn't feel the bottom of his feet against the floor of the ceiling and if Nik did not have the experience to stand on air, he would be feeling anxious. For a second only. "So this is the plane of energies," looking around and marveling at the sight of it, Nik continued, "If you guys can hear," referring to his companions within him, he smiled, "If a plane like Mirror Dimension exist so of course, a plane where the representation of all the form of energies should exist, too."

The existence of the Mirror Dimension in Dr. Strange's book was what made Nik try out finding the plane of energy in the first place. "Sky said that Strange is a rank 6 entity," jumping off the ledges and landing on the 'ground' and then observing actual humans colored with energy, Nik thought for a moment as a grey energy covered him once again, making him shift within the apartment. Anna and Mary were sleeping, in their own rooms. Usually, they would sleep together only when they enjoyed the night together but since Nik had cooped himself on the roof after the dinner to try and sense the plane, they decided to rest separately. First, Nik looked at Anna. Just like others still moving in the street, which was quite freakish stuff, Nik found Anna covered with life energy, a little bit of body reinforcing energies, and many other forms of energy in a minuscule amount needed for existence to survive itself. Walking over to Mary, he just noted the difference in quantity which could be apparent due to Mary's former training and experiences.

"But even if Strange is a rank 6 entity, Asmodeus clearly pointed out that he does not have any source of energy belonging to himself. So, at the very least, to become a rank 6 entity, I do not need to be my own source of energy," Nik mumbled to himself while taking a seat on the chair. Even if having one's own source of energy wasn't a requirement, ever since Asmodeus pointed out the lack of the energy in Strange despite his rank, Nik felt that if not at rank 6, then maybe later, he would have a need for his own source of energy. He also considered the moments when the people after his life... well, there was only Undead Lucifer after his life. The infernal ancestors merely were interested in the characteristics of his soul. But still, what if they have methods to devoid Nik of his powers? The ones he absorbed and siphoned from nature, highly nutritious food, and many other sources.

And while he didn't let the thought affect his life in any manner so as to not weird out the people in his life, the thought of it terrified him. After all, just like Sky, all of these entities had many ears to master their craft and the only reason Nik still could stay afloat was the lucky encounters which were most probably due to his soul. So, that mysterious concept of his soul was currently his greatest asset. So, the only objective of entering the plane of energy was to scout various forms of energies, learn about them, shortlist the forms most suitable with him and then focus on them from here on. To specialize himself and then focus on other things. "But man... specializing is harder said than done... what should I even focus on?"

As Nik faced some serious decisions of his life, back in the 'normal' plane, in one of the many extraterrestrial spacecraft unknown to mankind that would not even wish to stop on the lower level planet the Earth actually was, a blue-skinned man drove a small shuttle through the starfield. His body humanoid, mostly. A little wrinkled skin over his chin and his frame bulky, fleshed with muscles. "F.u.c.k," Brandon cursed. "It was already bad I am bald on my first ever transmigration but... my biological father is also a killer. Infatuated with Nik's mother, most probably. Wait, is the 'Death' even the same as the Rank 9 version of Nik's mum?" He mumbled when suddenly, the food compartment behind him began to bang against the lock.

"And that wench," Brandon mumbled. "Even when a step-sister, she tried to kill me... what happened to all those videos that she showed me..." Brandon sighed in remembrance of his girlfriend. A relatively normal woman with a few kinks but a cheerful woman nonetheless. One of the best things that had ever happened to Brandon, in fact.

"Alright, Earth should be somewhere here," With a mumble, Brandon continued to sail away.


"Hmm, gravity, fire, all of these are elemental energy. Or the energies present in nature. What about concepts?" Nik mumbled. For instance, there was no form of dream energy, or mind-controlling psychic energies. Even when Nik played with his pheromones, the energy shown to him was a mix of elemental ones to denote the temperature itself. "Sigh," leaning back on the couch, Nik slowly covered himself with a spatial form of energy once again. To travel through planes, Nik had devised a simple method. Imagination. He would first imagine the type of plane he wished to phase through and if his spatial energy does detect something similar then he would inspect the surrounding region by letting his energy phase through itself. After a confirmation is only when he would ever try and travel. Once again connecting back to his room, Nik instantly shifted. His form of movement still couldn't ve considered teleportation since he wasn't moving through a dimension and reaching for another location but he simply shifted through planes while being in the same location.

Now n.a.k.e.d, Nik stretched his arms and stood up. The apartment was dark, naturally but Nik still had no intention of sleeping. "So?" Nik connected with everyone within him, "Did you all find any useful insights?"

"Just saw what we already knew," Lilith shrugged as Pure chirped, "Yep. And I looked so white!"

"I was red..." Pickle sounded slightly dejected while Lola whispered, "I actually had no form but... I discovered something interesting about the spider still hanging loose on my space. I will report my findings after a certain conclusion."

"Sure thing," Nik smiled and sat on the floor with Pickle turning into his nightwear promptly. Just a pair of underpants.

"Sky? You there?"

"Always," she stated.

"Aww, that actually sounds so sweet. But, I wanted to take up on your lessons about Space..."

"Eh? For real? Just that? No begging for my mysterious teachings? No spreading your legs and shaking your butt?"

"Oi, listen here," Nik grunted, "I don't shake my ass for anyone until... we decide on a play. Like a strip show or something. Now, you did offer me lessons, and it's not like I need them but I simply don't want to spend a lot of time just focusing on space. Might as well be efficient and learn everything from you, right?"

"It sounds like a smart decision unblocked by your ego."

"I have never been egoistic," Nik complained.

"Yeah, right!" Everyone except Pickle scoffed.

"Nik, let me comfort you," Pickle chimed with Nik instantly groaning, "Pickle, don't go clutching my... flaccid guy. I am comforted just by the gesture, really."