Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 606

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 606 Nude World

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The trip to one of the planes of energy, Nik concluded, for there was no form of psychic energies in the one that Nik traveled to was barely fruitful. The colors only managed to open Nik's eyes that aside from his frivolity and his desire to find and know many women, there was a priority a little urgent but temporary. Reaching Rank 9. Nik just made that his priority that was parallel to his needs. Once he was a rank 9, he wouldn't have any need to fear Undead Lucifer, the ancient bitches, and probably Supreme Seraphim considering that Sky was still within him. Bound, as she stated. "Hey, Mary," Nik's clothes shifted and he was instantly in his casual wear, earning him and envious glare from Mary as he just inquired, "Can you drop me off to this address," while showing the address on his phone.

"Sure, I'm a bit early. But can't you just shift there?" She inquired as Nik pointed at Anna's room and on the cue, the door swung open, revealing a... little more formally dressed Anna. Her skirt was a bit longer, she wore thigh-high boots with lower heels and her top spoke 'gym' instead of 'shopping' day. "Alright, what are you guys up to?" Mary inquired as Anna huffed and crossed her arms, "Couldn't make me say it that other night and won't make it say it now."

"So it's about Gwen?"

"Darn it!" Anna looked away with an embarrassed expression while Nik gave Mary a quick peck to her lips, "Let's just go there. I am sure... we will tell you, someday? Or," leaning forward and blowing hotly against Mary's ear, he continued, "We can have that kind of play again. I enjoyed the rare sight of your uniform, agent."

"Agh! Fine! But no calling me agent otherwise. I left that kind of life for good," kissing Nik yet again, Mary opened the door and called out, "Get down quickly, I am not that early, too."

The drive to Strange's house was a quieter one. Mary was on her bluetooth, probably listening to Linda's report and general overview. As it turned out, the City did not get damaged by any criminal activity. A few reports to the various precincts but that was it. No monster on the street. No gunfights or robberies. Which translated as a 'bad' day for Mary. With Nik riding the backseat and Anna calling shotgun, there was not much to do either way. He could probably tease the pair by hardening and concentrating his pheromones but considering their current destination and the probability of getting peeked upon, Nik decided against committing any public acts, until he finds a sure method to prevent being observed.

"There you go," Mary stopped near the street as Anna hoped away with a cheerful note as she saw Gwen already waiting outside the magical mansion. "Hey!" She instantly called out while Nik whispered Mary goodbye before leaving the car. As Mary drove away, still a little unnerved and concerned for Anna's mental health, fearing that the sudden interest in video games had truly affected her mind, Nik, Gwen, Anna, Gwenpool, and Spider-Gwen were led to within the mansion to the familiar living room where Strange's clone greeted them in the first place.

"He'll be here shortly," Smiling courteously, Wong left to do his own... magical chores, most probably. "So!" Gwenpool instantly spoke up, "What did you guys do? Slay that final boss yet?" She inquired eagerly while jumping on the glass table as Nik shook his head, "I don't play that much. And Anna..." Looking at Anna weirdly, Nik chose not to speak but the twin-tailed brunette smiled, "At the highest difficulty. I remember Junior and Nik playing it together before their friendship... well, I think I kinda ruined that, huh. Anyway, even these two couldn't complete the game at the highest difficulty." She crossed her arms, clearly a little too pleased with herself as Nik shrugged, "So yeah, Anna will probably suffer while binge completing her assignments."

"Hell yeah!" Triumphant, Ann snickered, "Ms. Potter thinks that we can't put off our assignments till the last date and complete in one night. I'll just have to prove her wrong."

'Oh... I fear that I won't be getting much of Anna that night,' Nik thought to himself but akin kindred spirit, Gwenpool only made the fire fiercer, "That's right, girl!" she raised her tiny fists, "You got it."

"I completed my assignments," Gwen sighed in relief, a little distressed by Anna's current disregard and Nik truly felt for her while Spider-Gwen shouted, "Mr. Strange, can we get on with our transfer already? I'm getting real anxious here. I need to get back asap."

"Pfft, relax," Sitting on the table, Gwenpool shrugged, "Nothing will happen to you. You're the main cast of your world, probably."

Still, Strange seemed to have heard Spider-Gwen's call as he once again appeared out of nowhere and sat on the same seat as three days back. "Where's your cape?" Gwenpool inquired again as Strange didn't feel the need to reply such a question and conjured the mirror once again. Seeing the glimmering mirror, circular, framed with a mysterious frame glowing eerie green, the spectators held their breaths once again. "Mirror of Morgana," Nik whisper as his eyelids twitched. After crossing through planes, Nik could now feel the same form of energy emanating from the mirror's surface. "I should explain your venture in detail now," Strange uttered, "The Mirror of Morgana is an ancient relic originating from one of the most potent sorceresses in the history of magic itself. She held a fascination for the world of spirits and consciousness. Of course, unlike ghosts, the ascended spirits and rare consciousness cannot hurt a single entity and the opposite holds true, too. Now, the portal to both of your world has manifested in Ms. Gwendolyn's room itself."

"Oh, did you peek in her room, too?" Nik scoffed, surely, unwilling to let any chance go wasted. Gwen's cheeks turned crimson while her eyes widened in shock. "What?" she exclaimed while looking at the bearded sorcerer supreme. "Nothing of the sort," Strange explained patiently, "I merely observed the spiritual plane and found the portals. I have no reason to keep an eye out for Ms. Stacy." Saying so, he looked at Nik for a brief moment before sighing, "Have you all decided if you are willing to accompany the two visitors?"

"I'm in!" Gwenpool jumped.

"You 'are' the visitor!" Spider-Gwen already looked eager to leave... Gwenpool's side.

"Me, too!" Anna raised her hand with Nik shrugging and nodding.

Gwen still looked a little conflicted but nodded silently.

"Wonderful. Now, do not resist," saying so Strange closed his eyes as the mirror in his hands glowed and floated mid-air, making the eyes of spectators sparkle except for Nik... and Pickle, Pure, Sky, Asmodeus, Lola, and Lilith. Well, Pickle did not have eyes technically so her excitement could be written off in a vain attempt to save face for the entire group within Nik. Instantly, everyone felt a shiver pass through their bodies and they found themselves sitting in a green-tinted world. It was the same couch. But it wasn't the same for the ones who experienced it for themselves. For one, Gwenpool was now... human-sized. Spider-Gwen fell from the table since it couldn't accommodate her. Gwen, Anna, and Nik, meanwhile, were n.a.k.e.d. "Oh, now this is called vacation," Nik muttered as Gwen looked a bit too dazed.

Now, Nik stood up, his spiritual avatar, in fact, present in this world. His tanned body covered by a violet draconic totem signifying Ryu'er's act of affection. His body, in fact, glowed. "Amusing," Strange's voice echoed as he looked towards Nik. Not feeling an ounce a shame, Nik stretched his arm and ignored the creepy man still gazing at the group while looking at Anna. "How do I look?" He inquired.

"Ohhh... hot tattoo..." Anna mumbled. Meanwhile, Strange's expression changed again when Anna's and Nik's real body vanished from the real plane as Nik muttered, "Asmodeus. I need your help with this. Hide us from Strange's gaze and can you bring Pickle in here"

"Oh, I am here," Pickle sounded within Nik as he exclaimed in surprise while Asmodeus snicker sounded, "Alright, no pervert gazing at you."

"We're n.a.k.e.d!" Gwen shouted, covering her front with hands while Strange's persona completely disappeared from their view, "I added the charm to the rest of the girls, too," Asmodeus stated casually.

"Yes, we are," Nik chuckled while placing his hands on his waist. "Who knew consciousness realm is just one large... universal nude beach!"


"A magician interferes with my connection," Strange looked at the mirror's surface which instead of reflecting his face now turned dull and dirty. "Not to mention..." looking at the spot where Anna's and Nik's body disappeared from, Strange furrowed. "No, this might not be a magician at play but some higher form of living being. Any expert magician would still leave the traces of origin or the spirits he is currently in play with. This one stores the energy within itself. And that totem..."

Disappearing himself, Strange's clone continued to tackle with his thoughts. Gwen, meanwhile, sat with her eyes closed, her consciousness itself having the most adventurous day of her life if one did not include the day she got her new haircut. The one that oh so displeased her father.


"Relax, at least, he's clean. Look, not a single strand of hair except for his head... the upper one," Arms crossed, and with an expression of an expert, Gwenpool commented with an appraising gaze as Anna was already moving around. "Shut up!" Gwen shouted, crouched behind the couch. The green-tinted version of it, of course. It was like they were in an extremely clear but virtual sea of emerald color.

"Guys! Look!" Now bent and looking out of the window, Anna hurriedly called everyone out as Spider-Gwen sighed. "Of course, she has to bend. That's what every n.a.k.e.d person does..."

"Ha! Didn't know you had a sense of humor!" Gwenpool softly punched her counterpart's shoulder as Nik...

"That's the last thing I want to see!" Gwen now sunk behind the couch completely. "Come on," Nik, with his 'spiritual' erection complimenting Anna's body, spoke up, "I am the one losing here. And this is nothing to be embarrassed about. You've already seen me n.a.k.e.d, I did, too. But, if you wanna stay here, I would understand that so... probably, aside from you, we all will be in your room."

"And n.a.k.e.d," Gwenpool stated, now n.a.k.e.d.

"How the hell did you do that?!" Spider-Gwen gasped in surprise, now a little embarrassed herself as Gwenpool's fingers glowed and a dirty smile touched her face, "I know a bit of magic. My friend from the future was sorcerer supreme so..." Instantly, Spider-Gwen was n.a.k.e.d, too.

"Best vacation ever," Nik mumbled while dodging a swift strike from Spider-Gwen's side as her split leg only revealed stuff well, Nik was gentlemanly enough to gaze and keep his silence about.