Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 609

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 609 Aim

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"In all honesty, I am more surprised by revelations of my guest," Gazing at Nik, Strange continued, "than the deaths of the real body of you both. If you wish for something as magical as resurrection then I'm afraid you have knocked on the incorrect door. Your deaths have been quite... permanent." Gazing at the two depressed girls sitting on his table, now back to their palm-sized figure, he brought another topic, "You could return to your planet. As I see, it would be the same altogether. You'll be just as much of a consciousness there as you are here. With a long and fulfilling life unbridled by fleshy pain."

"I'm no masochist and all, but the only reason I even let Spider hit me is to wince in mock pain," Poole mumbled as she laid on the table. "You both must need your time and space to cope up with the sudden news. If you are willing, I'd be happy to have you both here unless you disturb me."

"Sorry, guys," Gwen whispered as Spider shook her head, "Don't be. You didn't kill me. That blind Murdock... the Kingpin, he calls himself, killed me. Glad that my dad lives and Venom is probably looking to bond with Logan again. Those two brutes are matched for each other!" Spider spat as Nik spoke up, "Have you ever ventured in that plane yourself? Just to broaden your horizons?" He looked at Strange with a curious expression. The change in the topic had been a welcoming one as Strange nodded, "Many times," he smiled, "The wisdom held by the masters in the plane of knowledge is a sight to behold. To hear advice completely unbiased from any emotion or past grudge is after all, rare."

"We met a man who stated that Newton, most probably, the one whose head is loved by apples, hade a strange mark engraved on his body. Last I checked, you, too, stated that Newton speaks to no-one. But both of you still know things about Newton. So if it isn't a secret of the century, can you tell me a little more about that mark?"

"I'm afraid I can't," Strange shook his head, "With all your group has seen, I have no trouble admitting the fact that Sir Isaac Newton had been an ancestor of my line. A Supreme Sorcerer of the past. But after his passing, he, like other Supremes, kept to himself. Unwilling to talk even to his successors."

"Well, that's a buzzkill," Nik mumbled. He knew the basics of ravagers. A group of discriminated lineages with reasons unknown and quite petty, Nik suspected. After all, that's the basis of discrimination in the first place, petty differences. So Nik didn't mind being the holder of such a lineage since it provided him with one of the most practical ability in his arsenal Purification. But that wasn't enough for him. At least, when there's a chance that someone extremely similar to him, at least, in the status of the spiritual avatar, might be close by. "I think when my own troubles are taken care of, there's a chat to be seated in amongst us," Smilingly, Strange stood up, "If you wish to stay, then stay. The first floor and the rest of the tower are off-limits." With that, he vanished.

"Someone needs to get him a book on hosting guests," Poole remarked before sitting up, "Well, I guess I'm with you, Gwen!"

If it wasn't for the recent news of Poole's physical demise, Gwen might have not even felt bad and rejected the strange consciousness completely. "Let's leave," Nik felt a little listless. The place was depressing, Strange even more so. "Are you sure? What about Newton?" Anna inquired, a little hooked by the current adventure. Also, the reason why Nik seemed a little more attached to her. She and Kurumi seemed to be cut out of the same mold. "In our own time," Nik smiled, "I can do this now even without the mirror so let's go."

"Can I come with you guys?" Spider inquired Nik and Anna, making Poole gasp, "Bold move, missy!"

"It's just that... after all that's happened, I just want to have a little space from Poole. Or I might try to crack her skull open and the sad part's that I simply can't do it."

"What do you say, Ann?" Nik looked at her. Anna's and Mary's apartment wasn't his to open up for magical entities but Anna's grin answered everything.


"I can't believe Spider ditched us!" Poole shouted while laying front side down on Gwen's study. She had pulled her mask pack, revealing her annoyed visage, "And after everything we've been through."

"Relax," Gwen focused on the assignment in front of her. One adventure was enough for her and well, she did have prior commitments to her study. "Spider needs to time... I don't know what you both are going through after everything that happened. Poole, if you wanna talk about it, well, I'm you, so don't hesitate," Gwen stated.

Poole turned silent for a minute before rolling on the table and hiding behind Gwen's laptop. Not minding the quirky response, Gwen continued to type, "I wonder what they are doing. Oh, that reminds me, I need to order food for Dad. Hopefully, he'll eat with us," she sighed, "He loves takeout from Spice Bang but it's expensive. Should just stick to the usual," she concluded.


"Alright, so when can we go out and kick some thug's butt?" Spider inquired instantly when Nik reappeared after dropping Anna off to her ballet practice. "Excuse me?" Nik looked at Spider weirdly before taking out a bottle of water from the refrigerator and sitting on the couch. Spider sat on the top edge of the couch, giving both of them the same level of eye contact. "You know, you have powers. You even tried to help us. I'm sure you're one of the good guys. Let's go out and make the city a better place."

"No disrespect, Gwen," Nik opened the television behind her and replied honestly, "Being the savior of the city is not my strongest suit. I am a part-time mercenary. And I don't have the focus and commitment to patrol the city every night just because."

"Wh- what? But your powers? Do they go to waste? You can help so many people," Gwen stated before shaking her head, "Although, I understand where you are coming from. I've had my encounters with mercenaries. In fact, most of them cause more damage itself. You into robbing others for commission?"

"You've been a superhero for long? In your world?" Nik inquired.


"Do you know Shield?"

"The super-spy organization?"

"Yeah," Nik nodded, "I work for them in a way. I've had some fortunate connections there and well... that's it. They pay well enough for missions. In fact, I have one mission at the weekend."

"Ohh!" Spider jumped down on the couch as Nik changed the channel to local news. He had started to derive his knowledge on various records from the books itself. Felt that the books were the raw material he needed to know of so on the television, it was mostly to check on local news and keep an eye out for the state of the city and if any event would directly impact his life.

"Sure, you can join," Nik shrugged, "Heck, this would be pretty much my first encounter with supervillains."

"Villains?" Spider inquired as Nik scratched the tip of his nose before deciding to brief Spider on the Villains he and his team would be facing.

As Nik continued to have a lovely chat with Spider, a distraction she really wished for, a part of Nik's consciousness, the portion responsible for the truly important stuff while most of the jerks of his self would play around. Well, it wasn't like he couldn't feel it himself but the subtle feeling wasn't really welcomed in the focused task of his. After gaining their own spiritual bodies, Nik's spiritual world had been, in a manner, taken over by the four spirits for the most part.

While Nik had earned his right to control his own spiritual world from its protector, it was the time when they were barely worth any strength. Now, they were all bulldozers and posed Nik a real challenge. Every day, he would confront Pure only to be frozen out. His understanding of Eternal Frost would grow by tiny parts due to this but he still was extremely far from the strength his spirits actually boasted. But that wasn't the main issue right now. He had been turned into a popsicle today already and he wasn't trying to be one again. In the center of his spiritual world now divided into a total of five parts with the 'up' belonging to Sky, the 'down' belonging to Lilith, the 'land' belonging to Asmodeus, and the 'middle' belonging to Pure, Nik sat on a small altar.

The altar was riddled with odd rune glowing in four different colors Violet, Red, Emerald, and Sky Blue each representing Asmodeus, Lilith, Sky, and Pure. The altar surrounded by a grassy plain was the spiritual seal Sky talked about. It was, in fact, strengthened by Asmodeus with her knowledge of Seals, something, Nik had now decided to learn. Since he had already let go of his ego in case of learning Spatial Manipulation, it wouldn't hurt to learn the best way to use runes he can from Asmodeus.

N.a.k.e.d, Nik of course, felt like a sage. There was an altar, there was peace, and there was a n.a.k.e.d man with an awesome totem on his body. Just a long beard and he could really pull off the sage's look.

With a though, three more 'Nik' appeared in front of the sitting one. "Yo," the summoner smiled, "I have been thinking. Should we try to actually develop our own system? Like focusing on one type of energy, say, Spiritual and then use our knowledge on other forms of energy to combine it all?"

"Like a form of Magic? One form of power to achieve every desirable outcome?" The others instantly caught on.

"Yeah," the first one nodded, "I mean, it would really make us stop procrastination but I guess this is a good time as any."

"Go ahead!" the others shrugged and vanished.

Gaining confidence from his own self, Nik decided to stop playing with elemental bending to create blow dolls for fun and decided to pick up Spiritual Energy as the main source. His aim

To finally stop being a lazy ass and actually develop his own system of energy and techniques. He certainly had abundant knowledge and experience to pull it off. Not to mention, he would also bring his girls into the project. Finally something they could all do together... aside from the holiday inter-world orgies.