Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 610

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 610 Progress

It's been two days since the news of the two Gwens unfortunate physical demise. Nik didn't know how Poole was doing and his mind really wasn't spacious enough to even wander in that direction, though, Spider was making steady progress. At least, she had stopped sobbing in the night but right now, Nik was walking through the usually busy street of the city with Spider in his pocket. She, too, completely idle and unmotivated to do anything at the moment. However, Nik was thinking about a completely different thing.

[Idle Summoner

Host: Nik Faran

Total Points: 540


1) Ignit

Bloodline: Forest Salamander

Rank: G

Points: 5/day


Summon Portal 1000 Points

Friendly Tranquilizer 300 Points]

Nik was a little frustrated by this legacy of his. He still held the other legacy parts and he needed to go through the tests which were on a difficulty of a universal level and Nik still hadn't learn to overestimate himself to a fault. Why he was frustrated? He was already itching on summoning his other pets Moon and Pentacle but if he truly thought of it, Nik would also consider the mutated spider a pet of his, too. However, to make them a 'summon' so that they can move through the world with him, he needed to bring them through the summon portal, and boy it was a long wait. He still had to be patient for a little over three months before he could summon them.

"Hmm?" Something always happened in every fifth alley and as usual, he found a rather young girl cornered by teenagers. This wasn't actually the 'bad' part of the city and in theory, no part was bad. "Hey!" Spider muttered with a concerning lack of emotion, "Look, that girl needs your help. This might just be robbery or something entirely different."

"Well," Nik slowed down and began walking towards the direction of the ignored alley, "It begs the question why the girl would even enter such a dark place. Anyway, no kinks should prevail in front of me," Nik yawned. Just a little stroll could also prove so bothersome was also one of the things Nik felt frustrating. "Pickle," Nik whispered as he instantly transitioned into a white monstrosity the moment he passed through a blind eye. "Am I interrupting something?" Nik whispered a ghastly inquiry with Spider on his shoulder, his sudden arrival and shocking appearance made everyone scream. The bespectacled one out of the group even began crying in shock.

"Er... Spider, this really isn't a robbery. Look," gesturing towards the flyers in the girl's hands and well, the wallets in the hands of the boys, Nik realized that even the young ones, relatively, had the smarts enough to engage in consensual activities. So, as a 'hero' Nik was, he snapped and his fingers and took a packet of condoms from his Dream Core and tossed it out to the girl. "There you go. No need to thank me, the size may make the boys lose hope though."

Shifting away from the alley, Nik appeared on the roof of a church, his vision swimming as he yawned again. "I really shouldn't have tried to learn everything by continuously dividing my consciousness. Thousands of division, ugh," Nik groaned, sitting on the ground. "Spider, look out for me. Pickle, you know what to do. I am shutting myself off. Be sure to pick Anna for me."

"Yes," Pickle replied easily as Nik finally enjoyed the feeling he had thought of losing forever. Drowsiness.


"And I wake up in Mary's bed," Nik grunted softly, sitting up with his head still banging inside of him. Spider was nowhere to be seen, the room was dark and Mary alongside Anna slept to his side with Anna taking the middle. Most probably, Mary entered the bed later with Anna hogging the spot up. "Nik, maybe you should take it a little easy. Three days isn't simply enough to learn everything. Even my knowledge about runes came piece by piece, just like you, someone stripped me and Lilith off of our memories. But our knowledge, it was simply locked away, like your memories."

Leaning back, Nik thought carefully. Presently, three halves of his mind took the greatest burden the one learning from Sky, the one learning from Asmodeus, and the one developing an entirely new system based on spiritual energy with the help of the girls. With senses shared, Nik simply didn't doze off, but he actually closed off his consciousness. Right now, he was explaining the worried harem, once again developing a power system, and chatting with Asmodeus.

"If I wanted to take it easy, I would have just not tried to learn from you guys at all. I'm close to being a master. Both, in space and runic knowledge. With my martial mastery, and the Elemental one, this could propel my knowledge of Gravitational force, too. And since I am a master in some of the concepts, I know that always waiting for a 'chance' to appear is not always the best option. It's a helpless one," sighing to himself, he continued, "But, I'd be stupid to force my mind into exhaustion. Oh, well, a week's break, I guess," Nik shrugged to himself, making sky chortle, "You slime! I told you not to give him the idea of resting!"

On the other hand, Nik communicated with Pickle while taking his phone out. "Pickle, you didn't use my body irresponsibly, right?" There came no response. Nik expected as much. Searching for the local news on his phone, he found it, Pickle's action during the time he was out.

One enlarged white monster dancing o' so skilfully with a large board in his hand In need of chocolates.

Looking towards the drawer, he sensed it full of wrappers.

"Pickle," Nik furrowed his brows as a shy squeak resounded within him.

"Next time, if you dance in this body, at least do a better one. Breakdance is better than... whatever you did. I mean, how cool it would be to have a video of you breakdancing. Watch some movies, like Step-up!" Shaking his head, a little disappointed, Nik left Pickle and the other spectators within him speechless. Just when they thought they all had found a boundary that bothered Nik, he would just end up bulldozing through it. "I will watch videos next time," Pickle whispered.

"Good, now, I think I may have implied that Anna would search for Newton together with me so that's to be done later. I am well-rested, no point in sleeping again. So that leaves me with trying to contact my 'buddies.' At least, I hope they aren't dead and already departed... that would be horrendous," he smirked to himself.

[Hey guys, are you dead or what?] Nik sent a message through the system connecting the three Transmigration Heart.

[In your dreams! I'm lauded as the best Kunoichi in here. There's this one little ginger who keeps opposing me. Good with all kinds of blade.] Ray's reply came in moments.

[A Kunoichi? You mean a ninja, right? Don't try and be a girl, you've got a d.i.c.k, too,] Nik snorted.

[Oh, shut up. I am a 'special' kunoichi. We have an entire division with the same 'body' type as me. Most of them are engineered to look that was for special purposes though. It's the chief who has such kinks. I let him go through a cute guy here and there,] Ray replied back with Brian cutting in.

[I'm being chased by an intergalactic monster. So, I'm heading for the both of you and I'll try to outrun you. Be prepared for that.] His cryptic reply was easily ignored by Nik and Ray as they continued to chat amongst themselves.

[Where are you anyway?] Nik inquired, [I know, Brian, you're in space. No need to brag about it. What about you, Ray?]

[Not only space, but I am also the driver of the spacecraft!] Brian's reply was filled with smugness as if he had forgotten he was being chased.

[I'm in India. Completing a mission. Fun fact, did you know that this world's India is completely different? There are mutated animals, talking Banyan trees, and even super-powered monks! Almost lost my neck one time! More like my head, the wooden staffs were scarier than swords.] Ray continued, [Oh, I've heard a lot about New York. You still there? I heard that an old war hero was 'resurrected' and there's also the talks of this one guy who came from a different dimension with a technique. Iron fist or something.]

[They're your target?] Nik inquired, [Cause I'm in their team.]

[Nah, they aren't targets. The Captain is the talks because of some organization named Hydra. My cult partnered with them and about Iron Fist, we don't care about him as much as the dimension he came from. They are pretty obsessed to return even when there are som many sources of strength I've already deduced which were present right under their noses.]

[Like what?] Brian was the one to inquire.

[Like God's blessing. The ginger I told you guys about is blessed by a God and damn, they are real!]

[I would know.] Brian's reply, once again, didn't make much sense.

[Anyway, I am planning to summon a God. Maybe f.u.c.k him, too. But first, I'll try to unlock Yar, there's some form of energy stopping her from appearing to my side.]

Nik mused about this silently. He had met goddesses, too but they were just stronger beings. So there was a high chance that the gods of this world are the same. Everything would clear up once he meets them, after all, his own strength could be categorized Godly at the moment.

[Be sure to tell us how it goes.] Nik sent.

[So? Why did you contact us? Need something?] Brian inquired.

[Nothing like that. Thought that you guys would be dying to hear my voice and so I sent.] Well that made Brian disconnect quite quickly as Ray spouted a bit of profanity and taking his leave himself.

"So shy," Nik shook his head. This barely expended a few minutes of his and he needed to stay up for the whole night. Deciding it would be better to focus on his consciousness world, Nik closed his eyes and simply laid back down.


Coulson looked through the files. The information provided to him exclusively by Fury. The kind of info that even the confidants of the likes of Maria and Natasha wouldn't be privy of. For that matter, Coulson had put in the request of pulling Nat into his time and again. She was enhanced, a sour spot for her due to various reasons but at a base and rational level, her experience was a much-needed asset for Coulson's growing team. The fact was, there were many agents who could replace Natalia in regards to overall expertise and appeal just that Nat herself didn't wish to join, as she quoted A bunch of wannabes.

"Ugh, and just when you think that people cannot be more interested in power." Coulson threw the file into his fireplace, yes, he had one. It was a secret add-on in his apartment so that he may later reclaim the security deposit. The burning of the file itself was a needed action since written information always has the chance to be caught by an unwanted party.

"It is all planned. While Fury said Nat doesn't know... it's hard to believe she doesn't at least have the idea. This team really is just one big group of wannabe," Coulson mumbled, a little astounded. He knew about Hydra and their viles. He knew that they, like Shield, most probably had a team of super misfits and are also the most likely cause of the creation of the team itself. A containment force against the super members of Hydra. But Coulson had never imagined that another secretive organization held multiple MNCs in its palm. Literally. It held control over the creation of Super-Villains worldwide.

The Hand.

The organization that has been able to survive despite Shield and Hydra's presence. And the information struck Coulson hard. After all, the previous contention of forces allowed Coulson to always feel that he had been doing the right thing. That his choices and actions were driven by the thought of doing good. He still felt such but in this three-way 'competition' as Fury candidly admitted, Coulson felt like questioning the true nature of the Shield. True, the file held a general overview of the Hand but it contained things much worse and that was a collection of dark secrets belonging to Shield. More precisely, Nick Fury Jr's dad, his predecessor.

Not only was the project SIN operated for the sake of appearances, but the organization had also long cracked a serum of the likes of Supersoldier. The one running through Steve Roger's veins. Those sacrifices were for nothing. And the dead, mutated, agents didn't even know that.

Coulson would've blamed Fury if not for the fact that the latter half of the information clearly showed the entire structure of the Shield. As it turns out, they weren't the 'all-seeing' beings they jested in their canteens to be. No. Far from it. Government held more than a major half of the organization in a tight grip and it was the various political agendas of different countries that allowed Fury the autonomy he had shown himself to wield. And whenever it comes to the Government, a combination of the international one, no less

"Who can actually say we truly are the good guys?"