Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 618

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 618 Cravings

"Whoo!" Cindy hooted as she swung and pulled herse atop a building before landing right onto Nik, making sure that he caught her in his arms. "It's adrenaline, baby!" She laughed, snuggling against him without any boundaries as they once again returned to their stakeout spot. "Yeah, well done," Nik smiled, unable to shy away from the contact. Of course, there has been a perfectly wimpy reason for ditching Cindy whenever he could get a chance that he would bury in his heart. After all, it wasn't the best actions in his life and now that Cindy landed into his arms again, despite his warnings, Nik wasn't planning to let go easy, despite Gwen's action of jumping off from his shoulder and hiding away behind the vent of the air-conditioner.

"I never had this kind of fun with Ava!" Cindy pulled her red mask down, grinning, "All the protocols are boring. And I know that Ava doesn't like it either but she just likes to keep up with her pretenses." Gesturing towards the lining police cars with one of them belonging to George Stacy himself, Nik smiled, "This is all on you. Of course, the police don't have any evidence to keep these criminals into jails but surely, this will be a trouble to them."

"Ooh, let me just get off of you," Cindy finally realized her position and hurriedly jumped off, her cheeks flushed as she bit her thin lips. She had her oriental charms, most prominently, her eyes. Round and cute. Of course, her 'schoolgirl' posture really made Nik's night as he walked closer to her, making her eyelids jump in surprise. "Ha! Your blood's pumping, too?" She inquired, clearly referencing to her bout of adrenaline rush but unable to execute her words properly as Nik nodded. "Oh, yeah."

Not pushing Cindy into a corner, and not even trying to seduce the excited woman since the rooftop was quite filthy, Nik thought for a little while. His slightly pathetic actions had cost him and Cindy quite a bit of progress that could have been achieved and thinking of this, Nik inquired without playing around the bush. "Cindy, what's the status of your summer assignments?"

"All done? I like to just complete it quickly and then..."

"Nap?" Nik inquired as Cindy exclaimed, "Well, it's summer, right? I don't have the energy to face the sun!"

"Nice," Nik smiled, "So, you are free tomorrow, right? Wanna hang out after 5?"

"Oh, I have my assign" realization dawned upon Cindy as she looked at Nik with her gaze widened, "Oh, that is good. I have no choice but to hang out with you now."

"Well, you have the choice to refuse but it doesn't look like an option in your eyes so I'll drop by your place. And now," for theatrics, Nik drew the portal rune as is spiraled into a violet portal in front of Cindy, making her gasp audibly, "You will walk right up your doorstep."

"Woah!" Cindy whispered in amazement as she pushed her hand into the portal without any fear and feeling a wall on the other side, she took a step forwards and entered the portal. "I am really here!" She looked back to enter through the portal once again but much to her sadness realized that the portal had long vanished. Sighing to herself, she jumped up and made her way to her room from the window.


"Hey, sorry I'm late!" Nik entered the apartment with a smile. After all, Anna was destroying the speed run which meant she would return normal tomorrow. "We're in here," Mary peeked her head out of the kitchen before raising a glass of wine. "Huh, Widow is here, too," Nik mumbled while switching his shoes out with a pair of slippers.

"Look what I found," Mary hissed as Nik entered the kitchen. "Weird headphones?" Nik inquired as he looked at the single earphone in Mary's hand, considering the possibility she ripped apart the pair out of work's frustration but she had an even better reason as she continued, "No, it's a tool, an outdated one but still usable and she used it to spy on us! I can't believe Fury would do this after knowing my loyalty first hand!" Mary groaned as Natasha silently sipped on her drink.

"Really? Fury is behind this? Then he is one weird guy," Nik traced his chin, "Why would that freak want to hear about our s.e.x life from Natasha? Does he get off from stories?" Nik furrowed his brows as Natasha looked down further, enjoying her glass of wine silently.

"Wait, what? S.e.x life?"

"Oh, yeah, she likes to peek on us when we do it. I tried bringing up the subject but... it never is the best time." Nik sat on the chair and looked at Natasha, "You used Fury as an excuse? The Director of Shield? Really?"

He conjured a can of beer for himself while looking at the squirming Natasha.

"You were spying on us... for 'that'?" Mary placed the device on the table for Nik to understand its feature while Natasha sighed and placed her glass on the counter. "This isn't as bad as it sounds," she coughed, "You see, I am leaving for California due to an assignment tomorrow and wanted to debug your house. If we think about it, this is his fault," she pointed at Nik, who spread his arm with a confused expression, "Hey, you are the pervert this time with a spying device!"

"Not that loud!" Natasha hissed with a glare before looking at Mary, "Alright, I am sorry. I shouldn't have done this but you and your daughter are with the same guy. A kid, in fact. Last I checked, that's illegal. And so is Nik drinking beer."

"Not with Nik, it isn't," Mary raised her eyebrow, "So? What's next? Am I going to hear that you are also spying on my son?"

"Ew!" Nik and Natasha scoffed simultaneously and looked away when Mary grew angered by their action. "I was curious. When I met you after returning, you had that glow on your face and Anna is surprisingly the same. How was I supposed to know that you both are into the same man? Comparing my actions and yours, I'm lesser of the evils in this room."

"Wouldn't I be the least one?" Nik inquired, making Mary finally smirk mockingly. "Ouch," he grew silent with the whisper while Natasha continued, "And I used this plugs only the first two times. You guys have no sense of surroundings when you start doing it and how the hell do the three of you continue for four hours?" The red-head aunt groaned while Nik shrugged, "Oh, that's easy. It's because the two of them need to sleep."

"I don't know what to say," Natasha sighed while sitting over the counter, "I would have thought that the kid is just bragging but it seems true. Four hours is already a lot. My time of the marathon was 6 hours before I fell asleep," she mumbled while Nik raised his can for that, making Natasha smile.

"When did the conversation turn into s.e.x-marathons?" Mary hissed as Nik chuckled and stood up, "Oh, come on, Mary. Once you tell Natasha how you really feel, call me in for dinner. I'll leave the two of you and take care of Anna."

Saying so, Nik walked out as he sat beside Anna and inquired, "Feeling happy now?" Anna paused the game and smirked mischievously, "Thanks, I needed it," hugging Nik before laying on his lap, "But I really feel exhausted," yawning, Anna giggled, "Who knew Aunt liked spying 'that' much? Maybe I should have dressed way more than just a few times."

"Yesh, you should," Nik smiled, stroking Anna's cheeks as he saved her progress before closing the game while Anna had already fallen asleep.

"Sleep well, sweetheart," Nik whispered in content.

As Nik took Anna to tuck her into bed, Natasha looked at Mary carefully, "What did he mean?"

"Ehm, I don't know," Mary took a deep gulp of her drink before sitting on one of the chairs before c.o.c.king her head sideways, "Maybe I do," she whispered before placing her glass next to Natasha's tool and clutching her head while groaning, "Oh, this is embarrassing!"

"More embarrassing than being spied on? Oh, I want to hear this!" Natasha grinned and sat in front of Mary. "Come on, tell me!" Natasha poked as Mary looked up.

"Well, you know that I started a relationship with my daughter's boyfriend. It began as a more intimate bonding with Anna and my 'thing' with Nik was an unexpected and sweet surprise. What I mean to say is"

"Oh, my, God!" Natasha gaped, "You are the real perv here! YOu want me to enter your arrangements!"

She laughed in surprise as Mary groaned with crimson touching her cheeks and her forehead slumping against the table. It was true. Mary had a thing for the family and Nik realized it once he 'took' over. But since she actually grew fond of Nik instead, they both silently agreed to not discuss her kinks at a great length.

"Well, as much as I would... like to try it out," Natasha whispered, "I have a flight tonight. 4 in the morning, in fact. So I can't stay for the night but I will hold you three for this arrangement. Be sure to welcome me as well as you can."

"Just get out!" Mary grunted as Natasha stood up with a chuckle, drinking her wine completely before walking out of the kitchen and seeing Nik walking out of Anna's room, her expression brightened and without saying a word, she walked up to him, her arms clutching his collars as she pulled him in a passionate and sudden kiss. Her soft, plump lips pressed against his as she enjoyed his taste literally.

"Ha!" She took a deep breath after putting some distance between them, "Vanish," she nodded.

"Widow," Nik nodded in return, a smile on his face, too.

"I look forward to meeting you in two days at most. Don't you dare run out of fuel with me and... not a word to your team."

"Oh, I am sure I should be the one worried about you praising me to other groups," he rolled his eyes.

"We'll see!" She winked before taking her leave.

Meanwhile, sitting on Natasha's device on the kitchen table beside Mary still holding her head down bashfully, Spider Gwen whispered, "I miss Poole. All of these guys here are crazy!"


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