Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 619

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 619 Karma's A Bitch

'Welcome back,' a sweet whisper lingered as a shout erupted following instantly.

"Ughraaaahhhhhh!" The shout filled with fear and confusion as the woman in his dreams disappeared and reality came dropping once again. Frank, now injured, layered with a case of cold sweat, the inside of his head banging against his skull, huffed deeply. His bandaged chest heaving, fists clutching against the bedsheet covering him. "Haa! Haa!" Slumping back, parched, Castle looked over to the practically destroyed ceiling.

Screams of his loved ones filled his ears. Their giggles, and their complaints. It was all real for him. A wife whom he compromised with and she reciprocated with the same tender affection. Two amazing kids. A boy who childishly swore to protect his family in case something happens to Frank on the battlefield and a sweet girl. The only person more terrifying to Castle than any terrorist he brought down.

"They're..." his voice cracked apart, his sobs echoing through the empty and spacious room, "really gone!" He whispered, the folds of sheet clenched within his fist not bloodied with his injuries over the knuckles opening once again.

"Gaaaaahhhh!" His pained shriek rang, filling the room with only a single vest illuminated under the twilight passing through the cracks, a pitch-black, military-grade vest with a menacing skull spray-painted on the torso.


"Don't leave me!"

Nik and Anna sat in front of the television with a determined expression. "This is so bad," Ann whispered with a young werewolf screaming after his loved one as she betrayed him for a pasty looking vampire with a lean and mean figure. It did not help that the girl was 15 years old. "You didn't lure any young girl like her, right?" Anna inquired as Nik scoffed, "How old do you think am I?"

"You will turn 18 this year in December but shouldn't we count your entire acc.u.mulated age?"

"Hmm," Tracing his chin in contemplation, Nik shook his head, "You should but what about my experiences? If I choose to travel through 17 years every time, wouldn't that mean I have never experienced the thought process of a proper 40-year-old a.d.u.l.t?"

"Don't you have a daughter? Tanya?" Anna furrowed her brows, firm in her argument.

"A father can be a child?" Nik mumbled, a little unsure himself by the sudden question, "But I know for a fact that if I was a 700-year-old s.e.xy vampire, I wouldn't 'lure' a woman into the forest. Considering the various era I might be in, take the current era, for example, I would be playing video games on her couch. I have long stopped finding homes for myself in different worlds."

"Oh," Anna looked impressed, "That's actually a nice method."

"I know," Nik chuckled, "It worked on you, right?" Waggling his brows suggestively, Nik pecked Anna's lips as she giggled sweetly. "I went out before you woke up and bought this," Nik pulled out a game case and passed it to Anna. Since she seemed hooked by medieval-aged games with swords and magic, he purchased a copy of Flame '&' Steel from the game store six blocks away.

"Woah! This is some hardcore stuff. Are you sure I am ready for a game like this?" Ann whispered nervously as she eyed the game in her hands with greed flickering in her gaze. "Should I set-up the system for you?" Nik inquired in return as Ann promptly hugged him, "You remember, after all!" Anna was getting worried since Nik hadn't greeted him since the morning as her man embraced her tightly, "Of course. Happy Birthday. I know you don't like presents after cops crashed it last time, for good reasons at that. So this is the best present I could think of."

"I did think of turning you into a super-dancer as a present but that kind of stuff shouldn't be considered special. So if you want a radioactive spider to bite you, just ask for it."

"How about asking a radioactive 'boyfriend' to bite me?" Anna whispered as she placed the game aside and gingerly sat on him, his physique not a bit bulkier than the time he took over, and with both of their bodies wrapped against each other tightly, the difference became further obvious.

"Are you ready for that?" Nik inquired with a chuckle as his hands already slithered into her loose crop top, his grip tracing the sides of her torso until he reached up to her perky b.r.e.a.s.ts, warm and tender as they filled his hands. "You're getting impatient~" she giggled with a hot blow as Nik grunted softly, "I am always impatient when it comes with you. You deserve it," groping her bosom, his lips falling onto her lean neck as he softly kissed her collarbone before tilting his face slightly and biting gently on the side of her neck, Nik pulled e.r.o.t.i.c grunts from Anna as she relaxed on Nik, her hands playing with his hair and her knees locking his thighs a little tighter, her body getting hotter with the stimulation.

"Did you do mum yesterday?" She inquired in huffed whispers, slowly grounding her warm crotch against Nik bulging debauchery while the man nodded, "Yes," blowing softly against the mark on her neck, Nik continued, "She begged to do it with you after the fourth time."

"Mmgh!" Anna groaned softly as she bit her lips, "And you didn't wake me up?" Her tone arousing and a bit accusatory.

"Nope," Nik looked up with a grin, his eyes narrowing, "And we did it until the morning. I had to help her reinvigorating for work. Oh, and we enjoyed it. By the sixth time, she forgot all about you," Nik chuckled as Ann returned a similar glare while her hold onto Nik's hair tightened a bit, "Then, as the birthday girl, I get to f.u.c.k you all day. Every chance I get!"

"Oh, I don't know about that," Nik whispered, his hand now lowering onto her butt, pulling her ever so close as they kissed each other instantly, their tongues tackling and their chest pressed against each other while Nik continued to massage her butt, his fingers digging into her soft bum, easily spreading her squishy holes, letting her scent grow stronger. "You've already got your gift," Nik whispered, "My hardcore gamer. Now it's time for return presents," showing a dirty smile as Ann pouted, her cheeks flushed, "Don't worry. I'll make sure you go to your classes."

Hooking his fingers against the elastic of her hotpants, Nik pulled the fabric down as he picked her up and reversed the position, pressing Ann's back against the spine of the couch, his erect c.o.c.k poking against his pants and pressing against Ann's sweetpot with her legs playfully locked against his pelvis.

"What if I don't want to go to my classes?" She inquired rebelliously as Nik arched his brow, "Don't worry. I know a filled Anna always listens to me."

As they both grinned at their banters, Nik shuffled out of his pants and revealed his shaft, Anna's fingers already running against his length eagerly, pumping him softly as his tip, just like Anna's entrance, wettened, becoming warmer and hotter as they both kissed each other, Nik supporting himself with his palms against the edges of the couch, his figure dreaping over Anna's, allowing the birthday girl to play however she likes. With her hands already occupied, she leaned forward, letting her sloppy lips press against Nik's abdominal muscles.

"Hnngh!" grunting in need, she bares her teeth, "I've always wanted to do this!" Without waiting for a single moment she dug her teeth into Nik's torso, gently and tenderly, just playing around as Nik grunted, "Alright, we are never trying that stupid show again."

"Hehe!" Anna grinned as she let Nik's c.o.c.k go, making it spring up in full attention as she pulled her pants down completely, exposing her dripping p.u.s.s.y. Her wet drool glistening her butt crack as Nik humped, pressing his erect member against Ann's wet hole, letting it slip up as they grounded each other nethers against each other, their m.o.a.ns leaking softly as Anna hugged Nik's back, straddling onto his front while Nik stood up, pulling Anna up with her body now completely exposed and her p.u.s.s.y lips kissing Nik's thick shaft.

"Ready for the party?" Nik inquired in a hot whisper, making Anna nod eagerly, "Yep! Fill me up real nice," she breathed, leaning forwards to take Nik's lips into yet another passionate exchange while Nik pushed her body up, adjusting her entrance and then driving his c.o.c.k into her cunt, driving it straight into the deepest parts of her bred, delightful hole as her walls clenched against Nik's shaft, letting him scratch and grind her hole in a stirring passion, making Ann whimper as they continued to kiss. Her butt jerking ever so slightly in debauched pleasure and her h.i.p.s twisting along uncontrollably just to get the most of the situation.

The wet, smacking sounds of Ann's p.u.s.s.y driven without care echoed through the living room. Her walls already molded into the shape of Nik's c.o.c.k as he continued to push her limits, stretch her out, press her walls and making her shiver with squealing m.o.a.ns. Her expression already deformed from the morning's laziness to an e.r.o.t.i.c one with her eyes barely focused and her teeth now clenched with spit dripping from the side of her lips.

"Umh," Nik sighed hotly, feeling his tip press against her second entrance while the flat of Ann's crotch now bulged slightly in the shape of Nik's length. "Yes!" Anna squeaked, letting her body hump down to spread her more, her innards barely taking Nik whole as she gasped in a breathless echo and completely slumped into Nik's arm with her cunt tightening in a shaking orgasm, her squirt showering Nik's crotch and creating a messy pool of liquid underneath while her tongue continued to lick Nik's collarbone as he drove his c.o.c.k mercilessly, his shaft trembling and throbbing suggestively but Nik still held on.

After all, this was merely one out of many birthday orgasms she had to shower away.


The birthday 'party' was a huge success. Anna was satisfied with her gift and Nik was more than just satisfied with his return present. With his purification, Nik only had to pull stops when less than thirty minutes remained and infusing the combination of his energy that reinforced his body into Anna to have her ready for the classes. Opening a portal for one of the less-visited sections near the Ballet Class, Nik and Anna walked out with Anna still hugging Nik and a pleased grin touching her lips.

"We really made it on time!" She giggled as Nik led her to the entrance of the Ballet classes with other girls still making their way towards the entrance of the training hall. Not minding the look from other girls and a few other talented male ballets, Nik stopped near the entrance and kissed Anna goodbye.

"Practice well," he whispered, "And we will later play the game together. You on the controller and me... well, playing you," sharing similar grins, Anna pecked Nik once again before nodding, "Sure thing!" With that, she turned and skipped away to her classes while Nik waited for a few moments and then turned to walk away.

"Now, you want me to drop you off back at Gwen's?" He inquired while looking towards his shoulder.

"Of course," Spider-Gwen hissed, "Your place is a breeding house!" she continued, "Mary, then Anna, and now Widow! When will you pull your stops!"

"Hey," Nik furrowed, "First of all, owning a breeding house is my dream, right next to setting up a strip-club and being the leader of a s.e.x.u.a.lly religious group. So, I can say for sure that our apartment is not a breeding house... cause there are no monster girls. Second, you asked me to stay at my place and I don't shy away from my s.e.x life. That's why I am awesome."

"What''s your point?" Spider groaned as Nik thought for a moment.

"Nothing? I was bragging. You couldn't tell that?"

"Ugh," rolling her eyes, Spider shook her head, "Whatever. Out of sight, out of mind."

"Yeah, I've found that expression quite misleading," Nik chuckled.

"What do you mean?" Spider inquired.

"Maybe it's just me but even if my partners are out of sight, they never are out of my mind. Literally." Grinning, he continued, "Anyway, I am not walking to Gwen's place since I planned to meet up with Cindy. Let me open a portal for you. Say hi to Poole for me," With that, a portal connecting the real world, the consciousness world, and Gwen's room devoured Spider whole before she could complain.

Feeling a weight lifted off his shoulder, Nik began walking towards Cindy's place when an equally rude fiery golden portal appeared beneath Nik's feet extremely stealthily and devoured him whole.