Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 623

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 623 Cindy's Pull 1

Nari and Albert, Cindy's parents, have been long time friends before being each other significant others. They, like any other, had their ups and downs but their work together had never been affected as such.

"Her DNA... she finally isn't our daughter, biologically," Albert whispered while adjusting his glasses as he continued to run tests on Cindy's blood before comparing the data within his encoded drive.

"Just don't tell her that or she will get more points for argument," Nari grunted while packing her things up, "Are you done with the tests?" She inquired while Albert chuckled at her previous statement.

"Just a few minutes. Erasing data from the system," he stated and after he was done cleaning everything, he smiled in satisfaction, "We should not have denied those agents, don't you think so?"

"I don't want our family to be more connected with that kind of organization than it already is. The fact that Cindy is fighting some sort of freaks is already troubling. The moment she comes up with as much of a scratch, it will be her last mission," Nari snorted at her husband's idea.

"She will grow out of our hands eventually," Albert smiled and stated as Nari gave her a furious look.

"You spoil her. The same thing happened with Hector. You knew she shouldn't be in a relationship and yet you hid things. That's how you want to play?" Crossing her arms under her bosom and waiting for her husband to say the wrong sentence so she could tear him a new one, Nari was surprised when Albert shook his head.

"It was wrong and unbecoming of me. I shouldn't have hidden anything from you. But we... you were the same at her age. I remember. It's hard to even understand how we came to work together when you were such a..." before he could find the appropriate word, Nari walked across the room and leaned forwards with a nasty expression on her face.

"I didn't need to act like a nerd to get good grades. And if you call me that word again... well, many things will be off from our table."

"All I am saying is that you were somewhat like Cindy. Now, let's go. I made reservations for dinner."

"What about the kids?" Nari furrowed as Albert showed her the text message from Cindy saying that she and Junior had already ordered takeout and had their fill.

"We should still get some more dinner for Cindy and leave it on the table," Nari mumbled, "She always wakes up hungry at night. I wonder if she even does anything to get this hungry or just digest far quicker than we calculated."

Meanwhile, having her fill temporarily, Cindy ran up to her room and closed her door to her room shut. Her mind reeling with the teasing sensation that Nik left her with before taking his leave as her h.i.p.s jerked softly while she hurriedly slipped out of her shorts, nothing covering her nethers as she plopped on the edge of her bed, heaving deep sighs and let her hands roam around her body, finding the right spots to get her going further.

If it was just the physical connection like the usual between them then Cindy would not have even waited for the dinner to start with her daily rituals, no. It was some sense of intimacy this time around that made her heart race in excitement and guilt at the thought of the two women. A major portion of her emotion was leased to envy, of course. Anna and Mary got this every day. At least, that's what she expected of Nik because she needed to have some form of release every day, too.

"Hnah~!" she blew warmly while pulling her top up, her back straight, and her legs spread with one hand teasing her left n.i.p.p.l.e and the other rubbing down her fleshy entrance. her juices already trickling down and her heightened senses did not help for that matter, making her touch all the more sensual and pleasurable. Her n.i.p.p.l.es turned hard as her hands grew rougher. Nik's touch still lingering on her lips as she bit them in need with her middle finger slipping past her entrances before stopping quickly.

"Cindy?" Her brother's voice echoed outside, "I am having a problem with this math question. Mum said that I need to get my homework done before she comes back and Mrs. Polly had to buy 78 watermelons!"

Groaning softly in frustration, her breathing bated, she replied within a few minutes to keep junior out of her room. "I'll be out in a minute!" she stated with her middle finger taking a reluctant drag out of her fold. "Fuu!" sighing, Cindy dressed up once again and wiped her face with a towel. With that, she began helping Junior in his room until Nari and Albert returned with an extra serving of dinner which was a good thing since she was feeling so hungry.

Already late, Cindy had to postpone her plans for the night, including the secret vigilantism that she had kept from her parents. After all, she only had so many things to do on her vacation. From her homework and extra studies regarding journalism to binge-watching. Her visits to Shield have been quite rare, too, with Natasha being on a new mission and Ava quite busy with finding out the location of someone named Black Cat.

The next morning, however, Cindy hadn't expected someone familiar to ring her doorbell.

Opening the door quickly, with the same sensation, Cindy found Nik standing out alongside Anna with a smile.

"Hey!" They both chimed as Cindy's smiled faltered a little. "Anna!" she regained her composure, "How are you doing?"

"Well, it was my birthday yesterday," Anna went in for a quick hug, surprising Cindy who almost recoiled from the gesture while she looked at Nik with a stunned expression. 'He kissed me at his girlfriend's birthday?' her thoughts turning into a jumbled mess.

She might have hated Hector for cheating on her if he hadn't turned into a monster. While he was being treated by the facility with positive returns, the fact remained that she couldn't just feel angry over the guy who had been through so much, and right now, it hit Cindy that Nik's actions were similar and the only difference was their physical connection.

"We both are going to Strange's place. To hand him over yesterday's prize and read up my pay. Wanna join?" Nik inquired as Anna held Cindy's hand with a sweet smile, "Come on, I know I didn't tell others about my birthday. So let's hang out today!" Cindy's brows twitched again. There was something wrong with Anna today. The hug was fine, everything was normal but her gut spoke that Anna was acting weird. Clingier than usual.

"Um, okay?" Cindy whispered before turning back, "Dad? Can I go out with my friends? It's Nik and Anna!"

A few seconds after her call, Albert walked towards the hallway with a smile. "Kids," he looked at the young couple, "You won't get into some super trouble, right?"

"No!" Anna grinned, "We just want to visit a library."

"Oh, a library? I guess it's fine. I'll text your mother so just come back before the dark," Albert nodded as Nik inquired, "Mrs. Moon isn't home? It's Sunday."

"We take shifts during Sunday. I take the night hours," Albert informed before returning to whatever he was doing and leaving the trio to themselves.

"Here you go," Nik smiled while creating a portal behind Cindy to attract less attention as Cindy stared at the happy couple with restrained bitterness and entered the portal with a soft sigh.

"She seemed... depressed?" Anna mumbled as Nik shrugged before leaning down and kissing her softly, "Then why don't you cheer her up later? There's a reason why I don't keep things away from you guys."

With a mischievous smile befitting Nik's attraction, Anna took lead and entered the portal followed by Nik.


"I feel lightheaded," Strange whispered as he conjured an energy mirror in front of him. Looking at his own visage, he sighed. The dark dimension has been as brutal as ever and while Dormammu has been a little easier to deal with, his sister is a whole different concept. Vengeful, sadistic, calculative, and cruel to her core with even her daughter unable to change many undesirable aspects of her life which would make Ursa a major threat to the planet.

"Too much for being the coveted center. The ancient one simply grew tired and took an early retirement," mumbling, Strange looked to his left, feeling a tremble in the spatial forces before feeling a portal outside his doorstep. "I am configuring my clone to teleport on the doorstep next time. This man does not hold his language even during the most important moments."

Standing up with his gaze changing and finding himself in the living room, Strange took his seat while Wong led the guests timely.

"Please, take a seat," Strange gestured, a little tired, in fact. He had yet to take a rest and repay his allies their deserved rewards but this was important, too. Garuk had the means and motives to destroy the natural system of the planet and thus needed to be stopped.

"Hey," Anna waved and sat in between the triple-seater couch as Cindy sat to her left and Nik to her right. "It is a pleasant sight to see such a warm greeting," Strange smiled at Anna before looking at Nik.

"I did take care of Garuk but for the additional surety, I would like you to take a look at his body," Nik began. He would have his time to play around with but he needed to take care of one dead body inside his Dream Core.

"Of course, please, take it out."

"Right here? There's a teapot on the table and... you know what, sure," Nik shrugged and took out Garuk's intact body save from his arms, which were placed on top of him. While Cindy flinched, Anna seemed excited.

"Ooh!" she whispered, "It's scarier than I expected and to think that violence is credited to videogames..." Her words making the other two beings inside the room except for Nik feel weird.

"Say, you were with Nik yesterday, right?" Anna turned to Cindy while Strange took control of the floating body the moment Nik took it out and caused it to disappear. As the two began their hushed conversation which Nik could still hear, Strange spoke up, "It is definitely good that you brought his body. Users of the dark arts have intricate methods of deception. With my task completed, I am free to take care of the autopsy."

"Don't worry," Nik smiled, clearly keeping the fact that he now had those same intricate methods to his own disposal after razing Garuk's mind clean, undisclosed.

"I suppose you are here to see my end of the bargain fulfilled," Strange mumbled, "The library of our arts is not in this building. Take this," Strange stated while presenting a small yellow token with jagged ends. "This a portal device for a two-way trip into the library. No time constraints as promised. You will be attacked the moment you step out of the library since the location is confidential and I mean that this holds true even in other planes of existence."

"Got it," pocketing the device for later observation, Nik nodded, "Thanks."

With his sudden hired-services now concluded, Nik and the girls took their leave with Cindy blushing heavily, her eyes now sneaking glances at both of them. Surprise heavy in her gaze but instead of envy which majored yesterday night, confusion and expectations took place.

"Sky, I would need your help cracking the coordinates held within the portal. After yesterday's trip into a fodder's mind... I can't take things easy when it comes to a rank 6," he clearly accepted as yesterday's venture into Garuk's mind had been a nightmare.

"I'll give you a few hints, sure," Sky muttered calmly, in fact, with a hint of sleepiness in her voice.

"Oof, sorry to wake you up."

"No worries *yawn*. You haven't been able to defeat any of us in the spiritual battles so it's your loss really. I like it hard before I sleep."

"Me, too!" Asmodeus giggled.

"I can't say no..." Lilith whispered while Pure was the most convincing.

"I wouldn't know. I never did it..."

"Me, too," Lola stated.

"Suckers! I am with Nik every day!" Pickle cackled.