Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 624

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 624 Cindy's Pull 2

"Why did you ask me out, Nik?" Cindy inquired, cornered literally. They were sitting in the last seat of the caf with Cindy against the window, Anna beside her, and Nik sitting opposite to them.

"I actually planned us for taking care of another gang. I got the intel that the second of the three gangs is going to make another deal within a few days but now... I don't think I would have the need to stop gangs anymore. There's this guy, the Kingpin, and I had a chat with him. Turns out that he wants the good of the city so he is going to surrender himself after exposing every dirty cop and federal agent alongside pieces of hard evidence on various gangs."

"That's more than half of the crime factor of the city," Cindy mumbled, sounding unsure while Anna sipped on her drink, her hand smoothly falling on Cindy's thigh as she and Nik exchanged a short smirk, making Cindy feel even more frustrated. It was obvious to her that Anna was more than she showed herself to be and she was in on the fact about her event with Nik yesterday.

Carefully gazing at the rest of the patrons, making sure that there wasn't anyone familiar in the crowd, Cindy bit her lips and then drank her order with a nervous heart. This was a new territory for her and the couple's teasing action wasn't proving to be comforting. But then again, maybe they weren't going for her comfort.

"Do we really need to do this here?" She inquired softly, almost m.o.a.ning with Anna's hand stroking the right places. Not as effective as the man observing her face but Anna did check some satisfactory boxes.

Feigning ignorance, Nik inquired while taking a sip of his coffee, it was bitter and tasted too mature. He didn't like it at all but for the sake of play, he calmly placed the cup down and smiled, "Do what?"

"This?" Cindy gestured down with her pupils as Nik furrowed and looked at his crotch, "Did I spill something?" he asked softly, his expression genuine to a fault when Cindy suddenly squeaked.

Taking her hand back with a smug expression, Ann winked at Nik, her smile a cruel one, matching the same one that Mary would pull every now and then. "Hehe," giggling, Anna quite openly leaned towards Cindy and pecked her cheek. "You could have told me about everything before, you know," Anna whispered into Cindy's ear hotly as Silk herself continued to look at other patrons so that she can pull away from the comforting touch the moment they are exposed, "we could have had a bomber birthday party. Just you, me, and Nik."

Her words came to a surprise as Cindy finally looked towards Anna, gasping at her words, "What are you saying?"

"Oh, please!" Anna rolled her eyes, "You act denser than the NPCs. And that is simply wrong," she completed with a pout. "A threesome! A steamy one where you and Nik could have given me presents," she crossed her arms and stopped talking, leaving Cindy gaping as the words filled her ears and her mind processed Anna's desire.

"You are not mad?" Cindy inquired once again just for the sake of confirmation while Nik didn't try to take a sip out of the coffee but ordered a choco lava cookie. He was done wasting hard-earned money on coffee when he clearly didn't need to keep himself awake.

"Nope!" Anna sipped, "Not about you hooking up with my boyfriend. If I did then mum should have been the first to feel my... wrath?"

"Wrath?" Cindy muttered, "Anger seems more normal."

"Anger it is," Ann shrugged, clearly her vocabulary had been tweaked by the medieval set RPGs.

"But why aren't you angry?" Cindy continued to inquire, clearly stumped as Anna thought for a while and then whispered, "Guess you'll find it in a few hours. If you play your cards right," smiling, Anna leaned towards Cindy, making Silk's heart leap before she kissed Cindy again, this time close to her lips, too close.

As Cindy found her walls worn down by the second and her patience tested with Anna's roguish hand and Nik's ever so cruel and smug smile as the youth continued to watch over a pastry's comfort, the whole city was suddenly rocked and torn into a new one.

"My name is Wilson Fisk," stated the Kingpin, his stature representing everything that is calm and serene. Like usual, he wore a white suit, his head trimmed neatly but instead of a cruel gaze without any hint of remorse, the man had warmed up sockets threatening to bleed tears. "I have committed various crimes and I am here to confess them and bring everyone in this parade to a justice."

Standing alongside him was the NYPD's Commissioner. The man in the uniform spoke up, "With Wilson Fisk's assistance, we have rounded over 300 compromised cops and detectives, and even further federal agents in a matter of a day. Many are being hunted down by the system as we speak. But that is not all. Irish, Mexican, Indian, Japanese, and various other gangs and don families have been completely raided, their members behind the bar, and their operations being destroyed. The detail of the operation shall be released to the public once we have successfully apprehended every single criminal group."

"But that is not all," Wilson whispered, "I have donated all of my wealth to Stark General Initiative. The group will develop the poor cities across the world, that, my donation would ensure. I would like all of you to know that I am not doing this out of the fear of my sins but to seek the redemption my heart yearns"

As the interview rocked the state, many had to change their plans. Some fortunate ones fleed, the less fortunate, however, made up methods to avenge their downfall.

"I would also like to say that if it wasn't for the hero Vanish, I would have never turned out to pull a better and just version of me. I want this city... my city to remember that while the superheroes of the world only appear in the corner of some alleys or fight of major threats and leave the city alone for further deterioration, heroes like Vanish are the reason why people like me... criminals like me still can have hope," Wilson stepped down after saying his piece with a certain redhead amongst the journalist totally confused. This was everything opposite to what Vanish actually stood for. The man didn't enjoy most forms of responsibilities and only chose to do the things he selfishly loved and enjoyed.

That wasn't the hope of humanity, could it?"

"Heroes like Vanish?" Strange looked at the magical display hovering in front of him with a plate of bacon and juice. Even a Supreme Sorcerer had to fill his stomach. "Hah!" He laughed, his smile unwilling to recede.

"Garuk is finally dead, thanks to me. The maniac had infused his spirit with his clothes. Dormammu and Umar are sealed once again. And we got the german orange juice. Did anyone just caste a positive destiny over me?" He mumbled with a smile, clearly pleased. The joke was like frosting over an already delicious cake.

Meanwhile, far from the ruckus raised by the reformed lord of crime and underground, Nik found himself pushed against his seat, Anna straddling him with her hot kisses letting out soft m.o.a.ning gasps while Cindy's eyes wandered around the duo making out with the caf completely unresponsive to the sound and action. Now she wanted someone to bust Nik and Anna as the sweet brunette jerked her h.i.p.s over Nik's crotch, her hands pressed against his chest as he held her tightly.

"I should leave," Cindy stood up, unwilling to see things further. For the most part, she was still confused but a few things were now clear to her. Nik, Anna, and Mary seemed to be in some form of open relationship and didn't mind other parts, from what things looked like.

"You know," Anna took a breather and turned her body before sitting on Nik's lap, leaning against him and snuggling her head below his chin and smiling, "Nobody can see us. And I am here to help you out," she pointed out, making Cindy furrow softly.

"Help me?" She inquired as Anna jumped off and tiptoed behind Cindy before hugging her from the back. "Yeah," she breathed against Cindy's lean and slightly muscular frame. "You want to have a go, right? I don't have the same thing you and Nik have but I can see it. You look like a really cute and oriental version of Gwen," whispering with her hands openly reaching for her bosom with the patrons still unresponsive as ever, Anna continued, "We won't force you. If you find it uncomfortable with me around, I'll leave but... then you gotta promise that you won't try again something later. Both of you are on the same page and later, the continuous denial will only be unnecessary drama," cupping Cindy's bosom as Nik observed the shivering lady calmly, a little impassive, even, Anna softly kissed the back of Moon's neck, "So?"

"I can leave whenever I want?" Cindy inquired once again, looking at Nik with a bashful gaze. Her breathing turning hotter by the second and her chest heaving prominently.

"Yes. But having Anna around was her idea. Great one, if I may praise it," he smiled, "We don't have to do it in front of so many people though. It won't be comfortable, I think?" Nik looked around, clearly comfortable by the thought of clueless spectators but Cindy sighed in relief.

"My room, the same manner. Nobody should hear... us," Cindy looked back at Anna, smiling nervously.