Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 625

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 625 Trisome 1

"So, it may look exciting but... the videos you saw back then weren't the truth. You should take a break from such things. Go on, play your video game now," Albert stated as his son slowly walked back to his room. This time, the bespectacled father wasn't worried about his son delving into p.o.r.n too early. It was unhealthy for a young boy's mind and body. "But having a s.e.x talk with... a kid is burdensome," he sighed and took his glasses off before taking a sip from the glass of water.

"Cindy should be having fun. We were scared for nothing that she would feel lonely after she got her gifts," Albert mused with a smile.

"You sure they can't hear us?" Cindy groaned in aching needs with her hit breaths breezing through Nik's cheek, her b.r.e.a.s.ts fondled from behind as she remained the only one in her underpants. "They can't," Nik assured her, leaning down for another tasteful kiss as his tongue dove into her mouth, his hands holding her perky bottoms and his knuckles enjoying the press of Anna's thighs. The feel of his erect shaft covered by the fabric of his pants rubbing against her clothed flat above the p.u.s.s.y every time she moved made Cindy shivered. It was far bigger than she had expected.

Thicker, too.

"Enjoying yourself?" Anna inquired in a sweet coo as her fingers slipped into Cindy's plain black bra, her palms copping a good feel of Silk's b.r.e.a.s.ts as Cindy gasped against Nik, her body reacting in the most pleasant senses. Even without answering, Cindy's response was as clear as a day, another fact that Cindy found herself rather sensitive. It was still daytime. All her amorous adventures have been confined under her bedtime hours but right now, except her mother, her family was awake and active under the very roof she bucked her h.i.p.s against Anna's crotch.

"Hmmg!" Blowing hotly against the back of Cindy's ear, Anna slowly pushed the couple in front of her onto the bed, making Cindy sit over Nik as he made himself comfortable while adjusting the soft, fluffy pillows behind him.

"How do we do it?" The brunette ballerina inquired, straddling Nik's legs while holding Cindy in comfort once again, the Silk herself remained timid and silent most of the times. Her heartbeats turned outrageous as she understood Anna's words. She wasn't truly experienced with her past relationship being amateurish in nature itself.

"How? Hmm..." humming while pondering, Nik gazed at Cindy who promptly looked away, her cheeks flushed just like her upper body. Biting his lips in mischief, Nik sat up with his legs moving slightly as he pressed his lips against Cindy's and his left thumb directing Cindy's chin. "We work the way Cindy wants. Whom she wants. And how she wants it," he whispered after a blissful kiss before tilting his head and inquiring Cindy with a hushed tone, "So? Anna or me?"

With one ear having a time with Nik, Anna leaned forward and balanced the situation with another ear, saying, "You can either have Nik, he will ride you so hotly," she blew, "Or you can try me first. I'm sure we can work something out."

"Stop it, you guys!" Cindy m.o.a.ned bashfully as Nik continued, "Anna is lying. She just wants me all for herself," humping slightly, "She'll tire you out, or so she thinks."

Cindy's eyes twinkled slightly as she realized something important and instantly, she turned her head towards Anna whose lips which brushed against Cindy's lips now found themselves locked with Cindy's lips. A pleased expression touched Anna's face as she winked towards Nik while he laid back down. Seeing the two of them making out above him turned him on deeply. His erect shaft between Cindy's bum and Anna's crotch made it evident to the duo.

"Wa wait!" Gasping for air as she felt truly 'wo'manhandled by Anna, Cindy couldn't help but lean forward and support herself over Nik's chest as he enjoyed the breathless show with a smile on his lips. Biting her lips in silent protest as she glared at Nik while Anna played with her b.r.e.a.s.t and rubbed her crotch with the other hand made it even harder for Cindy to keep a straight expression.

"You should turn back," Anna suddenly whispered as she playfully slapped Cindy's right b.r.e.a.s.t and increased the pace of rubbing Cindy's swollen clit. "But!" Cindy cried in defense as Nik sighed in relief while Anna mewled in comfort, a tone which was quite different from her earlier m.o.a.ns. Once again, Cindy realized something and she slowly tilted her head back, her gaze shifting downwards when she no longer felt Nik's shaft being intimate with her bum and finally, she found Anna's tender spot completely devouring Nik whole.

Awed was the word Cindy's mind rang with as she instantly found Anna hugging her tightly and if it wasn't for her flexibility, she might have been injured. "Go ahead," Anna whispered before pecking Cindy, "I want us to face each other," her voice remained pleading as she slowly let Cindy go, making the enhanced individual gulp.

"Go... where?" Cindy inquired, already knowing the only destination left to travel.

Winking, Anna pushed Cindy back and placed her hand on Nik's h.i.p.s as she gestured forward with her chin, "Don't play a sweetheart now," she suggested, "Or we might just doubt that you really are a..." taking her sweet time, Anna leaned down and sucked on Cindy's n.i.p.p.l.e, making the woman grunt in surprise as the brunette looked up, "kid."

Pouting, Cindy scoffed softly and broke out of Anna's hold, Cindy slowly got up from Nik and sat beside him, a little unnerved as Anna continued to hold Cindy's gaze while moving her h.i.p.s sensually. She barely outrageously raised her voice despite the size she rode but her m.o.a.ns remained sweet ones. As Cindy slowly looked away from the spectacle, she found Nik turning towards him as she gulped. Finding herself at yet another indecisive moment, she waited for Nik to make a move. Lead the remaining time they have yet to spend and finding herself pulled into a passionate kiss, Cindy closed her eyes and enjoyed his taste. It was a mystery to her why Nik tasted so sweet.

They both had made out after eating a burger and even then, instead of the sauce, she found the similar sweetness touch her senses, much to her embarrassment as she knew for a face she wouldn't have tasted sweet. Not after eating a plate of chili fries.

Even during the kiss, Cindy could feel Nik shuddering ever so slightly. Who wouldn't? Anna started to ride him with even more passion and speed. The wet sounds of her damp p.u.s.s.y slapping against the base of Nik's crotch spread alongside her whimpering m.o.a.ns, making Cindy feel turned on by a greater margin. She wasn't able to keep a hold over her scent any longer, she knew it and she was soaked by the thought of it. Every single physical gesture of her aside from her words already showed how much she wanted to bed Nik and his roaming hands around her back weren't much of help to avoid that.

Then again, she would have been sorely disappointed if she wasn't feeling this hot with Nik. Not after building her expectations from the very beginning.

"Would you mind if I..." Cindy whispered in between the exchange, her eyes full of desire as her voice remained low, almost drowned away by Anna, who, much to Cindy's surprise, was already squirting and wetting Nik alongside her bed below. Of course, the fact that her sheets would now be hard to explain to her parents would not strike her until after the act had been completed.

"Get on," Nik whispered with a smile while stroking her cheek. "I'd love to," he continued, making Cindy smile sweetly. Slowly sitting up and then positioning herself above Nik's face, her slightly unkempt hole dripping above him, she inquired once again, "Like this?" Holding Nik's hands for support as she kept her butt above Nik while facing Anna, who had already lost awareness about her surroundings, Cindy felt her throat drying while thinking of the position she wanted to be in.

"Just like this," Nik blew, making Cindy shudder while squeaking in surprise. "Get down," Nik continued while parting his lips in preparation for his hands wouldn't be helping him now. At this moment, Nik's mind unraveled with an evil notion. What would happen if he morphed his tongue into fingers? Of course, this wasn't a first date scenario but now that the thought emerged within his mind, he would make sure to try it out.

All his dreams came to a short end as he sniffed Cindy lowering herself, her scent flooding his senses.

Cindy didn't smother Nik even if he did want it out of her own nervousness. The moment she felt Nik softly kissing her pothole, Cindy gasped loudly before finding herself enjoying the act of getting licked quite eagerly. Her fingers didn't feel as good as the flesh monster eating her away. Her entrance being surprisingly pushed open by a tongue alone as she found her damp walls squeezing against something soft for the first time. "Hah! Hah! Does- it feels good!" Cindy whispered as she found herself leaning forward towards Anna, her own hands rubbing the front region of her nethers as she gushed even further while feeling Nik taking her all.

"Of course, hnngh! Hnaaa!" Anna grinned before her expression broke once again. Her head jerking backward as she came in front of Anna. Her sweaty body shivering in front of Cindy as the woman sitting on top of Nik, barely holding to her sanity found Anna's situation terrifyingly blissful. "Haaah!" Anna groaned as she leaned forwards and instantly took Cindy's lips. Much to Nik's surprise, alongside Anna's rhythmic push of h.i.p.s as she just loved herself getting spread apart, Cindy began to follow Anna's moves and started humping Nik's tongue, making him dig further than he should have as they both suppressed their m.o.a.ns against each other's lips.

As Cindy enjoyed Nik's oral relief, her body's connection with Nik ensuring her being on the brink of an explosive release, Anna felt her thoughts regarding Cindy, much of them being rather immoral, crumbling. There weren't many things she liked herself to feel while having her moments with Nik and with her walls scratched at the right places, the deepest ones, with the veiny shaft, Ann found herself reduced to a mess.

"Hnngh~!" Anna heard Cindy's seductive call while their tongues remained interlocked. Her gaze obstructed by Cindy's wide h.i.p.s and glistening butt cheeks as only Nik's messy hair remained visible to her.

*Pah* *Pah*

The blissful sound continued to echo as Cindy slowly felt a wave rising within her. A familiar urge that finally drove her butt down, pressing her cheeks roughly against Nik without care and with enough force to actually injure a normal human being. Her grip around Nik's hand tightened roughly while her walls clenched alongside her buttcheeks with a loud shriek of pleasure, her head flung back, and her back arched forward as she let lose a clear gush of orgasm, majority of it lapped away by Nik and the rest gracing his torso.

"Hah! Haaah!" Heaving and amazed, Cindy slowly came to be, the sounds of Anna wildly riding Nik already stopping as she smiled with glimmering eyes.

"That was quite a shot," Anna whispered, her skirt hanging around her calf loosely.

"... shut up," Cindy whispered, slowly sitting down with an embarrassed expression.

"Sorry," she whispered without meeting Nik's gaze while the man sat up and rubbing his arm against his face, clearing himself of the mess by the slightest margin.

Before she could say anything, Nik chuckled, "Hah! You won't be for long."

Without waiting for Cindy to grasp the situation, Nik twisted his h.i.p.s and brought Anna down on her knees while pulling Cindy's neck and kissing her far more roughly than she could have imagined as Anna only bit against one of the pillows with joy flickering in her eyes and her hole tightening once again as Nik returned the favor by riding her world.