Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 631

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 631 Return Of The Red 1

"What is going on?" Nik inquired as he walked into the apartment with a suspicious expression. Mary was setting the table, a task which Nik took up and fulfilled gloriously and vigorously but that wasn't all. The scene itself looked a bit strange and after going through enough 'pastime' mangas in Yuuko's store, he knew the premise of preparing an 'enhancing' dinner itself. He could have known the preparation within the apartment if he had even thought of actually observing the interiors beforehand but that felt like the way of always ruining his surprise since the outer portion of the building is always within his observation.

That is also the reason why Nik knew that

"Aunty! Nik's here!" Anna squeaked as she almost dropped off the bowl from her hand while a grumbling response is all the excited niece got in return. "It's Aunt Nat. Never Aunty, only Aunt Nat!" Out came a red-headed woman with plump lips and... "Oh, my god! The chili got to my eyes!" Natasha complained with reddened, watery eyes as Nik took a deep breath and inquired, "Can I get a glass of water... my head is aching."

His response, too, much different than what Anna and Mary expected and prepared Natasha for. "I'll get the water!" Natasha hissed in annoyance with her eyes itching, "I need it anyway," she mumbled as she sauntered back into the kitchen as Nik sat on the table with Mary tiptoeing behind him and passionately moving her hands above his shoulders, "What happened?" she cooed her inquiry, "I thought you'd be more excited after seeing Nat."

"Nothing, really. I just read and understood too much at the same time. Most of the stuff, I already knew but still had to check," Nik coughed with his base knowledge about the realms of magic already exceeding any Sorcerer under Strange.

"Ooh, I wish I could do something to help you," Mary smiled and kissed the top of Nik's head and hugged his shoulders tightly before letting him go, "But this won't last for a while, not with what we have planned."

"Why are we having turtle then?" Nik inquired as Mary rolled her eyes and Anna replying while arranging the dishes.

"It's Aunt. We told her that you don't need more 'nutrients' but she wanted you 'filled'... something about opposite reaction and transference. Really, she could just say that she wants to"

"I want to give you water," Natasha walked out while giving Anna the eye as she scampered off into the kitchen with a mocking grin as the seductive redhead, the older one, if Mary was correct about her age, handed Nik the glass before inquiring, "So? Did I keep you waiting?" She inquired, once again expecting a reply more in the favor of her desires and this time, Nik did hold them up alongside his glass, "Oh, yeah. How was your trip?"

"Nothing fancy," Natasha sat down next to Nik with Mary taking the opposite seat and Anna finally sitting down with a hum. "Just a private jet and amazing airplane chocolate," she smiled widely as Nik furrowed his brows. "Really?" Nik chimed, "I thought your trip was booked by assassins."

"Crazy engineers, more like it," Natasha replied knowing fully well that the only assassination attempt made public was the one where Tony Stark revealed his suitcase 'suit'.

"Did I tell you guys that I am being invited by the King of a country named Wakanda? I can even bring you guys," Nik smiled as Mary stopped eating for a moment before continuing as if nothing happened but Nik could feel the continuous, excited taps of her foot. "So, tell me the next time you are free," Nik winked at Mary, "And we'll settle a date."

"You'll make the King of Wakanda wait over the whims of Mary?" Natasha inquired with a slightly widened gaze as Anna tilted her head, "Is he a big deal? I've never heard of him."

"Oh, sweetie, sometimes the people we have no knowledge of are more dangerous and this king... can conquer continents or so it was predicted 30 years back. I'm sure they are globally recognized nation in our circle."

"Hah, I save his life. So... yeah, he'll have to wait until Mary has another break." Nik shrugged.

"How about tomorrow?" Mary inquired as Nik took out his phone and messaged Coulson without knowing if he could really go back to Africa tomorrow but that was a problem for the next day. "Done," Nik smiled before giving Natasha a look, "And if you want, you can tag along, too. Ms. Pepper won't mind if you take a day off, right?"

"She won't... but I've already been to Wakanda. They have 5-star prisons and dungeons. With a television," Natasha grinned as Nik was colored impressed. By the fact that a prison could have television and of course, by the fact that Natasha has visited one and lived to tell the tale. After all, giving tv to prisoners is basically like fulfilling their last wishes... or something similarly morbid.

"We're going to meet a king?!" Anna smiled, "I've got just the dress. Mum, do you remember that Halloween dress that you swapped out?"

"Yeah, I'm not letting you wear any outfit from the 's.l.u.tty' profession series no matter what. So, you've got... oh... no to that, too," Mary smiled before focusing on her dinner as Nik and Nat exchanged a glance before Nik looked towards Anna.

"What is this dress that you two"

"Stock Princess! A heavy gown with a"

"Yeah, your mom is right. No. That kingdom isn't thrilled by the fashion sense of old colonial nations."

Mary almost coughed her bite out as Anna deflated and fiddled with her spoon before eating once again.

The rest of the dinner was calming and even with Natasha's addition and the events planned for the night, the atmosphere of the group wasn't affected at all. Surprisingly, all four of them were experienced individually and knew how thinking about the night itself might ruin their mood. To Nik, the dinner was barely heavy. Anything less than a million-year-old spirit dragon was no longer heavy to him and with his rising stats, his powers of digestion only grew more apparent.

The girls, especially Anna and Mary, needed some time to regain their bearings and with Natasha bounded by the glares of her mentor in Shield and her niece, the group then spent a considerable amount of time in front of the television with Natasha sighing in defeat and changing into something more comfortable until Mary and Ann were ready.

With Natasha taking the lead, quite eagerly at that, she revealed her reasons the moment she pushed Nik on Mary's bed while Anna and Mary were slightly surprised by the ferocious look on her face, "I kept to myself, you know. Even a few days of abstinence is hard for me when... this type of pleasure remains constant throughout your life," saying so, Natasha hurriedly lost her top and topped over Nik, her sweatpants still on but her n.a.k.e.d bosom attracting everybody's attention and even if Natasha didn't give the other two the time required to get in the mood, she couldn't care less.

After all, Natasha wasn't in the mood of 'give and take' but 'take it all.'

"Hmmgh!" Roughly sealing Nik's lips, uncaring if she accidentally bruised him in the process since she certainly enjoyed the act of violating a potential mate with her entire strength, Natasha grunted when she herself felt the sting as her eyes widened with pleasure literally coursing through Nik's mouth. Her n.i.p.p.l.es tweaked hard as she clutched Nik's shirt and enjoyed his caress over her back.

"Mum... did Nik ask you to get superpowers?" Anna inquired quite softly as she found the bed itself shaking with Natasha's dry humping. Nodding at Anna's words, Mary decided to... not join in after all. Agreeing with Mary's decision since the threat of the s.e.x was real this time, Anna retreated alongside her mother while wondering if Cindy was just as intense as Natasha. Even if she was, Anna herself wasn't in the right state of mind to conduct the required observation.

"See what you did?" Nik inquired roughly as he turned and pulled Natasha down with his h.i.p.s grinding and his erect c.o.c.k rubbing through the fabric if his pants, "You scared Mary and Anna away. Can you really occupy me for the entire night now?" Nik inquired while baring his teeth as his hands cupped Natasha's voluptuous b.r.e.a.s.ts with Natasha grinning in response, gasping at the newfound sensation of Nik's touch and pulling him for yet another rough kiss.

"I can!" she whispered with the slightest bit of clarity and found herself stunned by Nik's violet pupils flashing eerily in the dark of the room. With his pupils turning heart-shaped and affecting Natasha every time she looked into them while his pheromones kicking in, Nik inquired tenderly, "Think again."

As Natasha shuddered with Nik taking the initiative to appease her hunger, she felt his hands tugging on her pants and without any show of modesty, Natasha raised her h.i.p.s slightly, pushing Nik off the bed, too, and allowed Nik to pull down the clothing from behind and exposing her red, lacy panties. Of course, darkened in between her legs by the apparent dampness. "Hey, you're doing something strange, right?" she inquired while aching for her breathing. She had enough experience to realize the strangeness and the absolute pleasure of the situation.

It wasn't just Nik's technique but the man himself. His breath made her heart pound, his touch made her e.r.o.t.i.c bits react in the most pleased manner, and every rub of his crotch...

If that was enough to send her deep into the abyss of debauchery then she really had to raise her expectations of what would come later in the night. Fortunately, Mary and Anna left the room and she could go wild. Truly wild that no stud from the bar she picked could ever hope to handle.

"What if I did it? Want me to stop?" Nik inquired as he gingerly bit on Natasha's neck, drawing her blood without any concern for her well-being and hearing her gasps, Nik understood that she had come to an agreement with pain a long time ago.

"Don't!" Natasha squeaked as she pressed her palms against Nik's chest with all her force and to her delight, Nik didn't budge by the slightest. "Lemme have you all!" she smiled as she found herself more and more attracted by the sensations her body felt.

Unknown to her, the apparent destruction of the bed which then extended to the room didn't pass through the floors or the walls. The last thing Nik wanted was to make troubles for himself by having a wild night and just isolated the room itself, allowing maximum pleasure and zero regrets.