Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 632

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 632 Return Of The Red 2

Natasha smelled amazing to Nik. Her scent might be perceived differently to different organisms but with Nik's body intentionally hardwired to enjoy the opposite gender, every single change during the acts of the night was a rare delicacy to the man that he never could get enough of and Natasha's experience and open-minded nature during the act itself helped. With his fingers comfortably driving Natasha nuts as they spread and continuously rubbed her damp, fleshy innards, his other hand already rubbing her butthole despite her grunts of disapproval which only turned into surprised squeaks when she felt the result of her dinner disappearing, Nik enjoyed the sight of the curvaceous redhead all soaked in sweat and helpless under his ministration.

"Hah! Hah!" Natasha panted with her thighs apart in a sprawling posture and her arms covering the top of her face, only revealing her current thoughts through her bitten lips. "Hmm? What happened? You promised me all-nighter," Nik chortled with a mocking grin as he casually flicked his index across her swilled clit, instantly making her shiver with the act itself acting as the last straw that squirted the cunt with a shower leaking through Natasha's damp, aromatic hole right onto the bedsheet.

"You're! Ohhh! Dirty!" Natasha gasped as Nik leaned down to kiss the area beneath her p.u.s.s.y and anus as she hissed, "Let me catch my breath!" But all her tone awarded her was yet another round of Nik's soothing session as Nik slithered his arms from below Natasha's thighs and pulled her closer with his nose brushing past the wet hole, only intensifying her heat and scent as his tongue stretched into her trained asshole. Just the kind Nik liked. In fact, he loved all kinds of assholes. V.i.r.g.i.n, gaping, trained, puckered, squeezing. You name it and he'll purify the hole from any excrements and suck it hard for his own enjoyment and the effects instantly took over Natasha, making her hold Nik's head against her butthole begrudgingly as she was still unaware and confused about many things Nik showed but decided to enjoy the moment.

"Mmgh!" Licking her lips in delight as she began enjoying it from her butt, Natasha smiled playfully and clenched her interiors against Nik's tongue and much to Nik's surprise, the redhead decided to flex her flexibility by bending forward easily, showcasing that she did not need any other man to lick her nethers with her tongue already in a reach and kisses the tip of his nose before ruffling his hair. "You really enjoy buttering a woman up, don't you?" she inquired with literal meaning before squeezing his tongue even tighter, "How do you like that now?" She inquired with her glimmering.

Suddenly, she felt Nik's tongue shift from its fleshy state to something harder. It was definitely a strange experience but the moment Nik began moving his tongue again, Natasha's expression pitifully shifted as she felt a tongue-shaped vibrator f.u.c.k.i.n.g her hole right. It continued until she squirted right on Nik's face and quite quickly and easily at that as Nik slowly sat up and licked his lips.

"How about you return the favor?" Nik inquired as he pulled his pants down, revealing one of the most generous c.o.c.ks Natasha had ever seen... organically. With her body still not responding to move up due to the recent anal orgasm, Nik did her a favor and comfortably approached over her tummy with his knees straddling her sides. "How about this?" Nik inquired as he grinned and held Natasha's bosom against the shaft of his c.o.c.k and continuously prodded her lips with his tip.

"I want a pillow for this..." Natasha mumbled as Nik bent forward, his c.o.c.k tilting slightly and pushing against her lips before Nik returned to his earlier position with a pillow in his hands. Holding a pillow with trembling arms, Natasha slowly adjusted herself to slightly raise her shoulders and give her neck an easier time sucking the tool as she finally kissed his tip gently and she was colored impressed by the taste and scent of the slight dampness covering the soft pink tip.

Matching gaze with Nik, Natasha slowly sunk forward onto Nik's c.o.c.k without having any need to explore the area as she gingerly pushed Nik's c.o.c.k against her throat and simply pressed her arms together to envelope the remaining shaft with her generous and warm b.r.e.a.s.ts as her sweat worked as a modest lubricant around his length. Slowly and surely, Nik could feel Natasha's b.r.e.a.s.ts sliding 'down' with her tits already touching his balls as she continued to take his c.o.c.k, her meaty throat bulging from underneath her jaws but that didn't seem to deter her. Her gaze grew more sorry by the inch she took and as if riled up by her gaze itself, Nik smiled softly and caringly stroked Natasha's puffed up cheeks before holding her by the sides of her face and pulling her down to reach her deepest spots.

For a moment, air failed to escape Natasha's lungs and she panicked but a dizzy spell only made her fall into the abyss of rest in such a strange situation until

"Fuaaaaa!" Natasha gasped involuntarily, spit bridging her mouth and Nik's c.o.c.k as she sputtered again with a cough, making Nik chuckle. "No rest now!" And with that, he held the head of the superhuman agent and rammed his c.o.c.k into her throat, making Natasha clutch Nik's thighs, tapping them furiously but unable to stop him until she was at her last breath and Nik would always stop, making her heaved deeply as she couldn't even control her saliva.

"What the hell?!" Natasha glared towards Nik as all she found was the violet glimmer of his eyes before she felt compelled to lose her anger. Realizing that she wasn't hurt by the act itself and her body was begging for the rough treatment, surely an act inspired by the strangeness surrounding Nik that she only had just begun to perceive.

Her chin dripped with her spit as she waited for Nik to jam it in again only for him to slowly back away while spreading her thighs. "How about this then?" Nik inquired with a pleasant expression while rubbing the tip of his c.o.c.k against the fleshy entrance of Natasha's p.u.s.s.y, his hand continuously handling his shaft to spread and play with her erect clit.

"You wanted it, right? From when though? Ah, I remember, from the moment you spied on us... or was it only me?" Nik mumbled to himself while leaving Natasha high and dry except for the continuous grinding of the tip against her opening, the tip itself thick enough to make Natasha shiver and his words didn't provide the comfort of the soothing coos that her pickups usually had. "What would Ann think of you when she realizes how rough you want? Heh, maybe she'll want the same for herself," Nik mused loudly as his words made Natasha's droopy eyelids twitch.

Feeling Natasha's lower body slowly but gradually pressing against his tip as she pushed herself against Nik, he smiled before guiding his shaft against her opening. "Got you!" Natasha hissed before locking her legs and pushing Nik down against the foot of the bed while sitting on top of him, her crotch resting on Nik's c.o.c.k as she smiled dirtily. 'Ahh... it would ruin the fun if I say I let her win out loud...' Nik stayed silent with a satisfied expression as Natasha slowly dropped down, her control amazing enough to easily take a better half of Nik before tightening and then going even deeper as her gaze lost its focus for a moment.

"Ohhh, my god!" Natasha breathed loudly as she stopped after feeling the base of her thighs touching Nik's pelvis, her interior spread beyond belief but while this was the greatest organic tool she had taken, her adventures with plastic and other penile productions were even greater. A few moments of rest was all it took for Natasha to ride the twitching monster like a champ, her buttocks smacking Nik's thighs as her wet entrance oozed with e.r.o.t.i.c juices with Nik's hands soon reaching out for her bubbly ass, squeezing it tightly and tugging her down for the extra zing.

"Umgh!" Both of them grunted as the legs of the bed finally gave out and pushed Nik even deeper into Natasha before they continued the wild ride. Unlike the superior existence from the spiritual worlds, for instance, goddesses, who did not have even the slightest bit of experience save for Yu Yan, Natasha could easily beat most of Nik's previous partners in a f.u.c.k competition if he actually engineered a scale to measure one's pleasure.

"Damnit!" Natasha bit her lips as her shoulders shuddered and her p.u.s.s.y clenched against Nik to no avail. She was being ruined and her squirting cunt loved every second of the process and with a sigh of relief, Nik, too, released a massive load that sent Natasha over to an edge, her back arching forward and her head snapping back with a weird squeal leaking through her mouth.

And then they continued.

F.u.c.k, squirt, m.o.a.n, and repeat.