Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 633

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 633 Okoye

[Talent Exotic Escort initiated. The average statistical value available to be absorbed and the abilities are listed.

Name: Cindy Moon

Talent: Wild Intuition

Physique: G+

Mental: F-



Abilities: [Organic Web Regeneration: F+]


[Talent Exotic Escort initiated. The average statistical value available to be absorbed and the abilities are listed.

Name: Natalia Romanova


Physique: H+

Mental: H+



Abilities: [Weapons Expert: B+] [Master Acrobat: C+]


'Master Acrobat...' Nik mused as Natasha snuggled further against Nik for a cozier touch, 'that explain many things.'

Gazing at the screen, Nik chose to select stock stats over the abilities. While the alphabetical ranking of the stats did turn out to be rather ambiguous, the Transmigration Heart instinctually provided by a detailed comparison, ensuring that Nik knows how much his own stats would advance. Strength from Cindy and mental stats needed for more elaborate operations of his clones from Nata... lia. 'Nope. Natasha, it is!'

[Name: Nik Minion

Age: 17

Limits: (Phantom Physique)

Bloodline: L.u.s.t Apostle/ ???

Talent: Exotic Escort, Balance, Perfect Eyesight, Skill Palace, Physical Genius, Limit Buster, Legacy Eyes, Wild Intuition

Profession: Imperfect Chimera

Physique F+

Mental F+

Energy F+

Luck B+]

He now stood at the edges of attaining the stats belonging to rank 4 host and it served as a cause of celebration for Nik. Not that his life wasn't one in the first place. He still hadn't tried to bring Cindy and Natasha into the fold since there was no rush and Natasha didn't strike him as a woman to happily jump into a harem. He could have manipulated her into joining his ranks but what could Nik do. He was a naturally bred hypocrite who would deny his own words and actions whenever he felt like it.

With morning kissing the hemisphere in which Nik operated, Natasha finally woke up with a satisfied grunt. She didn't have much time to sleep but she was refreshed nonetheless. "You know," she slowly sat up and gave Nik enough space to adjust and sit up, too, "I usually bail out before my partners wake up."

Chuckling at her response, Nik stood up as the fresh light of the morning bathed his n.a.k.e.d physique, for a moment, captivating Natasha as she averted her gaze, "You can bail out... but with me going out with Mary and Anna, that would only make a funny story at the dinner table."

Taking a moment to look at Natasha, Nik continued, "And the fact that you were so happy spooning me didn't show that you would be leaving anytime soon."

"So..." Natasha tied her hair into a bun before slipping into Nik's t-shirt while winking at him and posing slightly, "What about the bed?" She inquired as she bent to her side and saw the cracks running down on the surface of the bed. "What about it? We'll have to change it, of course." Nik touched the surface, 'Although... I can try reverting time. The library had some books but it also runs the risk of me accidentally erasing the bed itself, or much worse, everyone in the building.'

He still hadn't begun his training with time due to the lack of apparent affinity but he would surely begin the practice in time. Now that he had decided on replacing the bed with one of the many stored within the Dream Core, Nik stood up.

"And will you talk about... you know, last night?"

"Again," Nik sighed, spreading his arm, "What about it?"

Narrowing her gaze, Natasha crawled up to Nik and raised her body while bringing him close, her hands exploring his butt and his balls at the same time to get a rise out of him while she, in her zone, softly whispered into his ears, "About how you got my tushy clean. And, your eyes turning cartoonishly heart-shaped~!" she whimpered at the memory of the sight, "Of course, if you can keep it up always, I'd rather see that," her words trailed off with a playful bite on his earlobe as Nik tilted his head slightly to give Natasha a peck, too.

"Nope, not telling you any of it. The first thing you'll do is run off to Fury and if you are going to snitch on me, I'd rather have you start your report with how wildly we f.u.c.k.i.e.d." Pushing her away with a snicker as she pouted, continuing to act coy, Nik just made Pickle turn into his outfit as Natasha's gaze shimmered for a moment at the sight of pink-white liquid turning into clothes.

"That's one of the symbiotes functions?" She inquired as Nik nodded.

"Come on, you can share other stuff with me, too. I won't snitch on ya!" She tried with her expression matching her southern-american region-like tone only for Nik to give her a mocking glance. "Nope. But you are welcome to pry it out of me. I'm not leaving anywhere and well... you know where to find me at night," saying so, Nik walked out to cook the breakfast.


"It's nice to meet you, I'm Nari and this is my husband Albert." Mary shook Nari's hand while smiling at the bespectacled Albert as Anna winked at Cindy. "Cindy told us that you Anna also has an elder brother," Nari inquired with Mary smiling bitterly.

"He just doesn't listen. Anything I ask, he'll always do the opposite. Come with me, Junior, I said and all he did was set up a date with his girlfriend and ran off, saying that he is 'busy'." Mary sat back on her seat. Nodding at Mary's words, Nari sighed, "We also couldn't bring our son. He's just too young and we were afraid that he would like to brag about it."

"But he does know about Cindy, right?" Mary inquired as Nari chuckled, "He watches too many super-hero shows and even lectures us at times about the necessity of hidden identities. However, if he actually goes to a secret kingdom, that might just push him over the edge."

"And Cindy," Mary turned to look towards Cindy with a smile, "How are you?"

"I'm great," Cindy smiled, albeit awkwardly, as her cheeks turned rosy.

"You know, it would do great to my channel if I could interview Silk," Mary smoothly pressed on an opportunity as Anna rolled her eyes. Meanwhile, as the Shield's passenger jet moved flew towards Wakanda, not a little bit away from the four women sat Coulson and Nik, busy with their own games. Literally.

"This is what you do in your pastime?" Nik furrowed as he tapped on the green ball and made it bounce back on a stickman's head.

"No, I am just testing if you are worthy of my precious games."

"Your games?" Nik inquired as Coulson grinned, "Yeah. I've actually invested in a few superhero video games. But getting a good score in this dumb game is just the beginning. We'll slowly work our way up."

"This is stupid," Nik groaned and minimized the game, "I can just teleport all of there. Give me the coordinates."

"And risk offending the entire royal family due to a misunderstanding, no thank you. This is my first mission as an ambassador and the future of my career depends on this." Phillip reasoned, attracting everybody's attention.

"The future of your career?" Albert inquired with a puzzled expression.

Leaning forward, Coulson smiled apologetically, "I cannot reveal the details but my job is just like anybody else's. Keep the boss and investors happy and the smooth trip to Wakanda will make my bosses very happy. That would mean more funds towards our team and better equipment for Silk and other heroes."

Albert didn't like the answer since it melded the idealistic faction of superheroes into the world of business but what else could he do? Cindy had actually found a safe environment without any threat to her identity due to the Shield itself.

"And," Coulson leaned back, "The perimeters of Wakanda is protected by an energized force field. Can you actually phase through such a protective measure?" He inquired with Nik smiling.

"Give me the coordinates and find out."

Silence fell on the passenger seats as Anna spoke up, "Aunt Nari, have you thought what the King would reward Cindy with? Nik told me that she actually fought beside the king."

This seemed to pull the enthusiasm of Cindy's parents. An actual living king in this day and age would be looked down upon but after reading through the basic touring brochure mailed by the Wakandan diplomatic task force, the Moons were thrilled by the prospect. Especially their research facilities and while it was a longshot to actually see it for themselves, they had decided to ask for a tour to the kingdom's research labs either way. Cindy didn't have many thoughts regarding the matter as the so-called king had cat ears.

The flight itself took less than an hour, an impressive feat in the eyes of the Moon Family and Anna while the remaining crew seemed rather nonchalant about it.

The back portion of the shuttle unlocked and opened down, working as a ramp, with Coulson taking the lead and the others following behind him. What greeted their sight, however, was an empty grassland with nothing interesting to observe. Well, there was that invisible barrier quite close to the airship that seemed to be hiding away the interiors but that was the thing only Nik could perceive. Aside from the empty grassland and the invisible barrier, the only interesting thing that occurred was an aircraft, similar in design to the one's developed by the Shield, appearing out of thin air and then landing beside the group while kicking up fierce wind as the thigh-long grassy scape shook and danced wildly.

From the aircraft, a dark-skinned woman, bald, and dressed in a full-sleeved red-colored warrior outfit, wielding an ordinary-looking spear alongside thick rings covering her neck, walked out and stopped in front of Coulson. "Agent Coulson," the woman eyed the middle-aged agent with receding hairline. Her gaze full of caution as if Coulson... wasn't a game investor.

"Yes, it is an honor to meet you in person," Coulson took out his Id and showed it to the woman, "I've never heard of any tales about the head of Dora Milaje," turning back to Nik, he continued, "She's just that good."

"I'm Okoye," the woman introduced herself to Nari, Albert, and Mary. "Your daughter and..." looking towards Anna, she continued, "your friend, helped our king. We do not hold the assumption that our king would have left the battle unscathed. And it would be my greatest honor as the head of the king's Dora Milaje to host all of you for the rest of your stay."

"What's Dora Milaje?" Anna inquired curiously as she tagged along with Cindy.

"It is a service filled with strong females to protect the king. Aside from me, the remaining Dora Milaje also performs the function of satisfying our King's every known desire."

"Oh..." Nari and Albert looked awkward while Nik pursed his lips. While he never thought of himself being a king, he did consider the ability of housing many women quite a perk. "Let us leave. We will converse about Wakanda on our way to the Golden City."

"Golden City?" Mary smiled, "A city plated with gold?"

"No," Okoye shook her head. "A city with the greatest technology, educational system, and infrastructure. The Golden City is simply a title of our capital."

With the introduction out of the way, the group was led into the aircraft overseen by Okoye and brought into the Nation of Wakanda.