Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 635

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 635 Kingly Attire

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Designed to accompany various fields of science, one particular corner of Shuri's 'personal' lab as she called it attracted Nik's attention and when Shuri casually revealed the slimy black entity held by the glassy membrane, Nik confirmed the thoughts of Shuri and most possibly the royalty of Wakanda and honestly, Nik now felt that he might just have a knack for politics or petty schemes.

It was easy to realize the thought of the nation as a whole, from a certain perspective. The symbiote used by Eddie Brock, who had disappeared from the world and is now probably within Wakanda, had caused the man internal damages. Symbiotes did that in their early phases with Pickle being a rare entity who saw Nik as an extension of her being. Even the old lady killed by the silver symbiote in his Dream Core showed various degrees of internal mutilation.

With Venom and Riot already showing their strength, it was no doubt in Nik's mind that Wakanda wished to wield such an entity without causing any damages and with how cautiously they were approaching the subject, proved by the fact that they would rather have Nik with one of their most valued researchers to understand the situation since he also wore a symbiote, the black sludge in the container must be getting developed for the king himself.

"Oh, isn't that..." Cindy trailed her words while Anna leaned forward to see the black slime sticking to the glass and moving around aimlessly.

"This is the symbiote attached to Eddie Brock when he attacked my brother," Shuri smiled, "Since Eddie Brock has been proven not guilty by our laws, he will spend the rest of his life under the borders of the nation. He wanted to go out but after watching the news and how famous he got, he decided otherwise," she smirked.

"But why are you showing this to us?" Anna pouted, "What's so awesome about a slime?"

"Your boyfriend has one, right?" Shuri gestured towards Nik as Anna nodded while glancing at Cindy discreetly but seeing no response aside from a bitter look on Silk's face, the brunette sighed. However, Shuri had no time to pay attention to the expression of others as her gaze focused on Nik. "Can you tell me why you are still alive? The symbiotes gradually mince on the host's internal organs, if not fed timely and you... you must have fed on many then, right?"

"Oh, no," Nik chuckled as Pickle extended from his clothes. Since his clothes today itself was Pickle entirely, she showed her face under Nik's instruction and coiled around as if an exotic serpent. "She doesn't like any other blood except mine. It tastes sweeter, she said," he tapped the top of the spongy white head with large pink-colored patches of eyes, unlike the black patches which Nik uses for his costume.

"What?" Shuri exclaimed as Nik sighed, "And it kind of sucks. I wanted to have a tour but you would rather question me. How stupid. And did you notice that from the moment we came, aside from water, you guys haven't offered us anything?" Nik's scowl only grew deeper as he pulled both Cindy and Anna close, "And get your facts straight missy, Anna is my first girlfriend. Cindy is my... we'll go with the second." Nik snorted and turned alongside the girls, leaving the young girl dumbstruck before strutting out.

In her shock, Shuri failed to realize that Venom was acting strangely and its mass seemed to have lessened by a small margin.

"Ooh, so what do you have in mind?" Anna inquired while going behind Nik's back and playfully spanking Cindy's plump butt, making the blushing hero squeak and glare at the lively girl. "Well... you know. Mountains or... I actually have no interest in nature. Just wanted to spend some time alone with you two," he smiled, "And we are in a royal palace so... there must be a royal bedroom somewhere, right?" Nik presented a wolfish grin as Anna and Cindy turned silent with their gazes fixed onto each other and desires clearly rippled from them.


T'Challa led his group to the Altar of the Panther Goddess. While he explained the collision of a Vibranium filled comet that severely changed the geographical structure of the land Wakanda now stood upon, only glancing over the technological benefits of the mineral that was definitely found in other parts of the world but not as abundant as in Wakanda itself, he then dived into the lore of Panther Goddess Bast.

"It is said that there exists a world where all the souls of past Black Panther exist," he whispered as he stood in front of the statue of a panther cast from Vibranium and gleamed ferociously under sunlight. "In the earliest time, Bast met the ancestor of Black Panther and granted a part of herself to empower him. To unite all the tribes and deflect the outsiders."

"And you think that Goddess is real?" Mary inquired. She had no doubts that the goddess and other supernatural entities existed. The fact that Nik could even f.u.c.k ghosts but chose to have a dizzy spell around most of them was the only thing that confused Mary. But while she was preparing to have Nik meet a shrink after a few days for the matter, her current query was inclined to get a better response from T'Challa rather than his ambiguity on the matter.

"Yes, I do. At least, I believe it wholeheartedly." He smiled, "My father used to teach me all about the Goddess. But I suppose my childhood memories are not what might interest you people." He was wrong. Mary was definitely interested in more intimate knowledge but sadly, T'Challa moved on. On the other hand, Okoye's Kimoyo beads vibrated softly as she let the others follow the group and chose to view the message.

Furrowing her brows slightly by the news, she sent the code for response and followed her king's entourage.


"Shuri..." Queen Mother sighed as Shuri whistled while evading her gaze.

"I would not have known that Nik would just walk off," she defended herself as Queen Mother's expression darkened.

"Really? So yesterday when you were talking T'Challa out of bringing the kids with him, that was your plan? To show the symbiote to another host?"

"We need to find the conditions of symbiote bonding with its host. Eddie proclaimed that Venom chose him but... I just thought that there might be more to the truth and Nik could help me find it out."

"And did you find anything?" Her mother inquired as Shuri shook her head, "No. He left with... his girlfriends," she emphasized with a hissing tone, slightly surprising her mother before the mature woman chuckled and shook her head. "Search the palace and just ask them to regroup with the others. And Shuri, you are to apologize to the three of them as we practiced in your classes."

"Yes, mother," Shuri rolled her eyes with a sigh, "I won't scoff."


While the search for the whole palace began which would eventually extend to the whole capital... and then the whole nation, Nik and the two girls looked around the king-sized bedroom with trivial decorations. Even if the guards thought of searching the King's room, they only found an illusion rune on the doors of the king's bedroom guiding their mind into believing that they had indeed checked off the room.

"Hey, he was a basketball player!" Cindy pointed at the framed photo of young T'Challa with a team of players in their jerseys with T'Challa himself standing in the middle. "But..." Anna who was checking through the wardrobe unceremoniously, just out of curiosity, of course, found a rather illicit outfit.

"What is this?" She pulled out an e.r.o.t.i.c outfit. Not for a woman, though.

Her eyes traced Nik as if to compare his size with the outfit while Cindy gaped at the clothing.

"This..." Unlike Cindy, however, Nik only grew interested. As long his peach wasn't on the line, he had a rather accommodating s.e.x.u.a.l compass and after observing the outfit long enough, he made Pickle morph into one and instantly, a brown furry coat hung around Nik's shoulder, not even reaching his waist while a leafy skirt marked his waist. The leaves were a bit tricky for Pickle but she morphed nonetheless. On the other hand, the leaves itself stopped after the edges of his thighs, giving the viewers easy access to Nik's crotch from their gaze and gaze they did.

The tribal outfit definitely suited Nik as his sculpted, tanned muscles attracted Anna's and Cindy's attention, and with only having one go with Nik, her heart just like nethers clenching at the thought of another ballbusting round of s.e.x.u.a.l session that would most definitely destroy the king's bed and with an eager grin forming on her lips unconsciously, and with expectant gaze, she licked her lips and inquired in a buzz, "Are we really doing it here?"

Her words instantly pulling knowing smiles from Anna and Nik.