Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 636

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 636 Good News

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Nik huffed softly and only cleaned the bedroom off their scents and fluids. The outside world was devolving into a rather complicated trouble but all of it was suppressed, even the soft breathing of Anna and Cindy tickling his skin. "Nik!" Lola's chime rang, "I found it! We can fuse your real body with the spirit bones at 91% success rate! And," she continued in one breath, "We just need a cosmic trigger to achieve the same state of mutation you wanted me to enforce." she stated while referring to Susan's, Benjamin's, and Reed Richards mutation.

On the television interviews, however, Nik knew that Susan's brother had also gone through a mutation, allowing him to become a being of fire and Nik was very much interested in that particular mutation. With his quasi-grandmaster realm in elements, he reckoned that once he gained the secret to flame body mutation, he might even try and trigger other elemental mutation. This was also why Benjamin's rocky mutation appealed to certain thoughts within Nik.

"The mutations are easy but to actually make the spirit bones your own, i.e, making them lose their beastly origin and gain, you know, your origin, we need to start converting them with a part of your bloodline and flesh. Ordinarily, it would have cost you an arm and a leg but..." Lola trailed her words and for the first time, smiled. Her smile even more roguish then Nik and her eyes mischievous as if her methods were riling her up. Surprising her spiritual roommates and the landlord himself, she continued, "Pickle. I ran a test on that silver symbiote and while the latest one has embedded itself with a form of an organic mineral, quite reflective in nature, I can assure that tiny pieces of Pickle over the three spirit bones will start converting them."

"The best part," she cut off any potential questions or complaints, "is that instead of the original attributes of the spiritual bone, all the supposed abilities that one usually receives from such encounters will mutate. Say, the sword bone of the silver dragon may actually affect your crotch instead of your hands."

Her words instantly made Nik furrow. Mutations were fine and he was more than adventurous to at least sport a c.o.c.k formed of a dragon's swords once in his life. But the matter was...

"The spiritual bone is supposed to be absorbed by any one of my hands. How will it affect any other parts?"

"For that, you will have to work hard," with am impish smirk, surprising the witnesses, the blue-skinned platinum-haired artificial beauty suggested a wild approach, even in Sky's book.

"That fusion pot of yours. You'll have to put your body, the converted spiritual bones, and Pickle, if you want to make her happy by fusing with her." Lola's words made Nik feel a burst of warmth and he knew it was Pickle. While a L.u.s.t Apostle, the very nature of Pickle made her very... platonic in her interests. More than l.u.s.t, which her master's bloodline dictated, Pickle only squirmed to hold her master's affection and fusing with him held such an appeal to the variant symbiote that she forgot about her indignance to be cut off slightly and convert the spirit bones.

"It won't work," Nik shook his head, "That will only turn me and Pickle into something new. The fusion pot... is a strange and unreliable object. Not only does it fuse the physical matter, but it also fuses the other metaphysical factors of one's existence, by how much, that I don't know."

"That's why you'll have to find a way. The use of fusion pot is the best way to utterly consume the effects of the spirit bones without an ounce of waste. Either way, it shall be your choice once the spirit bones are ready."

With that, Lola went silent, making Nik inquire with a sigh.

"What about that walking lizard mutation?"

"Still working on it," came a detached reply. It seemed like it was the achievement of figuring out a way to handle the spirit bones that made Lola act out of her character or... she was simply repressing her true self.

With the apparent good news, Nik stood up and Pickle once again turned into a casual outfit to keep undesired gazes away from his what she loved to call bodacious visage. Nik could never correct her and well... who wouldn't love to be called bodacious once in a while? Ready and more than satisfied, Nik began waking the girls up. He had been careful with their clothes. Cindy's outfit would always cover most of her body since she now wears her hero costume underneath every single day. In fact, if it wasn't for Nik simply teleporting Cindy out of her clothes, the clothing covering her nethers would have been torn and tarnished already.

With soft groans, both of them slowly woke up and after looking around curiously, still reeling from their earlier 'mischief', they began dressing up with Nik holding no bars in commenting about their bodies.


"There they are!" Within moments a few guards found the idling trio and brought them to the throne room and the first thing to greet their eyes was a somber environment. A dark expression flickered on everybody's face and when they entered, everybody's gaze focused on Nik. Of course, everybody in the room knew that he could move around without letting others know, and given the mystical nature of escape, they all held Nik as the orchestrator.

However, before T'Challa could speak up, Albert stood up, a little out of character for him as he thundered, in the presence of a king no less. "Where were you?!" his inquiry instantly pressed Cindy into the corner and while she sought out help from Nik and Anna, all she got in return was twitching lips and eyelids. Her enhanced perception when it came to Nik did allow her to understand that the youth himself was somehow enjoying her current predicament and if that wasn't evident, Anna accidentally squeaked a giggle extremely softly.

"Ugh, um, I was at... that place where Nik took us. Nik, tell my dad where you took us," Cindy showed a surprising bout of shamelessness.

Whispering a 'touche' Nik looked at everyone present and inquired, "Did you guys check the..."

"We checked the entire city, from every shop to the house," Coulson coughed and appreciating the man's skills in reading the situation, Nik nodded and smiled, "Oh, well, I created a loop for us to fall through from various direction in the sky. Maybe that's why you didn't find us," Nik stated before snapping his fingers and creating four teleportation squares whirring softly as they glowed violet, matching Nik's pupils.

To make them understand what he meant, under the trained gazes of the female warriors whose hands already traced their spears, Nik walked towards the nearest table and picked the empty silverware before tossing it into one of the four squares. The left one out of the remaining squares that once touched each other would form a cube.

In the astonished gazes of everybody, Cindy's and Anna's included, the glass started appearing from different squares and fold into the opposite one. Vertical, Horizontal. It wasn't fixed and replacing the glass with herself in her mind, Cindy did feel this to be a fun ride.

However, T'Challa pointed out the only flaw in Nik's plans.

"This looks fun, yes. But you three did this for five hours in the air?"

"Yes," Nik nodded before retracting his energy from the teleportation and letting the glass drop on a small circle before it appeared in its original location again.

"And then we vomited. A lot. I teleported it away and someone unlucky had to clean his home or shop," Nik shrugged.

Albert still seemed a little upset by his daughter's action but a tug from Nari seemed to have reduced that emotion by more than a half while Anna tiptoed to Mary with a grin that only meant one thing and that made Mary look towards Cindy again. Of course, Nik had no reason to hide his relationship with Cindy from the redhead. That has always been his go-to method. Sitting in one of the chairs, Nik began to list his priorities again.

With the compatibility of spirit bones finally resolved, Nik wasn't going to cut up Pickle but turn the remaining symbiotes in his space and use them to convert the bones. That was his first priority.

With his spiritual system on verge of completion, Nik had now decided to continue the experiments on Valkyrie Art. Just the thought of finding appropriate test subjects brought a smile to his face. But that wasn't all. Nik added something else to his pile of priorities that he just keeps to make himself practice with the concept of time.

At this time, Coulson spoke up with a strange expression.

"Is now a good time to discuss?"

It was. In fact, with Shuri's impatience, the royal family was at a disadvantage and Coulson wouldn't be worth all of his training and as expected, T'Challa nodded. "These are the gifts we prepared for the two of you, as a token of my appreciation. Please refrain from opening it in front of others." Two female Dora Milaje walked up to Cindy and Nik, presenting them with a small metallic sphere each. "Push the red button to open it later when you both are alone."

"This looks like a bomb," Cindy blurted as she carefully held the sphere, making Shuri snicker. "It isn't a bomb. But something even better." A glare from her mother calmed her down as Nik appraised the costume within the palm-sized sphere with a slightly stunned expression before keeping it on his lap and seeing Nik's gesture, Cindy followed.

"As for our earlier transgression, we apologize," T'Challa stated, taking full responsibility for his younger sibling as Coulson took a moment to consider his words. "It is quite all right."

Matching T'Challa's gaze, much to his surprise, Coulson continued, "We don't have any need for compensation. The gifts you might have presented the two are already enough."

The brows of the Queen Mother and the King creased as Shuri rolled her eyes. "You two," she spoke up, uncaring of the thought process of a.d.u.l.ts that only served to make the already jumbled world more complicated, "This is the gift for helping my brother. I am designing something even better so... once I am done, I'll send you something even better."

The whole charade really did end right then and there. It was easy to consider Coulson's thoughts that he wished to forge a relationship based on sincerity instead of compensations but to have such thoughts, Coulson needed to have a certain form of confidence that... Shield really had other things to reimburse Wakanda with in return for their cooperation for whatever they wished.

"Are you not taking the jet?" T'Challa inquired with a slightly cautious expression as Nik smiled, "And wait for 2 hours? I don't think so."

The most dreadful ability in T'Challa's eyes was when Nik created portals out of thin air. If he had the ability to perceive energy, he would have found that a thin strand of energy leaked from Nik and connected the portal to keep it powered and any spatial manipulator can cut off the connection but with none in Nik's sight, he just manipulated space loosely and looking at the Moon Family with an inquisitive gaze, he asked, "Would you like go home now or wait?"

"Now would be better," Nari pursed her lips with a portal instantly whirring into life behind them as Coulson thought back to his inquiry about Nik phasing through their power barrier and similar thoughts rang within Shuri. Their doubts cleared when Mary and Anna passed through with Nik's gift in their hands and the Moon family finally stepped into their portal, leaving Coulson and Nik.

"Don't wait for me. My ride is waiting outside Wakanda," Phillip smiled with Nik nodding and walking into the portal.