Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 637

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 637 Juicy Meat

While the gift provided with Wakanda turned out to be a precious one, a costume developed by the state of the art manufacturing of Vibranium fabric, something only worn by the King himself, alongside a rather large note on Vibranium, its uses and its price, the gift only served as a research material to be stowed away and pulled out on a later occasion. It wasn't long when Mary hurriedly went to type her findings on her laptop as Nik, too, receded into Dream Core after a long time, much to Ann's cries of protest.

Stepping into one of the safest havens he knew, something that even a rank 9 monster such as Supreme Seraphim failed to destroy back in the day, Nik made his way towards the section he craved out for the symbiotes where two puddles of silver and black stretched in unequal circ.u.mference. "It's Vibranium," Lola's voice whispered beside Nik as she continued, "The black-colored symbiote is melded with Vibranium. The properties of your new costume and the unknown material within the symbiote is similar, so is the process." With Nik allowing Lola to investigate anything and everything she saw fit, it was easy for her to conclude the fact once she grew interested in the snow-white Vibranium suit.

Nodding, Nik continued to walk slowly, enjoying the sight of the world Sky built. In fact, he hadn't even explored all the materials within the Dream Core and while Sky continuously stated there were many natural treasures within the Dream Core that could augment various abilities, Nik still felt that he needed more knowledge to understand their properties since Sky was only willing to coach him on Spatial Manipulation. Sometimes, Nik did feel annoyed that he wasn't given straight answers but then when he recalled how a game loses its entertainment factor after a cheat, he would become calm once again.

Turning a curious gaze towards the ranch filled with sleeping spiritual beasts, his mouth-watering unconsciously as he recalled their tastes, Nik sighed and then turned to the adjacent area. His plan was simple. The symbiotes had shown a certain consciousness to themselves but while Nik was dubious if the symbiotes held a soul, too, he was certain that he didn't want more conscious symbiotes.

It was his first time trying to pull a consciousness out of a being and destroying it in its entirety but with how much he had explored in the matters of the mind, Nik held certain confidence that failure wouldn't hold him for long.

Taking a deep breath, Nik eyed the silver symbiote. Unlike the mild-mannered black symbiote, a part of what was called the Venom with the part under Nik's Dream Core slowly forming its own consciousness, the silver symbiote was far more aggressive. A liability Nik didn't have the time to handle nor the amus.e.m.e.nt. Gazing over the viscous, silver puddle, Nik stretched his right arm forward and began drawing runes. The world of Dream Core was infused with Spatial Element and a form of energy known as Aether, something Sky proclaimed to discover at her early ages. Aside from that, the world was painted with other forms of elemental energy and life sources that allowed the existence of life all except for even a hint of time. So, this was one of the rare places where Nik could never practice temporal manipulation for he didn't have the affinity with it to transform his energy and this place was devoid of it in the first place.

The runes, on the other hand, radiated with spiritual energy as they glowed warm blue with hints of violet. The strange runes were then combined into a chart of runic patterns that symbolized a complicated command and under Nik's urge, the flashing chart moved and slowly embedded itself into Riot's form. Nik's mind instantly came into contact with Riot's unconscious mindscape as it couldn't even rebel against the act and allowed Nik to finally visualize the planet of symbiotes again, this time, with greater clarity. The two symbiotes that formed Pickle might have had the same visuals but Nik hadn't thought of checking their memories then and Pickle had a whole different mind with a blank slate so she didn't know anything.

However, the planet of these parasites was horrendous with the planet itself breathing. Tendrils of eldritch forces stretch out as the prison of a planet suppresses the creator of them all. The moment Nik delved slightly deeper, his mind was struck with a horrifying wail of anger and greed as... the only way to put it was that his mind was on the verge of being controlled by the hive-like structure of the planet itself and it was then the formation manned by Asmodeus requiring four spirits glowed, making the atrocious force screech in pain and turn everything blank.

"All right," Nik whispered with a grunt while rubbing his head, "I'm gonna cut this bastard's mind to pieces." He hissed as the name Klyntar now registered in one of the threats of the universe. Groaning, Nik slowly created the runic chart of grinding off the consciousness once again but this time he decided to lay off on robbing the memories of the symbiote well-connected with a hive-planet of a sort.


"Where's Nik?" Natasha opened the door to the apartment, making Mary question if letting the two sleep together was really a good idea or not. After all, Natasha didn't live here.

"You're back!" Anna shouted happily as she inquired, "How was your job," the brunette niece's gaze lingered on Natasha's curvaceous frame garbed in a secretary's outfit with unconcealed envy of the Aunt's beauty. Smiling at Ann, Natasha chimed, "The usual. More paperwork. Let me tell you the first thing about being a spy, the fewer fights you get into, the better."

"Mum said the same about school," Anna pointed out as Mary rolled her eyes and closed the laptop, "Don't teach her strange stuff," she hissed, "And you owe me a bed!"

Pursing her lips, Natasha placed her purse on the desk next to the doors and chuckled, "Then let us destroy it properly. Once again, where's Nik? Oh, and how did your trip go? I haven't contacted the Director so I don't know anything."

"It was good," Mary held back a gleeful grin as Anna closed her eyes with a satisfactory hum and turned back to sit on the couch and slowly make her way through the dreads of the summer reports.


Meanwhile, Nik infused his energy within the Fusion Pot and hummed it back to life as the markings on the pitch-black cauldron began glowing eerily while Nik controlled the puddle of silver and pulled a drop of blood from an already collected vial and began fusing the two. He was mentally tired enough to leave experiments on Venom for another date and the fact that it had absorbed Vibranium made Nik pay more attention to the black mass. However, the result of his blood and Riot quickly came in the manner of a white-pink symbiote quite similar to Pickle and before she could feel her position threatened, Nik checked the mind of the symbiote again and finding nothing there aside from the mental mark of his pheromones to control the mindless symbiote as a part of his body, Nik nodded in satisfaction and withdrew himself from the Dream Core.

He needed someplace else for slowly converting the Spirit Bones into a form far more appreciative of his original body. The Dream Core did not have an internal passage of time so anything left in that location would stay the same no matter how much time passes outside. This was also the reason why there wasn't any difference in the time flow between the two spaces. Still, with one part of his objective completed, Nik appeared in the living room and found a note on the table.

"We're out for dinner. Will bring Chinese for you later," the note stated in Mary's handwriting as Nik slumped on the couch once again.


"Was this supposed to be hard work?" A soothing giggle rang through a dark apartment in Hell's Kitchen as a petite figure with a plush lower body slowly removed the red mask from his... her? face. The youth looked gorgeous at first glance. Silver hair and pink pupils matched with cute and soft features that only served to make the figure more attractive in the eyes of both, men and women, with the adorable size. Lithe thighs that were practically squeezed by the tight outfit the organization demanded everyone to wear. Not that he would have worn if he wasn't willing to.

"Can we stop playing around?" Another figure, taller and fuller with a comely physique appealing to most men and women sighed. Removing the mask, the red hair of the figure rolled down till it reached her waist while she sheathed her knife, "Ray."

Smiling, Ray looked at the blind foe that gave the so-called elites a lot of trouble. Sure, he's fast and mean but that's it. After gaining a martial arts manual suited to his physique, Ray enjoyed beating most of his newer opponents with his kicks. "Aw, you're back home but still so..." he took a moment to find the appropriate word and recited it with a wicked glee that made the redhead's gaze twitch, "polite."

"Shut up!" Rolling her eyes, the girl out of the two obvious feminine structures, turned and prepared to jump out of the apartment when a sharp object traveled with the head of the redhead as the target only for the girl to propel the knife from her thumb and easily making the kunai deflect. Once again, the girl's action amazed Ray as he sighed, "Ah, Jane, you're really awesome with knives. Sadly, you don't let us call you Mj. It's catchy."

"You just called me that," Mj grunted while catching the flipping knife as a figure in red crashed into the apartment with a kick already landing towards Mj, sending her flying back and crashing against the wall with an eerie thud while Ray's eyes gleamed with interest. Gazing at the asian woman standing in front of the unconscious and bloody devil of the Hell's Kitchen, Ray chortled, "Couples are always the best target!" He chimed while tiptoeing away from the projectiles.

"And why would I let you take away such a nice piece of meat away from me?" With an eerie glow to his eyes, Ray began walking towards the major target of the Hand. With one target down and the other captured, Ray would now ensure the revival of Mj's parents. His kindness knew no bound. Well, of course, he chose to ignore the irony that his actions suggested.

"Hey, Mj, get up already. Double-teaming is always fun!" His words implying many things as Mj's weak groan echoed while she slowly stood up from the rubble and eyeing Ray with an angry gaze, "You're a dirty bitch!" She hissed, making Ray cackle while the opposing figure in red found herself cornered and later, captured.