Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 638

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 638 Kindhearted

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As Mary promised, she did bring Chinese takeout but Nik had no time to enjoy it. If he would mark his biblical sins in priority then gluttony only came after sloth and l.u.s.t with the good ol' l.u.s.t being on the top obviously. With his body held by the Fuker family and their sweet aunt, Nik found himself pressed against the wall as Natasha took to her knees, Mary to his right, and Anna to his left and while Mary pulled her motherly rights against Anna by taking Nik's lips, it still couldn't stop Anna from displaying an unusual bout of enthusiasm even though she had her time with Nik early in the afternoon alongside Cindy, too.

Natasha, meanwhile, gasped in surprise when her tugging against Nik's pants only turned his entire outfit morph into spongy white slime which hastily retreated within his body and even when Natasha wished she could take an analytical approach to the situation, Nik's sweet, s.e.x-inducing scent only made Natasha grunt in need as she took a proper look of Nik's c.o.c.k turning erect in front of her eyes.

The distance between her face and his tip easily vanishing his scent only grew unbearable with the thoughts of last night moistening her cunt and while her inability to bear children always brought a scowl to her face, the geyser of spunk that Nik unloaded within her every time did make her sigh in relief about her inabilities. Taking a deep whiff akin to more popular canine species, a m.o.a.n leaked through Natasha's lips while her hands ran over his thighs and firmly settled on the base of his c.o.c.k, one hand gripping the thick p.u.s.s.y buster and the other cupping the sac of baby-makers.

Not wanting to be left behind in her share of Nik, Ann's gaze gleamed as she quickly pecked Nik's cheek but the man was too engrossed by the feel of Mary's lips pressed against his own and with a debauched smile, confident one, too, Anna held Nik's hands and brought his thick fingers closer to her moist lions. Her lower lips already drooling and making a mess out of her inner thighs with the sticky love juice and it just needed one touch for Nik's hand to move up and find the needy hole silently calling for his support and support his digits did as his index easily slithered into Anna's p.u.s.s.y and pulling a satisfied purr from the hungry kitten whose weight Nik could support from one hand.

As his fingers stretched out and enjoyed Anna's clamping p.u.s.s.y, Natasha made her presence known by an outrageous blowjob. Showing her decades of skill, Natasha slowly took Nik to the best of her capabilities without any gag reflex while her hands massaged Nik's generous balls with her tongue scraping the backside of his length. Instead of pain that should accompany her widened jaws and blissfully filled throat, Natasha was instead pushed over the edge with her body jerking unconsciously and her lips tightening their seal around Nik's tool with soft 'puffing' sound mixed with the wet slapping sound of her spit echoing as she moved her head.

Mary gasped against Nik as she felt his hands reaching down for her clothed p.u.s.s.y. Only then did she realize that Anna had long tossed her skirt away and enjoyed Nik's fingers in her rebellious hole while she pressed her sweaty body against his arm and her lips against his ear, breathing and m.o.a.ning beside him as if to encourage the man tending to three hungry women simultaneously. However, she wasn't given enough time to strip as Nik's fingers showed astonishing grip by simply tearing off a part of her pants with a slight pinch and eagerly filled her wet mommy hole.

"Ngh!" Suppressing her desires as she almost came right there and then, thanks to Nik's aphrodisiac filled body, which ensured maximum pleasure, Mary let her fingers trace his abdomen and then reach out for Natasha's head to push her out of the gagless comfort zone and against the remaining length of Nik, making Natasha's grunt louder while both Anna and Mary continued to cry out in pleasure and gasp to the pace of Nik's fingers f.u.c.k.i.n.g their pleased and dripping cunts.

As if having enough of Mary's impish actions, Natasha slowly pulled back and knowing the woman's strength, Mary didn't hold up against her head tightly and instead turned her grip into a more comforting one that nuzzled the back of her head, making the redheaded aunt tilt her gaze in indignance but seeing both Ann and Mary not even willing to divert their attention, Natasha grumbled under her breath and spat on Nik's c.o.c.k to make the wet c.o.c.k more sloppy before rubbing the shaft harshly with a l.u.s.tful gaze and as the tip of his c.o.c.k twitched in front of her with every stroke, Natasha couldn't help but lick her lips in reminiscence of his taste.

"Just c.u.m already!" she let out a throaty and needful groan while kissing the top of painfully erect c.o.c.k. The veins of the shaft thick and one of the most intimidating she had ever seen while the soft pink tip attracting Natasha's attention with an anticipated gaze. Once again, she dived onto Nik's c.o.c.k, and this time, within minutes, she felt a familiar tug before Nik let loose a tummy full of spunk with a pleased grunt that only made Natasha's body hotter and with the aphrodisiac c.u.m kicking into action, made Natasha c.u.m without even any action. Her body simply responded with saturated desire and it was too much for her poor slit to handle as it sprayed against her pulled pencil skirt and drenching her e.r.o.t.i.c panties.

But as she pulled back, her mouth brimming with the sweet taste of orgasm and her eyes now growing dazed with pleasure, Natasha found Nik eyeing her from above, and even when Mary's and Anna's orgasm showered her, Natasha only realized that things would get messier and going along the mischievous glint in Nik's eyes, she would say to the extreme.


Admiring his work as the three women, two mature and curvaceous redheads flanking the young brunette with the mother spooning the daughter and the niece scissoring her aunt, Nik smiled in satisfaction. 'Strip clubs and enemies prostitution centers aside, I should definitely try being a relationship advisor,' tracing his beardless chin, Nik continued in his narcissistic thoughts, 'Oh! Nice! Who knew getting shared equally would actually help in my karmic objective!' His face broke into an even wider smile.

With this adventure being his first try with Transmigration Heart, Nik had thought that his karmic objective would remain quite stoic and restrictive and while that was certainly true, Nik now realized that the karma had actually twisted around Nik's current nature. While helping beggars to fight against any unjust street Karen was certainly an act of equality, now, if Nik felt that sharing himself amongst three girls was just enough then it would be an act of equality, too. However, the ambiguity of the karma itself made sure that s.e.x.u.a.l acts had less effect and progress on his karma.

'Was I always this idealistic?' Nik thought to himself. Sure, different scenarios in different worlds would always make his past self turn to different options which would lead to different karmic objectives when he takes over. But such an idealistic thought still bugged him. What if he was actually an idealist deep down and one day decided to help Ray or Brian out of the selflessness of his heart.

'That isn't a good example though. I am a good friend... probably, so I will still help Ray and Brian if they give me goodies.' Walking out of the room after a sweep of purification, Pickle already turning into a robe around him and a cozy slippers to the boot, Nik began his day with a cold beer. His constitution ensured that he can drink as much beer, at least, the ones found on earth, without risking any kidney or liver disease.

[Yo! I just reached New York! Where are you? Let's hang out!] Ray's message popped in front of Nik as he waved it away, too happy and selfless to indulge his nonsense by making sarcastic retorts against Ray this early in the morning.

[Did you just ignore me?] The message flashed again as Nik sat on the couch and spread his senses. Finding no sign of Ray in the entire block, Nik ignored the pop-up and opened tv. Keeping the volume low, Nik looked at another source of vibration and finding his cellphone ringing on the dinner table, Nik just used his spatial manipulation to bring the device near him for sake of grinding his control over space

"Yeah? Cindy?" Nik picked up and recognized the caller as Cindy's hurried voice greeted him.

"Hey Yeah, I'm on phone with him! Give it a rest already!" she suddenly shouted before continuing, "Nik, can you stop by my mum's lab today? I'll send you the address. She's been wanting to meet with you since yesterday and she just woke me up... at 7 am during summer vacation."

"Uh... sure. Just text me the stuff you don't want me talking with your mother and say hi to her," Nik chortled as Cindy groaned weakly before cutting off the call.

[You just picked the phone!] Ray's message made Nik sigh as he stood and walked towards the balcony. Glaring at the pigeon erratically bobbing its head, Nik hissed, "What?"

The pigeon froze for a moment before flapping its wings as Nik pursed his lips, "If you think you can shit on the apartment just because you're controlling a pigeon then you're dead wrong."

[Then stop ignoring me!] Ray huffed, [Let's meet up in the evening. Hufflepuff Scones, 6 pm.] With that, the pigeon flew away as Nik swept his gaze over one more time to find other potential triggers that might switch on Ray's mind control. 'His scent sucks,' Nik scoffed internally before purifying the balcony and strutting back into the apartment.