Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 639

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 639 Meet Up

Nik skipped out Nari's lab with a soft hum. 'Vanish strikes again!' He felt pretty great for choosing that name, after all, that's the name Nari wished on her back with a permanent marker. Nari had many doubts, some of which Nik was happy to clear while the others regarding Cindy were clearly banned by her daughter's text message. Of course, Nari kept the lab to herself once she received the news that Nik was arriving, or else, the sight on Albert's face wouldn't have been a good one.

With hours remaining to his appointed meet with the only male succubus in his life, Nik decided to find appropriate storage spaces for rent to begin the process of conversion of spirit bones.

'Unlike the portion of Venom I siphoned off, my version of l.u.s.t apostle sludges don't have that kind of seeds within themselves. Instead of trying to spread my bloodline further... I can probably use the further creation of symbiote to present Anna and Mary with one of their own, this will remove their problem of not being strong enough a partner in presence of others... but... I'll also need to remove the consciousness budding within the new symbiote.' The rest of his time was spent musing about the applications of Venom and even the methods to remove its basic weakness to sound and fire.

All the while, Nik kept an eye out for four different spies keeping an eye out for him. The four spies had different methods, too, and they just began spying on him today. Nik had a few thoughts on that matter but he had too good of a night to care for them as he continued to contact rentals.


Mark set up the morning table while Steve prepared breakfast. This was the routine of both the captain Americas, albeit, one could eat a boar and drink an entire bottle of Vodka by himself and the other had to use guns against drug dealers. "Am I the only one seeing that gruff guy following us back then?" Mark inquired, his aged face showing a hint of confusion while Steve sat on the table and poured himself a glass of juice.

"I've already stopped caring for them. They'll follow two days top every month. And that guy is from Shield. However, it's that blondie who clears trash that concerns me," Steve drained the content while Mark's brows rose, "Marga? She's just a sweet little thing."

"That's what she wants you to think. She's Russian and always carries a gun in her boots. Well, I still contacted a guy I know. He'll check up on her." Steve shrugged as Mark looked at his phone. While the Captain was against Mark's risky action, the nagging had mellowed down quite a bit but what truly concerned Mark was the lack of response from Matt. He's been out of reach for an entire day when suddenly, a text from Matt finally reached Mark, making the man sigh in relief.


"It's been months," Nik snickered as he walked up to a stunning 'girl' sitting alone and staring out through the window. It was easy to see the gazes attracted towards them as boys and girls focused on both youths. "Enough to make me miss you~!" Ray cooed as Nik sat down in front of him with a sigh, "Yea, I missed Yar, too."

Staring at Nik with a smirk, Ray suddenly scoffed a chuckle as Nik ordered a drink for himself. He wasn't interested in a plateful of scones as Ray had treated himself to. "So?" Ray went straight to the important topic.

"How many young kids did you lure yet?" He inquired with a playful bite of his lips, distracting Nik momentarily before he frowned. "You've... evolved?" His bloodline wasn't the same anymore, Nik could feel the similar but far better quality of l.u.s.tful forces brewing within Ray and attracting everyone's, even his, attention once again.

"Ho, ho, ho, is it that obvious?" Ray inquired smugly while Nik diffused his effect around himself. "Well, that blatant display was obvious enough," Nik shook his head before smiling, "And two. The rest are mature," he smiled before Ray's eyes gleamed, "Six, and I made a deal with the devil. It's kinda complicated but yeah, I actually have a shot at controlling someone who is rank six. Did you know that most of the existence doesn't even understand the locks binding them?"

"Well," Nik recalled Strange, "The one I know of seems pretty knowledgeable, considering that he was surely rank 1 and now he's rank 6."

"Oooh~ Introduce me to him, will you!" Ray grinned as Nik shrugged, "Sure. So... you are supposed to be a ninja, right?" Nik recalled Ray's circ.u.mstance while Ray leaned back on his chair while diffusing the remaining portion of his effect and making it look like the two of them weren't even present in the establishment.

"Kunoichi! Cause I'm s.e.xy as hell!"

"Narcissistic, too," Nik nodded, making Ray eye him with a sarcastic tone, "So are you," the silver-haired youth pointed out before shaking his head.

"Anyway, do I get to meet your new partners?" Ray inquired curiously as Nik nodded without any hesitation. That much he trusted Ray with, still. "Do you know Daredevil?" Ray continued as Nik grew silent before chuckling, "Him? Damn, if I knew he was going to be having a night with you and Yar, I might have just shown him a few videos beforehand... not that he would've seen them."

Ray pursed his lips while Nik continued, "Anyway, when you say you're a kunoichi, do you dress in a maroon outfit with face covered and two short swords on your back?"

"I don't use swords but that's about it

Why?" Ray inquired as Nik groaned, "Cause one of your organization's members is following me for eight hours now. Well, four of them are but one is shield, the other is Hydra, and the third is Wakandan. Was slightly confused by the fourth dumbass."

"Oh, well. I'm not in the top brass, you know. I intend to enjoy myself and paperwork is the last thing I want to trouble myself with," Ray smirked, "But if you have some form of problems with the Hand then I suggest discretion. While that Rank 6 Devil doesn't have much pull in this world... consider him the ruler of hell. Heck, did you know, to make others loyally follow the organization, he actually revives dead people? I've got this partner who is crazy talented with weapons, and I'm comparing her to you. Anyway, she just completed her mission, and now her mother's up and cooking!"

Nobody would have believed that Ray and Nik would spill out the most confidential information they had experienced as gossips. Wakanda was exposed, Hydra was exposed, for the most part, Shield and the mysterious organization Hand was exposed, too.

"Woah!" Ray squeaked as Pickle covered Nik into his Vanish form as he began poking at the costume before his eyes widened, "This guy's the same as you. Bloodline wise," Ray whispered in amazement before he suddenly shook his head, "Oh, and I wanted to commission the fusion of a few things. I'll pay you hot and nice," he giggled before Pickle reverted into casual clothes and Nik sat back on his seat with a snort.

"No cookies this time. Those were good but you can't entice me with the same thing!" He said with finality while Ray sat back with a huff. "Fine," he grunted, "I am distinctly aware that you wanna get good at Temporal Manipulation, right? I have something for Brian and I'll exchange it for a week-long tutorial of the basic temporal manipulation when he does 'land' here."

"I... actually know the basics now, at least, I think so," Nik smiled sheepishly, making Ray look at him weirdly.

"Hey, I might not have gotten a chance with a female ruler of hell but I did well while staying here," Nik smiled.

"Then... let me think of something else," Ray sighed as he suddenly spoke up, "How strong are you, now? I mean the rank shown by the Transmigration Heart."

"Average Rank 3," Nik smiled, "And you?"

"I didn't have to do much. The moment I got my bloodline evolved, I reached the beginning of rank 3 and from then on... I'm just trolling my targets. It never gets old, actually."

Meanwhile, a red-headed girl in a casual outfit walked up to a large manor on the outskirts of the city and rang the bell.

Opening the door himself after seeing the arrival, huffing due to sudden physical exertion of running, Harry opened the door with a surprised expression, "Mj?"

But this wasn't the greatest surprise of the day for Harry Osborn for he was invited to a convention erected by Hammer Industries and their greatest scientific achievement. Tonight, Jack Hammer wished to present the world with Iron Man costumes that would be under the command of the U.S. Military and the news rocked the technological side of the world.

As a friendly hug brought Harry to reality, he invited his friend within the manor while preparing necessary snacks to hear whatever she wished to say after suddenly disappearing and even readied his guards by the push of a button. He was happy that Mj was safe but she was apparently charged with the robbery of a morgue and Harry wasn't sure what to believe, allowing him to look after his own safety, too.