Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 640

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 640 Vanished

"Him?" Nik and Ray had their legs down from the edge of a skyscr.a.p.er while viewings the city from the top. Catching the floating picture before it flew away due to wind, Nik gazed at the faceless figure dressed in black. Seeing Nik's stunned expression, Ray smiled with a humorous emotion, "See? I told ya that this guy is a living nightmare. With him boasting of being the only magician and then disappearing after Wilson Fisk's announcement, he could have carved himself a set of eyes at least."

"First of all," Nik handed back the picture, "If Garuk had a set of eyes and no other features, he would look even more terrifying. Just imagine it. Second, I hunted the man down and destroyed him so... yeah, I gobbled your prey, platonically."

"You... killed him?" Ray furrowed his brows while letting go of the picture and making it fly away. "Yeah, he was slightly troublesome but I was getting paid. It was worth it," Nik chuckled while Ray's shoulder slumped with his gaze turning eerie. "I see... yeah, devils are real troublesome..." Not minding whatever trouble Ray's phantom clone had found himself in, Nik turned more curious and inquired about Yar's situation. From what Nik knew, Yar did hold slight affection for him... or else she would have wanted to f.u.c.k his ass and not let him f.u.c.k her but that was about it and for the sake of past enjoyment, she would've jumped out Ray even if it was to greet him.

Sighing at Nik's inquiry, Ray smiled, "Yiu have evolved your bloodline once, so you are familiar with the happening when we chose to evolve both, our spirit and physical bloodline, right?" Ray looked towards Nik as the apostle nodded.

"From what I experienced, the spirit evolves into the targetted bloodline and then directs the newly established neutral gene to affect the bloodline. Although, it never factored various mutation a person can introduce..." Nik's gaze flickered while this time, Ray was the one to pay the man no heed. In their group, Brian was the brawny one despite his origins, Nik was the nerdy one at least, that's what Ray thought and finally, Ray was the popular one, which was highly doubtful since it was Nik's soul that the ancestors salivated upon.

"So, just like you, I decided to break free from Mirage's confinement and chose to pursue a bloodline tailored for me. Fortunately, I didn't lose Yar but that she's going through a heavy modification and is slumbering within me from the moment I completed my spiritual evolution."

"So... Yar didn't have a go with Daredevil?" Nik inquired as Ray shook his head, "Just my l.u.s.t clones. They enjoy themselves a little too much," Ray grinned while Nik continued, "And what about the Lucky Demon who's caught your attention?"

"His name is Mephisto," Ray replied, "My ninja organization, The Hand, is actually a massive cult created to prepare suitable bodies that can hold the strength of the Demon and let him enjoy the world in his twisted ways. Apparently, Hell's not that enjoyable... technically, we still call it the nether realm."

"So," Nik concluded, "The main task of your organization is to find appropriate flesh suits?"

"No," Ray corrected, "to create one. See, Mephisto has this simple and unsophisticated plan. He'll take over the bodies that don't crumble under his power and will start f.u.c.k.i.n.g the breeding section of the organization prepared to house the natural-born devil. However, no success whatsoever."

"Then tell me again why would he help you evolve?" Nik inquired.

"Well, it's either he thinks himself to be too smart that I was unable to sense his essence with the bloodline that I, of course, isolated, or... he still isn't aware of the Transmigration Heart and the fact that my real body has enjoyed the same benefits without any conspiracy. My bet is on the latter. As for the frontal excuse, the devil shouted for me to be his..."

"His what?" Nik inquired.

"Mortal Concubine, he said," Ray mumbled making Nik laugh out instantly and oh so hard that he had to hold his stomach while his jaws ached.

"Damn!" Nik wheezed, "It was the right decision to meet with you. Haven't had a laugh this great!"

"Oh, shut up," Ray rolled his eyes while the fact that Mephisto had some sort of sinister plan for him only solidified after sending him to a wild goose chase of a dead man but that was the least of his trouble. Just the fact that he now had a bloodline not controlled by Mirage made the adventure worth it.

"Anyway, wanna hear the name I chose for my bloodline?" Ray inquired to which Nik shrugged.

"Superior Succubus!" Ray chimed, "Since my abilities haven't changed much save for a few additions and astonishing upgrades!"

"If we were still within Transmigration Paradise, you wouldn't have been able to evolve," Nik pointed out as Ray sighed and nodded.

"Not to mention that Khooni and the two ancestors hold sway in that place... still, have you given a thought to what you would do? Your previous incarnate did cause many injuries to them."

"And got killed in return," Nik snickered. He had no good feelings for the three ancestors, or his previous incarnate and that was the right thing to feel. Heck, the dead Kaal had planted so many methods that even Nik had previously thought that treasures like Temporal Paper were his way out but one bout of purification proved him wrong.

"So? What's your plan? Wanna tag for dinner?" Nik invited as Ray smiled eagerly, "I'm hungry as heck! Hey, I remember seeing you store many... many, many, spiritual beasts. Did you eat all of them or can you treat me to a few?"

Nik's expression instantly darkened at the gluttonous inquiry and closed his eyes while contacting Anna. "It's just pizza!" Nik snorted. The last thing he would do was to share his prized meat without finding an alternative source to recoup his loses first.

Pouting, Ray stood up and snorted himself but still tagged along. They both were enjoying their company so there wasn't any need to cause trouble for some juicy and nourishing meat.


While Natasha was missing today, her reason for absence being a convention set by Stark Industries rival featuring Tony Stark's technology, it took a little mental explanation to Anna, who was the only one left in the apartment with Mary, of course, heading over to the convention for controversial stories.

"He's so cute!" Anna squealed and caged Ray's cheeks in her palms before pressing them with a curious expression, "You're really a boy?" She inquired as Ray's lips were pressed together tightly, making him feel that he really needed to keep a self-respecting distance from Nik's girls. They were getting out of control with growing numbers.

"I coulb shou u mouy willi bub Nib wibb nub lake ib!" Ray sputtered, barely able to form words with his lips puckered up, making Anna realize her action as she quickly took her hands back with a playful expression. "I'm so sorry!" She smiled, "But sure, if you're a guy, I'm sure you 'willy' would be as cute as you!"

Unable to control himself, Nik split a smile while Ray eyed Anna for a little while before stating, "I like this one, too!"

"You like everyone," Nik scoffed as he sat with two pizza orders already present on the table. While Anna continued to probe out various things from Ray over the dinner table, the city was in a state of shock. The convention held by Hammer Industries was staged live and the trio witnessed the beginning from the television, of course, Nik took the chance to flaunt Mary in front of Ray as she was more than professional at the moment.

"Tony looks so hot~!" Ray purred while cuddling beside Anna quite naturally. "I thought so, too," Anna mumbled while Iron Man suddenly crashed the convention, metaphorically, with a few tweaks to his design. The most obvious one was the triangle-shaped source of energy emitted from the center of his chest piece instead of circular. If that was the end, Ray and Anna would have remained calm but the moment all the bots from the marine version to airforce launched themselves into the air, Anna stood to her feet and while sounds of gunshots blazed through the television, she screamed, "Nik!" she gasped, her face glued to the tv, "Mum is there!"

Not receiving any reply, Anna looked back, seeing Ray slowly sitting up with a disgruntled snort due to Anna's sudden reaction, "He already left, sweetheart," Ray replied, "And considering how much of a softy he is, I'm sure he's even more worried than you, even for a moment." Clapping his hands, Ray patted the seat beside him, "Now, come! We both like each other, right? Tell me some spicy things about your lover. I tried with other gals but they won't reply easily... and I don't think he would do anybody as hard as Yar. So? How's he actually, you know, with you guys? Soft and cozy? Impatient?"

Anna's lips twitched but Nik's voice suddenly rang within her, "No matter what happens, don't say anything to Ray until I return!"

While Nik trusted Ray, the man was devious by nature and annoying by his actions, just like Nik, that's why he would rather not have his personal details shared with Ray even if he might be knowledgeable about them. After all, Nik did screw Ray's sensual familiar.