Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 642

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 642 Pumped

{A/N: The beginning of this chapter has slightly strange lemons. I think this kink is called voyeurism or something similar? I didn't search online for the definition but eh, I wanted to write such a scene and I did~

I do apologize if this is a kink not shared by a few others but if I had similar methods, I would surely have one. Anyway, enjoy the chapter.}


For all her previous arguments against heroes altogether and how such a profession only festered more troubles, both domestic and political, Mary did pull a major 'Nik' by simply tossing all her supposed believes for a leap in her career. And Nik loved her even more for that. Sure, moral lines and code of ethics may be required by every living being, but to be so flexible, both, in thoughts and bed, deeply attracted the L.u.s.t Apostle and he made sure to show Mary just that. As the local authorities including Stark Foundation of Welfare came to clean the surroundings and begin reparations, Mary, who now sat in her channel's van with a glass of champagne and her co-workers packing up felt a roguish hand cup a feel of her butt.

Gasping with her wine sputtering out slightly, Mary attracted Linda's and the young intern's attraction as the mature redhead in a tight professional suit smiled awkwardly, "Sorry, drank it a little too quick!" She squeaked while reaching out for a hand towel as Nik continued to play with her butt. The back of the chair within the van faced the edge of the van, allowing Nik's fondles and the subsequent creases to her pencil skirt to go unnoticed.

'What are you doing?' Mary inquired indignantly. If it wasn't for Nik's mental warning that the molester was her outstanding and heroic lover then Mary would have raised a ruckus for sure. However, after that particular warning, Nik didn't reply to her following inquiries with his hands shuffling under her dress from the hem of her shirt. Making Linda and the... supposedly cocaine-addicted intern fall into the illusion that Mary was sitting there without a crease to her dress, in reality, the clothing above Mary's mounds now sported indentation and expansion as Nik blew against her ears.

Still silent, though, showcasing the petty nature his enemies would later remember of Nik with, if he left them alive in the first place. But Mary was no enemy. She was a buxom, naughty sweetheart whose body now needed to be punished and pleased at the same time, and what better punishment for a sadistic mother than being shamed in front of her co-workers while fully knowing that they wouldn't be aware of a single thing? The expression on Linda and others supported the fact that they couldn't see anything but just the rise of being used and bred in the van made Mary bit her lips with a rosy blush.

'Come on, don't be like that!' If righteous anger wouldn't work on the despicable villain then Mary turned her hope towards sweet coaxes only for Nik's thumbs to poke and pinch her very erect n.i.p.p.l.es begging for attention from the moment Nik laid hands on her ass. "Ngh~!" A throaty grunt leaked through her lips but none gathered her partners' attention. Linda, a sweet gal with a big crush on Grant, their Coordinator. Mary tried fixing Linda up with the intern but it didn't work. There was only so much space in the kid's head and unfortunately, cocaine thought of it as free real estate. Meanwhile, the middle-aged man who just entered the van and smiled at Mary, Grant, had total hots for herself, the thought of it however made Mary m.o.a.n finally. A full, melodious, randy m.o.a.n with her knees finally spreading slightly and her hands tracing back against the invisible Nik.

Honestly, Mary enjoyed the fact that Nik decided to remain silent and invisible. It only fueled her imagination as to what he was wearing, his expression, the quiver in his gaze as he laid wreck upon her body, and if he would be interested in pulling Linda alongside and make both of the press against each other. But all imaginations came to a momentary stop when something soft, sweet, and warm covered her lips while pulling her head up. Ceiling greeted her sight but the taste of her man filled her heart as she droned out the conversation of her co-workers and their chipper notes of congratulations.

While it was true she contributed in the footage of a hero's action live, there were more actions going on and all of it belonged just to her, at least, for the moment. Her b.r.e.a.s.ts in Nik's palms felt their shapes molded, her lips felt nuzzled and comforted, and her lower lips? Weren't they in a party of their own. Quivering and squirting with every touch of his, her lips flapping open slightly against the fabric of her lacy panties, making a better portion of the fabric wet and dark, signaling the prepared nature of her warm, comely cunt.

"Oh, shieett! I'm really feeling this one!" Mary shouted without care this time, her thighs locking against the edges of the chair as her h.i.p.s quaked forward with Nik's overflowing scent making yer entire body quiver with desire and unending need. Feeling Nik's hand, the lefty, slither back and shuffle her skirt up, pulling her panties aside and poking Nik's thick tip directly against her asshole, the hot tip prodding her puffy entrance as it continued to press against the soft pink rim, Mary couldn't help but bite her lips. "What are you waiting for~?" She breathed reluctantly and e.r.o.t.i.cally, her eyes charged with her l.u.s.t as she managed to find Nik's neck and pulled him into a passionate kiss. "Don't 'cha want me to beg while you f.u.c.k me from behind," she whispered before kissing again.

Her words seem to have magical effects as she felt Nik's c.o.c.k slowly entering her butthole and taking deep breaths to relax herself and allow Nik to fully fill her, Mary continued, "You're gonna ruin me after my biggest day in this job right?" She whimpered, "Linda and others are right there!" licking her lips as she felt the entire c.o.c.k fit in, losing a bit of focus during the process, Mary's words soldiered through regardless, "And I'm the only one who gets to f.u.c.k you~ Mmghh~!" In a few moments, in a few thrusts, Mary felt her mind fall apart. The stimulation was too great, the situation was too salacious. Each pump of that thick c.o.c.k spread her butthole into a new one. His hands fumbled her clothes apart and pulled her bosom out, fondling with them without any care but both of them knew that the sudden s.e.x.u.a.l escapade needed to come to an end for the van would drive away eventually.

Understanding that and knowing how to make the situation even better, Nik smiled while pumping a deep load of c.u.m while simultaneously clearing her surroundings with Purification, affecting everything in Mary's vicinity except for the load within her and instead of clearing the literally nutritious c.u.m, Nik pulled out a rather thick dildo from the Dream Core and shoved it into Mary's butthole while silently helping her adjust her clothes. Finally, disappearing and reappearing back to his apartment, Nik left Mary on her own and the moment Grant, Linda, and Joe (the intern) gazed at the red-cheeked, glazed gazed Mary with the sweetest smile, all gulped and felt their lions stir for a moment regardless of their gender.


Vanish's action had brought greater limelight to the superhero community as a whole. While a few of the masked crusaders across the globe now started to get the attention they deserved, a piece of knowledge still managed to trump the heroic actions of the white-skinned hero in the monster's disguise. Iron Man's tech was on the verge of leaking.

Hammer Industries acquired the tech but the actions of employing a criminal for the said acts violated the company's statutory declarations and policies alongside the law in general which allowed many, many, corporations to turn their gaze towards the industries filled with other military projects.

However, the good news soon 'disappeared' as the news of entire production storage burning down reached the ears of the major players within hours. This was the next greatest event after Wilson Fisk's surrender but Shield didn't seem satisfied with just yet. Uncaring for Natasha's report on the successful mission of securing Iron Man tech as a favor for the billionaire superhero, Nick Fury sat in front of Curt Connors.

Unlike others, Curt Connors wasn't treated as a criminal, but a respected scientist within the finally operative Hellicarrier. This allowed the man to finally reverse engineer Norman Osborn's version of super serum and the first batch was tested on the middle-aged doctor himself, curing him of his mental symptoms brought by the temporary use of the lizard-based super serum.

"Yes, yes!" Curt nodded hurriedly, his throat drying up. A remnant physical effect of the serum which would die out after a few months. "But healing Goblin and Troll won't be easy. They have turned for a long time. However, the first application of the anti-serum would allow us to get more data and tailor the subsequent doze based on their condition."

Nodding at the man's words, Nick Fury's gaze lingered on the lost hand once again. "And you are perfectly... fine?"

"No, I am not. But that is why I am being asked to participate in therapy, am I not?" Curt grunted. Impatience, one of his weal suits, had been enhanced by a great deal during his evolution to a walking, talking, mean lizard.

After confirming a few other facts with Connors, Nick walked out of the man's labs with Maria following behind.

"And why are you not at your post?" Nick inquired as Agent Hill pursed her lips.

"I've got some bad news, sir," she stated, "The council wants to study Vanish's symbiote. They said that the application could be plenty in the field of spying."

"Of course, they said that. Still, I'll take care of this. And next time I see you fl.u.s.tered and away from your post, I'll remove you from the command of Hellicarrier and get you back to the HQ," saying so with an impassive expression, Nick Fury walked away. If bad news were the reason for foolish actions then the Hellicarrier may as well dive into the ocean right now. Maria had the right thought but her actions still whispered dependent and rash. For her sake and his, too, Maria needed to be independent and mature.

"And sir, Agent Barton contacted. He wishes to take his annual leave."

"Confirm the request. The man has filled his days staring at the cube. He needs to rest."

The moment Nick closed the door of his office, he pulled out the memory chip from his head and connected it with the computer to share data with others. With the task completed, the role of Shield's director was resumed.