Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 643

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 643 Call Me

Natasha didn't return for the night due to obvious reasons. But that didn't mean Mary didn't crumble out in the hallway as she m.o.a.ned and panted with Anna sauntering out, already aware of her mother's plight. "We can't have that mum!" Anna snickered, "We've got guests!" She informed and helped Mary up, her insides lathered and pumped, and sealed with her knees quivering in a mock orgasmic reaction every dozen minutes. "What?" Mary inquired with a dazed expression as a petite figure sat up from the sofa and turned while waving at the redhead cheerfully.

"Hey! You looked great on TV! Nice perfume!" Ray grinned Mary was soaking in Nik's scent. The man calmly ate his pizza slices. Maybe he did enjoy himself a little too much but seeing the glow on Mary's face, Nik couldn't help but smile in satisfaction.

For the remainder, Ray introduced himself and chatted up with Anna and Mary as they continued to actually discuss Ray's harem quite openly. Even Nik couldn't help but jot down a few points as a fellow harem master but that was it for the most part. While Ray and Nik conversed in great lengths, even promising to introduce Ray to Stephen Strange, they never discussed their karmic goals. Knowing that Ray was in the states for a long time, the boy, in return promised to introduce the fabled redheaded partner of his whose mastery in weapon was worth complimenting.


The next few days covered the actions of the Stark Welfare Foundation that took upon itself to present the government with extremely low-cost contracts for the reconstruction of the damaged area within the city. During this time of peace when Ray would visit occasionally, Nik would go out with Cindy and others and occasionally meet up with Ava, much to his surprise, at her request, Nik also continued to explore the spiritual realm of the world. He hadn't contacted Gwen for more than a few texts but it was painfully obvious that Spider Gwen had taken upon herself to sing Nik's epic tales of bedroom and breakfast, making Gwen approach Nik with quite a bit of cautiousness and awkwardness.

None of it mattered to Nik since he was making steady progress. Not in the matter of converting his spiritual bones nor the Valkyrie Art. It wasn't that he didn't wish to delve into both of the projects but he simply took upon himself to find the first Supreme Sorcerer's location due to the fact that after interrogating the 'local' consciousnesses present in that world, Nik found that the draconian tattoo on his body and Newton's fabled totem were quite similar.

One of them claimed to have seen a slight end which extended to a scaled tail of an unknown being and now knowing fully well that Newton might be the second ravager he had a chance of meeting, the first one being Ryu'er, with the sweet gal oblivious herself, Nik hoped to find some information.

However, an invitation from Baxter Building broke his search in the mystical realm filled with rational and knowledgeable beings, who enjoyed conversing with Nik due to his unnatural experiences. They even talked about s.e.x but after a few moments, Nik realized that the guys were too deep within the biological reactions and medical terms than the debauchery itself.

Still, the fact that the owners of the Baxter Building knew of Vanish's stay made Nik furrow his brows. Reading the letter cleared a few of Nik's doubts. The invitation was received from the Shield acting as Reed Richards agent for the matter since Nik's identity was still kept a secret. Canceling his plans with Ava, Cindy, and Daniel, Nik kissed Anna goodbye and left from her dancing institute to straight outside the entrance of Baxter Building. Of course, Pickle stretched out in her more natural form the moment he appeared outside the entrance and waited there looking at the security camera silently. Needless to say, the guy in the security room couldn't sleep well for a few days after that unnatural staredown.


"Please, come in," Baxter Building wasn't only the home of recently mutated humans but also a high-security lab with multiple levels of defense structure that Reed Richards designed personally to peacefully develop his technology. In some form, his secretary, implied that Reed Richards' level of intellect was even greater than the publicly acclaimed genius superhero Iron Man.

Honestly, it was Natasha's bedtime gossip that allowed Nik to finally understand the competition. The word in the street is that during a high profile fundraiser, something Reed Richards and his-then girlfriend Susan Storm attended and met Tony Stark before he became the hero he flew out to be, an incident occurred. While Reed Richards has accused countless times that it was Tony who got out of hands, Natasha had spicy gossips to share regarding the matter indeed.

However, as Vanish entered the top floor of the building, not only the mutated four under heavy scrutiny of the government, Nick Fury, A dark-haired militaristic beauty, Luke Cage, and Tony Stark waited for him. His feet touching the floor allowed him to always understand the mechanism of the building he's currently in and unable to find any form of triggering ambush, Vanish stepped through the elevator doors and admired the apartment the four of them had built for themselves.

"Hey, man!" Luke smiled and walked forward. The woman beside Fury felt like she opposed the warm action but held her tongue as Tony, without his armor and still in the most expensive suit out of everyone, sat in front of Reed with the rest of them sitting around various spots to make themselves comfortable.

"Did you wait long?" Vanish inquired as he shook Luke's hand and smacked their shoulder against each other. The sound of the slight gesture shook others as unfazed by the strength behind their actions, both of them parted once again. Nik didn't mind the 'homie' welcome since it just happened. Who's he to say no?

"Not that long. But they all kept blabbing about symbiotes this, symbiotes that! It's good that you came when you did. Nice job yesterday, still," Luke replied while taking off his shades and sitting on a single armchair, and taking a cigar out of his pocket.

"So? Introductions?" Vanish inquired as he stepped forward with a grin, "I'm Vanish, humbled by all of your presence, really. Can I get that chocolate?" Vanish inquired but still walked up to the bowl of sweets placed on the table in between Reed and Tony. Both of them flinched as Vanish picked the bowl and sat on the armrest of the long couch. "Since the modern captain of the government's pirate ship is here, let's just cut to chase. These choco-bites won't last long," he snickered as the woman beside Nick finally spoke up.

"Is it wrong to expect respect? Or you just insult everyone trying to help you?" She raised her brow as Vanish stopped munching, peered deeply into the woman's eyes with black patches he had for himself. "Uh, Director, I can't make fun of her if don't know the name. I mean, come on, she's begging for a smackdown," Vanish looked at the slightly exasperated android Nick Fury.

"I can help you with that," Tony spoke up with a smile, "She's Maria Hill. The said Pirate's right hand."

"Oh, that helps," before Nik could continue, Richard burst with an angry snarl, "That's what you'd like to do, right? Help someone put the woman who rejected your advances down?"

"Wait, what?" Vanish turned to Richard. This was supposed to be his battle of words. He had his expectations but everyone aside from Nick, who didn't take offense at the joke in the first place, seemed to be fueled by their personal bias. "Oh, a cigar and super drama, my life is complete," Luke mumbled while Tony leaned back and crossed his legs.

"Rejected advances? Please, if I want to score a Maria Hill, I will score a Maria Hill. And stop whining, I was with Martha that day... wait, it was Kelly? I confuse my blonde names, apologies. But, I didn't make a move on your ex!"

"Ex?" Vanish chortled as Maria glared at him, "Got some interest in more women?" she inquired and allowed Nik to understand her problem. Shrugging, Vanish agreed, "So what if I did? I've got an interest in you, too. Does that make me an evil scientist with a need to conquer the world?"

"Hah!" Benjamin from the sidelines gruffed a chuckled, "You'll just be an evil guy with an alien spacesuit."

"It's good to see that you're doing good!" Nik replied while Maria crossed her arms. Susan stepped in with a blonde youth behind her. "Please, can we not do this today?" she sighed as Vanish continued to look at Tony and Reed who seemed to be having a battle of their own.

"Whatever," Tony breathed, "I've got no interest in Susan, I told her that day, too. I mean, I'm no boyfriend material and her awesome mind deserves awesome lover."

"Whoa! I did not want to hear that!" Johnny Storm clasped his hand over the side of his head, "I'll burst into flames! Oh, yep! That's my style now!" His words attracted weird gazes from others as Vanish whisked away a tiny strand of his hair from an extremely tiny portal hidden to n.a.k.e.d eyes. With that, he now had DNA of another cosmic mutation.

"Please, we are here to discuss a serious matter. Keep your horny and anger in your pants," Fury stated plainly, "Tony, nobody cares if you did or didn't kiss the woman. You'll get the blame. Mr. Reed, you've got to check into therapy. Luke, I hope you have a spare cigar, and Mr. Benjamin... since we agreed to not call you 'rock', it'd be appreciated if you don't refer to Vanish as a man in an alien spacesuit."

"Wait," Tony stopped, "How can we be sure that there's not a super hot chick inside that suit and the symbiote just shifted itself to sound and look like a male?"

His inquiry made Fury sigh as Vanish spoke up, "Is this the classic Show your p.e.n.i.s situation? Cause I will show it... should I?" He inquired as everyone's thoughts shifted to the proposal.

"He's a man," Luke sighed, "Can we just start? I have many gangsters to ruin."

"I thought William Fisk did that," Vanish inquired as Luke shrugged, "What can I say? Now all the punks want to become a godfather m Stupid boys, I tell you."

"So... nothing major," Benjamin concluded

"Vanish," Nick Fury began, "Your actions have raised major players' interests in your symbiote. Will you be willing to part with it so that we can research the alien species?" He inquired.

"Nope," He shrugged, placing the empty bowl down, "What's new?"

"Many things," Fury replied, "It's a new day but I won't go all philosophical on your teleporting ass."

A few 'Ooohs' echoed within the room as Vanish's grin broadened. "Since your answer won't be making the board happy, I can say for sure that they would still make me want to keep you. However, it is established you're no cooperating material." Continuing, Fury placed three files down, "I know that my deal with you is still in the process," the man looked at Tony, "but if you accept this, my end of the deal would be revoked."

Pulling the file through the air, Vanish flipped it over and read the contents without any form of interest.

"Alliance? What are we doing? Playing a video game and establishing guilds? This is too stupid," Vanish mumbled before tossing the file to the table as his appraisal finally got to Maria once again.

"This is to keep the country safe. You might not believe it yet but there are some major concerns that threaten every innocent citizen to this moment." Looking at Reed, Maria continued, "Like Victor Von Doom. He's a country. And this country is angry and vindictive."

"Who's he?" Vanish inquired, "And what makes you think I alone am not enough?"

"I just said, he's a country!" Maria replied as Vanish sighed. Snapping his finger, two small portals appeared, and Vanish picked the bowl again, "Think of this bowl as Victor Wind Diesel."

"Von Doom!" replied Maria with a roll of her eyes. "Whatever," Vanish threw the bowl into the first portal and instantly close it, from the other portal, only a half of the bowl fell out while the first half remained in the previous position, cut clean.

"See? Just one portal."

At Vanish's words, everybody's heart shivered. He was right. Such a cruel application of portal was practical and... lethal beyond comparison.

Maria couldn't speak anything else as Vanish stood up, "Look, it's lovely to meet all of you again. Maria, you seem knowledgeable about my reputation so give me a call once you're free. And Susan, I always thought that you and Richard were a thing... now you're not. You, too, give me a call. Check your pockets," before anybody could say anything, a guttural growl echoing from Pickle froze everyone, "And Director, please... don't call me for such a stupid thing. Agent Coulson knows me better. Next time, I'll only answer his call."

With that, Vanish disappeared.

"Son of a bitch!" Luke cursed, the charred front of his cigar cut off cleanly and he now knew the person responsible for the act, "That man in the alien suit needs to respect boundaries! Almost wasted a good smoke!"