Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 644

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 644 Skyscr.a.p.er

While Nik might be able to empathize with the decision-making process which led Fury to think an alliance could be a better deal, Nik somehow surprisingly, too knew better. Would any of the alliance matter to him once he leaves? No. Would the alliance help in achieving his karmic goal? Possibly, no. Deep down, Nik had already realized that being a benevolent and idealistic bitch to spread the word of equality wasn't him and for that, he was prepared to act his ass off. The idea of having an equal world was a cruel one if not selfish. For the entire world to be equal, everyone would need to be of the same species, same color, same genes, same parents, same origin, to the most detailed factor. It was impossible.

Still, uncaring if he could take the first step in breaking off the bounds that hold his real body, Nik traveled into the Spirit Realm once again. Unlike the loose and open spirit plane full of beings praised for their minds back in their days, only Earthling, of course since various planes in layers with reality have the same universal structure Nik's consciousness realm had finally taken a structure for the better. Instead of individual lands for the girls to set their imaginative and culture-filled structures, a neutral city with important landmarks was created.

First and foremost was the Steele of L.u.s.t, which Saeko named after her Breath of Steel. This public structure noted the full name of every girl within Nik's 'partnership'. The second landmark was actually the Libraries of Knowledge and Pleasure. As the name suggested, two structures filled with different genres of books were erected. The Library of Knowledge contained carefully organized information of each world Nik had visited alongside the information of various techniques and other stuff he gained after the girl's permission. It contained the lore of elemental spirits, tomes on spirit beasts, mystical arts, and many other things.

Meanwhile, the Library of Pleasure contained journals written by girls themselves. Not only personal journals, but a few of them also enjoyed writing novels and letting their l.u.s.t-fueled mind fantasize about many things and even more sensations. One rule of the Libraries was that both the Librarian Niks manning the post were off-limits. As a responsible being, the library version of himself took great care of the library and devoted himself to the books.

However, only in one place could the Librarian version of Nik could be 'accessed'. The Towers!

The Consciousness Realm contained many entertaining points of interest but the two tallest structures were a sight to behold. One of them, pitch black with magenta and violet surges of energy swirling around it. The Tower of Punishment. Farther from it, another tower stood tall and proud. Instead of gold and pure white, its surface was in fact formed of the pink dream clouds held within the Dream Core. It looked pleasing to the eyes and the most fascinating fact about this tower was that instead of structures erected out of pure consciousness and imagination, the Tower of Pleasure was constructed with actual material. The Dream Clouds were a meta-physical resource and could even travel into Nik's consciousness. This was the reason why everyone enjoyed the sight of the tower of pleasure. Its touch was the most real in the entire realm.


Before Ray could knock, the door to Mary's apartment opened with Nik on the other side. "Right on time," Nik smiled.

"Wait, you didn't even let me knock. Something's wrong!" Ray muttered as Nik walked out and locked the door. "Nothing's wrong. Had to meet with a few odd fellows, that's it. Anna's not here so it grew kind of boring and I think we are past the stage where I'll let you rot outside the apartment for an hour."

"Aw, that was the charm of our friendship," Ray snickered, "Me being an adorable sweetheart you get to bully~!"

"Ugh!" Nik averted his gaze, "And stop pulling that charm technique on me."

"Fine," Ray shrugged, "Although, I never did use that in its entirety. Would feel bad if I hypnotized you into... you know, kicking relationship to the next level."

"And that's why I keep on saying to already get rid of your v.i.r.g.i.nity. You're just putting your ass on a pedestal," Nik grunted. Since he promised to bring trouble on Strange, he had decided to introduce Ray to him for the price that should Ray manage to bend Strange down, he'll have to share the library kept secret from him. Of course, Ray refused. Instead, he offered the Sorcerer's library for the use of multiple fusions. Four, to be precise.

"But look at it," wearing tight pants, Ray touched his butt, his rather small fingers still managing to dig a few centimeters into the fleshy bun before Nik realized the trick in play and sighed again. "These are worth putting pedestal over. But you're right... so I was thinking of Yar. What do you think?" Ray inquired as Nik raised his brows in surprise.

"Well, I hope to say Yar is a lucky woman but... I don't know the details myself so can't make false assumptions."

"You had all the chance to get privy of details," Ray smirked.

"Not that excited about it," Nik scoffed as they finally made their way to Stephen Strange's location of rest.

While Nik didn't share the details of the meeting he was brought in, under Ray's constant buzzing, Nik gave in and shared the name of the man who caused the meeting to be aligned in the first place Victor Von Doom. Hearing the name, instead of showing a confused look, Ray admitted that she knew the man by reputation and described his threat to Ray. A scientist who had gone a form of mutation after an experiment gone wrong, leaving his face mutilated. However, he still managed to conquer and create a country of his own, his strength rivaling the top nations not only in military but growth and other economical factors, too.

The conversation was, of course, enlightening but their words came to an end once they reached the entrance of Stephen Strange's magical manor. "He lives here," Nik gestured and waited. Knowing Stephen Strange, the doors would open automatically once he wished the visitors to enter but this happened only after a few moments. Wong, however, wasn't there to greet them. Instead, it was Daniel. The youth proclaiming to be Iron Fist waved at Nik and smiled, "Come in, he's used one of his best tea leaves."

And seeing the handsome blonde's familiarity with Nik, Ray's messages began popping up one after another, annoying Nik into introducing Daniel and Ray.

Brought into the mansion, instead of the living room that hosted the group during Gwen's supernatural dilemma, Daniel led the group to the first floor and brought them to a personal study of sorts. A few books were 'spilled' onto the table with Strange going through them. A fire was built under the chimney with no indication of it present in the outside world and only after seeing the flickering fire did Nik and Ray feel an eerie chill.

"A balancing magic. With fire present, I'll feel equal parts of cold that will keep me awake," Strange explained as he looked up and smiled and greeted, "I hope you have come to discuss your interest in magic. Please, Nik, sit. Introduce me to the partner of the Goddess' champion."

"Goddess' Champion?" Nik looked at Ray who shrugged in confusion while Daniel poured the tea, making Strange smile at the young Iron Fist with appreciation.

"Anyway, his name is Ray. We still aren't on a last-name basis... since it seems to change every now and then. Ray, this is Stephen Strange and Daniel Rand." Instead of exposing Danny's superhero identity, Nik let them get to know each other a bit before he explained his secondary objective. After all, he needed a ruse to finally make Strange warm up to Ray.

"Should I ask about this Goddess' Champion?" He inquired, making Strange look at him with a knowing smile, "No. It's more interesting to hear it from the source."

Nodding, Nik put the thought out of the mind and continued, "I've not come to discuss magic but something related. I am frequenting the Spirit Plane in the last few days, that, by the way, is why I missed a couple of mission with you guys," Nik took the cup from Daniel and explained, "I now know for a fact that Newton isn't there. I was hoping maybe you would know something about it."

"I am curious, still. Why are you so interested in the first Supreme?"

With Nik shrouding himself every time he visited the Spirit plane to keep himself away from the inquisitive eyes of Strange and others of the same type, it was no wonder that the Supreme Sorcerer was left curious.

"Well... I wanted to ask if apple falling on him is a tasteful myth he created to introduce gravity or not."

Ray was getting confused by the second but kept his quiet. Meanwhile, Strange pursed his lips. "Yes, he isn't in the Spirit Realm. He was there but strangely... he disappeared after your first visit into the Spirit Plane alongside Ms. Stacy and her little companions." Taking a moment, Strange pulled his drawer and took out a folded paper. "Instead, he left me with this, making me promise to only reveal you the contents of the paper after you came finding me. I still don't know what's he's thinking but... honestly, I don't think I could care about it. Every Supreme is tasked with its own destiny and mine seems to be an inter-dimensional monster and his sister."

Both, Ray and Nik perked up as Nik offered with a kind smile, "I can always help you with the sister."

Seeing such a readying response, a chuckle finally emerged out of Strange as he passed the piece of paper to Nik and nodded, "We'll see. For the most part, I finally sealed the duo a few days back."

Pocketing the piece of paper, Nik coughed and spoke up, "And while I'm not really interested in the magic, Ray here seems interested and has a great talent. Please do me a favor and... you know, see if Ray fits your bill. He's like me."

Danny's eyes widened as he almost sputtered his tea. "Ray's a guy?" His head snapped towards Nik's direction only to find a wryly smiling and absolutely cute Ray with Strange curiously observing Ray as he did Nik back then but instead of growing angry, Ray remained patient and let the man inspect voluntarily.

Meanwhile, the moment Nik touched the paper, he had already received the information meant for him. It wasn't the contents of the paper that was supposed to be transferred to him, it was that particular piece of paper itself. Stealthily wrapped by a dimensional signature that led to an entirely different plane, Nik transferred to that particular plane after introducing Ray completely. A part of him wished to prepare for the journey but that part was a stupid one. Nik could have never known what this realm entailed until he reached it and all his preparations were within the Dream Core itself. However, his caution which had been trained under his biological father, uncle, and aunt's method still didn't appreciate the idea of doing before thinking.

However, both the conflicting sides of Nik came to a stunned silence. Nothing could have prepared them for this, since the moment they entered the realm, all of Nik's connection with his spirit world and many other tools were cut off. In fact, he could not even feel any connection with his source of energy and the strangest part was, instead of his real body, Nik was sprawled across a large portion of reddened land with a long scaly body.

It felt weird. He could move, credits to small claws emerging from the middle of his long serpent body, and from his vision, Nik could see two long whiskers floating without any gust of wind.

"Holy f.u.c.k, I'm a dragon?" His voice rumbled. It was a strange and extremely wondrous experience for Nik as he slowly moved his body and tried to understand the controls. Within a few breaths, Nik figured he could actually fly, and once again, the experience was mystical. He knew how to control the elements. He knew how to fly by controlling the air around him. But he never knew how to fly while dominating the elements. He never knew how to fly as the motes of elements would submissively make a path themselves.

The world seemed to be full of various elements but if the true goal of the realm was to house elements then the form of energy wouldn't have been submissive. Still, he let his thoughts crumble apart and enjoyed the experience.

"Can I roar?" He suddenly inquired himself and glee covered his expression. He didn't know how he looked for he lost control of the basic ability to observe one's own body but once again, such 'puny' thinking filtered away as Nik opened his jaws. 'Ooh, boy. Calm your mind. Don't you dare squeak for the first time. Roar... let's go with shouting and see how it goes!'


'I love it!' Nik took straight into the sky and began coiling in circles mid-air while a rumbling roar echoed once again, raising a gust of squealing elements while land below him seemed to crackle under pressure.

"I never took you for enjoying a Ravager's true form," A soft echo brought Nik's enjoyment to a short stop as his long face turned towards the source of the voice and found a scaled human being. Purplish demonic skin, flickering tail as thick as an arm. A pair of Ram's horn, and a fiendish smile on his dark lips. Unlike other men in similar realms, the man sported a mighty tool between his legs but that only made Nik remember something important and ignoring the giant demon, Nik twisted his body and found the shocking, pitch red tool that could compare to skyscr.a.p.ers and the strangest part was the overall shape.

As the demon said, Nik really loved this body now.