Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 645

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 645 Beyonder

"You are?" With a rudimentary control of such a humongous physique, Nik's voice could only shake the ground even if he wished to speak softly. The force of his voice shook the purple-skinned fiend's dark hair. His n.a.k.e.d body only belted to hook an ancient gourd that the man pulled out and took a swig of. "I'm Newton. You've been looking for me, ain't ya? Nice bloodline you got there, no wonder you have attracted so much trouble." He sat on the ground.

"Considering the force of your voice and that surprisingly minty and cool breath, I'd say speak only when necessary. Instead, command the elements to write your queries. That way, I'd have less headache." The man stated and lazily sniffed. For a moment, Nik was stunned but he followed the instructions. He had many queries and from what Newton had shown, he seemed eager to answer some of them.

'How did you know I was looking for you? Everyone in the realm said that they hadn't seen you in years.' Words soon emerged on the ground in front of Newton's gaze as he sighed.

"Bud, I sensed you the moment you entered with a few other consciousnesses. It was the marks on your body that made me call you in this realm. Only beyonders can enter here while leaving their entire body and soul out in a form of limbo. Consider yourself as a bloodline itself." He stated, "And unlike others who are born without locks on their bodies, at least, the first few, I know what you've been through. Which paradise did you belong to?" He inquired.

'Transmigration Paradise.' Nik replied with written words, only answering when Newton asked. After continuous lessons with Sky and Asmodeus, he had learned not to interrupt anybody at the beginning of the conversation. After all, the advisor may be willing to make a more compelling point later.

"Ha! Reincarnation Paradise!" Newton chuckled, "We're not that far, it seems. Anyway, I think you have questions regarding your Beyonder bloodline but since I have been a target of oppression by many Rank 9 Fiends of the multiverse, including your uncle, I'll try to screw them over by enlightening another Beyonder of as many things I can." He smiled.

'What kind of oppression?' Nik inquired.

"You know... a conspiracy to snatch my bloodline here, a trap to finish me off there. That's one of the reasons I left my flesh and took to the spiritual realm. It's peaceful there and I can unlock my shackles in peace. Though, if you think I'd actually sell you my method of unlocking the shackles then you're dead wrong."

Nik nodded.

"All right, enough introduction. Let me get to the main topic. First off, I'll explain to you the Beyonder Bloodline. This is my past organization's term. Loosely, this bloodline is called Ravager's Form." Saying so, Newton drank whatever that was within his gourd and pulled out an earthen stick from the ground. In front of Nik's eyes, he drew a small circle and explained, "The first thing you need to understand is that the innumerable universes, all of them, collectively have one origin. There may be parallel universes with more versions of ourselves and many funky things out there but 'the' Origin. That's only one. I don't know how to find it. I don't know how to access it but the most popular theory is that our bloodlines originate from that one location."

He tapped the circle.

"Now that origin is explained, let me go through the basic understanding of bloodlines. The world is full of different species. An elephant and a monkey can have the same bloodline. What does this mean? It means that bloodline doesn't define our fleshy body. It's a more spiritual concept." He then started drawing a line and pulled it for a few centimeters before drawing smaller circles on the same line.

"Now, the closer a bloodline is to the origin, the better the benefits. The farther it is, the harder a life of a species gets. For instance, most of the bloodline stops advancing when getting 98-99% close to the origin. After that, every single step is an important task. Now, if a person is blessed with a form of bloodline far off from the origin, say... 10%. He won't be even able to survive a single day withing his parent's w.o.m.b. It's just that the world and all its form of energies would reject it. That's why most vampires can't get out in the morning despite their strength. Their bloodline is incomplete."

Nik knew all of this but then, Newton smiled and drew another large circle equivalent of origin at a distance with the 10% circle closer to this one. Then, the man drew a line to connect the origin and the new circle.

"Now this is important. Listen closely. There have been records where a fortunate being is able to reach the origin and connect his bloodline with the origin itself. These are called unique bloodlines. As the name suggests, only one person can have a form of unique bloodline and don't misunderstand it with different names, no. If you have a bloodline with the name A, that doesn't mean there won't be another bloodline with the name B. So, for all we know, a unique bloodline regarding mine and yours is already taken and we'll need to kill that horrifying beast and snatch his hard work."

Suddenly clapping his hand, Newton chuckled, "But we are more fortunate than we can understand. Sure, bloodlines within the origin are unique and outrageous in its abilities but as we unlock our shackles, defy tribulations, isn't there a way to surpass origin? Step out of bounds?" He chuckled as Nik's eyes widened in understanding. "That's right. Beyonder bloodlines are the answer. It's been trillions of years since the birth of the world, trillions of geniuses in every universe and innumerable rank 9 monsters. Won't there be a single soul who cannot cross this bridge? If yes, then what does the acc.u.mulation of trillion years entail?" Sighing to himself, Newton tapped on the line connecting the origin and the other circle. "This represents Beyonder or Ravager bloodline. Since, in theory, it exists outside the origin, and hence, the world we live in, this form of the bloodline is suppressed by the world itself."

"Without any power, the bloodline could only struggle and finally seek the shelter of another source of outstanding energy. Our souls. Anyway, that's a topic I won't be sharing. You've just unlocked your first shackle. And your... fake body doesn't have any shackles. Amazing how many treasures can be created. Anyway, there's also a theory that since Ravager bloodline can only be acquired after stepping out of origin, it can also be acquired after turning a bloodline's affinity with the origin negative. Meaning, a bloodline so very rejected by the world that it is pushed outside but no one, at least, in my knowledge have ever confirmed this with an experiment."

Nik nodded.

'But why is the bloodline important if it's suppressed completely?'

"Because it's a way to destroy every method ever created in this world? In theory, the bloodline belongs to an existence unavailable in this world. In time, if studied carefully, a cultivator can use even the tiniest trace of the bloodline to accomplish so many things that the eyes of others would grow green with envy. Take this as an example. In this and a few other similar universes, a group of species called Beyonders is born with only a single shackle on their body. So they are rank 9 from birth and have varying bloodlines to the boot. But their sole motive is to find beyonder bloodlines and study them. Now, do you understand the importance of such a bloodline? Oh, before you say stuff like Why aren't you greedy for my bloodline? or the sort, I am a man who has enough things to explore until the end of time. Seeking more will be the demise of me."

Nik nodded once again, an unconscious sigh of his kicked a gust, too.

"This marks the end of my lecture and I hope that you've gotten a few things clearer. Now, don't try to find me, not with your atrociously marked body, at least." With that, Newton disappeared. Of course, the hint that Nik's body was 'atrociously' marked made his expression grim. He had thought that with a bout of purification, he had lost all but Khooni's mark but that doesn't seem to be the case now. He wished to have inquired how such a bloodline can be passed but deep down, Nik felt that if Newton knew this, he would have explained it altogether. And now, Nik couldn't help but think of Ryu'er once again. How the hell did she get such stuff in her veins and if it wasn't Gojira, then it meant her biological father was pumped with beyonder bloodline.

That man was supposed to be a fallen spiritual god so Nik only felt that some form of secret might be hidden in the 'Realm of Gods' stated by Samya.

With a thought, Nik returned to his real body and finally thought of another question. Why couldn't all ravager just settle in that particular realm but then he realized that... the energies of that world couldn't be absorbed but only molded. Still, the 'chat' with Newton was quite the revelation for Nik and this allowed him to focus not only on his objective but also on finding out what other marks hid within his body.

Of course, Nik couldn't help but grow curious over time what kind of beyonder bloodline Newton had for himself. He looked dope in that form and quite devious. However, Nik still held the thought of finding other sources to confirm Newton's words and that would now become another objective to be accomplished in a long list of tasks available for him.

'So my soul isn't the only thing delectable to the high ranking monsters of the world. Blood, too. I guess the theory of luck being quantity and the charges being negative and positive is true cause I'm down in the pooper as we speak...' Nik pursed his lips and sighed when the door clicked open, revealing a slightly tired Anna who looked at Nik with confusion.

"I thought you were going to pick me like usual," she pouted as Nik stood up and poured her a glass of water while snickering, "You need more exercise, you're getting all chubby down there!"

"No, I haven't. I check my weight regularly," Anna smirked while taking the glass from him.

"Still... I got a surprise visit from Newton so couldn't make in time," Nik smiled apologetically, making Anna frown. "We were supposed to do that together!"

"Just sit and relax. I'll tell you all about it and to make up for not bringing you, I'll give you a special shoulder massage. Come, sit!" Nik grinned, his tensions easily soothing away at the sight of the chance to enjoy Anna's company.