Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 646

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 646 Charmed

It's been quite a few days since Natasha grew liking to Nik. However, this morning, she looked a little complicated. Cindy was informed about Nik's true nature. And so was Natasha today. Honestly, Nik only postponed the event to satisfy his vanity. He just wanted to hang out with the two and see if he could seduce them otherwise and the answer was yes. But it took time and patience, something which a l.u.s.tful fiend like him didn't really enjoy. He would either wait out on a woman entirely, or not at all. Which brought him to the afternoon date of his. Opening the door, Nik found the 'gang'. A satisfied Cindy, a suppressed Ava, a fallen Daniel.

Yes, he had Ray 'written' all over his handsome face and after being with Ray, the man kept a concise distance from Nik, period. These three, alongside Luke Cage, was what Coulson called the Avengers. To Nik, the name held no meaning or importance. It was just a superhero team and he was sure that with the trend of more mutated and enhanced individuals rising, especially after seeing the list in Hydra's base, Nik realized that many superhero teams would follow up in the future. The team of Reed Richards and the three guys mutated by the cosmic cloud testified to Nik's thoughts.

"Let's go!" Nik smiled, "And I did remind you that we all can meet in the theater, right?"

Today, Anna's hard work will be revealed in a play. Her dancing group was hired as a Cameo for the Tribbiani groups. Hearing him, Daniel shook his head. "Ava insisted that we go together as a team."

"Then what about Luke?" Nik inquired while closing the door behind. Surprisingly, Cindy tiptoed forward and gently pecked Nik on the lips. Their relationship had turned public only after Nik pulled Cindy into the fold. Slightly irked by the debauched group Nik was forming on his own, Ava crossed her arms, "Well... I haven't been nice to you and even when we decided to act more understanding towards each other... I acted out of line during the shootout."

"That speech is turning old," Nik grimaced with Ava's express freezing.

"What speech?" She inquired with a huff as Cindy smirked, betraying her classmate at the first chance she got. "You said the same thing four times in a row now."

"Well, I meant what I'm saying. Let's go, and for your information, Luke refused to have any part in the theater. His words being I'm too awesome and hard for theater."

"He did say that," Danny agreed with a mumble.

"That's..." Nik shrugged before he offended Luke Cage through his word "stupid and s.e.x.u.a.lly cowardice as hell."

He did say his thoughts out loud, making Ava grimace.

"Oh," Daniel suddenly exclaimed, "Did you know that Agent Hill has made some inquiries about you?" He asked as they walked downstairs. Slightly surprising, Nik's expression grew lively, "Really?" soldiering through the light-hearted but envious pinch from Cindy, hidden from others, Nik still continued with a cough, "I meant, I've met her once and she said that I am better than other scientists she met that day."

"Who were they?" Ava inquired.

"Reed Richards and Tony Stark."

Cindy's lips twitched, "Really? I don't believe Agent Hill is capable of saying such a thing during a professional meeting. Do you guys remember the orientation? It was basically an interrogation with a plateful of sides," the woman mumbled. Even now, she wore the same Silk Costume but this one was designed by Wakanda and actually gave her quite a bit of durability that matched her profession. Heck, even a knife couldn't stab past through her outfit now. This fact served greatly to alleviate the Moon Parents' worries.

The group's cooperation had reached a satisfactory level where Ava, though aggrieved, did not interrupt with Nik's methods of handling things. But Nik only appeared on rare occasions when Coulson found the task too dangerous for the team. Nik's ability was handy, after all.


It was a sea of flesh. Everywhere the eyes could gaze a stretch of m.o.a.ning beauties, men and women, could be seen. In the center of it all, two figures sat calmly. N.a.k.e.d, too. But the duo remained oblivious of each other's impressive assets. "Damn, I remember our time together. Though it weakened us enough to get slaughtered by our dear nephew, I didn't regret it one bit!" The pink-haired woman chuckled. Her massive tits jiggling as she drank her wine while gazing at the erupting orgy with nonchalance. She did feel l.u.s.tful by the situation but it wasn't her place to f.u.c.k in Nirdai's orgy.

"The feeling's mutual," Nirdai smiled. He was rock hard and for a humanoid physique, the size of 'it' was imposing enough to draw the attention of l.u.s.t-fueled woman getting f.u.c.k.i.e.d in every position, still. "The time is nearing. I can feel the curse waning. The moment Kaal's methods are finally removed, I will begin visiting a few records just to freshen up and sharpen my mind. Nik and the two who have decided to go against us will go through many worlds and experience many situations. The circ.u.mstances will definitely help them to become superior when it comes to scheming and only by sharpening our skills can we compete in that section."

"Kaal... did you ever find out how he even cursed us? I still can't, for the life of mine, find any method to remove the curse. Of course, he might have found some ravager bloodline, which made our methods prove ineffective."

From the moment of the demise of their flesh and the escape of their souls, Nirdai and Mirage existed as mere consciousness. These two beings, who were rank 9, the progenitor of their bloodlines, pillars of the infernals, never tried to resurrect themselves. Why? Because of Kaal. His methods testified to the fact that not only the scoundrel had the chaotic soul, he also gained a ravager bloodline. These two resources were extremely important because both of them belonged to the existence outside their reality and all the accompanied realms and planes!

But whatever method Kaal used, it was losing its effectiveness. Finally! Much to Nirdai's and Mirage's joy! They could finally cultivate and reach their former strength. It would take a few hundred years but that was enough for them!

"Hey, after we get Nik, I need the soul I planted within him," Mirage stated with a fiendish grin, "that lass' soul still contains my inheritance. You know, instead of Ray, his sister was the perfect succubus. Like me. A size queen! Too bad, she always liked to kill her prey after a single night."

"Shut up, we all know you just grew jealous. She didn't need any inheritance. You know it, Khooni knows it, and of course, I would know a better f.u.c.ker than you from lightyears away. You tried to control her, she struggled, and then you locked her away in that stupid skill of yours."

"Animated onaholes are the best things I ever created!" Mirage shrieked, her figure finally shifting from a soul-stirring beauty to a demonic and horrifying figure only for Nirdai to shrug.

"Hey, you tried to steal that soul away from Nik during the auction. That disguise of yours, what was it called, Brad? Yeah. But Nik's soul showed its ability once again. Adapt showed up at the crucial time to discuss something with Nik. Most probably to further his plan of destroying Supreme Seraphim," Nirdai analyzed without shifting his face and continued to enjoy the sight of absolute debauchery.

Brad was the mysterious youth who introduced himself to Nik during the auction. They both hit it off but once Nik walked closer to Adapt, the youth left from the scene instantly.

"Whatever. That soul is stupid and so are you!" Mirage blew her tongue but Nirdai smiled sadly. "The Mirage I knew didn't lose her composure easily. We have truly fallen behind and need another round of tempering."


Anna's show was... horrendous. Ava slept, Cindy did, too. Daniel, well, he showed his potential of being rude by plugging in his earphones while Nik...

Rubbing the corner of his mouth and looking to the side, Nik smiled in accomplishment. Cindy and Ava still weren't awake. That was good news for him. He didn't have the heart to lie to the girl before their daily responsibilities so he escaped after winking at Daniel and waking up the two girls, leaving behind a note describing how it pained him to for not being able to show his support and how much he enjoyed the show. Of course, he casually remarked that he had a picture of them sleeping so it would suit them if they praised the play. He lied.

Still, he wasn't going away to have fun. He had already received quite a bit of messages from Ray before he decided to visit the boy in his apartment. Unlike his expectations, Ray's apartment was quite modest. Too modest, in fact. "You can always whore yourself out for money, you know. I've been one. It's quite lucrative," Nik remarked as he sat on the couch, making the slumping Ray shoot a glare alongside the remote control of the Tv, which Nik caught promptly.

"Oh, shut up," Ray grunted, "And help me! That Strange is too stuck up. I try one thing and he'll deflect it. Then I'll try another" Before Ray could continue, Nik furrowed and held Ray's cheeks, squishing them and gazed deep into Ray's pink pupils. "You know, you've got a better s.e.x-related bloodline than me but sometimes, just sometimes, even you act stupidly. Leave those kinds of moronic decisions to me and Brian and wash yourself. You've been charmed at a base level and you didn't even know it." Nik let go of Ray, whose eyes widened as he hastily sat cross-legged in the same position.

Once again, Nik couldn't help but remark another difference internally, 'I would have laid down while meditating. It rolls me into sleep easily and one of the best ways to sleep in my arsenal.'

"You're right!" Ray exclaimed, his eyes still shut but he inquired nonetheless as an amber mist slowly diffused and emerged from Ray's pores. "How did you know that guy reversed the charm on me?"

"You would have realized it sooner or later," Nik shrugged and switched on the tv, casually commenting, "It's just a difference in the method of achieving the same goal. You use your racial skills to charm a person while Strange is a true blue rank 6 human. Wielding a form of energy known as magic, something you probably have to experience, he can place you in a temporary charm and get a space to breathe for himself."

"Oh, this is a good show... unlike a play," Nik chuckled at his own words shamelessly while Ray finally opened his eyes after a few minutes. Exhaling, removing that last bits of magic from within him, Ray's lips twitched, "All right, I'll deal with that heretic after I reach rank 6, too."

"It's hard. I thought I'd be at Rank 4 by now but... it's proved more troublesome than I thought. The progression of the physique is growing harder for me," Nik revealed his first-ever blockade in the path of power and it was definitely a strange experience for him.

"Eh, a matter of time. Phantom Physique does not attract tribulations, so, in theory, we can play around while being rank 9 in physical strength. Although, I think a real rank 9 monster would kick our asses!"

"Really?" Nik scoffed, "A rank 7 could kick our asses even if we reach rank 9! But... as always, it depends on the situation."

"How would you know? You never became one or face one!" Ray snorted as Nik glared at him, "And that's how you thank the guy who just saved you a few days of troubles? Huh? And anyway, do I get to meet your godly partner or what?"

*Knock* *Knock*

Ray smiled instantly, "Right away! I never break my promises... if it isn't too inconvenient!"

He quickly jumped and tiptoed towards the door, opening it to reveal a young redhead with waist-long hair and luscious locks. Her eyes as green as Nik remembered, making both the girl and Nik inquire in surprise. One only slightly surprised while the other one stunned to see a familiar face in their apartment!

"Uh, hey Mj," Nik waved, "You wouldn't believe what happened! Anna's group was selected for a theater."

The woman's lips twitched at the words of her ex-boyfriend.


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