Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 648

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 648 Acceptance Of Proposal

Nik loves proposing, not for marriage, but s.e.x.u.a.l adventures. In his real homeworld, the one he excelled with the art of prostitution and f.u.c.k.i.n.g mothers that needed tender attention, included his own, after hours of work, there was nothing akin to a marriage. Nik grew without a tradition known as marriage. In his world, it was called conquest. Women and Men, both, conquered the people they liked and held them close. Mate and live for the rest of their lives. No parties were arranged for the rightful passage to s.e.x since s.e.x was extremely common. Too common that a father could have his well-aged daughter from her current man if he has the strength and the charm or else, he'll just get a kick in the ass from his own daughter.

So, when he invited Maria Hill and Susan Storm despite the difference in the cultures they are raised in, Nik held little hope. He just called them out to make the mood in the room during that day tenser by a margin and to screw around. After all, he still hadn't forgotten that variation in cultures is always a barrier to s.e.x. However, with the day being Sunday, Anna and Natasha, for once, relaxing together and Mary out to do her job like usual, a slightly familiar figure knocked on the door. Cindy was supposed to head out to a lecture with her parents, so she couldn't be it. Ava would have growled while knocking if she wanted some of Nik, so she couldn't be it, either. To keep the element of surprise, Nik just refused to check up on the person on the other side of the door while Anna perked up, "Is is Mj?" She inquired quickly.

"Let's see," Nik shrugged. He wasn't appropriately dressed for welcoming anybody. Just boxers and vest but his clothes shifted, well, Pickle shifted into a casual attire as Nik opened the doors with a smile. "Huh, I always thought Agents didn't get Sundays off but seeing you and Nat here... I guess Mary picked up the wrong profession," Nik mumbled while gazing at the short-haired figure with sharp features. Slightly muscular and athletic frame than any average figure one could pick from the street and a stern expression on her face as if she came her against her volition.

"Agent Widow is here?" Maria raised her eyebrow in inquiry as Nik welcomed her in, "Well, she hardly leaves now. I guess it's a quality of mine. My laziness 'spreads' like an infection," he replied as both Anna and Natasha looked at the new arrival with a surprised expression. Anna was surprised because she didn't know the woman, meanwhile, Natasha was surprised due to her knowledge about 'daddy's brightest daughter' in the Shield. Everybody knew she was being mentored by Nick Fury including Maria herself!

Whistling in amus.e.m.e.nt, still in her skimpy clothing and her head on her niece's lap, Natasha inquired, "Did you forget your way home, Maria? I didn't take you for a naughty one."

Walking in while ignoring Natasha's jests, the tomboyish woman with an attractive figure looked around and observed the apartment. "You must be Anna," she then looked at the confused brunette who had a face quite similar to her redheaded mother. "Your mother was a senior of mine," Maria continued, "And she taught me for a little while, too. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance."

"Don't listen to her, sweetheart," Nat cackled with a smug grin as she nuzzled the back of her head against Anna's thighs, "She's just saying this to butter you up... and wow, she's really bad at it! Isn't this your first leave in three years of service? You must be really... how should I put it without compromising your entire image? Yes, horny."

Maria's expression turned bleak while Nik chuckled as he opened the refrigerator to pour Maria a glass of water. "Should you really take a leave yourself, Agent Widow? The mission you're handed is quite high profile."

"Oh, please. Mr. Stark already knows my identity. He's just playing along for the sake of his company his platonic lover's gift." She stated with a roll of her eyes and finally sat up. Still confused slightly about a few things, Anna sighed. She wished the newcomer to be Mj. After all, for quite a few days, Gwen had started to avoid her phone calls and invitations to hang out. Cindy and Ava were usually busy with patrols which said a lot about their diligence because Nik only jumped out to have fun if he had nothing to do. Which, by the way, he had a lot. After his chat with Newton, Nik would stay silent and lie on the bed without a single twitch of his body for hours. She was completely bored and while she didn't want to admit... her 'cool' aunt actually had nothing much to talk about except her missions.

It was like Natasha had only started her life now, which made Anna pity the redhead more than anything else.

"So..." Anna mumbled with a curious expression, "Are you really horny? And can I call you just Maria or do I have to call you Agent Maria?" She inquired back to back as Maria's gaze sharpened. "I'm not... horny. And that is no word to be utilized by a young woman. That old cougar, I can see her using illicit words like these in numbers," Maria jabbed at Natasha while drinking from the glass before making herself comfortable on the couch. "And you may not call me Agent Maria. We are not co-workers. Call me Maria, or Hill."

Seeing such a formal tone, the aunt and niece duo was stumped for a moment but Maria felt like 'easing' on the situation. "I have inquired a few sources and found that Nik's offer has been a genuine one. I don't wish to know the motives behind the act of mingling with a single man... and I don't have the right to judge the unethical act of a mother and daughter sharing one man. But that is not why I am here," she explained, "I wish to take him up on that offer. Am I right to assume that you two have no say in the matter?"

Anna and Natasha looked at each other before laughing out loud simultaneously with the lazily purring agent exaggeratedly gesturing towards Maria, "See? She's horny... formally. Why don't we get a ledger to mark the time down, make a horny chart?!" Her words only making Anna laugh harder. Nik pursed his lips with a stare from Maria and he would have indeed laughed at her face, well, if he hadn't already perceived awkwardness and embarrassment from Maria that she tried to hide with her formal speech.

"Don't be mean," Nik interjected with a smile, "We don't wanna start how horny a person can get in a day, right?"

"Cause you are always!" Anna exclaimed with a laugh, making Nik's lips twitch. She wasn't wrong, after all. In fact, Nik considered his l.u.s.t a virtue of sorts. Who would want a man whose interest in their partners would wane gradually? Not Nik, he knew that. Well, in his case, it would've been a woman. "This was a mistake," Maria mumbled and finished the water before standing up, "I shouldn't have done this in front of you two. So, get out. Let me have a chat with Nik."

"But... this isn't your apartment," Natasha tilted her head with a naive expression.

"Hmm? Let's see. Anna, you love to play video games but this is just a recent addiction of yours. How about I show you your mother's old office after all of this is done?"

Anna turned silent before looking at stunned Natasha. She had asked Natasha many times to show her mother's workplace but the redhead aunt of hers would dodge the request every time. Standing up with a nonchalant expression, she gestured towards her mother's room. Please, chat peacefully. Nik, be sure to cover the space so that my dirty aunt cannot disturb you."

"Ah!" Natasha exclaimed in surprise, "I said it many times. I don't have the necessary authority to bring a third-party into the quarters."

"But I do, don't I?" Maria looked at Natasha with a peaceful expression.

Suddenly, Natasha realized that showing Mary's old office was nothing of importance. The base had shifted 'up' and even if Maria brought a stranger into that washed-up place, it would not leave a bad mark on her credits. Essentially, she bought Anna's favor with... nothing.

A grimace touched Natasha's expression after finding out how easy it was to manipulate the innocent devil of the house but what could she do? It was one of many charming points about Anna!


Finally, alone, Maria looked at Nik with her eyebrows furrowed with a curious expression. "This is my first time so... how should we do this?"

"You're... not a v.i.r.g.i.n," Nik replied.

"No, I meant, this is my first... booty call. I have never invited anyone or gone to another's location... and it's been a long time since I... got invited like this," Maria stated while sitting beside Nik on the edge of the bed.

"Agent work?" Nik inquired as Maria shook her head. "My mentorship with Director made me a target of scandals and... well, I grew. Everyone within the agency has their agendas of getting closer to me. Many, hopelessly romantic and others, hopelessly materialistic."

"Er... and you want nothing but s.e.x?" Nik looked at Maria with an appreciative gaze, making Maria present a flat stare. "No, I wanted someone outside of the agency who's... in between. You know, a person with many partners can't be a hopeless romantic, and a mercenary who can reject such a lucrative alliance can't possibly be that materialistic. And, of course, after years, I would want to break my dry spell with someone who seems experienced enough to make Natasha... well, act like that."

"Well, I would argue that I am so romantic that my romantic energy needs to be shared with many and so materialistic that the Shield simply doesn't have any right to offer me anything but... sure, let's go with your reasoning," Nik chuckled in humor, making Maria inquire, "Then, what do you want?"

"You? Best dish in the world? The greatest wine of all time? Money isn't the most materialistic thing, after all." Nik shrugged as Maria turned silent. Her appraising gaze turned intense for a moment but she stared at Nik with her lips pursed and her body gesture slowly turning defenseless. Sensing her gesture, Nik slowly leaned forward and after finding no opposition, took a quick peck of her lips.

"Did you eat something sweet before my arrival?" Maria inquired softly as she felt Nik's hand on her thigh, slowly caressing her leg as he shook his head, "No... and please... once you taste various things about me, your question won't just be me eating something sweet."

"How do you want it?" Nik inquired further, "Since this is the first time, I'd like to go along your pace."

"Then I would love a massage," Maria smiled in a jesting tone but to her surprise, Nik shuffled behind her while kissing the nape of her neck, making her gasp softly at the tender sensation of his lips, a first experience for her. "Then I'll go slow. You must be real tense after all these years so be sure to savor my skills," he whispered behind her ear, his breath tickling against her skin as she bit her lips in expectations. Maria could never say no to a good massage and if Nik felt so confident, she would certainly let him try.

With the curtains pulled, the room was quite dim but also the slight peak from outside served to ruin the mood slightly. For that, Nik manipulated a few candles to light up with his tantalizing scent leaking out slowly, giving Maria a scented candle experience as she grew more surprised by Nik's action and the sheer ease of manipulation.

"Get ready, I'll slowly peel you off," Nik smirked as his warm hands slipped into her top from below, pushing the clothing up as Maria nodded silently and raised her hands high. With her hair short, it was easy to remove the top, revealing a lacy brown bra that now gave Maria's skin a healthy tinge of color. With a grin, Nik's hands finally gripped Maria's shoulders firmly. His thumbs pressed slightly below her neck, the pressure not harsh enough to make her feel uncomfortable as he pressed slightly.

"Those candles," Maria breathed with a flush that Nik couldn't witness due to her face on the opposite side, "what's with the scent?"

"They are ordinary candles," Nik whispered comfortingly, the dim flicker of candles reflecting in Maria's pupils as she heard Nik's calm voice, "the scent, however, is extraordinary. Just like me. If you wish, I can turn it off. There won't be that much of a difference in the experience."

"N-no... it's fine. It is soothing more than anything else so, mmmgh," She groaned in relaxation as Nik just made her back free with a few touches of his, "just keep on going!" she purred with her shoulders finally losing their initial tension.


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