Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 649

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 649 Reciprocation

Nik was in the zone. There was a bed. There was a woman. She was n.a.k.e.d, lying on the bed with her b.r.e.a.s.ts heaving up and down, and even if she wasn't overly voluptuous, the woman had a graceful figure with a proper muscular cut to her physique. Only her panties covering the most coveted area of her body while the rest of her n.a.k.e.d physique soaked in tantalizing sweat, her scent full of desire, at least, to Nik made his heart race by a bit. Of course, he would be in a zone with such conditions. "Damn... you're really good!" Maria bit her lips with strangely aggravated gaze following Nik's calm and chiseled face, his jawline wolfish and his lips thin but surprisingly soft. She had felt them, after all, so many times. But in contrast to the 'softness' of his facial features, his hands were rougher than she could have imagined. Not in their actions, Nik was tender and patient, as he suggested. But his touch. His caress.

"I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying this. Really, you need to let go of your pressure every now and then," Nik stated soothingly as he carefully rubbed both of his hands through her left leg. One on the outside and the other through the inner side of her thigh with the side of his palm wedging against her panties, the fabric already stuck to her entrance and slightly uncomfortable to the touch, Maria felt. But everything else, from her peaked s.e.x.u.a.l meter to the need to jerk it all off, she felt ethereal. The bed felt like clouds and she felt like flying. Finally, after stroking Maria's sweat matted forehead, a few strands of her short hair stuck to it, Nik smiled, "I'm going to remove your underpants. Raise your h.i.p.s a bit."

Feeling his other hand already hooked against the elastic of her panties, Maria nodded and raised her lower body slightly by pushing some force into her back, allowing Nik to pull them down with the slightest effort as Maria continued with an inquiry, "Should I turn around?" Of course, she had a selfish motive. She wanted that sweet-heaven-like back massage once again. Till her butt, in fact.

"No," Nik chuckled and leaned down to softly kiss her inviting lips, making Maria's body shudder in pleasure as the strange scent mixing with her musk felt quite corrupting in nature. But sweet, and warm, too. "I want you to look. And also, I want to see you while I go down," he whispered, raising Maria's expectations. She loved massages and Nik gave her the best one. His actions were not s.e.x.u.a.l at all, neither did he focus on her e.r.o.t.i.c bits but the simple understanding of what's to come afterward and the pleasant sensation of relief made Maria, as Natasha and Anna stated, horny. Hornier than usual before she went to her trusty Jacob in the night and pulled it out of her dresser.

Seeing the well-kempt garden of hers leading to a slightly darkened entrance, Nik adjusted himself between Maria's legs and pushed his body down. His hands slipped behind her back and grabbed her hefty butt, full and trained before pulling her forward slightly and raising her h.i.p.s just enough to kiss her p.u.s.s.y with an eager smile and a narrowed gaze. His nose nudging Maria's entrance slightly as he spread her cheeks from behind, now full tending to her debauched desires. She did come for a booty call, after all.

Feeling both of their lips, Nik's upper and her lower, coming into contact, she felt a little tender and warm. This was just due to the situation and the tending she received for almost 20 minutes. Being at the edge of climax for 17 minutes, the thrill! And now this. Instead of enjoying his tongue slipping into her eager and welcoming dungeon, Nik backed off and pulled himself up with his body leaning forward and his fingers dancing over her entrance. Pressing her wet labia and pushing her plump entrance against the surface of his fingers in a teasing manner, Nik kissed Maria's slightly raised chin. "I promised to fly your pace... but I get to have a bit of fun, too, right?" He inquired with a tantalizing swirl of his index against her hard clit with the tip of his index lathered in her juices and sweat.

"Y-yeah..." Maria agreed without actually understanding a thing. She was too weightless to be bound by the whims of her pleasure bringer and hugged Nik roughly, her slightly muscular arm firmly placed on his buttocks as she felt Nik's finger finally slip into her hot slit and looking down slightly to match his playful gaze, Maria couldn't help but take Nik's glistening lips, tasting herself, in a manner. Her suppressed m.o.a.n leaked with her b.r.e.a.s.ts pressed tightly against Nik and her sweat making the contact more slippery than necessary.

But one wasn't enough. Even if her walls wrapped around Nik eagerly, expectant of what he may make her feel, Nik slipped in his thick middle figure, then the third one, making Maria gasp against Nik's lips with her body now teeming with s.e.x.u.a.l forces begging to eject uproariously! And with the slight jerk of Nik's hand, Maria forgot her trusty Jacob for a moment and found herself sighing as all the pent-up pressure, not from the work, but from the foreplay, releasing into a stunning squirt, even arcing high as she lay comfortingly against Nik's other hand behind her head as a support. Her hands still firmly holding Nik's buttocks, which, of course, clenched and unclenched just to keep the groove going on.

Three of his fingers filling her gripping snatch, Nik's smile broadened between their kisses. His wrist dripped with Maria's orgasm but they had just begun. Even Maria seemed quite refreshed instead of being tired out and tried to move and change their position. "I want that stubborn thing, too," Maria breathed as she finally felt Nik turning slightly. Taking the chance to sit up, she looked at the wet mess the sudden ejection caused and blushed in shame. A moderate expression, considered everything but she still looked at the clothed Nik and furrowed. "Why're you still dressed?"

"Cause you didn't give me the chance to slip out of em, remember. Anyway, no worries about my outfit," Nik smiled and leaned back on the bed with a comfortable expression, his gaze lingering on Maria's sweaty and glistening form which made her look more beautiful under the flickering candlelight. Seeing Nik's clothes retreating into his body, Maria raised her brows at the effectiveness of a symbiote in such a matter. Still, she didn't pay any heeds to the matter. She wasn't working and seeing the erect c.o.c.k that was thicker than those three fingers, at least, from the looks of it, Maria's gaze was filled with need again.

Slowly sitting on his lap, her knees flanking his thighs and her plump entrance now pressed and spread against the back of his slightly dry shaft, Maria couldn't help but coo at the warmth of his tool. "Do you plan to satisfy every woman who knocks on your doors?" She inquired while leaning forward to hold Nik's face tenderly and planting a kiss on his lips, their tongues intertwined and stopping him from answering until the act was completed. "Not all," Nik replied, "I've got my own standards but... so many women fit those standards, I can't help it. Even now, I am acting quite decently."

A mocking smirk touched Maria's lips as she raised her h.i.p.s with Nik's hands eagerly supporting her weight from her butt, his fingers sinking into her trained cheeks as she pushed her entrance against Nik's tip, her innards already wet and lubricated to drive at it and with a deep breath, Maria sank onto the shaft, pulling Nik's tool deeper and deeper. Until she realized she was failing to hold him with her nectar lathering the remaining portion as Nik playfully slapped her right butt. "See?" He inquired under Maria's indignant and clearly satisfied face, "If I don't sink into this hot hell, who will?"

"Did you just call my... hell?" Maria narrowed her gaze with her hands still on his chest, "No? I called you and every part of yours hell. The Hell I'll gladly explore~!" Nik grinned, tugging Maria down softly and making her gasp at the surprised push against her deepest recesses with her p.u.s.s.y clenching onto Nik's shaft, slowly getting the hang of it and surprisingly, she felt hot as a raw form of pleasure ravaged through her body, making her whimper even without moving.


Baxter Building.

"What are you doing?" Susan inquired as Reed continued to look at the projection of electronic microscope of theirs, better than the state of art technologies running through the world. "Developing fabric to accommodate our mutations. The cosmic samples from the satellite returned," The brown-haired man replied dismissively.

It's been days since they accepted the form alliance to resist Victor's actions but Reed hadn't been happy from that day. Even if they weren't together, everybody was worried about Reed. Well, except for Benjamin and Johnny... so just her. "You need to rest," Susan patted Reed on his shoulder, making him grunt in agreement as he pulled back from the projection and sigh. "Sue... I"

"Shh," Susan smiled comfortingly and took off Reed's lab coat, "we separated for a reason. You love science more than anything else so keep at it. I'll be here supporting you, just so you remember what's truly important. As for Victor, I'm sure he'll come around eventually."

Thinking of the sadistic and calculative youth the current man was, Reed shook his head with a grim expression, "I hardly think so... but regardless, we must make preparations. Tony is too full of himself... for his own good. Like Victor back then. Not only that, the Shield is hiding much crucial information from us so we must mot trust Nick Fury easily. I've gone through their Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S and it's easy to infer the nature of cowardice and caution of Fury's bosses."

"They are... sending a team to collect more samples," Susan replied.

"For themselves. Not that I can call anybody out for selfishness. I think... I'll go to bed now. Good night," Reed nodded and after a few moments of awkward silence, he left, leaving Susan with the research papers as she went through them and began conducting the next phase under a controlled environment. Baxter Building was soon going to be a house of multiple, revolutionary experiments not limited to the realms of unexplored space. And for that, they needed peace which the alliance promised to grant.

"Or... we could have rejected it just like Vanish did..." she mumbled to herself, feeling a bit unsure after everyone left. As Reed said, Victor was a man for his own goals whether they interfered with the lives of innocents. The shield was an organization to serve the world leaders at the expense of a few righteous sacrifices. Tony Stark was a man, as he said, with not many things to lose and too many things to enjoy. For such a man, the creation of the Iron Man suit seemed to be the most optimal choice but...

'Even Reed hasn't figured out the tech behind the power source of the suit. At least, the new one. Who knew...' She mused.

Pushing her hand into the pocket, she took out a piece of paper with a number written on it.

'Call me. No forcing, of course Nik.' The note stated as Susan pursed her lips, still thinking if that stuck up agent reciprocated or not...


"Nnngh~!" Maria pushed her lips against Nik as her entire body quivered with another bout of acc.u.mulated pleasure gushing onto Nik's crotch as her body limped on Nik, her eyes dazed and her pupils slightly rolled up with nothing to care about at the moment.

Calling Nik turned out to be the best decision of her life. Second best? Joining Shield.


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